Monday, September 9, 2019

CHEW on this...

The Original Chew

There is a rumor online (actually, it is in the form of one of those blind items so take it with a grain of salt) that if the Strahan and Sara daytime experiment doesn't make it (ratings?) ABC is going to bring back The Chew. This actually makes sense if you think about it. It has to be very inexpensive to produce (white plates from IKEA and a sprig of parsley and viola you have a show. YouTubers do it all the time).

My question to the Wubsketeers out there is: Would you watch this show? Again? Did you watch it the first time? This was considered the show that killed AMC/OLTL so I am sure some people still have some animosity about this.

What about the hosts? Did you like the original group? If they bring it back, do you think they will use the original hosts, new hosts or maybe a combination of the two? (I'm assuming Mario would not be available for this)

My thinking is that ABC marketing really needs to step it up. It's not enough to rely on returning viewers, you have to bring in more or bring back those that you have lost. (I'm no longer talking about The Chew if you couldn't tell. Do you hear me, GH?)

Does anyone really eat pickle-relish directly out of the jar?

They did a cross-promotion with AJ and Tracy during the Pickle-Lila storyline. On a show like this, I would rather see the actors as themselves. Laura Wright can go on there and help make a dish and mention her winery and Michael Simon can use her wine in the cooking. Maurice doing an Italian dish is a no-brainer. If they are going to be in character, I'd rather see them in character on a scripted show. And real people on a reality show.

I always felt cross-promotion was cheesy at best. I still remember Carly and Bobbie talking to each other about watching the Oscars -- on ABC. They must have mentioned Oscars/ABC a dozen times and did everything but look directly into the camera. And the Dinosaur posters on the elevator doors? Remember them? Kids wearing the t-shirts? Ugh. But I guess if it is done right, there can be some synergy and if this show returned, I hope there are some guest spots from the actors on the Chew. Carla on GH as Cook 2 was done well (and brief). Maybe all in one episode, Carla can be Cook 2, Clinton could be Cook 3 and Michael could be Cook 4.  All of them trying to make Thanksgiving Dinner and ruining it like a Three Stooges episode with flour flying everywhere. Alice would then walk in with 10 boxes of pizzas and say "you guys really don't know how to cook for the Quartermaines". 

Cheesy as it sounds, some cross promotion might be needed to help with viewership. And if done right, might actually work.

So, if the Chew returned, would any of you care? (Remember this is a hypothetical rumor)

This is the blog for Monday. Please feel free to comment on the show and anything else.


  1. NO!!! I never watched it and won't ever.....

    1. i agree with you actually. i think i saw maybe one or two episodes only because i was interested in the guest on the show.

  2. I watched once, when there was a guest I wanted to see...didn't care for the show at all. I wouldn't tune in if it returned.

  3. anything would be better than strahan and sara. strahan should never have left kelly.

    1. I love Michael! ❤ Loved him on Live and love his "new" show. I can't stand Sara Haines and now Kiki seems to be staying on even though Sara is back. I used to like Kelly but after the whole Michael thing, ugh....can't stand her.

  4. I watched it a few times. Liked it best when they got down to only the three hosts. I am a fan of all three of them so that may be why I liked the show. Didn't watch it often though because I couldn't fit it into my schedule. Love your cross-over ideas, Dave. And I agree with Witch "strahan should never have left kelly." I've not been a fan of his ever since he walked out on that show.

  5. Watched the show once or twice in a waiting room, and thought it was stupid, and the hosts were no names (to me anyway) who were obnoxious. I would never voluntarily watch this show. I don't watch any daytime or night time talk shows, so there is that, lol!

  6. No. Never watched it the first time out. Because of it being a replacement show for our soaps and food shows are not for me.

  7. All My Children, By the 2010s, it had become one of the least watched soap operas in daytime television. That's why it was cancelled. Although I only watched snippets of the Chew it lasted 7 years and was nominated for many Emmys and won a couple too.If GH keeps abandoning stories and doesn't finish present story lines they could end up like AMC. Please finish the Shiloh - Wiley and Drew - Franco fiascos before Wiley goes to College.

  8. The Chew was on for 7 years OLT and AMC were on 43 years. What genius decided that yet another talk show would be good? The other show just sucks I never watch it.

