Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Eye of the Beholder

**Who knows the reference to : Eye of the Beholder?? 
Ok, I'm going to caption again  because I can't deal with the show being what it is right now. Between Sam seeing Sonny for the 3rd week straight and the Spencer kidnapping, I'm at my wit's end. Now we'll have some Valetin torture scenes next week.  This COULD have been the summer of a shake up and maybe having some younger romances--but....GH. 

Hope you don't hate me too much for doing the blog this way. Believe me the summary of the week would just be flat out boring. 

OMG! Here we are again, talking! 
Ya, imagine dat.
What are we talking about?
Why do you keep asking me? I have no clue! 

Oh hello! Are you the young man they keep telling me about but I never see?
That would be me, ma'm...
But why? You're clearly adorable....funny and charming...

Oh My GOD! Go away! 

Not gonna happen. I gotta be in 90% of the scenes, even if  I'm just a hallucination...

I'm so happy! I finally decided after not deciding then deciding not to finally LIKE YOU! 

For real?
Yes! I want to be your girlfriend. Like I promise I won't change my mind again...

Oh.. no..well, you see...
Well, Auntie gave up so much for me 20 years ago, I gotta put my life on hold now.
Oh THAT makes sense.  I should have stayed with boring Maddox. 

Come on Alexis, I'm adorable. You must admit it. We had one of the most successful pairings on the show for awhile.  I can't help it they wrote me to be a psychopathic jerk-wad that tried to kill you. Let's just forget all that, ok? I'll keep coming around, and you keep getting all angsty and we'll make it, you'll see. 

Now what are we talking about? 
Our dead son.. our dead, dead son.

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan!
Is that who I think it is? 
Yah, that's the sub-human Ava...go get her honey! 

How dare you show your scabby face around here, Ava! This is MY BABY MORGAN'S grave. You are nothing but a horrible slut of a woman that no one likes. You really should have died in that fire. Gross. You're gross. Isn't she gross Sonny? Can we stand here and yell at her some more?? 

Wow! Is this the pee?  The actual pee sample? 
That's it! The one and only!! Proving you free and clear!! 
I can't believe you all threw me a pee party! You shouldn't have!! 

You are so rights about dat! Dumkov!! Now I must takes my revenge and steal your happiness! 

Yeah, that's right you blog reader...I'm in here too. You ain't gettin' rid of me!! 

Hey, Ava...guess what? I have this condition now where I see Sonny all the time and I hate him! I know you hate him too--so... let's take him down ok? 

I'm all in, bitch!! Let's do this! 

I think his weenie would fit just perfectly in here...after we TAKE IT OFF!! 

Oh, my niece, you are finally seeing the light!! 

How dare you lock me up in the hostage basement!? Don't you know I'm only on here for like another week? Hello...HELL-OOO? 

SHUT UP! I'm going to take you and tie you up and MAKE YOU TALK!

Ok, so the upshot of this week is that Hayden is happy, buying a house and you know all that is going to hell because they kicked Becky off the show. Spencer's kidnapped and Valentin is going to be blamed and tortured for it. Which, of course he didn't do. Garvey is supposedly coming back for Sonny-- and Sam I guess gets a gun and--well, it's GH you know someone is getting shot. Sonny will probably lay in bed, at death's door--again. And .well, rinse repeat. 

Genie Francis was a bright light this week--she rocked her anger out of the park.  Nina was on a ton as well, she gets as much airtime as Sonny lately. 

I wonder why we lived through the whole Charmader thing. Where's Jake this summer?  Kristina? Molly? TJ should be on more-- and know. On and On!! I can't believe we are getting more Jason thug-worthy scenes after we lived through the Scarecrow crap. *sigh*. 

I'm going on a mini vacay to my brother's Tues/Wed/Thursday. We are going to Lilydale, the spiritualist community to check it out. It's a fascinating town, and although it kinda spooks me out, I'm going to just look around. NOT getting a reading or whatever. NOPE I don't want to know! LOL So I will probably miss most of the Valentin torture hour and watching people cry over Sonny's laying in a hospital bed. 
Hey, maybe some of those people in Lilydale can give me spoilers for the show?? 

**Eye of the Beholder was a Twilight Zone episode where they take the bandages off a woman and recoil in horror. 


  1. "Ok, I'm going to caption again"

    But I love those.. They crack me up!!! Yeah GH has been sucky.. Some scenes are better than others.

    "I'm going to just look around. NOT getting a reading or whatever. NOPE I don't want to know! LOL"

    ROFL! Chicken!! :) Just teasing. :)

  2. GH Summer 2017 Could/Should have been.

    Cam returns from a visit w/Lucky OLDER & interested in Joss. Joss, Oscar & Cam in a "Teen" story. Aiden returns slightly older also visiting Lucky BUT he's more rebellious and gets into all kinds of trouble at Lila's camp. Feels ignored by everyone or dumped off on Grams, Lucky, Camp or Babysitter of the week. Jake went also but felt disconnected from Lucky. Didn't know how to treat him as he doesn't really see him as a father any longer and he doesn't feel as close to him as he does to Franco & Jason. Liz ends up w/3 boys all in various stages of upheaval& has her hands full w/no Jason or Franco for backup. WOW! She may have to actual PARENT her OWN KIDS.

