Thursday, April 6, 2017

Take A Moment....

Because this, right a moment.  


  1. Indeed. It deflects my mind from my son's cancer for a moment. All life is precious.

    1. I am a 49 year old terminal cancer patient. I'm nearing the end and as sad and pathetic as that may be, there is nothing sadder than childhood cancer. I would rather be a mom with cancer than a cancer mom any day of the week. Love and hugs to you and your son.

      This blog and GH in general are high spots in my life. Even the crappiest episode brings job because I can vividly watching it 40 years ago. And while 49 years is much too young to die, it's so much more than many others get. Besides, I've had a great life.

      /being bedridden sucks...


    Karen, here is an interview with Kathleen Gati (Dr. O).

    Hope you enjoy it.

  3. Oh thinking of your son..

    COSMO, thank you! I needed this!


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