Monday, January 16, 2023

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MONDAY! MLK Day. A lot of people on Twitter at 2pm!

Spencer calls Diane over to TRY TO GET CUSTODY OF ESME'S BABY!!?????/ AHAHAHHA what? As it's sibling. OMG Diane thought Spencer was the father, not Nikolas LOL. She says the best person to even think about getting custody outside of mom/dad would be Laura.  They talk about his motives. He brings up Michael getting custody of Avery. She says it's going to be really really tough. Spencer says he might have leverage to tip it towards his way. He says the baby COULD possibly be his. Diane says the DNA test would just prove that and he'd better be sure. 

Laura is in Esme's hospital room. She's trying to figure out if she's lying. Esme thinks Spencer is her baby daddy. Laura asks if she's seen Nikolas (shows her photo) she says no. Then Dante comes in. Asks her if she recognizes the ornament she had on her when they found her. She says no. 

Liz and Nikolas are talking in the chapel. Nikolas says that Victor has a storage locker with evidence he kept Esme prisoner. He doesn't think Victor knows Liz was involved. Liz then tells Nikolas how she lost her memory and time because of her parents. She realizes how Esme might feel. 

Carly, Drew and Sonny talk in the hall. Dante tells everyone that Nina is in Willow's room. Drew takes Dante to go get tested for bone marrow. Carly tells Sonny that Willow is Nina's daughter. He asks how she knows. She says Harmony told her. He says her motives are suspect. Finds out Drew just found out. Michael comes along tells them to stop fighting like children. Carly's mad that Nina went in to talk to Willow first before getting tested LOL .

Michael goes to talk to Sonny alone. Asks him not to fight with Carly around him. Sonny assures him that he's doing right by Willow. 

Willow tries to throw Nina out of her hospital room. Michael says she has to hear what Nina says first. Nina says that she's Willow's mother. Willow doesn't believe her. Michael says it's true. Nina says Carly told her.  Willow asks Michael to leave. She basically tells Nina she doesn't care they share a blood type, it changes nothing. Nina says that they were both victims and she doesn't care. She couldn't save Nelle, but she'll save Willow. 

Portia is still bitching to Curtis about Trina and Spencer. Taggert is here.  Taggs doesn't want Trina and Spencer seeing each other (he saw the photos). Portia says Curtis already talked to her about opposing it and he made good points. Taggert says "she's MY daughter" :eyeroll: He leaves. Curtis really wants to have a baby of his own. 


NINA goes to get tested

Nikolas thinks he may be able to mess with Esme's memory for good



  1. There are no words left to describe Carly

  2. Wonder if Taggart is still living with Jordan? Glad he's back but odd that he said he came back after seeing the pics of Trina and Spence - - what about before then??
    ----Is Nik paying for Esme's medical bills? guess Victor is taking her to Wyndemere?
    -----FINALLY Diane mentioned a DNA test -
    ----nice scene with Michael and Sonny-----------I guess Nina will blame Carly for Willow's hatred of her???? will say they would have been close if she had known Willow was her daughter???? I thought Willow was also good today.....
    HOW is Nik gonna control Esme's memories?

  3. Diane...I am the very model of a modern Major-General lol

    I'd like to know how Nicholas thinks he can control Esme's memories too. Considering how many of the men on the show have had their memories tampered with I don't doubt it's possibe. Maybe he knows about Uncle Victor's work. muyhaha

    I thought Willow and Nina were both good today but I'm afraid Willow has lost her mind and is going to refuse the transplant. Not a good idea.

    They need to bring out the Curtis is the father storyline soon too. This has dragged on long enough. I wnat the truth out and Portia thrown to the curb bu both men and Trina too. We need a break from the Carly/Nina crap. Hopefully there really are no words left. lol

    Spencer should pay someone to do a DNA test on the baby regardless of what Diane has said.

    1. "Di says, Diane...I am the very model of a modern Major-General lol"

      ROFL! She looked great, but yes she was a modern major general! Hahahahaha!

    2. well the wedding is Feb 14 - and that is sweeps - so I think Stella or someone will tell Curtis at the wedding during the ceremony cause it's soapy and I just feel strongly that plant gonna be smashed!!!!!!!

    3. "mufasa says, well the wedding is Feb 14 - and that is sweeps - so I think Stella or someone will tell Curtis at the wedding during the ceremony cause it's soapy and I just feel strongly that plant gonna be smashed!!!!!!!"

