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So, you think you know SOAP RAPID AGING? Well, believe it or not, many of the kids on the show are just about their true ages to when they were ""Born". Why does it seem so crazy?? We see them as babies and then all of a sudden--BAM they are giant!  This doesn't hold true for all characters however--see if you can spot the ones that are really wacky in age!  (see Josslyn Jacks!) 
Note: Many of the child actors under 10 do not list an age on their bios--possibly due to getting acting gigs for different ages. 


Aiden Spencer, Played by Jason David (age unknown)
Character born: 2010 (9)
Character age: 9-10


Jake Webber Played currently by Hudson West, 
Character born: 2007 (12)
Approximate age on screen: 11 


Cameron Webber currently played by William Lipton, 16
Character born:  2004 (15)
Approximate age on screen: 16 


Josslyn Jacks, played currently by Eden McCoy,  16
Character born in 2009 (10)
Approximate age on screen: 16 

Spencer Cassadine, Currently played by Nicolas Bechtel, 14
Character born: 2006 (13)
Approximate age on screen: 14 

Rocco Falconeri:  currently played by O'Neil Monahan (age unknown)
Character born: 2013  (6) 
Approximate character age: 8-9

Charlotte Cassadine, Portrayed by Scarlett Fernandez, 10 
Character Born:  (due to embryo stealing/incubation; approximately 2013), 6
*Note: One site lists her birthdate as 2009, however the embryo story took place in 2012
Approximate character age: 10


Avery-Jerome Corinthos, Portrayed by Ava and Grace Scarola, 4
Character Born:   2014 (5) 
Approximate character age: 4-5


Leo Falconeri, played by Aaron Bradshaw (age unknown)
Character Born:  2015  (5)
Approximate Character Age:  4-5 


Danny Morgan, Portrayed by Porter Fasullo, (age unknown)
Character Born: 2012, (7)
Approximate Character Age: 10 

Emily Scout Cain, Portrayed by Ella Ramacleri 
Character Born:  2017 (2)
Approximate Character Age: 4 

Question: If you can SORAS one of the younger actors on the show,
who would it be? What age and why?

This is the blog for Thursday. Please feel free to comment on the show and anything else.


  1. Did I blink and miss it or have they not shown it, what did Laura and Curtis see??

  2. Wow Dave, those kids are not as sorased as I thought, and thanks for the proof!

  3. Appreciate your research on this, Dave! Very cool.

  4. actually....

    all of you can and should thank karen for this. we talked about doing this filler blog for awhile, because we both assumed there were huge age gaps. i started the research and after about 3 or 4, i told her the blog wouldnt work. the ages were correct and there was no SORAS. She put this blog together complete with the pictures and we agreed to use it whenever she couldnt blog and needed a quick post. so, its all her on this one! i give credit where credit is due.

    as you know, karen and i do "filler blogs" because there are some days when life gets in karen's way and she just cant get to watch the show and blog. if any of you have suggestions for these, let us know. we will try to put something fun and fabulous together to have something to post. (its been filler since last friday. i hope you all liked them. you get one more tomorrow!)

    Thanks everyone!!!


  5. Replies
    1. I don't think they showed that scene as of yesterday 's show; didn't see today's show yet.

  6. I hate sorassing!!!!!

    The hallway:

    Dr. O and Sasha: During yesterday's preview I thought Dr. O was talking to Britch! I was in shock. Nope not her. It's Sasha. Dr. O admits that Sasha looks just like her daughter.. Oh hi Michael. :)

    The hospital/Sasha's room:

    Michael and Sasha: Michael wins the line of the day.

    Michael: Okay I'll be the first to admit that, Dr. Obrecht is a lunatic.

    ROFL. Michael says if you don't go running away from my story of his past then he won't run away from hers. She tried to tell him the truth, but he wants her to recover 100% before he lets her spill her story beans.

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Turkey Boy and Joss: Joss is making a lot of excuses why she wants to stay where she is. She don't want to go home. She is avoiding it like the plague. Must be the smell of the tribbles and that is the REAL reason she doesn't want to go home! ROFL! Oh hi Sonny.

    Turkey Boy, Joss, and Sonny: Sonny wants Joss to come home. Carly is worried.

