Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sunday Surgery: Snakes On A Pier


HOLY SHEET!! HANG ON TO YOUR HATS!! I had the most fun week that I've had watching soaps in awhile. I was screaming on Twitter in all caps Mon-Wed. 

Please cut me some slack on this write up. A lot happened... big and small. Trying to get it all in with some cohesion will be difficult. 

I'm telling you: IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED LAST WEEK SHOWS GET ON IT!!!  Hulu has no ads and it's grand !! 

Let us begin. I'm already fired up and need no more coffee! 

PIER OF THE WEEK: There were many piers being used this week; fireworks, Crew kissing and boarding for the Haunted Star. One pier was the home of The Hook. Who was the target? Josslyn...all dressed up and waiting to go. Good 'fight' sequence with her (although the hook was suddenly foiled by a teen in 5" heels but....) and just when I thought Joss was hooked, Britt stepped in. We all knew that send off was over the top and I expected something to happen. The WAY it happened was surprising. She didn't die right away.. 


DID YOU HEAR ME GASP OF THE WEEK:  Britt makes it on the boat after tussling with the killer.  She decided she wants to stay in Port Charles where people love her. Then, when she takes off her coat, Liesl notices the scratch. The scratch the HOOK made. The hook with the poison on it. Britt realizes what has taken place Tells her mother it's too late. Liesl realizes what has happened and holds her daughter until the end. ALL the soapy feels in the world right there. Perfectly done and will live in soap legend for years to come. 

DID YOU HEAR ME YELL OF THE WEEK: Aww...there's Sprina, still kanoodling on the deck of the Haunted Star when we hear ragged breaths behind them. WHO STEPS OUT? OMG! Esme!! Wet and fainting ESME!! They find out she's pregnant too!! I don't know about you but I did NOT see that coming. Loved it. 

GROUP GATHERING OF THE WEEK:  General Hospital was full of people waiting for Esme to wake up. Trina, Laura, Nikolas, Ava, Elizabeth and Spencer all cornered Dante and tried to get answers. Elizabeth and Nikolas are freaking out. What's this? Esme doesn't remember anything? Wait..WHAT? And... then.. Ava spots the fetal monitor! Hold your breath because here it comes: Trina tells her Esme's pregnant and "Spencer doesn't think he's the father". Oh holy hell is going to break loose. Ava ends up smacking Nikolas and everyone just looks on in shock. Squee!!! 

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Is Esme faking her amnesia? My knee-jerk reaction was of course she is.  Watching for clues and I get nothing indicating she is lying. Usually a little o the 4th wall will be broken. Not here. Elizabeth had a good theory in that Esme wouldn't fake it because by NOT faking it, she'd be cleared of the hook suspicion. Whether or not Esme breaks that 4th wall and lets us in will give us the answer. Now I'm leaning toward her not having a memory. It could provide a bit of a character reset as well. 

DOCTOR O OF THE WEEK:  Oh our Liesl is just amazing. Loved her stuffing the washcloth in her mouth!! Then, she sees she's pregnant. Damn that baby has save her so many times. 

STEAM OF THE WEEK:  Soapy Passion gave in and Jex had a zexy NYE for sure!! We haven't had that hot of a couch tryst in quite awhile.  Photo credit: PinkElle015

BREAK UP OF THE WEEK HUGE round of applause for William and Eden. This felt so real. Yes, Josslyn did Cam dirty. Yes, she should have told him first. BUT? For me?? Dramaz was worth it!! 

UNEXPECTED OF THE WEEK:  Laura and Ava.  Genie and Maura? MORE please.  The writing was so good and so on the money. Laura is concerned for her son and Ava knows way more than his mother does. They will ALL know the truth later on of course, but in this moment it all worked. 

PSYCHO KILLERS OF THE WEEK:  Like Father, like Mother.. like Daughter? Well, these two are planning to have a nice family together with all their disfunction allowed. Ryan and Heather? Priceless. Two great actors and they are just on fire. 

REACTIONS OF THE WEEK: From Brad to Maxie to Spencer.. it was just so sad.  Really well done with everyone.  :clapping: 

WUBS FUN OF THE WEEK:  Scotty "If you ever need money, kid"...!! Great stuff and so happy Scott is around for Liz and her family. 

FACES OF THE WEEK:  SO many to choose from. Laura and Elizabeth were two of the best during the hospital scene.  Liz is like: NOPE I don't know 'nothin' and Laura is just.. STUNNED. Giggle. 

MAJOR "WTFs" OF THE WEEK: Yes, there were some points I really want to touch on. First of all... Editing is on my last damn nerve. I swear we skipped a whole transition part between Wed and Thursday. Like BIG TIME. Not even a "72 hours later" crawler on the bottom of the screen. And yes, it took moments away from me. Second up were the fillers --Dante and Sam were absolutely mind-numbing in their Kelly scenes. Enough Sonny talk to fill a coffee table book. The Portia, Curtis and potted plant scene was so bizarre and inserted I honestly wondered if I was hearing things correctly. Major events are happening and.. a PLANT? Um, ok.  If anything they could have been at the hospital with everyone else, right?? This scene showed that Trina hadn't even called her mother from the time they found Esme to standing around in the lobby. Um, weird. 


Dex shoots the Hook and it's revealed as Heather 

After getting poisoned by the hook, Britt dies in her mother's arms. 

Dr O tries to kill Esme and take her baby but Nina stops her

Everyone finds out Esme is alive; but did she lose her memory? 

