Monday, January 9, 2023


A crazy Monday but I'm here!! 

Ava and Nina are at the apartment. Nina is going through Britt's things...and Liesl put a lot of GH stuff and files in there as well.  Nina tells Ava about Britt's Hungtinton's Diagnosis and Ava tells her Esme is having Nik's baby. Nina is shocked LOL. Ava says she has a plan.  Victor said she can get Wyndemere and Spoon Island. She says she can use Nikolas' cheating and the baby and she (thinks to herself) the tape Nikolas made saying he killed Esme. 

Terry is flustered without Britt, Martin tries to get her to say the PCPD can't question her because of medical reasons. Terry asks Finn to check on her.  Finn says it's ok to question her. Martin tells her she doesn't have to answer. Esme wants to. Dante tries to show her a ton of photos. Lays out her sins. She cries and doesn't remember. Martin sends them out. 

Michael and Willow are at GH for her bone marrow information.  They take the time to talk about Sonny. Then Terry comes in and says chemo isn't working but the baby is ok. Bone Marrow transplant will be difficult. Terry thinks that the baby should be induced prematurely because complications are lower if Willow has the transplant while not pregnant. 

Nikolas and Alexis at Kelly's. He tells her Esme is carrying his baby! Her face is like @@  He wants Full custody of his child.  Alexis is like, I'm not going to take a baby away from their mother. Nikolas is all "I messed up with Spencer, I need another chance" wah wah. Alexis is like: Grow the hell up. 

Sonny takes Spencer to move out of Wyndemere and into his house Victor is like: UM, NO. They talk and Victor finally agrees.  Spencer goes to pack. Victor and Sonny argue. Spencer comes down and leaves with Sonny. 


Finn tells Dante and Jordan that Esme could have been hiding out at Wyndemere. 

Sonny finds something in the papers that Nina brought home from Britt's office

The donor wasn't cleared to be operated on by her doctor. They need to find a new one

Victor found a broken ornament in the north tower. 


  1. Monday filler.
    Third time they showed Nina fondling Britt's trophy.
    Alexis' reaction to Nik's news was perfect.
    Willow is an idiot. Actually two words came to mind that I would not post here.
    No one even mentions Lucy anymore.

  2. YES - Willow is BEYOND annoying - scream scream!
    Victor - why do you never mention VALENTIN being with Anna?
    I feel that these things can drag out or go quickly......but it's GH writers so there you go....
    ------Victor realizing Esme has been in the north tower
    -----Sonny finding the file/telling Nina/Nina attacks Michael for keeping quiet when 'I felt bad with how I have behaved, etc etc et.------let's speed this up.....
    Questions cause I am confused:
    Did Victor KNOW Esme was preggers with Nik's baby?
    WHY wouldn't Spence go to Alexis and not Sonny (Mob King)?
    HOW can FInn be dumb and suggest that Esme was in at Wyndemere/he saw the vitamins and say with a straight face to Liz: "I'm sure this is hard for you since you just miscarried." WAKE UP Finn...
    ----Maura West was gorgeous today and I love Sonny and Ava getting a long.
    ----I laughed out loud at Sonny's facial expressions today!

  3. Anyone else think at first glance Esme looked like Willow when they were going to question her?

    1. yes I did. pale face. coloring is the same. baby switch..

    2. If there is a baby switch will one die? Lordy. Too many babies and tired old stories so I will hope that a switch isn't in our viewing future.

    3. Sadly I care more about Esme and her baby.

    4. "Linda says, Sadly I care more about Esme and her baby."

      Yeah. Me too! I love baby Ace!!!! I hope baby Ace don't die!!

    5. I care more about Esme and Ace too. I want Esme to be horrified at her actions even after she gets her memory back but keep her snarky edge. Then I want Kevin, Laura, and Ava to mentor her. I include Ava because she knows about rebuilding her reputation plus it would cause some tension with her relationship with Trina.

    6. I also care more about Esme and Ace, she is my favorite character.

  4. Kelly's:

    Alexis and Nik: The look on Alexis's face when Nik told her that Spider monkey Vampira is carrying his child, was priceless. I was laughing so hard. Her face was perfect. She wins the face of the day! It looked like she was choking on a chicken bone! Hahahahahhahahaha! And Alexis wins the line of the day.

