Friday, January 6, 2023

Friday Filler


Today I am off for a funeral of a family friend. One thing they don't tell you about getting older is the number of memorials you'll start to attend. Must live your life to the fullest for sure. 

While the aftermath of Britt's death yesterday was weirdly time-jumped, I am liking the direction of things. Scuttlebutt has it that it will be a Cody-Sasha trial period soon.  You probably know what I think about that! zzzzzzzzz 

Have a great Friday. I'll be here for Sunday Surgery. Hope today's show is a good one! 


  1. Good show until...ABC cuts in half way through for a White House address about the anniversary of the insurrection. It is an important date in history.
    Here is a link to a video that Parry Chen made for Kelly Thiebaud when she left the first time. It is a good one :

    1. For those who are wondering that's the same video I put up on Wubs Net facebook on Sunday. It's a good one.

      I did manage to see the whole show today so you should be able to catch all of it online or on demand later . It was good.

    2. can you do a recap please?

  2. Comment as:
    I found no bulletins about the show except this, which should be a help for some people. ( and it was posted online after the show ended on News 5 in Cleveland

    By: News 5 StaffPosted at 3:59 PM, Jan 06, 2023 and last updated 4:59 PM, Jan 06, 2023
    Friday's 3 p.m. episode of "General Hospital" will air Saturday at 1:07 a.m. in its entirety in place of Access Daily.

  3. Nina and/or Sonny gonna find Willow's papers - I thought she would today----
    loved Sonny hitting Nik!
    Dex needs to tell Sonny what happened ASAP!
    Just unrealistic that Willow and Michael wouldn't tell his MOTHER about the cancer...and not trying to be unkind, but Willow's hair should be falling out - the make-up people have done great with her make-up though...

  4. Sonya where are you. GH was interrupted half way thru the show. do you have a recap for today? or where I can watch in its entirety

    1. Sorry sorry! I had to wait until dailymotion had today's GH. Waited forever, and then finally it's up! :) Then had to watch what I missed thanks to the breaking news. My recaps are up!!!! And you can watch GH here.

    2. "witch says, thanks sonya"

      You're welcome! :)

  5. It felt really edited today. It was strange. There are some funny one liners today.

    Carly's kitchen: THE TRIBBLES ARE SO HUGE! :D They have grown so nicely! They are so thick! They look really good! :)

    Carly and Dex: What the hell? Carly was just standing there and Dex was there. Where did he come from? What were they talking about? I'm so confused!

    Joss: Mom?

    Carly: In the kitchen.

    Carly, Dex, and Joss: Carly tells Joss that Britch is dead. Joss blames herself. Joss had to tell her mama that the hook was after her. Carly isn't happy! Joss wants to talk to her mother alone.


    Joss: It's better if my mom hears everything from me.

    Dex: Everything?

    Joss: Oh God no.

    Hahahaha. She would have won the line of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Joss and Carly: Joss tells Carly about what happened with the hook and then she went to Dex's apartment, and then going to Kelly's to break up with Cam! It was a great scene! :)


    Cam and Spencer: I love how they told each other what is going on in their lives! Sounds like Nicholas Chavez has a cold.

    Spencer: Do you have any tips on how to be a big brother?

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! He would have won the line of the day on this line, but instead he wins the line of the day on this line.

    Spencer: My father slept with my girlfriend, so forgive me for not having a lot of faith in relationships right now.

    BAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Wait Sonny is there?! He was just at the hospital beating up Nik! I'm so confused! ROFL!

    Spencer, Cam and Sonny: Sonny tells Spencer that Britch died.. :( Spencer goes to the steps and sits down. Poor Spencer. :( Then the next thing you know, he is back at the table! DOH!

    Spencer and Sonny: Spencer says he is so tired. :( Sonny wants Spencer to live with him! Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Great scene.. Spencer can meet Sonny's green bean flower friend. :)

    Cam with his phone: He is looking at a picture of him and Joss. :( Awwww! :( *BEARHUGS CAM*

    1. Oops comment is too long.. Okay, continued.

      Cowboy Cody's horse home: MR. ED COMET IS THERE YAY!!! BEAUTIFUL HORSE!

