Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Disco Saved My Life

You can tell by the way I use my walk....

All she wants to do is...Dance. Which was the only and best thing about this week you should be concerned about. Seriously, in the history of dull, it would be hard to out-do whatever the hell took place on our screens.

All saved by a dance on Friday. Fun, flirty and fab. I hope you all remember that Finola starred in the sequel to Saturday Night Fever "Staying Alive" back in the day. She's a hell of a dancer. Anthony Montgomery held his own too!! 

Ok, so..I guess you want to hear a bit about the rest of the show.  I watched a total of 53 minutes live.   The rest I FF'd  through. Here's my best take: 

Welp...guess we're all that's left of the men in this household...
YES! To us... the last surviving Quartermaine males...
Um...should we be worried? (looks over shoulder) 

YES, Jason! I'm still crying, I'm still a mess over all of this..!! Why? I don't know! I just hate Sonny and the whole dangerous life. I mean, I get I loved it, and I totally didn't mind you in it. Who am I? Elizabeth? This is her story!! Not mine!! Right? Didn't she say the same things over and over? Jason? Are you listening? Jason? 

Well....actually I'm thinking about the fact my parking space now says "Reserved for the REAL Jason Morgan"...but..whatever. 

I'm just going  look uncomfortable..yet yearning, ok? I've done it for the past month, I can do it a bit longer.   

OMG...we're so fun and adorable!! It's like having kittens in my pants!! 
GIGGLE...I know! I know!! I feel all fluffy and like I want to squeal with delight! 

Yeah, that's right...there's gonna be a wedding!! What's wrong with you people? Just because Ned and I are on 1 or two times a month doesn't mean we're not gettin' hitched. I still expect presents. Lots and lots of presents. 

Oh. MY. God!  You are totally insane! Sonny shot Dante! He killed Michael's father!! He's a total crime boss-- he had my Dad deported! I mean geeze. I have one party and some Cheetoes dust gets on your couch and you go ballistic! Why did you send me to this kiddie summer camp anyway? Look at Grandma Bobbie's Face!! Even she knows you're just plain dumb! 
Bobbie: True, dat! 

OMG! There she is!! Don't move...Curtis, stay behind me, she's lethal! 
I know!! I took a Xanax before this scene! You think we can catch her messin' with Finn's pee?
I sure hope heart can't take this much longer. 

What are we even talking about anymore, Sonny??? 
I don't know, does it matter? We got airtime... 

You're so soft...and white...
Just like the sheets! 
Want some milk?  Some oatmeal cookies? 
Naw, I just want to lay here and look at your white teeth...

Um...blah blah blah...Man Landers....and blahblahblah!! Like blah!! Yadda Yadda! 

So... how long do we have to sit here and stare? 
Until Sonny's finished with his scene.
Get any lines today? 

A few... you? 
Yeah..a couple. 
So... how about that weather, huh? 

Look, kid...I'm not gonna eliminate your Uncle Val no matter how "loathsome and boorish" he is
But why not? You killed Michael's father....and I hear you killed a ton of other people! So...
So, nothin' really in it for me, ya know? 
But..but... if you can't go to an ill-reputed member of the black hand, who can you go to? 
I hear the kids use The Google nowadays with good results...

Housekeeping Notes: 
* If you're wondering where Friz are, Roger was negotiating his contract during this time and wasn't taping

* No, Aunt Stella wasn't on this expansion of her introduction to the 'town'. No movement at all 
* Emme Rylan had her baby girl...Name: Dakota Rose 

KS is back taping. Look, I adore her but ... you know what? At this point Maxie and Nathan could move to Seattle or wherever she was and I'd be like: Oh, they're gone?? 
*The most reliable speculation I've heard about JasonvsJason is that they are indeed twins and the "real" Jason appears. Billy Miller is due to sign--or not -- in August. If he leaves, he'll just take the twin face with him. If he stays? He'll just be JasonSquared. 


  1. Oh, yes, I am first, want to say hehehe, great SS, Bobbie and Dante staring, priceless!

    1. You crack me up, it's so important that you are first. LMAO!

  2. Oh, and Finola dancing, also AMAZING!! She is so lithe--that figure, that face, her hair . . . She is sooo beautiful, and agless! And, lucky for her, she just happened to have her dancing shoes on . . .