    TJ spending so much time at the hospital as a student intern and w/Aunt Stella begins a friendship w/Deanna & Amy. Starts to pull away from Molly because between school, family drama & work at Kelly's he's barely at their apt. Molly decides to work for Michael at ELQ for summer to earn extra money and also a student internship meets a co-worker and they begin to get close. With her & TJ spending less time together he becomes a thorn in their side.(THIS WORKS because MOLLY has had TWO boyfriends why is she so serious at !9)

    Kristina who is running Coffee Perks, taking care of the warehouse books, going to school and helping watch Danny & Scout feels overwhelmed. Decides to go out for some summer fun. Meets up with Val and they hit the clubs in NYC. Krissy meets someone and starts dating again. When she brings her date home for a family summer event (BBQ or Pool PARTY) NOT hanging out at the bench from hell. Discovers that her date knows Port Charles well. Her name is Lyric Alcazar although says her mom named her Lila Rae like they were from some backwoods town instead of a metropolitan city. Even though their fathers were enemies. Krissy & Lyric start dating. Then a secret is revealed. Alcazar isn't dead and will be the one taking over Sonny's territories.

    Michael realizing that talking to Nelle is worse then watching paint dry. Goes out w/Krissy & Val. He gets to loosen the hell up. Act like a freaking 26 year old guy who is super rich & runs a billion dollar company and have some fun. He also ends up falling into bed with inappropriate women. One of which ends up being Christina Baldwin-Collins who secretly returned to town w/Serena BUT didn't want to see her parents. She tells Michael her name is ____ and they began an affair. When Serena comes back to town for a BRIEF stay warns her sister that Scott& Sonny don't get along. That gives her even more reason to keep relationship going as she feels like Scott dumped her off in Kevin's custody and only thinks about Serena.

    Meanwhile Sonny & Carly renew their vows and go spend time AWAY. With Joss in Australia and Michael a grown azz man. They take Avery to the island for some fun. THANK YOU Saint Jaysus.

    Valentin helps Ava get needed surgery to repair her damaged body. They begin a friendship that helps repair her broken spirit. Reveals to her Nik isn't dead and they plot/bond over keeping all things Cassadine. Valentin decides to do a takeover of Wells Media since Julian is distracted and gifts Nina & Maxie with EQUAL shares of Crimson. Maxie hires Kristina & Lulu to the magazine and Nina decides to keep on Nelle. Since Krissy & Nelle don't get along,Fireworks ensue on a daily basis.

    Julian is sentenced to 6 months. When a RECAST or WDV RETURNS. Media empires is gone. His sister is in bed with the Cassadines. His ex-wife has started to see a freaking SHRINK to find some self-esteem/common sense and Lucas, Sam & older Leo have moved on without him. Then meets newly returned Skye Chandler who has come to town with her daughter & ex-husband.(There Fixed It)

    Instead we got. Violence is bad unless against women, children or Sonny. It's scorching hot summer lets hang at a bench. And the Great Pee Caper.Fun.

  3. Karen, I almost had my own pee party from laughing so hard at your commentary! Touché!

  4. OMG Those pictures of Sam and Sonny. Hilarious. Thank you, Karen.

  5. Your blogs are SO much more enjoyable than GH! Thank you!!

  6. Yes, the SS was VERY FUNNY, thanks so much, Karen!

  7. THIS was your best SS yet!! I love how you threw Sonnys picture in the blog as well. Hilarious stuff!

  8. Great SS this week Karen!

    Since this is YOUR blog, you should write it however you want! You really do a fantastic job! And in the shape GH is these days it's DEFINITELY appreciated!

    And by now, I would think it's probably obvious that I have a love of sarcasm!


  9. OMG NOOOOOO . . . Get a reading and ask if Maurice Bernard is ever going to retire. :p

  10. Loved this SS a lot more than the show! Genie was finally allowed to show her acting chops and JPS was great with her. Ratings once again incredibly low. You would think they are catching on that Sonny and Carly are killing it and not in a good way. They really have no chemistry or act affectionately with each other. Billy M. acts like a real person in relationship-did with Jason and Liz, and with Sam. There is just no point in having them together or dominating the show.

  11. LSV422 said...

    Billy M. acts like a real person in relationship-did with Jason and Liz, and with Sam. There is just no point in having them together or dominating the show.

    ** YES! After he took over as Jason, was the first time since A.J.'s crash, that I started to like the character again. He did pretty much literally "put the life back into him", in more ways than one. After the crash, and up until that point, in a lot of ways, it looked to me as if SB was just "going through the motions" so to say. And having seen his stint on Y&R, except for a few differences here and there, his performance came across VERY close to it. So seeing BM take over the role, and actually reconnecting with the other people that were important in his life before Sonny and Carly (and Sam to a degree) pretty much took over and isolated him from everyone else. His actually coming back and embracing the Qs again has DEFINITELY been the high point. I have to wonder though, if RC had been able to stick around longer, if his intention had been to have him get his Q memories back also. As that it definitely the type of thing I could see him doing.



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