Thursday, May 18, 2017


A song for you today!! I heard this in the car--and I was JAMMIN'!! Such a summer song!! 

Ok, Brad was on.. Hayden looks like death today?? Don't like that makeup. She and Ham are trying to scam Brad about his PeeTest. Hayden's pregnant. She needs to make a decision--about having the baby.  She says she wants to have the baby now, he's happy. But his DEMONS are strong and he knows she may not want him around the kid.

OMG, Alex is tied to the stairs with the scarf--she's not dead. Hey, she tied PAUL up to that same banister, remember? 

Eyeroll. Whatever.  Dr. Evil calls Alex to tell her Anna escaped. 

Alex goes to the airport to escape before Anna gets to PC .  Oh! Robin and Emma are at the airport too!  Alex doesn't know what Emma is talking about when she mentions some graphic novels she gave her last visit. "Something's wrong" says Robin. 

Laura is on the hospital board because Tracy gave her her spot. Brad comes up to her and tells her that there's a "situation" at the hospital. He also tells her Monica and Tracy covered up for Finn.  She tells him about opioid addiction (PSA) and until Finn fails a drug test, he's fine. 

Lulu and the fam are eating. And...when Valentin comes in, the social worker pops up for a surprise visit.  They tell her about the arrangements they made for Charlotte yesterday. She leaves.  Lulu and Val argue. (surprise) 


  1. I'm so happy they're not going to drag the Anna/Alex switch out. Can't wait to see Anna/Alex/Robin/Emma tomorrow :-)

    Loved Laura and Brad's scene. (I thought Genie loos esp. great today).

  2. Actually, the social worker showing up wasn't a "surprise" visit. Lulu had already called her, to inform her of the situation and "what/how things went down".

    And I see that we do now have confirmation that it IS Alex that's been in PC for the last couple of months. (Having just read in this week's SOD, that other than Jelly and FV, Finola was the ONLY other person that knew this was Alex, and not Anna) That having finally been said, and confirmed that it's Alex, this has all been completely out of character for Alex, especially so, since she's never had anything at all to do with involving espionage/ or any sort of connection to neither the WSB or DVX. She's always just been a very well respected doctor.


  3. Funky cold Madina!!!! Love that song. Haven't heard that song in years! :)

    Metrocout restaurant:

    ValeNina: Oh glad she told him about Nelle! :) I don't want her to lose her job.

    Killon: Congratulations Kiwi on passing!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! :) So proud of you!!!! :)

    Brad and Laura:

    Brad: I'm Brad Cooper.

    Oh? You aren't Brad Jones? Oh oh Brad is whining again! ROFL!

    The hospital:

    RayFinn: She decides to keep the baby YAY! Oh oh what if this is a sign she is going to have a miscarriage? :(

    RayFinn and Brad: Fincher wins the lines of the day.

    Fincher: Oh! You gotta stop watching spy movies. And no more musicals. Urine trouble..

    ROFL! I think there should be a song about a cup with no pee! :) I can't wait for Lucas to find out what Brad did!!!!

    Kiwi and Michael: Oh Michael!!! I love you, but don't ask Kiwi to help you! Then she will get in trouble! Just stay away from Nelle!!!! Yuck!

    Nelle's room: What is Nelle doing?!!?! Leaving her room to see Michael?! UGH!

    Nina and Nelle: Awwww. :) Nina is so nice to her and feels guilty. Great scene!

    Chandler Mansion: Oh look Alex is tied up.. The flashback they showed was kinky. Yes Alex time to leave!!!!! Go away!

    The airport:

    Alex, Robin, and Emma: Oh glad the subject was brought up about Robin flying while pregnant.. :) Cus I was thinking that. I mean she looks like she is about to pop! Love that Emma realized that isn't grandma!!! :) ANNA!!!! Wow after months of not walking, she is walking really well!!! And look Alex and Anna both have different hairstyles! ROFL!

    Lante home: Awww more family scenes! Love it!!! Oh they got a rule! No chocolate chip pancakes unless special occasions! Interesting.. It must be because so Rocco isn't so hyper during the day.

    V.C. Lulu, and the social worker: Wow Lulu! You handled V.C. really well! You are learning! :)

  4. Gee, Laura got coffee on the way to work wearing a lovely white and pink outfit and showed up in a different outfit. Kiki had one outfit on at work and a ponytail, and showed up shortly thereafter at Kelly's with a new haircut and a different outfit. Someone is sleeping on the (highly paid) job. I always love having Robin and Emma back, and loved Emma busting Alex! Maybe someone is forcing her to do all this if it is against the character she was known to be back whenever. Hayden and Finn are growing on me - kind of appealing together.

  5. "LSV422 said...Kiki had one outfit on at work and a ponytail, and showed up shortly thereafter at Kelly's with a new haircut and a different outfit."

    She had her work outfit at work! :) And the outfit she wore at Kelly's was cute! And her new haircut, I forgot to mention it! It's cute! :)

  6. I liked Kiki's haircut, too!

  7. Karen I got news for you!!!! Don't lose hope!!!

    'General Hospital' Spoilers: Writers Face Deadline – 'GH' Rumor Says Ratings Up By Fall Or Else

  8. Oops when I said Karen, I meant our wubber! :) Cus we have 2 Karens on here! Unless K is a Karen, then we have 3. :)

  9. Blogger sonya said...
    Karen I got news for you!!!! Don't lose hope!!!

    'General Hospital' Spoilers: Writers Face Deadline – 'GH' Rumor Says Ratings Up By Fall Or Else

    May 19, 2017 at 1:40 PM

    I HOPE that's good news. Depends on how optimistic you are that the writers actually WANT to save the genre. For the past several years, it seems as though they don't care one way or the other if the show hits the ditch :(

    I actually have hope that this "Chimera" virus that Jake is supposed to release is a way of trimming the cast, and not just killing off a couple of extras.



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