Friday, May 26, 2017

After-Ball I have a family thing I have to get to so I won't be able to watch live. Looks like The Ball is over and the Chimera will do it's thing and CarSon will confront Ava. 

Spoiler ahead so don't read if you don't wanna know...

Ava somehow gets disfigured by fire? Maybe the gun backfires? Not sure-- but I saw a pic of her in a hospital bed with her face bandaged up. 

AND..Happy Birthday to Genie Francis!! Ok, I gotta go-- hope to see you soon!! 


  1. i have no sympathy for sonny and carly. can not stand them or jason and sam. all 4 are criminals but they act so high and mighty. I would not miss any of them if they left.

  2. I agree with witch-would have liked to have thrown the lamp at Sonny and Carly myself. By the way, whose bright idea was it have an oil lamp? No flashlight but that wouldn't have ignited. I love having Connie T. back, dead character or not. And looking as stunning as ever! Waste of time watching Amy & Nathan.

  3. I am not a Carly/Sonny fan, but I hate Ave. She has done so many other terrible things - I'm sick of her getting away with everything.

    Yeah, the Nathan/Amy scenes were boring. 'Man Landers'? Oy! No thanks.

    Please, let this Chimera thing end soon.

    1. We need a like button haha cause I LIKE this post!

  4. LindaV said...Waste of time watching Amy & Nathan.

    ***I know. I can't stand listening to her. I was hoping that they'd kept her just for the Nurse's ball and that now she'd be gone.

    Hopefully we'll get rid of a few dragging storylines now. And the producers shouldn't let the writers start any new ones till they show them a plan for the end. This write as we go attitude is ridiculous. Who in their right mind accepts scripts with no plan for a finish?

  5. Okay the two boring scenes first just to get it out of the way.


    Amy and Nathan: Blah blah blah Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I am getting sick of Amy's Maxie bashing!!! Man Landers? Are Jelly serious?!!!?!?! So that is Amy's 2nd job? She writes in a column?!

    The nurses ball room: I am so bored.. Way too much talking and not enough action.. Although I do enjoy ghost Helena! :) Did Laura get a haircut? It's nice. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. OH OH OH! THE CHIMERA! YES JAKE OPEN IT! OPEN IT!!!!!!!! :)

    Jerome gallery basement: Well it looks like a basement.

    Carson and Ava: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Great scenes!!!!! Love all the yelling and drama!!! Love the old school eyeliner that Ava was wearing. Scotty where are you?! You should be defending Ava!!!! OH FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIREEEEEEEE! Scotty where are you damnit?!!!?!

  6. "Di says Hopefully we'll get rid of a few dragging storylines now. And the producers shouldn't let the writers start any new ones till they show them a plan for the end. This write as we go attitude is ridiculous."

    Yeah I agree!!!!!!!!!! So either Jelly changes their attitude and stops doing that, or they are fired!

    "Who in their right mind accepts scripts with no plan for a finish?"

    I know! It's crazy!!!!

  7. Oy, I hated the way Curtis was pressing Jordan to have sex. I normally like the Curtis character, but the way he was written today was a total turn-off.

    No Davis girls AT ALL at the Nurse's Ball? No Monica, no Griffin, no Finn (don't care about Hayden), no Brad/Lucas, no Kevin Collins? Dullest Nurse's Ball EVER. The only number I really liked was Valentin's. Why didn't Liz perform with the nurses?

    SOOOOO much CarSon angst today! Yeesh.

  8. Yes, it was sad that half the hospital staff didn't come to the ball, and there was more story/drama than ball.

    I was happy to hear that ER is not taking a maternity leave, as I don't want her character off-screen, but it must be hard on the actress, she looks 9 months PG! I also REALLY hope that Maxie comes back soon, have not really heard anything about this . . .

    I thought that "Man Landers" was really funny, except that of course it was horrible of Amy to do that. At least that explains why she took the picture, it had looked like she had changed her crush from Dillon to Nathan . . . Poor Nathan, being deserted after a few months of marriage, it looks like they are using Amy as someone for him to talk to. It also looks like they are predicting the end of the marriage, I really wish I knew if Maxie is coming back . ..

    Maura is such an amazing actress. I met her at a GH event, she is the NICEST person in the world, she has sooo much empathy, and she and LW seemed to be the best of friends. So she MUST be a wonderful actress to play such an evil character . . .

  9. I am glad Maura is going to get more screen time. Ava is bad news but she has that wonderful Avery and Maura is a terrific actress. At least she is remorseful but they never should have had her kill Connie.



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