Ava realizes Esme is pregnant and so does everyone else in the room

Martin is going to represent Esme 

Willow gets good news; a donor was found

Joss breaks up with Cameron after sleeping with Dex 

Joss tells Carly about her night (except the sleeping with Dex part) 

Sonny tells Spencer and Cam Britt has been murdered

Maxie and Brad pick out an outfit for Britt to wear for the funeral

Dante tries to piece together the happenings of NYE

Nikolas and Elizabeth just stay quiet about everything

Felicia breaks the Britt news to Cody

Curtis gives Portia a plant 

COMET had a LOT of airtime!! :clapping: 

So that's a wrap!! I know some people are angry that Britt was killed off. Kelly was leaving and her character had Huntington's so frankly, this was a great dramatic way to write her off. Could Britt come back now? I hope not (I hate the back from the dead stuff) but yes. She can always be frozen by Victor and Dr O and then we find out she never had Huntington's. (it was all Victor's ruse). BUT FOR NOW...this was great soap. First the joy of the party then the heart wrench of death. This also gave everyone a showcase for amazing acting. The Esme story is so off the wall (she survived a million foot fall and is A-OK!) that it works for me. Love these kind of tales. Her showing up on that boat bowled me over. Trying to figure out if she's really lost her memory? Yes please. Her pregnancy complication? Soapy 101.  Lastly, The Hook reveal.  Some people were like: Oh, Heather ....boring. Others like myself, really appreciated the entire thing. Heather being Esme's mama gets a chef's kiss from Wubsy. Did she do ALL of the hooking or just the last one? Hmmm... I'm thinking all of them. Maybe we can watch Ryan and her love story unfold in Spa Jail. 

Cheers and Beers to you. Hope you also enjoyed the show. I love it when they shake things up in a wild way. 2023 is starting out strong!! 


  1. This was probably the best week -- overall -- on "GH" in five or six years.

    It seems like the writers and producers are trying harder and finally junking what wasn't working. Let's hope it keeps up.

  2. Of course, I worked so much all week I didn't see much of any of it. The best week of the decade and I missed it. Maybe I can catch up at some point. I am thinking that Heather is a shape shifter because how else would she get out of that facility all the time. Oh well, it is a soap and anything goes............

    Thanks Karen

    1. Just remember that Heather is the hooker... and in more ways than one obviously, and she has that guard in her capable hands. lol

  3. Avery Pohl is so talented. I look forward to her scenes

  4. Wasn't there killing of people related to Trina before Heather knew Esme was her daughter? Makes you wonder if there is another hook killer.

    1. I think she knew Esme was her daughter all along.

  5. Great SS, thank you! Agreed with everything and such a great week. Seriously, the plant thing was so stupid! And I'm not amused that Neener is going to read that report in Britta's box. She's going to be all up in Willow's face. AGAIN!! But I really liked that she talked Dr O out of killing Esme.

  6. Fantastic Sunday Surgery, Karen. You captured our surprise and excitement perfectly. And the pictures were great too. I also loved your little postscript at the end...
    Curtis gives Portia a plant ....LMAO

    Anyone who thinks they know what happened and didn't actually watch the show can never get the feel of the show this week. It's like reading the last page of a book and saying you know the plot. As is they will watch with expectation and miss the sizzling little sparks that ignited us this week. I hope the witers keep it up.

    I aslo felt like I'd had a warm soapy bath this week and thanks again for the great review.

    1. I also like I was in no way spoiled about any of this. I thought maybe Britt would die but didn't know for sure. And ESME? oof!!

  7. Great SS...thank you. It was quite a week, whacky editing aside.
    If Esme is faking why would she react the way she did when she saw Kevin. Maybe not faking now but maybe soon. Just like her daddy. Love the serial killer family dynamic.
    Portia and Curtis: who talks like they do? He should have given her some tribbles.
    Britt and Brad added so much to GH. Mostly you don't see friendships like theirs on soaps.
    Michael and Willow always seem like they are babysitting Wiley. Not like they are his parents. Maybe that's why he is such an obnoxious kid IMO.

    1. Michael was an obnoxious kid so Wiley got it from him.

  8. my first post disappeared ???
    ----I think Heather knew about Esme but lied to Ryan BUT I 100 percent think she is not the original hook person
    ----go to Kelly T's Instagram page and watch the most amazing video - it's the best
    ----I still don't like Willow's files being taken by Sonny and Nina - but at least it's going to speed up the process of Nina finding out she is Willow's mom - apparently in 2 weeks!! and Carly is gonna be busted==
    ---Dark Cam???? and to repeat - PLEASE give Ephinany a happy ending......let Marshall be happy for her
    -----time to bring Lucy home ---------and Victor hasn't mentioned 'his nephew helping Anna' which is odd..
    -----so Spence moves in with Sonny!
    ------I think the plant is gonna be important Feb sweeps during the wedding-----when Curtis at the altar finds out Portia lied about Trina ----- he gonna smash it and then in a array of tears, Portia will harken back to the day he gave it to her to show a new start, blah, blah, blah.....
    -----Great week of shows - vets everywhere and Kristen W made Cody so likeable.
    ----I don't mind Sasha and Cody IF they HAVE to stay and there will be a reason.....
    ----still bothers me Willow's hair is in place......but she does certainly look sick.
    Maura West again perfection.

    1. I wonder if Victor will let Spencer go though? Isn't he "responsible" for him during his parole? That plant scene was still really weirdly inserted, imo. Portia should have been at GH? I don't know. Just bugged me

    2. oh beyone stupid about the plant! and the whole skipping telling people about Britt..
      one thought in the previews: WILLOW told Dres NOT to tell Carly----------Harmony told Carly NOT to tell Nina--------so until Carly knows about the cancer, I feel that it's the same kinda lie/promise..........


    1. I read that interview with Kelly. Wish her all the best.


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