Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sunday Surgery: All Lather; No Suds


Oh boy.. OH BOY OH BOY. Do I have a lot to say this week!! If it wasn't for the Vet Scenes on Friday with Felicia, Anna, Robert et al I would have just had a blank page today!! 

I hope this Sunday finds you safe and maybe just for a few moments we can forget all the crap out there and just dish on how our soap is doing. First World Problems for sure! 

Not having eggs today! LOL.. just coffee I made myself. 

SPA JAIL DRAMAZ OF THE WEEK: I mention this because it furthers the story of getting Heather closer to Esme. I also want to mention how much I love Avery's acting. Spa Jail has such potential, doesn't it?! Oh yeah, Sam also came in and offered to find Esme's old nanny which made Heather's ears perk RIGHT up!! This was then dropped for the rest of the week and I almost forgot about it all! 

MORE MARROW DRAMAZ OF THE WEEK: I feel like Willow has had cancer for longer than I've watched this show. LOL. Now she's some martyr that is seemingly so focused on her baby's well being she can't even make a decision about the "early" birth. Who convinces her? Terry? Michael? Team of experts? Nope, Wiley. Awwwwww. Now get it going. Get that baby out and get those cells in there. I'm tired. 

WELP OF THE WEEK:  So...who didn't see this coming? Nina's not a match for her own daughter. I was surprised Carly wasn't secretly a little happy about that (yep, I said it). Nina spent the week crying. WEEPING  over the entire situation. My favorite part was Sonny bringing her crackers and cheese and she couldn't even eat she was so distressed. LOL. One thing that was missing in the Ava talk: Kiki and Willow were 1/2 sisters. That would have been a nice mention. Other than that...meh. Nina loses. I'm sure we will spend the next 7 months watching her try to get into Willow/Wiley/Wendy's (my name for the new baby) good graces. Can't wait. :eyeroll:

Did you at least bring the food I ordered?? 

AUDACITY OF THE WEEK:  JOSSLYN JACKS!! I can see why you did what you did (being your age once, I get it) but your whole crying fest with Cam? Girl... just own it an move on. You made it 100x worse with the tears and begging him not to tell anyone. Of course Cameron, being the nice guy he is agreed. I so hope he turns dark real soon because this is going to just be boring.


MOMDACITY OF THE WEEK:  While I loved the acting in these scenes, I really wish she would have talked to Trina instead of Carly? Why? because I knew we'd end up talking about Jason and how "Jason Like" Dex is. No, he's Jason from Wish... but we are. If Dex was a different actor or tenor I might accept it. He's not a bad-boy. He's not a brain-damaged anti-hero. He's just.. Dex. bland. 

                               "I'm going to get custody of my little sibling baby" 

                       "What? can't even help Cam clean these tables up" 

STUPIDITY OF THE WEEK: Thank goodness Trina is around to try to talk some sense into Spencer's rich-boy entitled head! LOL  He even told Sonny if he raised the baby he would have a 'live in nanny'. UM.. okay.  Dude. Wake up. 

RESCUE OF THE WEEK: Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!! While I found the whole "Renee" thing a bit tiring, I did like the pay off of finding Lucy and Anna setting the bomb that flooded the catacombs. Good touch. I really wish that it wasn't so chopped up over the week and fed in such bite size pieces. I really feel like this takes away from the energy of the whole story. I get it's a 'soap' and things don't move fast but having 2 minute scenes sprinkled around just doesn't cut it.  I would have loved this sequence to have been a continuous shot from the time they went to the monastery until they swam out. But that's just me. 

And then Luke and I had a drink at the Bucket O' Blood ...

HISTORY LESSON OF THE WEEK:  "Little Laura...with the machine gun"... Oh when Robert said that I swooned!! Such a huge part of GH history here. Right here. We don't need so many of the other stories cluttering things up. Just stick with this for awhile! 

LINE OF THE WEEK:  "You knocked up a girl that can't legally drink this martini"  Ava to Nikolas. Heh. 

WHAT WUBSY WANTS OF THE WEEK: I pitched this on twitter!! I think Willow should be having TWIN girls. Think about the stories!! Name on Janelle (after you know who) or Shelly and the other Kali after Willow's real name. One is good, the other bad. It writes itself over the years!! 


