Thursday, January 12, 2023

Carly is an IDIOT


Sonya Eddy tribute in March!! 

Sonny is on his way to the gatehouse to help Nina take care of Wiley. 

Brook tells Chase she thinks she should watch Wiley, that Willow would want her to.  They talk to Sonny and Nina who tell them about Willow. They go to the hospital and Brook and Chase stay to take care of Wiley. They make his mom a get well card. 

Willow in the hospital. Michael tells her to keep fighting. 

Drew, Joss, Carly ask TJ how Willow is he says he'll tell them after tests. Michael comes out and says she and the baby are stable. Finds out Carly and Joss (and Nina and Sonny) know about the leukemia. OMG Carly tells Drew it's not the right time to tell about Nina being Willow's mother. UM WHEN DO YOU THINK IT WOULD BE? lol 

Terry comes out and tells them the baby is ok but Willow is critical. THey have to find clinical trials for her. Drew wonders about the bone marrow donation and Michael says the person wasn't healthy enough to go through with it. Carly stares at Nina.  Then Nina and Sonny go to the chapel. Drew and Carly still haven't said anything.  OMG Idiot CARLY GOES INTO Willow's room to tell her FIRST and Willow is passed out! LOL! I mean, LORD GIRL!! tell someone that counts!! 

Cody and Sasha are in the "solarium" at the Q house. I guess it can keep the sets smaller.  Sasha tells him about her tragic life. Snore. 

Cam and Liz at Kelly's... she knows something is wrong with Cam. He tells her that they broke up. He says it's all Esme's fault. 

Alexis and Greg at the paper. He likes being there, more fun than teaching. She says maybe he should have a career change. 


Carly goes in to tell Nina she's Willow's mama

Carly tells Drew to tell Michael 


  1. sure hope Nina is a match......cause there is a part of me that thinks she won't be and Carly will be like 'I said all of this for nothing'------------maybe Liesel could be a match????
    kinda surprised that Cody and Sasha are being tested --- I like Cody and Brook Lynn----
    wonder if Cam will sneak into Esme's room and try to harm her? Probably not with a baby involved, but interesting he blamed Esme....
    --we had tornadoes today and it's not funny but at one point I heard, "The tornado is on track to hit----several town names and one of the names was headed toward head jerked up - totally thinking PENTONVILLE? LOL

  2. OMG It's like pulling teeth out with broken fingers. I'm half expecting lightning to strike and the roof to cave in so that we have to wait another week to have them find out.

    And I was hoping that Sasha would find out about Gladys today but I guess that will have to wait another month or so. 😩

    1. Ewwww, now I have that picture in my head. Broken fingers/pulling teeth, hahahahah!

      Shoot, it will be May before Sasha finds out about gambling Gladys. You better take a patience pill, lol! (I will too, for that matter!)

  3. Normally something like this happens with a beloved character. I really liked Willow when she was a teacher and Charlotte was a pill.

  4. Parking lot: WHOA! A parking lot!! Awesome! Ooooo is Sonny going to drive himself? :) Are the Tribbles and Badger Bob in the backseat?

    Mildew's home:

    Sonny, Nina, Wiley, Chase and Brooky: I didn't know it had a back door!!! But why did Sonny walk in from the back door? That's odd. Why didn't he go in the front door where Chase and Brooky were? Wiley wins the line of the day.

    Wiley: I brushed my teeth again, where is my 5 bucks.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wiley is adorable. :)

    Chase, Brooky, and Wiley: Wiley is so confused about why grandma Nina is bad! Brooky gave a wonderful response! :) Chase you should go to the hospital!!! Chillow! :( I miss Chillow! Chase reading Wiley a book! I love that Brooky and Wiley are both asleep awwwwww!

    Solarium: So that isn't the the breakfast nook! I thought it was yesterday. I wondered what that room is!!! Then thank you Cowboy Cody for asking what they call this room! And thank you Sasha for answering the question!!! A Solarium!!! Cool!!

