Sunday, January 1, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Free Fallin'


Well, last week was certainly FUN and OH so soapy!! I think they scrambled to cut it all so that we caught up with Friday being New Year's Eve. With the interruptions I'm not even sure we were on the correct day until then! 

It's New Year's Day...meaning way too much last night !! Coffee Coffee Coffee! Let's go! 

Photo thx to @Here4Sprina

WONDERFUL SUPRISE OF THE WEEK: Um.. who else jumped when Andre walked in!! How brilliant!! He was working with Victor after all and to have him pop in was just amazing. Valentin's face? Priceless LOL. People are always bitching about writers "not using history" --welp, I'm here to say kudos for this one. 

VISIT OF THE WEEK:  Marty, Cy and Laura--together again! Aw, Cyrus is looking out for his sis and I'm here for it. Of course, Laura already knew about the Deputy Mayor threat, right? Good scenes with top-notch actors. I really want Cyrus to get out of jail on some loophole. We've done it before, let's do it again! 

VISIT TWO OF THE WEEK: Fresh from Rory's memorial, Mac and Robert go to see Heather at GH. She says she has information about the hooker and can get more from Ryan but ONLY IF she's at Spa-Jail. Heather doesn't want to go back to maximum security so they have to decide whether or not to make that happen. 

WU OF THE WEEK:  Oh Gladys! You in the HOLE! Now you owe Wu money and you gave her your Christmas earrings from Sasha. I really REALLY want them to show her playing poker. It would be so fun. 

MILLOW OF THE WEEK:  First Carly steals a file right out from under Drew's nose then this happens. Michael proposes to Willow using the ring he used the first (fake) time because it was Lila's. (It looks like Princess' Diana's btw). So these two are getting hitched. Um, you'd better hurry the fk up with the bone marrow drive because...time's a tickin'! 

SELFIE OF THE WEEK:  Britt and Liesl were superb in the scenes leading up to the party. Such a great mother-daughter discussion about the sins of the past and moving to what is left of the future. 

PARTY OF THE YEAR:  Too much fun! Britt's Bash was awesome -- and Brad and Maxie working together? Inspired. I hope they kindle that friendship.  The cake, the waiters,  singing, the montage was top notch. Well, a few editing snafus were noticeable for sure: Dr O didn't get to sing on screen and the whole video tribute was interrupted by Joss.  But all in all just fab. Britt's send off was quite over the top for someone who was just leaving and I thought for sure she'd be the Hook's victim. I'm happy because I'll always hold out hope Kelly will be back and the whole Huntington's Disease was an invention of Victor's to be evil. Unless she IS still the victim somehow?? eek!! 

Tiny Side note: missing were: Amy, Deanna, Felix and Bobbie. Would have been nice to have them there. 


ALMOST COUPLE OF THE WEEK:   Everyone (including me) thought they'd kiss for New Year's but it's a slow burn! They are all soapy and flirty and "pretending" to be together to lure out Esme.  Very Soap 101 and I love it!! 

DARK ELIZABETH OF THE WEEK: There she was...looking all glam and checking on the pregnant lady in the tower!! She also informed Finn she "lost the baby".  I have to point out just how stupid Finn is because he actually said "You two can try for another" !! AHAHAHA. OMG. Ok, Finn...DERP. I'm so glad they are broken up! 

SET DIRECTION OF THE WEEK: Wow, did this all look super real or what? Esme's slow build up to torching the Christmas Tree and her running out as Nikolas puts out that rager with a small extinguisher (LOL).  Her running out had me yelling GO GO!! It was a great build up for what was to come as well. 

JUMP OF THE WEEK:  Holy hell! I was honestly thinking Esme would escape..find Daddy and all hell would break loose. Then when she went on the ledge, I thought Nikolas would go to grab her and fall instead. BUT NOPE!  She just back-swan-dived off that sucker!! Squee!! So soapy and such a 2022 cliff hanger. Literally. 