    1. The dance was the best part of the show, loved it!

  3. So they are revisiting the "Jason has a twin" thing... I think I liked it better when Franco was supposed to be Jason's twin.

  4. Hahahaa!! Love your blog! It's so much better than the show!

  5. Loved your SS!!! Has anyone even missed Franco or noticed he was gone? He serves no purpose on this show whatsoever and should be gone. Nothing against the actor, but if they are cutting the cast he is probably overpaid for such an unpopular and unecessary character.
    The dance was such an unexpected little treat. It just seemed really impromptu and charming. I've actually missed Valentin and I only wish Nick was still alive so he could be redeemed.

  6. Didn't Heather originally say Susan Moore delivered twins.. but it turned out that it wasn't Franco...

  7. Thanks once again for my Sunday morning coffee companion. :D

    kd said...Who am I? Elizabeth? This is her story!! Not mine!! Right?

    Yes but Poor Becky can't have a scene because Roger's not here. They've forgotten she's a nurse and tied to just about everyone on the show. She can't only be seen now when Franco is propping her up because she's relegated to role of Franco doll.

    And I definitely haven't missed Franco while he's been gone,LindaV. It's been a pleasant relief. (Wish he'd taken Sonny with him.) It's probably his raise that sealed Hayden and Finn's fate.

    And I really LOVED that dance. They both looked so happy.

    1. If I had to choose between Sonny and Franco I'd rather see Franco on my screem.

  8. Best SS yet. I really needed that LOL. "Kittens in my pants"!!! IMO Sam should go. Somewhere. Jason & ??? she'll have double whining time. I am sad to see Spencer go, again. That kid can carry any scene. And Hayden. We've seen this before. They make a ginormous deal about a returning actor to have the storyline fall down flat. GH does this well. Thank you for your blogs!

    1. Kittens in my pants was funny! I missed it, Spencer is leaving? I admit I wasn't a fan of Rebecca Budig after they let Michael Easton go to give her a contract. Bringing him back and making her more likeable helped. So yeh I'm ticked!

  9. "OMG...we're so fun and adorable!! It's like having kittens in my pants!!"


    "So... how long do we have to sit here and stare?
    Until Sonny's finished with his scene.
    Get any lines today?
    A few... you?
    Yeah..a couple."


  10. I just do not understand everything we went through with Hayden to just let her go????? What was the purpose to make her Liz's sister? To have her become pregnant, for what? We were finally leaving Finn's drug addiction behind, and the story was turning a corner, and the characters could develop. Just ughhhh!

  11. Michelle Latta said...

    Spencer is leaving?

    ** For his current "stay" that is. He's got a contract for some Disney series currently, and with it currently not filming, he was able to come do GH, right now. NB isn't leaving permanently, it's just a scheduling issue, is all.

    If I had to choose between Sonny and Franco I'd rather see Franco on my screem.

    ** That's not even a choice really, seeing as for the most part, Sonny has just been doing the same things over and over again for the past 15 or so years.

    ** Though if Sonny really DOES try to quit the mob (which as we all know will NEVER happen), after watching this week (in particularly Wed and Thur). Spencer would be perfect for it! (if nothing else, it'd at least maybe give a damn about the mob stuff, anymore)


  12. I would rather have Lost Franco, than Hayden. And the three stooges that Need to go : AMY. NELL AND FINN could have made me very happy by leaving!! And Why is AMY even getting a storyline?!? Stupid and yes only watch on ff. Hope Maxie disposes if her when Kirsten returns to our screens!!

  13. One more thing – Spencer could start a GH Kids spinoff! He is awesome! The show could star Spencer Emma Cameron Jake and possibly Joss. Heck even Avery is adorable! GHKIDS. I would watch! Oh and I forgot "Little Miss Papa" Charlotte and brother Rocco!

  14. I assume Amy is getting a storyline because she makes very little money.

  15. Totally hilarious, as usual. Your lines made me laugh out loud!


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