Lucy is rescued and reunited with Martin

The Gang of 3 along with Alexis and Laura have plans for Victor 

Spencer and Trina move toward a more 'open' relationship

Joss pleads with Cam to keep her Dex secret

Dex lies to Sonny about spending the night with Joss

Carly and Joss have "The" Jason talk

Olivia understands Carly and urges Drew to do the same

Drew and Carly have zex after he forgives her 

Michael forgives Carly; Willow forgives Carly; The doorman at The Metro forgives Carly

Nina cries to everyone about Willow and then find out she's not a match

Willow decides to have the baby early so it may save her with the stem cells

Gladys is in $175K deep with Selina Wu

Cody figures out that Gladys is Sasha's mama

Nikolas signs divorce papers and gives them to Ava

Heather saves Esme from a scary inmate

NEWS: Lisa LoCicero posted that she will be on CSI: Vegas! 

SPOILERS FOR UPCOMING WEEKS:  Stella is on next week. Portia will have to face facts before, during and after her wedding. IF there IS a wedding...DUN DUN DUN... The Ice Princess is at the heart of a bigger story and it involves the world. Maybe QAnon too...not sure. (that's a JOKE people). Some expected family could show up for a few during the 60th. Talks are in with a certain birdie about a cameo. 

That's a wrap!! Hey, if you can forgive someone for literally taking your baby directly from your womb, who am I to say the entire town can't forgive Carly??!! I just wanted SO MUCH MORE out of this whole mess.  I also just felt like this week was "meh". Looking at Nina's shirt, we moved about 12 hours in 5 days. Sigh. Let's just get on with the Cassadine story already!! Knowing that MC is leaving and watching what is happening to Nikolas is fascinating. What's going to be the end result?? Will he just leave? Get "Killed"?? What!! I'm so hoping this next set of shows gets Willow either that damn marrow she needs or she just fades away. I hope Nina takes Carly down for insider trading. I hope the Portia Curtis wedding turns out to be more exciting than the lead-up. Also: SHOW MORE WU, please. There is a HUGE potential there. Parry Shen is an awesome actor. Get the Asian Quarter back up and running. I know you can do it!! Thank you! 


As always, thank you for reading--the 60th celebrations will be starting soon and I can't wait.! Thank you to Dave and Sonya for all their help too! 


  1. Cody will want to protect/defend Sasha from her gambling mother-in-law and he will reverse fix the gambling games so Gladys' debt is erased. Ms. Wu will now want to kill Cody. Cody will reveal to Mac that he is his son because he will need protection.

    1. That sounds great in theory but it wouldn't solve the problem. She'd just go back the next day and try to win again. And she'd probably still take the money from selling the garage, because she's an addict. Cody needs to tell Sasha and they have to get her guardian ship revoked and her money back in her own hands before Gladys drains her bank account.

      I also want Cody to tell Mac who he is though and then maybe he'll stay away from the games too.

  2. LOVE that pic with the vets and Val and Marty. SO much chemistry amongst ALL of those actors together. Get this show on the road with taking down Victor!!!!!! We also need Laura (machine gun toting Laura) and Mac there helping too. I think it is so slow moving because JPS is filming another show too :(

    Like Ava, not Nina. Like Sprina. Most of the other stuff I am not interested in anymore. Kind of sad. I do like Laura and Alexis working together to try to "fake" Victor out. Guess that poison wasn't really poison, but just something to make Victor dumb.

    Oh, and they need to show Ms Wu more and definitely Asian Quarter crime family stuff, not this gambling crap.

    Thanks Karen

    1. PS Love Ava's blue blouse. Always love me a nice blue blouse!! lol

    2. Maura looks fab in anything!

  3. Thanks for another great SS!
    The vets are carrying GH right now. More please.
    It does come down to lousy editing. Sometimes details are important. This past week, one day there was a conversation between two people and they went to a commercial. When the show came back they went right back to the same scene. I noticed it because it so rarely happens. It was effective and should be that way more often.
    I too hope the Ashford wedding is not a snore fest like most of their scenes lately.
    Karen...enjoy your coffee. I grind my beans daily. Will not drink anyone else's but my own. A coffee snob am I.

