Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Action Figures

Dillon knows Amy from High School. Oh great... she's on today. Said no one ever.  Nothing against the actress but -_-
Weren't they at the Nurses' Ball together ?? Oh whatever?
He talks to her about their shared love of Lord of the Rings and how he's thought of her over the years when he sees anything about that movie. She gets all giddy...but KIKI comes in and just makes her totally JELLY. Later she calls Kristina (I guess they are friends now?) and cries to her because of Dillion being with Kiki. 

Tracy and Laura are finding out about the painting. Some Spooky Monk just said "I vill tells you da answers" just like a vampire.  Edward brought the paintings in or something (I missed it) and couldn't part with it. Then the Monk gives her a NOTE from Edward saying he loves and forgives her. He wanted her to have this painting?? Huh? Wait.. how would she have ever found it? Oh hell, this makes no sense.
He did go on the run as JL Hugley a LONG time ago-- but those monks kept that letter the whole time?  So weird. Anyway, there's a private donor who would pay 20 million dollars for it and the monks need it. I bet the donor is LUKE. Just a thought.

I do love Laura and Ingo together--they just click. I miss CarJax.  He told her about Lady Jane.  Then they talk about the kidney. Carly tells Jax about Nelle and her name being Benson. Jax is like...whoops, this is all my fault.  He tells Carly he contacted Frank about the kidney. (then the show ended so tomorrow we'll get the story. I hope)

Nate and Sam discuss the possibility of Jules being alive.  Then Sam talks to Curtis about it. They need to track him. 

Liason goes tot talk to Maddox about Jake--its' about damn time. Jason "Confirmed there's a scarecrow on Cassadine Island".  Oh, brother.  So, when Jake is alone with the Dr... he gets out his "action figure" chest and it includes Superheroes AND..(get this) WIZARD of OZ figures!! LMAO!! There's a witch and a scarecrow. "they were friends" says Jake. Was it Faison and Helena? Hmmm...
Jake tells Liz he needs her phone to play a game but he calls Franco instead. He wants to draw with him but Franco is like: NOPE no can do (because Jason forbid it). 

Curtis talks to Hammy about his detox. I guess he grabbed Hayden and left a mark. Hayden's emotionally scarred from it all. Whatever. 


  1. It doesn't come on til 3 here now (central time), I got the play by play but will still watch for CarJax.:)

  2. Who collected Wizard Of Oz figures as a kid? Too funny. Anyway feel bad for Jake. How much does Jax know about Jake and his connection to Casadines?

  3. Turkey: This storyline is goofy. Why didn't anybody even contact Tracy? And boy that letter and envelope look so clean and perfect! ROFL! Yes I bet the person who bought this painting is Luke too!


    Dillon and Amy: Say what?!!?!!?! They went to high school together?! NO WAY!!! ROFL! I never saw her with Dillon! I don't buy it! So there is a high school reunion? The way she said her last name, it seemed like she was lying! Whoa calm down there Amy! Dillon has a girlfriend! And there she is!!!! :)

    Killon: No way Kiwi! You don't need to be jealous! ROFL! Love what Kiwi is planning to do with her life! YAY!

    Killon and BobTodd: Kiwi wins the line of the day.

    Kiwi: Franco stop. You are the third wheel.


    Outside Kelly's:

    Amy: HUH?! Why is she so upset and all jelly?!?! Is she in love with Dillon? Was she all jelly back then when Dillon and Georgie were married?! This does not make any sense!!!!! And I didn't know Krissy and Amy were friends.

    Amy: She is all wrong for him!

    What are you going to do Amy?!!?! You going to try to break them up?!

    Metrocourt hotel/Hammy's room:

    RayFinn: RA RO! RayRay is all nervous being around Hammy!!! Awww don't pull away from him. :( Love that Curtis is there helping!

    The hospital:

    Liz, Jason, and Maddox: JASON! Stop giving Liz the bully look!!! GRRRRRR! Liz you forgot to tell Maddox about the door that Jake drew!!!!!!! GAH!

    Jake and BobTodd: Awwwww sad! :( Stupid Jason!

    Maddox's office:

    Jake and Maddox: The witch and the scarecrow are BFF's!!! Awwww. :)

    RayRay and Liz:

    Liz: Do you think that's something that could happen again?

    Oh oh! Is that foreshadowing?!!?! Will Hammy hit her again after he is well? Will Hammy become an abuser?!?!!?!?! :(

    Carly's home:

    CarJax: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :) Love their scene! Get back together! :) So sounds like Laura Wright has a cold. Awwww Jax! It's not your fault! You did everything you could to save your daughter back then! :(

    Paint and Wall's home:

    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Nathan and Sam: Nathan don't spend your time talking to Sam! Go visit your wife!!!!

  4. When I saw that "portrait" I though it was Nell ­čĹÄ

  5. Ruthie--A LOT OF people thought it looked like NELL!

  6. sonya said...

    Turkey: This storyline is goofy. Why didn't anybody even contact Tracy? And boy that letter and envelope look so clean and perfect! ROFL! Yes I bet the person who bought this painting is Luke too!

    ** Yeah that was REALLY bugging me today, while watching. Edward leaving that letter there for Tracy WITH the painting which has NEVER been mentioned before, made no sense at all. The ONLY reason she even found out about it was because Larry just stumbled upon totally by accident. Not to mention, the letter itself didn't sound like something David Lewis' original portrayal of Edward would have said, at all. I could maybe have seen John Ingle's Edward say something like that, but not until nearly the end of his life. Definitely NOT back then.


  7. I wonder if they're trying to make Amy the "lovable chunky girl" like Marcy was on OLTL. When they bring in a "loveable chunky guy" like Al, we'll know.

    1. So annoyed by Amy. I liked Marcie on OLTL but she wasn't annoying like Amy.

  8. What a ridiculously contrived storyline in Turkey. Nothing makes sense about it to any longtime viewer. Roger H. looked ghastly - maybe commuting from NY every week is taking its toll. I would much rather see Kristina than her new friend Amy. She does remind me a lot of Kirsten S. Love Jax!!!

  9. Michelle Latta said...

    So annoyed by Amy. I liked Marcie on OLTL but she wasn't annoying like Amy.

    ** Same here, Marcy at least had an aura of "honesty" about her, and had a very sweet natured disposition. Amy is just pushy and obnoxious, and has been rammed down our throats. Not to mention Marcy and Al/Michael had a really genuine and great chem together, that was easy and natural. Amy has absolutely no chemistry with anyone, and just reminds me of nails on a chalkboard whenever she shows up.



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