Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Scrambled Eggs


If you read the blog, you know what I watched this week. On and off--here and there. Not that it mattered much. I'm so frustrated with the pacing and timing of scenes lately I could scream more than I usually do.  I think I told you I had timed scenes at one point. This Friday was another example of scenes lasting 2-4 min and then...cutting to something else. Not cool. Sorry, but the writing isn't good enough to play this flash and dash BS.  I realize you hired a billion people to be on the show but for godsakes, at least try to give us something to root for. 

Today is Easter Sunday for some of us--and you know that means Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs!! That's what we eat here !!

If you haven't yet....take a gander at my Saturday Night Pre-Op WUB... a more fun take on this week. 

Soaps used to have a lot going for them: brats, bitches...affairs of the heart. I don't think I've seen a real affair-affair blossom on GH in eons. You know the kind... the ones that build for awhile, the characters have that spark then have to sneak around on their significant others. Nope. Here it's either the one night stand, someone getting drunk and or drugged--or the 'whoops' we shouldn't have done that who'd going to find out. Because this show has splinters of stories, nothing can develop deeply.  Case in point: 

What in the hell happened with this mess? Finola and JSP were doing SO well with the nuances and acting. Ok, the whole 'hunchback' thing was ridiculous but I was hoping it would morph into something deep, rich and layered.  We got a bunch of weird, teary scenes-- Val crying and stuttering, Nina coming in and being jealous and now?  When Griffin said "Maybe he's thinking of someone else" Anna said "Oh my God, I have to go see someone" and booked. She left for exactly 2 episodes? Maybe? Not even sure. Some people watching had no idea she even was off canvas. (this on a show that has people off the radar for eons?) So, who is this person that's supposed to be "Anna"? I still say it's her twin Alexis. If that's true, where's Anna gone? Why is she leaving Alexis to do all this? Ugh.. see, I don't even care. This could have been a great story without all the "intrigue" crap that GH tries to write and fails every. damn. time. (I'm looking at YOU Paul the serial killer story). 

What's next. Lulu got her big ol' wish and had Charlotte over for and egg hunt and cake.  She was so happy. Charlotte even likes her! SHE LIKES HER! Guess what! We did see Rocco for a hot minute. He made cookies. I was actually thinking back and we've seen Rocco at the PCPD the last 3 times he's been on. Sitting on Dante's desk...with the cop hat on his head. (Maybe it's all CGI?)

JaSam and Alexis had a picnic in the park-- and ... guess what?!! The guy that has been "Following" Alexis with that shaky-cam all week is there!!  The big reveal was that Jason could see the face in the bushes on his iphone. This whole "Julian is dead" story has been such a bore.  What now? Is Alexis going to take him back? Welp-- watch out. You wrote this character into a corner and he was holding a dagger and choking the woman he supposedly loved. Don't expect everyone to be jumping for joy. 
By the way-notice how everyone was isolated most of the week. The park could have had Kristina and Molly there--hey,  I can't deal with Nurse Amy but since they are trying to push her as Krissy's new BFF why not have her hiding eggs or something?? Oh never mind. You know from which I speak. Isolation and short scenes makes for a disjointed experience. 

Oh those pills keep popping up, don't they.  Now Ava's done with her Scotty scenes and she's put 1:1 with Lucy! Bitching about the pills...yada yada. Can't have anything come out just yet because Sonny's busy being all pissy with someone else on canvas right now. So wait a hot minute. 
PS. Ava's eye make up was ON-POINT! 

JAX.  Oh Jax... you come surfing back to PC every now and again and just make Sonny mad. You used to make him mad with Brender, now it's with Carly.  Oh, Sonny was plenty mad about Jax sleeping with Carly but he was UBER mad with Jax for the whole kidney thing. Why? Jax had the audacity to actually save Josslyn's life! Can you imagine? Sonny sees his seeking out Nelle as a personal   affront to him..because, you know, it's always all about Sonny!  First he was yelling at Carly's house about the sex thing, then when Michael told him about the kidney he turned around and went back to yell about that.  

Kiki and Dilly fooled around. Bland, boring.  3 min scenes thrown in here and there.  At least Kiki's trying to get into GH with her psyche major.  Not sure how they'll spice up Dillon. I am frankly just tired of watching couples 'bond' in cheesy scenes.

Yeah, still an addict. Found on the ground. NOW he's ready to fess up and tell Monica only...Bloop! Brad got there first. Oh well. 

I'm glad Genie got to do some good work.  Yet again, it was an isolated scene on the docks and although I appreciated it, it felt like one of those moments that isn't really connected.  I am happy however that she's getting more airtime. Even if it is in "Turkey" or "The docks" (hey did you see the water!!??) 

The one saving grace of the week was the Ned and Tracy talk but even that was screwed up because they chopped it into 4-5 tiny scenes instead of say...2.  I'd just get into it and then...have to go try to hear JaSam mumble stuff in the park. (and if you don't believe me about that, you need to rewatch those scenes. If I measured their vocal output? The needle wouldn't barely move).  I hope we get a NedVia wedding with a lot of people there. 

PROP of the WEEK:  Rocco! Oh.. I mean...that Cop Hat, right?? He also made cookies!Then we didn't see him again. I think this is the 44th Rocco we've had, btw.  Bet we don't see him again for awhile. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: Nina trying to punch "Anna" -- which of course didn't connect-- Nina ended up on the desk face first.