  4. Excellent as usual! Thanks Karen :) Happy Sunday Funday!

  5. Thanks for another great SS, Karen. Glad someone else enjoyed the Vet Scenes as much as I did.

  6. "Not having eggs today! LOL.."


    "Did you at least bring the food I ordered??"

    OH! She ordered it from Kelly's?! BAHAHAHAHAHA!

    "I'm going to get custody of my little sibling baby"

    My little sibling baby! Hahahahaha! Awww I love the Mucy picture!!!! :)

    "Thank you to Dave"

    Yes! Thank you Dave!!!! :)

    "and Sonya for all their help too!"

    Oh you're welcome!!!!! :)

  7. Looking forward to ZOOMING tonight with Carolyn/Tristan!!!!!!!!!
    Am I the only one who thought it odd that Terry NEVER mentioned the option of the umblical cord before? It seemed such a quick ending----let's do this/no I don't wanna/Wiley is ready/okay I am donor now needed.....Did another think that weird????
    -----the vets plus Martin/Valentin made this week!! Wish Mac had been there but I am sure he knows????? I suppose Laura tells Charlotte the truth and she fakes sceaming at Uncle Vic-tah? the only flaw in their plan is Anna saying "Now we just wait for Victor to mess up and expose his plan" (whatever the words)-------------I would think they had another plan in place? Victor isn't stupid......
    -----Let's mention Nik's BIZARRE claim to Ava that 'you don't know the facts and one day you will know" WHAT was that? And still waiting on a paternity test for Esme.....
    -----loved Carly and Joss but I don't understand why Trina and Joss haven't talked since before NYE? the hook story again is taking a back seat.....let's wrap it up, people cause I think Feb sweeps is mostly Curtis/Jordan/Portia/Trina/Taggart???

    1. I immediately thought the same thing about the stem cells mufasa

  8. Is the birdie in talks for a cameo perhaps a Robin?

    1. Jane Elliot is coming for 60th. I'd be really surprised about Geary. Don't think he'll come back.

    2. they said (whoever they are LOL) that there is a zoom cameo - that is why I hope it's Tony

  9. I have a question. Does Spencer know that Joss was the person Britt saved from the hook? And if he doesn't will he be angry that she ran off and didn't stay and help Britt when he does find out.

    1. no cause Cam just found out when he caught Joss and Dex - i think he's gonna be furious when he finds out but will Cam tell Spence?


    Her first role was as Amelia Joffe on General Hospital. She was the daughter of the late Bill Monroe and Mrs. Monroe also Sam McCall's former step-daughter from her marriage to Bill Monroe.

    1. I saw that about the actress. I don't think I remember her on GH but saw her elsewhere.

    2. She was involved with Sonny.

    3. She's the one who exposed Sam's past because Sam had conned her father. And Sonny was involved with everyone. lol

  11. This may have been discussed before, but I think they need Charlotte to portrayed by a stronger actress (more bratty and age her a bit)

  12. Remember when they did those long action shots. Jason in the church with two guns. That is how they should have done the rescue. Love the use of the vets. As for Willow, I agree wrap it up. I don't care anymore. Her waffling on giving birth is nuts. "My baby may not survive." I get it but doesn't she think about everyone else if she dies leaving her son without a mother. My word it is tiring. As for Joss and Cam, we need dark Cam stat. Joss just needed to shut up. She did Cam dirty but wants forgiveness. We also need more Trina and Spencer.

  13. LOVE LOVE the VETS - they are carrying the show for me. I'm tired of the Willow storyline too - and no longer care - EXCEPT for one thing......Why hasn't Nina sought out Phyllis to ask MANY questions??

  14. Side note.....I'm happy they fixed the way Nina was saying "marrow" (sounded liked MAUROW the first few days). Not I'm waiting for them to fix the way Trina says "especially" (she says "eXpecially"). Snarky - I know....but when so many things annoy you on a show - the little things stand out even more.

  15. I personally hope part of Victor's unrevealed masterplan is that it involves resurrection of the Cassadines...if family means so much to him, its time for one more round of Helena, Stavros, heck its time to bring Mikkos back too


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