Friday, January 20, 2023

Kelly Day

 Michael and Carly. Yada yada..she basically says she's not sorry for not telling Nina the truth. Nina is BAD and everyone hates her so.. whatever. She tells him she paid off the firefighter too.  He says she's just as bad as Nina. :) 

Marshall tells Portia to mind her own business about his diagnosis. He doesn't want to get tested. He yells MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. Then they apologize to each other. They talk about his symptoms and such. Says he should see a psychiatrist. Marshall cries about the fact if he was misdiagnosed he wasted so much time. 

Cam is in Kelly's.. Violet and Finn come in. They hug. She asks Cam why she never sees him anymore. He says they've been busy.  Then Liz comes in..she talks to Violet. Then she talks to Cam. Cam doesn't know about Joss' family situation with Willow.  Cam leaves. UT OH

Nikolas and Victor. Victor wants to talk about the divorce. Victor says that Ava and he worked it all out and Ava's moving o Wyndemere and Nikolas is moving out LOL!!  Victor says to pack stuff up and get out. All the Cassadine heirlooms etc. 

Ava is with Austin. He tells her her scar is healing nicely (from the Hooker)  She wishes Austin could take her heart out LOL. They talk about Nina. 
Then Austin goes to his office and Mason is there. Mason threatens him with Maxie's daughter. 

Dex and Joss are in her dorm room. She tells him about the secret Carly kept from everyone. (Like he's going to care HAHAHA). She wants him to quit Sonny. He says he will within 6 months. They sleep together. 


Austin is going to beat up Mason but Ava walks in 

Cam sees Shirtless Dex in Joss' room 

OMG Liz' mother walks into Kelly's! 


  1. Beyond disgusted with the Carly forgiveness

    1. Micheal continues to be the worst, forgiving Carly while treating others like pariah for less.

  2. very confused - are they trying an Austin and Ava pairing????
    ----there are so many things wrong with the Austin/Mason storyline but the main one is that it is chopped up - months go by and I had forgotten who Mason was???? So get on with it and tell us who this woman is!!!!!!!! or DROP IT
    ----Hayden mention!!! and everyday I change my mind but today I think Victor is going to kidnap Nik/leave a fake note - and get him outta there thus MC leaving the show---
    -----Carolyn - stupid - but Nik is gonna pay her to make Esme forget ---now HOW he gets her in Springridge I do not know...
    -----KNEW Cam would see Dex/stupid that he answered....and KNEW Michael would forgive Carly but Michael lecturing Carly about telling the truth and 'let people make their own decisions'??????????????
    ----wonder why 6 months for Dex and then he's done...
    odd show today...

    1. Dex is working undercover and they expect the op to be finished by then.

      And Marshall's reason for not wanting to know the truth feels like a copout to me. You can do better writers.

    2. "Mufasa says, Carolyn - stupid - but Nik is gonna pay her to make Esme forget"

      Wait what? He will? Is that why she is here? When did Nik say he was going to do that? Man I guess I am not paying attention to what Nik is saying! ROFL!

      "Di says, Dex is working undercover and they expect the op to be finished by then."

      Can't wait until the truth comes out!!! :)

    3. I don't think nik will pay Caroline I think he'll blackmail her, threaten to report or make public that she brainwashed her own daughter...

    4. "Flutterby says, I don't think nik will pay Caroline I think he'll blackmail her, threaten to report or make public that she brainwashed her own daughter..."

      Yeah I can see Nik do that.

  3. Kelly's:

    Cam, Finchy, and little V:

    Little V: Cameron if you missed me so much, where have you been?

    She is a smart little girl!!! :)

    Little V turns to her father:

    Little V: Is it you?

    ROFL! She would have won the lines of the day, but someone else wins it.

    Cam and Liz: Oh oh I was thinking, Cam is going to go visit with Joss and then find Joss and Dex in bed together!!! Then he will know the truth and will figure out that Spencer was right! :) When Liz gave the brownies to little V and Finchy, I'm thinking does this give her memories of when she used to work at Kelly's? :)

    Little V and Finchy: You and aunt Elizabeth are going to get married? You really are daddy.


    Liz, Finchy, and little V: Little V is just so adorable! :) I'm glad she is being taught what a break up means. :)

    Liz and Carolyn: Ummmm. I'm confused.

    The hospital:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Ava: Hmmmm chem testing? :) I wouldn't have a problem with them being together. They should be together! :)

    Pawtucket Holtster and Mason Jar: MASON JAR!!! Missed you!!!! Where have you been you handsome funny guy! :) We just need to move this storyline along and let us in on what is going on! Oooooo threatening Maxie's kids? Oh boy! Oh hi Ava! :)

    Carly and Michael: Oh stop talking Michael!!! Well, he isn't going to forgive her right away, so that's good, but hugging her? UGH!

    Purtis's home:

    Portia and Mr. Hat man: Oooooo He is all yelly!!! :) Do they have plants? Did they get scared of his yelling?

    Purtis and Mr. Hat man: Dammit Mr. Hat man made me cry!! :( I understand why he doesn't want to get retested. Of course he is skeered! I want to give him a hug! :( When Portia was talking about the people that are there for him, she brought up Piffy!!!!!! :D :(


    Victor and Nik: Victor brings up the weather machine? What is his plans for the weather machine? Victor why do you have the divorce papers? ROFL! When will the drug work in his system?

    Joss's dorm room:

    Jex: Of course he cares about what she is telling him! He has feelings for her! :) 6 months?!!?! Why Dex? Are you an FBI agent or any agent? Hmmmm? Oooo Zex! Joss wins the line of the day.

    Joss: I did enjoy myself.

    BAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Joss. :)

    Jex and Cam: BOOM! I KNEW IT! :) BUSTED YOU TWO! :) Poor Cam. :(

    Flashback Friday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 1993* Holly leaves Port Chuckles and leaves Bill a note.

  4. Now that all is out and everyone knows about Willow, will this drag into Feb. sweeps?
    Just when things look promising to lift Austin out of his bad story's Mason. Austin even looks better.
    Portia is a nag. Of course because of Trina. But their scripts must be hard to bring to the scene because they always sound stiff and forced.
    Everyone knew that Cam would eventually come face to face with the two lusters. Poor kid.

  5. You r so right about Portia and their story is so boring

  6. Someone hold Karen back ----- I really like Jex......
    I forgot this - I laughed out loud at Austin telling AVA he could find a plastic surgeon for her and Ava just said "Okay thanks." Like she didn't have her whole FACE redone?

    1. That wasn't plastic surgery remember that was some weird experimental procedure, secret formula and stuff. Lol weird sci-fi medicine

    2. That is right!!! Valentin bribed her - I totally forgot that!!

  7. The storyline between Michael and Carly had so much potential. The writers have diminished Michael beyond all hope. His wife is possibly dying, his mother hid the truth and he can't even Yell.

    1. I kinda think it is not over at all ---- it was just too easy for him to forgive the next day?

  8. The idea of Nik paying Caroline to make Esme forget everything is a great one, which could cause all sort of conflict between Nik and Liz if he returns played by Tyler Christopher or someone else. The question is, will the writers allow that to play out?

    Michael's reaction to Carly is ridiculous. I think the only way to salvage his character is to have Michael undergo therapy with Kevin, learn he harbors resentment and rage against Sonny and Carly over AJ's death, then having Michael go full-on Q.

  9. joss and dex are the new carly and jason

  10. Dex is nothing like Jason.

    Good signs for next week. On Wednesday Charlotte blasts Victor. More family drama. She's supposed to be 14. Wonder if they'll age her.



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