  9. I never watched it and I never will

  10. there are some SPOILERS listed on the Daytime Confidential website.

    if you are interested: I dont know how Karen passes on the information, so I will send a link here.

    1. That's insane!!! Brad is insane!!! At first when I read brad-asks-julian-to-eliminate-his-baby-mama-drama, I thought it meant that he wants Julian to kill Willow. But anyway, this is nuts!

    2. They are so writing Brad into a corner. He's just down right list it now! I hope Julian tears him apart.

      Can Mumbles be any more expressionless when she found out about Drew's plane? She is just awful. 😒

  11. I was heartbroken when they canceled AMC & OLTL. So I did have a little grudge against the Chew but did watch a couple of episodes and it just wasn't my cuppa tea or coffee! I guess the people who knew the hosts liked it but I didn't know any of them so maybe that was part of it. I really don't watch any talk shows day or night besides Ellen now and again because she's a blessing in so many people's lives and it's on right after GH. They've also canceled Steve Harvey's show and replaced it with Kelly Clarkson's debut as a talk show host on some networks but not here in Boston. I can't think of the name of the woman replacing him here. So many talk shows!! Hopefully GH gets better so it won't be opening up a spot for another one!

    1. Still to this I have a grudge, the only show I've watched in that time slot is Strahan and Sara. I don't play. Haha!!! They took away my OLTL. 😭

  12. Kelly's:

    Scotty and Liz: Great scene!! Scotty is worried that if they put Drew Jr in Shadeybrook and it doesn't work, then what? He spends day by day there. Month by month. Year by year. His spirit will break. :( Scotty wins the line of the day.

    Scotty: He'll be talking to his service dog nameed Coco.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :) Scotty will get help and he tells Liz to go see Maddox. They saw Jasam and are going to the police station.

    The hospital:

    Brad, Jonah, Willow, and Michael: Brad is a nervous nelly!! He wants to know what Dr. O told Michael and Lucas in the elevator! Damn Brad calm the hell down! If you don't, then they will start to get suspicious and you don't want that right?

    Jonah, Willow, and Michael: RA RO Michael is noticing that "Wiley" doesn't look like King Mufasa! And Willow says he doesn't look like me. DOUBLE RA RO!!! Michael says that if you put baby Michael, baby Joss, and baby "Whiley" pictures next to each other that we would look like triplets!!!! RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Maddox's room:

    Monica and Maddox: Poor Monica! All she wants is to get to know Drew Jr and know all about him. :(

    Liz and Maddox: He is feeling all the guilt feels! He says there might be a chance to reverse the process and that BobTodd can get his memories back.

    Maddox: Einstein regretted his role in the development of the atom bomb.

    He regretted it? Is that true? Never heard that!

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Sonny and Julian: Sonny wants to pay Julian money to give him pictures from the wall. Julian says he has pictures in a box in the basement. He doesn't want Sonny's money, and Sonny insults him, by calling him classless. Geez Sonny jumping to conclusions again! Julian wants to GIVE you the pictures! You don't have to pay!!! Geez Luise! Sonny takes back his classless comment, but doesn't really apologize! ROFL!

    Sonny: It doesn't change anything between how our relationship.

    Awww no getting back together? Too bad.

    Sonny and Scotty: Scotty contacts Sonny about helping him with BobTodd!!! Wow! Scotty is so desperate!!!!!!

    Brad and Julian: Brad the nervous panda again.. Calm the hell down Brad!!! Oh oh you see what you did now? Julian figured it all out!!!!! Now you are in trouble boy!!! Julian is PISSED!!!!!! Looks like he wants to punch you!

    Police station:

    Jurtis and Jasam: Jordan has a map! They all are trying to figure out where Drew could be!!! Jordan finds out that the pilot and copilot don't exist!!! The plane is found, and there are no sigh of survivors!!! OH CRAP OH CRAP!!!

    Drew Jr's hotel room:

    Monica and Drew Jr: Awwww great scene! She calls him Drew and she wants to know ALL about him!!! So she gets to know him, and they make a deal. He tells her all about his life, and she helps him be able to leave town. He knows Scotty is up to something. Monica wants Drew Jr to stay at the Q mansion! Awwww. :( He says no that's not part of the deal. Awww edit the deal! Stay at the Q's!!! Monica does the old line, It's my house and Alan gave it to her hahahahahaha! I wonder if the Q home has tribbles too. :) Oh hi Jason. Jason went there to talk to Drew Jr, but he has to talk to Monica.. Probably to tell her about Drew! :( How much more can she take?!!?!?!?! :(


    Hiney: Why is Andre Maddox still alive?