    Ava and Julian: Ava asks him how much will she get to sell her place. She is still getting love letters from Ryan.

    Ava, Julian, and Dr. O: So Dr. O got banned from drag bingo!!! ROFL! She got into a fight and snatched someone's wig!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I wish I could have seen that!! Oh oh Julian is giving Dr. O some type of drink that makes her fall asleep!! Ava is drunk as a skunk and she leaves. Everyone is gone.

    Julian and Dr. O: Dr. O is passed out! Julian grabs a knife, and raises the knife to stab Dr. O!!!!!!!!!! He doesn't. Whew! :) He wants her to go home.

    Carson home:

    CarJax: They are both worried about Joss. Jax wants Joss to live with him. He wants to talk to Joss.

    Jax and Joss: Jax is pretty upset with Joss. He calls her irresponsible and selfish. She apologizes. She has been apologizing a lot. Joss leaves, and Jax wants to be alone with Joss and Carly to talk. He wants to have breakfast with them. And the whole time you can hear Sonny sigh and make faces! ROFL! He can't stand Jax!

    Carly and Joss: They had a nice scene alone together out on the patio. Carly says there are people out there who want to take what they have, and when Joss didn't contact her back, she had really bad thoughts. Time to wash up because it's almost dinner time.

    Inside Ceneral Perk:

    Curtis and Laura: Yesterday Curtis wanted to talk to Laura about Helena. So today, they talk about Helena. Curtis is looking for an artifact. Laura tells Curtis a little about Helena, and wants to help Curtis! :) Awww love that Curtis and Laura are working together!!! :) Glad he isn't working with Sam anymore.

  7. I still thought that Curtis was working for Val to get $5 million to find Cassandra, I never saw where they called off that deal. And Jax fired Curtis from his corporate job, then hires him for PI work? Someone help me, I can't follow this, Curtis is changing jobs so fast it is making my head spin . . .

    1. It was Hayden who wanted to bring Curtis on board to search for whatever it is they are seeking and she convinced Jax to give him a second chance. Curtis was never comfortable with working for VC but was desperate for the money. I think Hayden even offered him more compensation but he would've done it for the same amount just to walk away from the job with VC. But I don't remember if he ever told VC her quit.

    2. Gracegirl, thanks, I do remember that Hayden offered him the job, but was surprised that Jax would hire him again. I think his working for VC to find Cassie never was resolved onscreen.

  8. so helena hid something? i only half watched today. does anyone know or think they know what the artifact is? any speculation?

    curtis and laura really do make a good couple - of friends. they really seem to respect and like each other. its nice to see platonic friendships that can be really good and believable like this.

    im curious about the helena artifact. will they DROP this story or go through with it? could be interesting.

    1. "delcodave says so helena hid something? i only half watched today. does anyone know or think they know what the artifact is? any speculation?"

      I have no idea what the artifact is or where it is hidden. Maybe it's hidden in the strange Helena painting.

      "curtis and laura really do make a good couple - of friends. they really seem to respect and like each other. its nice to see platonic friendships that can be really good and believable like this."

      Yeah their friendship is very believable!! :)

      "im curious about the helena artifact. will they DROP this story or go through with it? could be interesting."

      Well they are not dropping it so far, so I think they are going to go through with it. Although they did drop the Alexis storyline about her mother, so. Hmmm maybe this artifact thing has to do with Alexis and her mother.. Hmmmmmmmmm.

    2. I think it's a will of some sort that overrides the paperwork that made Valentine the rightful owner of Windermere that would convert ownership back to Spencer. I think I read something like this posted here before. And Curtis mentioned whatever it was bringing Spencer back to PC for good. So this theory is what I get from what I know so far. Hope this helps a bit. And yes I thought the two actors had good chem as friends with a common goal.

    3. I think that Curtis lied that it is an "artifact," I think he knows it is the codicil to the will.

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  10. Hey most of the ages are perfect,or not that bad.. :) Awesome!

  11. THIS is a good question. I would def pick Spencer. I mean I love NB as the character but he'd be A GREAT Rich kid-- snobby. Private Jet-- gets into all sorts of stuff but gets off because of his money. Plus, he'd give Laura a run for her money. You'd have the Cam/Joss/Trina quad too. We'd have to deport DEVvvvvvvvvvvvv tho. :)

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