Friday, January 27, 2023

"Paris says He's dead"

 Carly and Drew. Afterglow. UGH They do talk about hiding because of the ELQ merger/insider trading. You know Nina's going to blow her in. 

Victor Is looking for Valentin and Anna. The flooding in the catacombs isn't letting anyone in there to look. Alexis talks to him next. She finds out Wyndemere went to Ava in the divorce settlement. Laura comes up to Victor and tells him that Paris called and Valentin is dead. Alexis looks shocked. Victor looks upset. Not sure if Laura knows the truth or not. Oh She does and so does Alexis. 

Marty and Lucy flashbacks. He gets grabbed off the elevator.  Robert and Felicia take him to the woods and he's reunited with Lucy. Felicia and Anna hug. Valentin walks out. He says there's a small matter of "his death" to take care of. Lucy and Marty go to a bedroom. Everyone else talks about Val being "dead" and Anna still wanted by the PCPD for "shooting" Lucy. 

Nina says to Ava that Carly is a bitch. Yada yada, "she'll pay". Oh she'll turn her in for sure. Nina's upset. Cries. Cries more. She has to go to Britt's memorial at GH and is so sad because she can't save Willow. 

Willow and Michael. Terry tells her stem cells from the placenta can save her. Willow won't risk her daughter. :EYEROLL: Terry tells her it's safe and the best option they have. Then Carly brings in Wiley. 


Willow decides to have the baby now , she's going to trust the doctors

Robert, Anna, Val plan on how to move forward with Victor. Felicia has a plan

Stella is on. 


  1. Hopefully Stella will come with some home truths tomorrow.

    1. Well the wedding is Feb 14 so it's either gonna be Stella or Jordan who tells about Taggart........

  2. zero chemistry with drewfus and snarly. sorry

  3. A lot of funny one liners today!

    Elevator: Awww Marty misses his miss Lucy. :( Whoa! Hello! Who took him? The Tribbles? Badger Bob?

    The cabin:

    Mucy, Vanna, Robert, Felicia, The Tribbles's cousins, and green beans: YAY!!!!! Mucy are reunited!! :) Love Lucy's sweater! Hey look the Tribbles's cousins are on that table! And the green beans's cousins are there too.. So happy that Felicia is on on this too! But Mac! Where is Mac? Another secret from him? I don't like this at all. Mac should be there!

    Robert: Get a room!


    Mucy: Awwww Lucy and Marty reunited. :) Geez they keep talking! Stop talking you two and have Zex!!! :) Oh they are okay. Oh wait no they aren't. Still talking! *Facepalm* ROFL! Lucy wins the line of the day.

    Lucy: You know those rubber bullets, they are not that rubbery.


    RnA: Damn! Too bad Robert hasn't heard from Holly, and too bad Holly hasn't found Ethan!

    Vanna, Robert, and Felicia: Felicia has got a lot of ideas! YAY! :D Call Mac first Felicia!

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Ava: Oh oh Nina has anxiety! I love the hug Ava gives Nina! Awwww. :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Victor, Laura, and Alexis: Now I'm thinking is Laura in on it? :)

    Laura and Alexis: THEY BOTH ARE! YAY!!! WOOT WOOT! :D

    Alexis and Victor: Victor is in denial! Is it time for the Holly drug to start working in his body?

    Crew love nest:

    Crew: I wonder if the Tribbles heard them moaning.

    The hospital:

    Mildew and Terry: Baybay cord blood!!!!! There ya go!!!! Oh Willow stop being stupid!

    Mildew, Carly, and Wiley: Awwwww love that picture Wiley drew! :) Wiley is adorable. Glad Willow changed her mind about the baybay cord blood!!

    Crew: Carly is so happy! Happy tears!

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to Sonny's home* Carly gonna cook fish for Sonny, and Liz visits. Carly vs Liz. :)

  4. I really loved Lucy's sweater too. I said "I want that!"

    sonya said: "Lucy: You know those rubber bullets, they are not that rubbery.


    ** But I bet she was thinking that the Colonel was lip licking good. lol lol
    The babycord blood was the perfect solution. Hope it works.

    1. "Di says, I really loved Lucy's sweater too. I said "I want that!"

      We could always see if it's on this site!

      "But I bet she was thinking that the Colonel was lip licking good. lol lol"


      "The babycord blood was the perfect solution. Hope it works."

      Yeah I hope it works too!

  5. I thought in the promo Michael told Sonny they couldn't see their grandchild. It's getting ridiculous. Carly wins again

    1. He hasn't been letting him - but I too thought Michael was beginning to forgive him.....

  6. Let's be honest - Victor has incompetent people working for him! First Valentin and Anna were in a 5 star hotel and couldn't be found (not counting Renee contacting V)----and then Valentin, Anna AND Lucy fly BACK to the US (even if on private plane) and his people couldn't find them! LOL!!!!!!
    Gosh I love the vets!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes. It's such a great change of pace, and they actually manage to fool us once in a while too. Maybe that mysterious substance that was put in Victor's glass a while back is working slowly on his reasoning centers. lol

    2. His reasoning centers!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  7. Today was Friday, right? After Willow made her decision she should have gone into labor before the ending. Remember cliffhangers?
    Lucy and Marty....aawwww. So sweet.
    Like Victor would take "Paris called" as an absolute confirmation of Val's death. Never.
    Hallmark Hank and Countess Carly are so nothing.

  8. I love the vets. And Marty and Val too. Some super great scenes. Need Mac too please.


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