Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Kidney Stones.

Jax admits to going to Frank Benson for a kidney. He knew "for years" that he was harrassing Carly for money. So, he offered him 1 million dollars to FIND a kidney (could Frank test people? WTF is this?) Anyway...what is wrong with this story? I'll tell you what: 

Jax would have had to have known Jake was alive!!! AND THEY WEREN'T harvesting his kidney when he decided to search for one. 
Scrubs would have had to have thought a healthy kidney was flown in and just appeared. (We saw them operate) 
The ONLY way Jake could have been alive is A) Helena switched a dead body for his OR B) they took the kidney and Helena rescued him after --or something that stupid. 
It DOESN'T WORK with Nelle's kidney. 

I think that's ALEX Devane talking to Valentin. It is weird..she has a new outfit on and her hair looks curlier too. Anyway, she says she remembers being with Val and that Faison made her steal stuff from the WBS for the DVX and Faison mind erased her yada yada. 
I still say this is Alex.  She tells him about details of their night together-- and she also says she let him get away even tho there was a kill order out on him. He doesn't believe her.  Alex/Anna takes his hand..says she cared for him..they look into each other's eyes. 
Ok, if this ISN'T Alex and it's Anna it will make stupid no-sense. 

PILL Junk from Ava and Scotty...she tells him to go get them from the PCPD.  He tries to steal them from the evidence room but Dante catches him. Scotty leaves and Dante is suspicious.  Later, Dante goes back and finds the pills. Confused face follows. 

Nelle and Sonny-- ugh. Whatever. 

Michael's talking to Joss about Jax and Carly. She thinks he still likes Nelle.   They leave. Mike forgets his phone, comes back and is talking to Carly when Sonny walks in. Sonny hears that Jax is home. 

Jax then goes to talk to Nelle (Exactly where Sonny talked to her). 

Lulu goes to see Ava and wants to know if she can remember anything else that happened when Nikolas was killed. Lulu tells her about Val having custody of Charlotte. Ava says watch out because he'll kill anyone --even her. Lulu leaves. (weird scene)


  1. I'm so confused by the Anna/Alex "Annas" hand still bandaged? If not maybe it is Alex? I still have to watch so I'll find out tomorrow.

  2. Yes, she did have the bandage on at the beginning of the scene. At the end, she did not have a bandage on the hand she gave Valentin. I didn't pay any attention to which hand it was.

  3. Wyndemere:

    Anna and V.C.:

    "Karen says I think that's ALEX Devane talking to Valentin."

    Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole scene with them today I was very suspicious!!! That isn't Anna!!!! That's Alex!!!! Where is Anna?!!?!?!?!!?!! What did you do to Anna Alex?!!?!??!?!?!!!!!

    Ava's home:

    Ava and Scotty: Ava! Lucy's fingerprints are on the pills too!!!! Or did you forget?!!?! Hey sounds like Kin Shriner has a cold! His voice sounds strange.

    Ava and Lulu: I see a baby bump!!!! :)

    Ava: Valentin is more than willing to kill anybody that crosses him.

    Well except Anna. :)

    Carly's home:

    CarJax: OH JAX!!!!! :'( I forgive you! Even though there isn't anything to forgive! You were just trying to do anything you could to save your daughter! :(

    Central Perk:

    Sonny and Nelle: Man! Nelle and her smug smiling! Hahahaha! Oh yes Sonny you are right! Nelle better not mess with V.C.!

    Jax and Nelle: Nelle better listen to Jax!!!!!


    Michael and Joss: Awww poor Joss. :( Poor Michael!!!

    Michael and Sonny: Oh oh! Sonny hears that Jax is back and is all jelly! :)

    Police station/Evidence room:

    Lante: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Scotty: Hurry Scotty hurry!!! Get those pills!!! Crap!

    Scotty and bald bad guy: The bald bad guy wins the line of the day.

    Bald guy: Who are you? I don't know you.

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHA! Poor Scotty! :) The winner of the pills, is DANTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Dante! Now take off your shirt. :)

  4. With Alex/Anna they zoomed in on a ring does anyone remember if that is from AMC and has meaning. I barely remember Alex/Anna on AMC.

    Did anyone else catch this big goof in the show. Micheal is talking to Carly on the phone he is pausing to wait for her to respond so it was not a voice mail he was leaving the very next scene Carly comes down and yells at Joss for going mia. Um didn't she just get a call from Micheal like 2 seconds before letting her know where Joss had been.

  5. Julia Sanders said...

    With Alex/Anna they zoomed in on a ring does anyone remember if that is from AMC and has meaning. I barely remember Alex/Anna on AMC.

    ** I watched it when it was on originally, but I must have missed/forgotten the ring today. I'll have to watch today's again, and see it again, to see.


  6. I just have no words for this mess.....:(

  7. Having re-watched the Anna/Valentin stuff of yesterday's show, I really don't think there was any underlying meaning of the shot of the ring on Anna's hand. The shot was just meant to focus on her touching Valentin's hand, and showing how awful she feels, for what happened. That's all.



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