POTENTIAL SCOOP BITCH:   So, the spoilers say that Jax gets arrested.  I tell you what, if he gets arrested and Sonny pushed it because of the kidney thing? I will lose my mind!! Come on! With all the crap that goes on with this show? They'd have someone arrested for getting their kid a kidney? I'd rather they arrest Nelle for selling it. AHAHHA, now don't come at me with this-- I'm kidding (oh.. maybe?)  They really should be thinking of bringing Ingo back instead of having him leave but that's just me. Jax is a character that is needed, imo. Like Ned. When Tracy leaves? That's a huge Q hole to fill! 

UPDATE ON DAYTIME EMMYS:   Here'show to watch:  WHERE TO SEE EMMYS   It's only going to be on Facebook live, periscope and some other platform. Don't know. Sadly probably won't watch. 

Have a great day--!! 


  1. Wow, I am first both Saturday and Sunday :) Guess you are right, Michelle!!

    I DID see Julian's face in the bushes, right?? That WAS his face?? No one seems to be sure he is alive, but didn't we all see him on Dillon's phone?

    Also, although I never was a Jax fan (I'm a Sonny/Brenda lover, as you all know, so I always resented Jax), I have to say that Ingo, who always was a good actor, seems to have gotten even better over the years. Maybe he just does come around so he can surf for 6 more months, as Karen said, but I have to say that he does give it his all. I also hope that he sticks around. And I hope that Sonny does NOT have him arrested, that would be preposterous, given who Sonny is!!

    1. While haven't been able to stand Sonny for a LONG time, I loved him and Brenda. BUT I loved Jax and Brenda more.

  2. Oh, and Happy Easter to all who celebrate!!

  3. Totally agree that the writing is terrible. Even my favorite characters have become annoying.

    I agree with most everything you said, but I don't see any chemistry between Valentin and Anna. I like him better with Nina. And Charlotte changed her mind about Lulu far too quickly, especially on a show where storylines drag on forever.

    1. Her changing her mind that quickly is believable because "Papa"isnt around

  4. Happy Easter! Excellent SS as always! Like I said already, too much Sonny and Carly this week. Sonny needs to be gone for awhile and Jax needs to be back to stay. I wish Vanessa M. would come back-Sonny was only tolerable with Brenda in my opinion. Everything going on is really dull. And don't get me started on this Alexis/Anna thing. We already have an Alexis and we just had two Olivia's.

  5. Totally agree! I did ove the Genie scene, even though they are trying to make Val a hero of some kind. Genie KILLED IT! I'll take that any day. And I'm happy to see Charlotte see Lulu in a good light and actually ask questions about all the BS she's been told. The rest I couldn't care less about. Hate to see them do this with Anna/Alex.

  6. I always thought that Anna's twin was named Alexandra (Alex, for short). Not Alexis. So, I don't think there will be two Alexises (Alexi?), LSV.

  7. Your observations and opinions are spot on. It seems like the writers/directors have jagged nerve endings causing them to jump from scene to scene way too quickly. Before there was Jasam I always noticed how Sam they mumble together. How sweet. And this Anna thing is simply ridiculous. The real Anna Devane hasn't been on the canvas for more than a year...since she wept in Faison's presence. The only continually strong woman on GH is leaving...Tracy Q. She will be missed, unless they recast and then they'll probably weaken her as well.

  8. Why did we need Charlotte again. There is to many kids and to many married couples on this show. I want to know where all the affairs are too. I find all the couples boring and they all look the same too. And where is the lying and cheating too. I loved that Carly and Jax slept together. Laura and Ingo have more chemistry together then Laura and Mo.

  9. I would argue they have already significantly weaken Tracy. Her "friendship" with Silas and Hayden are laughable. The real Tracy would never have bonded or opened up with anyone as quickly, even after a health scare...and she would never be friends with a druggie and cheap con. The one person she bonded with slowly was Lulu and she has now basically turned her back on her. The real Tracy would also not tolerate Kiki, a Jerome. She would never let Michelle run ELQ, she would have clung to it herself.
    The only strong woman they have not destroyed is Bobbie. Heck, even Monica has been sacrificed at the alter of Sonny.

  10. Did I say Alexis and not Alex? I meant Alex... it is Alexandria. I probably typed wrong!

    I think Brenda was so tolerable because it was long ago-- and after seeing 10 years of CarSon in between--- it's just OLD OLD OLD.


    I'm home sick today-- it's my second break ruined. First was the flu-that I had in Feb and didn't go to England. Now it's a rotten cold-- I'm going to the doctor tomorrow. BOO ON ME My son and hubs went to my parents and I sat HOME. I did eat a bag of Combos (my vice) which I haven't eaten since the Holidays-- so that's y one treat.

  11. I used to like Sonny, but the last few years with him have just been the same thing over and over. Time for him to leave. Jax needs to stay, Nell can leave with Sonny. There are no stories to look forward to, how sad.

    1. Exactly. Sonny is so one note, boring, we know what he's going to do before he does it or says it. BOR-ING.

  12. AntJoan said...

    I DID see Julian's face in the bushes, right?? That WAS his face?? No one seems to be sure he is alive, but didn't we all see him on Dillon's phone?

    ** Yep, you did. WDV's face was clearly visible under the hoodie, when they were looking through the pictures on the phone.

    Pat said...

    Totally agree that the writing is terrible. Even my favorite characters have become annoying

    ** What's really sad about the writing, is that GH is Shakespeare, in comparison to DAYS is right now

    Mommyknowsall said...

    I used to like Sonny, but the last few years with him have just been the same thing over and over. Time for him to leave. Jax needs to stay, Nell can leave with Sonny. There are no stories to look forward to, how sad.

    ** Since Ingo is now on recurring status, hopefully we WILL see him more



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