    Brad: I stole Sonny Corinthos's grandchild!!

    YOU ARE DEAD BRAD!!!! When Sonny finds out about this, you are DEAD!!!!

    1. I was hoping Brad would say it just a little louder where Sonny could hear outside LOL!!
      Oh Perry Shen was on an old episode of Beverly Hills 90210, season 9 episode 2.

    2. "I was hoping Brad would say it just a little louder where Sonny could hear outside LOL!!"

      Hahahaha! Maybe Sonny will come back and overhear Brad say, I STOLE SONNY CORINTHOS GRANDCHILD!!! :)

      "Oh Perry Shen was on an old episode of Beverly Hills 90210, season 9 episode 2."

      Yup!!!!! He is!!! :)

  13. Hopefully they won’t add Mario Batali to the cast. Accused of sexual assault.

    1. I think that was a big reason they cancelled it in the first place. The other hosts got screwed because of Batali. But, karma is a bitch.

      I think they might actually bring it back, thinking the "stain" of Bitali has been forgotten by viewers. It is a very cheap show to produce.

  14. I really disliked The Chew but it was definitely a popular show medical offices put on in their waiting rooms. My East Coast market now has Tamron Hall, Kelly Clarkson, and Ellen on NBC in the 2-4pm slots. ABC still airs that awful Strahan show, can't stand him then some court show at 3pm. If GH ratings don't come up it'll definitely be replaced by something...(The Chew?) if NBC's afternoon of talk beats them out.

    Today's ep was way too much Sonny worship for my taste. And now GH is putting out 16 episodes of All Sonny's Children or some type of crap like that. I will never understand the constant forcing of this wretched character. He is not a hero yet they treat him like one. Makes no sense....dismal ratings seem to agree.

    1. i think THE TALK will increase viewership with Marie Osmond. She has a big fan base.

    2. I'm still shaking my head about them inserting Sonny in the Franco story. Really? And he's been so snotty to everyone the past view days. Jax, Julian, Scotty...I wish he'd go take a vacation to his island for a couple of months.

    3. I know Wtheck!! Why?? Why must he be in just about every SL!! And I hated seeing Scotty practically having to grovel to Sonny! You're right, he's been acting snooty and like he's better than ALOT lately! When he said "so what I owe you?" Scotty should've said "you're damn right you do! This and more for what you did!" JMHO!

    4. Ohh that's right delcodave! I forgot about Marie joining The Talk. You are so right about her large fan base.

  15. "My question to the Wubsketeers"

    Wubsketeers!!!! HAHAHAHA! I love it! :)

    "Would you watch this show? Again? Did you watch it the first time?"

    When it was on before, I only watched the end of the show. I loved the end of the show. :)

    "This was considered the show that killed AMC/OLTL so I am sure some people still have some animosity about this."

    It's not the co-hosts fault!!! I don't blame them!!

    "What about the hosts? Did you like the original group"

    Yeah I like the original co-hosts.

    "So, if the Chew returned, would any of you care?"

    Wouldn't bother me. :)

  16. Here are August 2019 ratings from the Soap Opera Network
    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 3,682,000 (+33,000/-414,000)
    2. B&B 3,328,000 (-48,000/-30,000)
    3. GH 2,219,000 (+114,000/-203,000)
    4. DAYS 1,928,000 (-17,000/-115,000) <——— new low *
    GH is getting close to the bottom - Does ABC want it to fail so they can put on another talk show. They have good actors but they need some crisp story lines with a beginning and an end. Don't the Producers look at the internet to see what interests the viewers?

    1. maybe they will do a talk show with maurice and laura so they can still have an hour with Sonny and Carly. and steve can guest 3-4 days a week.

    2. Oh don't give them any back up ideas! They may take this suggestion out of all the excellent other suggestions you & Karen have been coming up with. If they would use just one of those they may be able to better the show.

  17. I've never watched The Talk either. I didn't watch those CBS soaps but a lot of other people did


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