      Oh yes!!! I am sure that plant is gonna be smashed! And so is everything else!!! Can't wait for that soapy goodness!!!!! :D

    4. At the wedding would be perfect.
      You'll need to mount a rescue mission and get the tribbles before then Sonya.

    5. "Di says, At the wedding would be perfect."

      Yes it would be! :)

      "You'll need to mount a rescue mission and get the tribbles before then Sonya."

      Oh yes!!!! I will, and also a rescue mission for Badger Bob!

  4. It Would have been nice if Nina donated anonymously then told Willow. I guess we would have missed the drama that way. Oh darn.

    Please put Portia back at GH being the intelligent Dr. she is vs. running around like a nervous Nellie.

    1. Exactly. Surely they can find more for her to do than to be a man's sidepiece. She's supposed to be Chief of Internal medicine. And yet she and Curtis never seem to be working.

  5. Purtis's home:

    Purtis and Taggart: TAGGART! YAY! :D Oh Taggart you will have a little surprise coming your way and your whole world will change once you find out who really is Trina's bio daddy!

    Purtis: I have a feeling that they won't be having a baby together. They don't have to! Once Curtis finds out that he is Trina's daughter, he will be a father afterall! :) And Curtis might end it with Portia.

    The hospital:

    Nik and Liz: Is this really an appropriate place to do your chat? :) Oh I'm glad Liz told him why she was sleep walking!!! :) Yeah Nik it wasn't her sleeping pills!

    Willow and Mildew: The truth is finally out YAY! When Willow was laughing, she made me laugh. :)

    Sonny and Carly: Of course you would say details doesn't matter Carly! Because you don't want to be yelled at and be in trouble!!! I miss Cujo! *Sigh*

    Sonny, Carly and Drew, and Dante: Carly I don't think you have a leg to stand on judging Nina on what she does! Unless you are going to go punch Nina in the face, (Which I really really want!:) I want a brawl dammit! ) then hush!

    Nison: Awwwwww! Sweet hug! :) Hey where are the Tribbles? They are not at the hospital visiting Willow?

    Spider Monkey Vampira and Laura: Laura wins the line of the day.

    Laura: There are a lot of names to keep up with.

    BAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! You think?! :)

    Spider Monkey Vampira and Dante: Well the Christmas bulb is dead, and she doesn't remember anything! Did the Christmas Bulb have a WILL?

    Spider Monkey Vampira and the Christmas bulb picture: Hmmmm I'm still waiting for her to show us she is faking her amnesia. Or maybe she is telling the truth. Hmmmm.


    Spencer and Diane: Yeah Spencer I don't think you are going to win getting custody of baby Ace! You won't even get custody of the Tribbles! So don't even try with them!

    Sidenote: Hey did you hear? The people who have had long Covid symptoms, after a year they are fine now!!! :) I wonder if Emma Samms heard about that..

    1. Oh forgot one other thing.

      Carly and Sonny: Carly telling Sonny that Nina laid a guilt trip on her. What?! What guilt trip? What the hell are you talking about Carly? Oh just sit down and hush. Or go find the Tribbles at home and hug them.

  6. and I think it odd that Esme semi-recognizes Kevin and NO ONE thought of Ryan???

  7. hear me out all Carly haters and Nina don't like much either....I KNOW it's a soap
    ----Nina kept Sonny a secret for a year
    ---Harmony made Carly promise she wouldn't tell Nina or Willow the truth.
    ----Willow did say she didn't want to know her birth mother.
    ----Willow hates Nina....and vice versa
    I gotta be honest - I think I would have the same thing as Carly LOL - until I knew Willow was lying to Drew not in this conversation......

    1. To refute, for fun, lol. Carly owed harmony nothing, least of all her silence. Willow didn't wanna know so Carly didn't tell her- sonny didn't wanna know so nina didn't tell him. If Carly gets excused on the basis that willow didn't wanna know then nina is off the hook cuz sonny also didn't wanna know. And finally a dozen yrs ago (before claida died, micheals trial) when dante and sonny were revealed as father and son Carly was quite insistent dante owed sonny his love and devotion solely due to blood, despite his feelings abt sonny and what sonny has done. Funny she doesn't feel willow owes nina the same...

    2. She didn't tell Nina about Nelle either.. Carly is Carly. Love her or hate her, that's who she is.

    3. ALL fair points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. The first thing Nina should have done was get tested. Period.
    Trina's adults are acting like asses. Probably drive her right into Spencer's arms.

  9. Regardless of the intentions or wishes of others, someone does not have the right to keep these kind of secrets. Good or bad, knowing a parental secret is really a big deal and Carly did it twice. Nina was a bad girl, too. They deserve what they get.


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