      Mildew and Wiley: Great scene with Wiley! You can't fool Wiley! That is not a nose! That's a thumb! He is adorable! :) He can't wait to meet his sister!!! They can protect each other's noses!! Awwwwwwwwwww! :) Oh hi Drew! Yes you can meet the new horsey!

      Mildew: Ms. Death warmed over has to have a minute. Zzzzzz.

      Mildew and Drew: Oh yes! Willow remembers Josiah! Oh wait she doesn't remember much. Oh she got a phone call! There is a match from the donor drive! YAY!!!!! :D Who is it? Is it Nina? :D

      The hospital: Oooooo fantastic shot of the hospital building!!!!! Bravo! :D

      Nina with Britch's box of stuff: Nina is looking through it. OH MY! Willow's cancer file is in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

      Nison: Nina now knows that Spider Monkey is at the hospital!!!! She is worried about Dr. O! She runs out of there!

      Nik and Sonny: Nik spills the whole hot tea to Sonny that Spider Monkey is preggers with his child. Sonny beats him up! GO SONNY GO! :D The guard runs, and that is the last thing we see! Oy!

      Liz and Nik: Nik stop staring at Spider Monkey's room and also staring at the guard. Liz is giving him a talking to about it. So confusing.

      Dr. O and Spider monkey: RA RO! She wants revenge!!!! She is going to shoot something in Spider Monkeys IV!!!! Spider Monkey bit her! Hahahahaha! Then she shows Dr. O she is preggers and she is in shock! Then the next thing you see is her putting whatever it is in the IV. Wait we didn't see anything else between that!! Oy!

      Dr. O, Spider monkey, and Nina: Nina tries to stop her! This was a great and comical scene. Fighting over a pillow hahahaha. Dr. O wanted to put the pillow over Spider Monkey's face. She put a sedative in the IV and is going to take the baby out. Nina knows from experience that that isn't a good idea! So Nina takes Dr. O to the elevator quickly!

      Liz and Spider Monkey: Spider monkey is awake and skeered! Liz tells her she had a bad dream. ROFL!

      Nina's home:

      Dr. O and Nina: Great scene. Dr. O needs to sleep. Nina looks through Britch's box again. She hasn't seen Willow's cancer file yet!!!!!!

      Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 31st 1998* Katherine is alive!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN! She shows up at Stefan's trial! Wow in the whole scene there is no talk about baby Cowboy Cody! :D

    2. Surely Finn will realize Liz has died. Please don’t have him that dumb. Cause Ava realized it I think
      Maybe Liz will suggest a paternity test!!
      GH was preempted but I read a recap and it seems that Joss didn’t tell Carly Dex SHOT the hook?????
      — and Dr O would know not to take patients files in britts things but I know it’s cause Nina gonna see it.
      I think The matched donor won’t pan out

    3. I watched it. She did tell her that Dex shot at the hook but didn't know if he hit her.

    4. Sonya said: Dr O "put a sedative in the IV and is going to take the baby out. Nina knows from experience that that isn't a good idea!"

      I almost choked on my coffee reading that. If anyone knows what it is like having cutting a baby out of a mother it is Nina. 😁

    5. "mufasa says, Surely Finn will realize Liz has died."

      And then she resurrected, because she is alive! ROFL!

      "and Dr O would know not to take patients files in britts things "

      Well, Dr. O isn't in the best frame of mind right now. :(

      "Gary says I almost choked on my coffee reading that."

      ROFL! Oh oh be careful! :)

      "If anyone knows what it is like having cutting a baby out of a mother it is Nina. 😁"

      Hahahahaha. Yes! :D Nina should have said even ask Ava! ROFL!

  6. Gosh typing with cats and dogs on top of me doesn’t work!!!
    Lied not died. Lol

    1. "mufasa says, Gosh typing with cats and dogs on top of me doesn’t work!!!"

      Hahahahahahaha! Well, you know you can't move them! That would be a disgrace!!! :D

      "Lied not died. Lol"


  7. Is "Soap Talk with Karen" on Facebook your page?

  8. Oh did anybody read Nancy Lee Grahn's post on twitter? That she has Covid! UGH! Yuck! :(

    1. Yes. Told you they were dropping like flies. I'm surprised they got as much filming done as they did. It also explains why people were suddenly not finishing storylines and new people were pairing up.


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