Thursday, May 25, 2017

Chimera on the Loose

Morgan's PILLS with Ava/Lucy and Carly and Sonny.. later Lucy tells them Ava was sleeping with Morgan and she threw the pills away. Sonny is all: AVA HAD THEM PILLS? Lucy said she saw her throwing them out October 29th. OMG that's how LONG. 
Carly and Sonny figure out Ava did it to keep Kiki away from Morgan. Scotty yells at Ava to GET outta TOWN! 
Sonny goes in to beat up Scotty.
Ava runs to--?? Not sure...oh the gallery. She has a bag that has a passport and money.

Valentin and Anna talking about selling the CHIMERA to Helena. He wanted a new face and fixed back.

Backstage, Jake sees Charlotte with the Chimera beer can and takes it and shoves her away. Nina's mad.  Jake is alone later, putting away the Can--and Helena shows up and "tells" him she's disappointed. 

Anna talks to "the room" (Liz, Jason....Maddox) about the BIO-TOXIN Chimera. Jason is all "OMG I saw that on the island-- Jake drew it!! What is UP"?? 

Ned and Olivia sang "Faith" ...Wally Kurth is so talented.  Lisa did ok too but Wally was really good. 

Curtis and Jordan: OMG...these two are isolated from EVERYONE--and their back story happened OFF CAMERA. zzzzzzzzzzzz He gets a room and they sleep together. 

Dillon does Bowie.  Kiki's there too. It's Bowie and my 80s memories so--no thanks. He's ok but... not that song. 

The finale was "Hallelujah" which was nice, but all I can think of is SNL.. LOL sorry.  Amy, Felix etc have great voices.


  1. Wally was great! Yeah, I am a bit over Hallelujah after SNL, too. Some nice singing, though. Still no Alexis, Hayden, Finn, Monica, Brad/Lucas or Dr. O. I always like to see her perform. I know Ava is bad news but I wish she would just shoot Sonny and Carly.

    1. I LOVED Wally doing Faith, just perfect. I was a huge Wham!/George Michael Michael fan and crushed when he passed away and this was so perfect. ❤❤❤
      What is the thing with SNL and that song?

  2. No Magic Milo? Man this show really sucks.

  3. LindaV, I wish she would too. Furthermore, Scott doesn't owe squat to Sonny after Sonny got Karen on drugs and into the stripping years ago.

  4. LiamAZ - AMEN! Scotty needs to knock Sonny's teeth out of his head after Sonny's sick treatment of Karen. I would pay $$$ to see that scene!

  5. Nedlia performance: LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And love that Lucy called Ned, Ned Quartermaine!!!!!

    Killon performance: Modern love? I'm not sure what they were singing. So the song is about a beautiful woman who is inlove with a nerd? Dillon looked HOT as a nerd. :)

    Scotty and Ava: Oh Scotty I can't believe how sloppy you are!!! You should have payed very close attention to how much the dosage was!!!!

    Ava and Killon: Awww great scene between Ava and Kiwi!!! Yes Kiwi your mother is saying goodbye.. :(

    Carson and Scotty: Leave him alone Sonny!!!!!!! Don't tell him anything Scotty!!!!

    Jortis: Curtis tells Jordan he got a room for them!?!!?!?! Are they at the prom?! ROFL!

    Carson and Lucy: Well glad Sonny didn't blame Lucy for anything!!!

    Lucy: She complained the other day or was it yesterday that there was dead air.. Well uh hello!!!! You can bring Dr O in!!!!! GAH! Oh and her dress at the end there, looked like a wedding dress. :)

    Scotty: He wins the line of the day. I think he was with Lulu and Laura.. When he said something about it's personal. ROFL!

    Chimera: Oh come on!!!!! Let's get this show on the road for crying out loud!!! Charlie turned it on! Jake stopped her.. Now what?!

    Jake and Helena: HELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Is this just a memory or is she really alive!? :)

    Ava: Karen says Ava runs to--?? Not sure...oh the gallery.

    Oh is that where she is?! I was wondering! Carson shows up! Oh Scotty you throw her under the bus!!! :( Why did you tell Carson where she is?!!?!

    Video of Robin: LOVE IT! :)

    Metrocourt hotel:

    Ewwww Jortis going to make love while Hallelujah was playing? Gross!

  6. Michelle, Kate McKinnon did a very emotional Hallelujah as Hillary C. after she lost the election. It was also done last Sat. with the Trump "family" etc.

  7. I think that Jordan and Curtis have been dancing around this for a very long time, and Curtis needed to push the envelope and take definitive action. He has been hot for her for a LONG time, who can blame him?

    Helena is NOT alive, as only Jake can see her. (At least for now, she very well may pop up alive, as she always does.)


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