HOOK OF THE WEEK: Also unexpected was this little surprise!! We saw the hook on the boat- so I'm lining up victims in my head; Trina, Spencer.. yada yada. Finn leaves first and I'm all DAMN! GET FINN!! But..they actually went to the mainland and are on the docks and JOSS IS THERE! What?? Um.. Can I dare hope they do through with it? I don't think they'd lose the character or Eden but maybe her bodyguard steps in and he gets it? Either way, a surprise and another great reason to tune in Monday. 


Andre Maddox helps Anna and Valentin find Victor's secret holding place

Gladys is in debt to Selina Wu because of gambling

Carly steals the file that could help find Willow's true parents 

Michael and Willow get engaged 

Brad and Maxie throw Britt the best birthday bash ever 

Esme gets a match from a clueless Dimitius, sets her room on fire

Nikolas extinguishes it just in time to see Esme jump from the parapet 

Liz tells Finn she "lost the baby" 

Laura tells Nikolas he's loved and to get away from Victor

Cyrus warns his siblings 

Heather tries to make a deal with Mac and Robert to keep her at Spring Ridge

Rory's memorial brought out part of the town and Sprina spun their web with a photo op

The Hooker sets their sights on a dressed up Joss who's waiting for the launch to the HS 

Britt leaves her party and is ready to leave PC. 

WUBS WISHES FOR 2023:  So many wishes!! You know what I want:  more of: Molly, TJ and Krissy for sure. Less of Cody, Drew and Austin. The Sprina story is unfolding nicely and I'm not sure if I want it complicated by a "your Daddy is not your Daddy" mess. I want more of some of the day players: Phyllis, Stella and get Felix back.  Carly can really take a vacation that's not on screen and Drew can go run Aurora in Dubai. My biggest wish is a Dex recast that I get to choose but that's not going to happen! I'd like Tyler Christopher back as well.  Keep the Ice Princess story ramped up for the 60th anniversary and get those vets crankin'. Wu should be front and center with the gambling House of Wu. Keep Liz with an edge.  I could go on but you'd have to be here for 3 days as I list everything!! Just KEEP IT SOAPY!! 

What could have been! If only they had paired these two from the beginning! How different I'd feel about Austin. *sigh* ... Good bye to Kelly/Britt and thanks to all the GH Cast, Crew and Writers for a great ride last week! Here's to 2023!! 

NOTE:  NO GH Monday due to Rose Parade and Games and such! See you Tuesday! 


  1. -----TOTALLY stupid not ONE BODYGUARD is there with Joss......
    ---We know someone saves Joss and it's a woman so I thought Esme and then they would know it's not Esme
    -----but then it says Dante interviews a woman at GH before she dies---------so I thought Britt - PLEASE NO-----but in the previews she IS on the dock and saying 'In 15 minutes I will be out of Port Charles for good------so she COULD say Joss and then go away (NOT DEAD) for a time (cause Dr O takes matters in to her own hands they say)
    -----what other woman would be on the docks? Someone going to the party too? Molly, Sasha and who else??????
    ------PLEASE end this storyline-------I DID read the writers said we would find out in January.........better the 1st than the 31st! LOL!
    ------I really thought Brook Lynn was preggers
    ------I don't think Nik is the baby daddy but NOW what can they do with Esme? She sees Ryan and then what? I think Nik will just leave at the end of the month to 'reexamine his life' when everything falls apart........
    -------great week of shows for sure ----- now speed up some storylines and come back to some --------- I LOVED Kelly's send off ---------Perry Shen on Instagram showed some back stories about it!
    THANKS KAREN for your recaps!!!!!!!

    1. Happy New Year mufasa. May it be a wonderful one for you and yours!!!!!!!!!

    2. oh damn, I didn't realize Britt was on the docks, I thought she was still on the boat. I really think she will die JUST because of the send off they gave her!! I So yeah, I DO think it's Britt.