    Alexis: What the hell is wrong with you? Oh my God Nikolas!!!!



    Spencer, Sonny, and Victor: I'm glad Spencer will live with Sonny and his green beans! You can't do anything about it Victor!!! Nicholas Chavez still sounds like he has a cold.

    Sonny and Victor: Oooooo threatening Victor I love it!!! Sonny vs Victor! :D Did the writers forget about the poison that Victor drank?

    Nik and Victor: RA RO! A dead Christmas ornament. :( That poor thing! *Cry* It did nothing to deserve it. Are they going to give it a funeral and bury it? :(

    Nina's home:

    Nina and Ava: Awww they are in wuv and are gonna miss each other when Ava moves out. Yeah Ava! Fight for your right to live in Windemere!!! Then fight for your right to partay! :)

    Nina, Ava, and Sonny: Sonny has a key! Hahahaha. I'm glad Ava brought that up. Sonny does Nina have a key to your humble obode? When someday you two break up, will Nina have custody of your green beans?

    Nison: SONNY SEES WILLOW'S PAPERS! ALERT ALERT ALERT! :D I love that he is the one who sees it! Perfect! :)

    The hospital:

    Mildew: Zzzzzzzzzzz. I want to get off of this ride.

    Mildew and Terry: Of course the donor didn't work out. Cus all the arrows point to NINA!!!!!

    Liz and Finchy:


    Finchy: I can imagine how difficult this is, seeing Esme again especially since she is pregnant with Nik's baby after you recently miscarried

    Finchy is so dumb! WOW! And uh it looked like Michael Easton had a little blooper when he couldn't remember Nik's name hahahahaha!

    Marty, Dante, Jordan, Liz, Finchy, and Terry: Love that Marty is protecting Spider Monkey from people who are harassing her! :) Marty is a great lawyer!! :)

    Liz and Terry: Terry is on the verge of tears! :( Poor Terry! :( Someone give her a Tribbles all her own!!

    Spider Monkey Vampira's room:

    Spider Monkey Vampira, Marty, Jordan, and Dante: Great scene!! :) Come on people she didn't do it. She is very preggers! She is innocent!

    Sidenote: Did anybody this is article about Kelly Thiebaud and why she had to leave GH? She is in wuv (Awwww) and has been doing long distance for almost a year, and also she wants to do other things too! Great read!

    1. I read that interview and saw where she posted a video of her and her fur baby from my favourite city of London. Best of luck to her.

      Terry needs some hugs from Yuri. I bet he gives great cuddles and listens when Terry is sad.

    2. "Gary says, I read that interview and saw where she posted a video of her and her fur baby from my favourite city of London."

      Really? Awwww. :)

      "Best of luck to her."


      "Terry needs some hugs from Yuri. I bet he gives great cuddles and listens when Terry is sad."

      YES!! Where is he?! I bet he does give great cuddles and hugs!!!! :)

    3. Alexis was killing me yesterday she was so appalled at Nik, hahahahah!
      Fight for her right to party...oh Sonya, I snorted my coffee!!
      I gotta call the HIPPA folks. Violations all over Port Chuck. Good Grief!!
      You're right! What happened to whatever Victor drank? By the time he keels over we'll have no clue why!
      Maybe I was cranky yesterday but I needed Finn to shut the heck up, and for Sonny's eyes to stick being crossed after all his eye rolling at Victor. Pot/kettle and all.

    4. Alexis' face was hilarious and her comedic timing is spot on. That scene was so far above her daily yawns with Gregory. We need much more of that. ( Get well soon beautiful lady)
      And they must have gotten rid of the person who wrote about Victor's poisoning and everyone forgot about it. It should be mandatory for them all to watch their storylines to the end.
      I always want Finn to shut up. And sorry Sonny, old man, Victor just has you out sexied and I don't even notice your eyes any more. lol

  5. Alexis was really hysterical and true to character. Nik is such a doofus now that it is unbelievable. I can't stand his hair either - he just looks stupid. I don't know if anyone could play that role with that writing now. I wouldn't mind seeing Esme reformed and she does seem sincere. I kind of hope Liz gets in trouble for helping Nik. Ava looked stunning!


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