    Sasha and Cowboy Cody: Hmmm chem testing? It was a nice scene between them. If they do become a couple I wouldn't be mad. Boy Cowboy Cody really seems to like the biscotti's!!! :) Even though yesterday he was complaining how dry they were to Brooky hahahaha.

    The hospital: CARLY SAY SOMETHING GAH!!!! Man I miss Cujo.

    Carly and Drew: Oh finally Carly you are going to say something.. Good!!!

    Joss and Michael: Great scene.. Joss hug him!!!

    Carly and Willow: Wait no no no Carly! She isn't even conscious!!! Oh is she waking up? Oh I thought she was. Carly forget Willow!!! The first person you should tell is Nina!!! Okay good I'm glad she didn't tell an unconscious Willow.

    Carly and Drew part 2: Okay good I'm glad Carly is going to tell Nina and I'm glad she told Drew to tell Michael.. Whew. :)

    Carly and Nina: Of course we won't hear Carly tell the truth until tomorrow! BAHAHAHAHA!

    Joss and Willow: Hmmmm that baby bump looks strange.


    Cam and Liz: Poor Cam! :( Hmmm he has got his father's temper!!! Like father like son! :D Cam needs a hug and I want to hug him! :( I'm glad Liz hugged him.

    Cam: Mom. I love you too!


    Alexis's office:

    Alexis and Gregory: Oh just kiss already!!!

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to August 31st 1998* Helena explains Katherine's resurrection!

    1. I laughed at our blog's title and I laughed again when Karen called Sasha's tragic life a snore! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!

      And really that baby bump of Willow's looked all kinds of wrong. I gave that a triple take!

      Cam and Liz are just great together. Excellent actors and great rapport between them. They always give me the warm and fuzzys.

      BLQ is great with all the kids. I use bribery too, and I highly recommend it!

      Can't wait for today. Hoping the fallout is epic. I want yelling, accusations, tears, and wouldn't even mind a brawl in the chapel, lol!

  5. Today's blog title says it all. Really made me laugh.
    I can just see Willow waking up, being told that Nina is her mother and a possible match and she refuses her help. Not beyond possibility.
    Alexis and Gregory would be better as a possible couple if the writers can find a way to make them less boring when they are together. A little spice.

    1. Wasn't the title great? I laughed too! It crossed my mind that Willow would refuse Neener's help. Wouldn't that be a can of worms? Can you imagine? Makes me snicker just to think about it! :)

  6. Cant wait for all the snarly enablers to say it's ninas fault, Olivia, brook Lynn, Joss, etc. She is insufferable

  7. Carly should have to face the music and tell Michael herself. And no matter how Michael feels he should be gracious when Nina donates

  8. Sonya was a wonderful person and I am glad they are honoring her. You know who else was a wonderful person? Stuart Damon. And about 2 years ago the powers that be at GH said that they were have a special episode honoring him. Did I miss that?

    1. No! They never had a special episode honoring Stuart Damon!! :(

    2. However much I love Sonya Eddy you are right that they never did a special episode for Stuart Damon and he was on GH for MANY years. Why did that never happen?

    3. In December 2006, it was reported that Damon had been fired from General Hospital by Jill Farren Phelps, on the orders of Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons, and his last air date was scheduled for February 26, 2007, when his character died.

      Maybe because some little people hold long grudges. JMHO

    4. I agree Di. There are many petty people at GH and we have seen their wrath over the years. But I, and others, remember the powers that be saying after his death that they were planning to do a tribute episode and it would happen soon. and it never did.

    5. "Di says, In December 2006, it was reported that Damon had been fired from General Hospital by Jill Farren Phelps, on the orders of Anne Sweeney and Brian Frons, and his last air date was scheduled for February 26, 2007, when his character died.

      Maybe because some little people hold long grudges. JMHO"

      I haven't heard this. What grudge did they have? What did Damon do? :(

    6. No one has ever said why he ws fired, including him, as far as I know.


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