  2. Maybe Demetrius has a trampoline waiting for Esme at the bottom?? Isn't that how Katherine Bell died. Now people go off the parapet and nothing happens to them; so stupid.

    I am sad to see Kelly/Britt go. I feel like not getting invested in characters anymore. I never liked Kelly/Britt in the past but this time around I really grew to love her character. I am so sad now. And, Austin was only tolerable with Britt. The party was so fitting for Britt, and I loved seeing the RL pics of Kelly Thibaud.

    Think I agree with pretty much all your wishes for 2023 Karen.

    The hookster looks like a guy in that picture IMO.

    Loved seeing Maddox but wonder if they'll show him again. The cast is too huge, so don't want him to stay for good, but were some great scenes. Valentin was not thrilled at all, but he trusts Anna. Want them to show more action with Anna and Valentin and find Lucy.

    Want the hookster thing to step up and be finished already. Getting old.

    I don't like Nina and Sonny. Let Sonny have a thing with Selena. Someone with Selena. I'd love to see her more on the screen and less of others; namely Carly and Drew, Michael and Willow. I really liked Brooke and Chase; can't believe they made Brooke THAT selfish. I know she is self absorbed, but that was nuts.

    It was good last week. More Vets please as they are always great in everyone's book. And, I hope they have a tribute and good explanation for Piffy. The actress was such a powerhouse on the show even though she wasn't on all that much. I hope they just maybe say she went to Portland (or somewhere) to medical school. That would be fitting for the character.

    GH promo:

    Happy New year to all my Wubtub friends and especially to Karen for all your hard work!!!!!!

    1. Happy New Year Lindie! I guess the two of us will have to stick together cause I feel the SAME way about Nina and Sonny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is way too whiny and fakey!

  3. That picture shown of the hook suspect, I see boobs & a butt. Most women have both, right ?

  4. Karen I think Britt is the one who is going to die too.

  5. I said this before they r making Joss as unlikeable as Carly

  6. I love the birthday party it was fun. zero chemistry with spencer and trina. actress plays the part like a little girl. love anything esme and liz.

    1. Really? I thought it was great. Oh well to each their own

  7. Thanks for another year of great GH blogs! We can all see that the show has improved recently and hope it continues.
    It does seem like Britt will be the one to die. Damn is right. The one character that the writers changed for the better. They did a great job.
    I love Spencer and Trina but their scenes were hard to watch. Maybe too forced. I kept wondering why spent all their time outside the party.
    That capture of Esme going over the parapet is priceless. She is smiling. Bet she's having a great time playing Rapunzel.

  8. Replies
    1. I think they like us being confused. Ryan clearly exposed Heather having stolen his trophy chain thus the found earring. But how could she keep getting out of wherever she was to hook anyone. The end of this story will be welcome.

  9. Happy new year!

    I just caught up all the way from last week. I though Liz and Britta looked stunning. Friday's eppy was SO much fun! And the photo montage was such a great touch.

    Missed seeing Ava the last few episodes... I have ran out of guesses with the hook

  10. Hey it's been a long time! 😊 Still around and watching GH loyal as ever, loved Friday's episode and sad Britt is gone. Never was a fan the first time around bug loved her in the end. So....personally I do think Heather is the hooker.I've gone back and forth between her and the other lady (DA?) but I'm going with Heather. She's as cray cray as her daughter. Hope everyone is well and had a wonderful new yr. 🥰

  11. I forgot to mention I absolutely loved Austin and Britt together! Moreso than Austin and Maxie! It's a shame they never got together....she made him tolerable. I wish the same could be said for Sonny and Nina...but, I can't stand either so..maybe that's why. 🤣🤣


    Sonny and Brenda. I don't remember if they had a "smoosh" name or not
    (Mo and Vanessa)

  13. lol Gov. Charlie Baker is saying his goodbyes from the state house so we got to see about 30 seconds of GH. Unbelievable. has the whole state stopped work since it obviously has to be seen live.


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