Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Night Pre-Op: Alterna-Wub

Just because I felt like fooling around -- you can catch the serious blog tomorrow. GH is giving me a right headache ..(that's British!! lol).  Enjoy this step into last week's show--with trivia and quizzes to help keep you occupied! 

Alexis: Wait a min!! Wait a minute!! I think I see something! 
(can't hear reply....turn on closed captioning) 
Sam: Um..yah. 
Jason: Predator? I think that's a predator...
Alexis: Nope...there's a hoodie. Who could it be? 
Sam: Um... Ok..think..think..who's missing..and could be hiding in the bushes...
Alexis: Wow, this is hard.
Jason: (pause....scowl) Julian? Is that...
Alexis:YES! Julian! What a shock. 
Audience: Said no one ever. 

Lucy: Ava...I think we're in trouble...
Ava: Hard to tell...Dante looks like he's going to go chop some wood. 
Lucy: He could chop MY wood...
Ava: Um..yep. that's what I was thinking too...
Lucy: Think he knows about the pills?
Ava: Who cares? I'm picturing him naked right now...

Quick Quiz: Is this:
Answer at the end of the blog

Look social worker look! She likes me! Really likes me! I think she's fist-bumping me! 
Um, Mrs. Falconeri, I think Rocco is outside and about to explore that electrical pole
What? Stop interrupting my Mother-Daughter bonding time! Just stop it! 

Curtis:'s gonna be all right...
Hayden: But I haven't had a decent scene in months! All I've done is a druggie story line that's never ending!! Remember when I first came to town? I loved sex, and being a bitch and ...and...
Curtis: Being interesting??
Hayden: YES! (Sobs)
Curtis: Try being me, girl.  I've done nothing but chase Jordan and replace Spinelli most of the time
Hayden: least we're not BRAD..
Curtis: Yes, thank the lord...not BRAD...

Hey, you two..shut it! I finally have some lines! I bought a condo with Lucas... off camera but we got it. And now I'm going to spill all about Dr. Finn. 

Hayden: Um, shouldn't you try to get some money out of him first? 
Brad: You'd think that would be my direction but now I don't care, I'm just gonna tell.  Neener Neener

Sonny: Ya know, I'm sick and tired of being disrespected by this Candy-Boy,  Brenda! I, tired of it! 
Carly: I didn't mean to..well, I did...and anyways, you're a bigger liar than I am
Sonny: Slut, whore... bad 
Jax:  Tramp?
Sonny: Yeah, that too! Thanks...JA-CKS... now I gotta go get mad at someone else. TRY to keep your legs together, will ya? 
Jax: (thinking)  I'll make enough money here to let me surf another six months...just smile and look pretty, it's all over soon...

Quick Quiz:  Why was Wubsie all excited when she saw this scene? 

A. She thought the addict story line was finally over
B. She's been right all along and Caleb is back
C.  She knew it was almost time for scotch
D. All of the above. 
Answer at the end of the blog

Jax: Well, yer boobs haven't changed. Crikey!
Carly: Shut up and keep unzipping...
Jax: Hold up... this mole...have you had this checked? 
Carly: Sonny checks them monthly...he says they are ok.
Jax: Welp, I'd get that checked all right--looks huge. 
Carly: That's what she said....

....I have got to call my agent..I have got to call my agent...

Trivia: That's one of the shirts Elizabeth got after the fire that took everything in her house.

Laura: Hold up...something is weird here..
"Anna": Oh really? Jolly good, tah! 
Laura: Um.. I'm here to tell you I put Valentin on notice
"Anna": Well we are chums now so...carry on...
Laura: Did you hit your head? 
"Anna": Not that I let me shift my eyes mysteriously while you leave.
Audience: Oh brother.....just hurry this along, will ya? 

Griffin: Can you see this.
Finn: Pull my finger. :Giggle: 
Griffin:  I'm not pulling your finger. Now, what do you remember...
Finn: No, come on, pull it...Roxy loves it... 

God, I hate everyone.  Nelle... Sonny....myself.. give me a minute and I'll probably hate Jax again too. *sigh* 

Reminder: Bad photos last forever. 


No that is NOT Cameron. Despite his never ending de-aging process that up there is Danny.  

Wubsie was excited by ALL the possibilities this scene offered. Of course, it was just a passed out drugged up Hammy-Finn. 

Tune in TOMORROW for the Sunday Surgery, Easter Edition where I'll attempt to summarize some of the week. I pick and chose what I watched. 


  1. Oh, yay, I am first, and this is Saturday!! Thanks sooo much, this was hilarious, I LOL, and I REALLY needed some laughs, had a stressful week.

    This was the FUNNIEST wub you ever did, IMO. The best caption was Lucy and Ava lusting after Dante. PERFECT picture!! I COULD NOT TELL if it was Rocco, Danny, et al., I really never can tell those kids apart. Of course, I answered the Finn-on-the-docks-with-blood question correctly!!

  2. Also, Laura'a face was PRICELESS, and the Jax and Jax/Carly stuff, sooo funny!

    1. I missed the Laura stuff, guess I'll rematch on Hulu.

  3. Hahahahahhaha! Karen!!! :) This was so funny! ROFL! Oh and Brucus didn't buy the condo yet! ROFL! They just put a bid on it. :)

  4. Thanks so much. That was hilarious.

  5. (Aunt Joan you are always first LOL!!!)

    LMAO Karen, they were all so funny and got funnier with each one I read, but the one with Carly having her mole checked made me actually laugh out loud. Haha!!

  6. AntJoan said...

    I COULD NOT TELL if it was Rocco, Danny, et al., I really never can tell those kids apart.

    ** I wouldn't worry TOO much about that, they'll all be recast again in a few months, whenever it is they actually show back up on screen.

    Michelle Latta said...

    LMAO Karen, they were all so funny and got funnier with each one I read, but the one with Carly having her mole checked made me actually laugh out loud. Haha!!

    ** I was drinking a Pepsi! I had to spray 409 on my laptop screen and wipe it off of it! :)


    1. Haha I know right! Had a drink been in my mouth I would've spewed it! They were all so funny but that one, super funny....LOL!!

  7. Michelle, Thanks, but I am not ALWAYS first, I just mention it on Sunday if I AM first. Because I am such an early riser, I usually am first, but sometimes someone beats me to it . . . :)

    1. Hahaha I'm a slow typer lol!! My hands are starting to shake too, which for 47 seems!! Yeh i used to be an early riser now it's like I'm a late riser at 8 and 9 a.m.

  8. So funny! Those were great!

  9. LOL these are funny but I think these actors might be saying some of these things in their mind


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