Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I guess I missed a big show yesterday. Oh well.

Valentin's in the hospital. I found out on Twitter that it was a THUG after the CHIMMYERA. :eyeroll: 

Jordan and Curtis in bed. 

Anna explaining the Chimmy to Laura and Lulu. blah blah...

Sonny and Carly talking to Dante about Morgan's PILLSssszzzzzzzz.  Bitches about Ava non-stop. 

Epiphany tells Kiki about her Mom being burned. 

exposition day. 
I must go. 



  1. Yesterday was good, not exceptional but after all the really disappointing shows I really liked it. My standards aren't as high either so I'm not as disappointed like everyone else gets haha!! So yeh I liked the outcome. I'm sure after reading your review today it'll go back to sucking....

  2. I liked it a lot, thought it was very exciting, but there was SO MUCH WRONG with it.
    1. WHY didn't Liz or anyone else just tell Jake that the canister would kill him and everyone else? She never told him WHY it was bad to open it.
    2. WHY would Ava throw a fiery object to set her OWN gallery on fire, with millions worth of art in there?
    3. WHY did she have to escape and leave town after Sonny and Carly clearly were not going to kill her?
    4. WHY didn't she just shoot them when she had the chance?
    I saw Liz in the hospital with her back naked, I was thinking, she must be freezing, I was glad when Franco put his jacket over her shoulders.

    There was other stuff, this is all I can think of now.

  3. AntJoan, your problem is that you are looking at this with an intelligent eye, unlike the writers, LOL.

  4. My thought was Jason is capable of knocking a gun out of an experienced killers hands - but couldn't get a beer can out of a child's hands

  5. I guess Ava wasn't at her gallery, but at a "warehouse"? Even so, I guess it was her warehouse, it looked like there were works of art there, WHY would she burn it down? If it wasn't her warehouse, then how would Sonny and Carly have found her?

  6. I have to say it once again - I hate Sonny and Carly. And you would think that warehouses that have art pieces would be have a sprinkler system.

  7. Police station:

    Carson and Dante:

    Carson: Ava is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are wonderful!!!!

    Lante home: I hope Nina doesn't give up on V.C.!!!!!!! Uh Anna? V.C. is NOT in surgery yet!!! What the!!?!?!

    The hospital:

    V.C.'s room:

    Valenina: They haven't taken him into surgery yet?!!?!?! Why not?!!?!?! Come on!!!!! I hope he is gonna be okay!

    Anna and V.C.: Oh whew he is gonna be okay! :) Awww love that Anna holds his hand. :)


    Piffy, and Killon: Poor Kiwi. :( Having to hear 2 bad newses all in one day. :(

    Metrocourt hotel/Jurtis's room:

    Jurtis: It's dinnertime?!!?!? Isn't it like midnight or something? I hope they are a couple now!!!

    Curtis and drug girl: Oh oh that girl is bad news!!!!! I hope she doesn't try to get him to do drugs again!! Stay away from her Curtis!!!! She may want to sleep with you again and get you high!

  8. Thanks, sonya. and if they do another drug story right now I think I'll be physically sick.

    BTW....I know why Dr. O wasn't at the ball. She's still in the lab! And I wonder if anyone made it to Monica yet with the news about the doctored tests. Obviously one of the writers had a brain fart and decided it would be so clever to show Dr. O doctoring that test, and surprise us all, but they haven't figured out how to attach it to the rest of the story yet.

  9. P.S. It was great to see Piffy at the hospital again. maybe we'll finally see more of her now that 2 people are in the hospital.

  10. every day I hate Carly and Sonny more and more. Even Dante seems kind of shocked by their coldness. It's way past time that the show and ABC face the fact that MB is no longer a hot leading man and needs to be backburnered occassionaly

  11. It was interesting but you are looking at things with a different angle. You need to see other's point of view as well for better understanding.



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