Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sunday Surgery: When GH is GOOD Again!

But First.....Let Me Take A Selfie!! 

Holy living ROLLER COASTER!!  What a great week. I can't remember when GH was this exciting and fun. So much was happening, it was just a delight to try to keep up. Every time I thought: Well, that won't happen for a week--it DID--and in about 10 minutes flat!! 

If you missed this week, you missed something special. New writer --new injection of energy in the whole place and a long time vet returning that has a kick-ass story line.  This isn't just another "Dead Guy Walks Again". Nope. We lived through the clinic scenes to get to the good stuff--and here it is!!

We need champagne!! We need lots of sugary delights!! Let's settle in and dish away

There are so many things making this work right now that it's hard to sum it all up. Yes, there are glitches, but when the story is this fast paced and compelling, I generally can overlook those.  (I said "generally--this is me after all!) The fact that Jason has nothing to gleam on for the past 5 years is genius. It's all a void for him-and not only did everyone move on without him THEY THOUGHT he was ALIVE!!  Time didn't stand still with 'Pre-Post Jaysus" ,  it progressed along in a whole other direction. 
Squee!! :clapping hands:

Let's Go-GO!! 

Drug Story:  This is turning into something that's involving more and more people on canvas which is a good thing. We have Jordan and Aunt Stella working the Port Charles and GH beat, Finn and Anna on the back end and Cassie and Valentin in the front.  The whole hypochondriac Cassandra story needs to MOVE however.  Now, Claudette's in the mix! What?? Come on, we all thought she was either dead or lost in Canada somewhere and we were ok with that!!  Her character was written so badly and the pace was SO off we didn't care. Bree is a great actress so I'm hoping this works out. I don't think she's on the show for a long time. The concept of opioids in PC is a good one, and I so want it done right. Someone needs to get hurt, need pain meds and escalate from there.  

Steam Room:  Welp! We got a new set this week and they sure did use it!! The Goonies and Dr. Klein relaxed sans shirts-- which was more interesting than them standing in the alley-way for another day. Maxie and Nina were funny-- I love Michelle's goofy side. Those two are good together, glad she's back at Crimson. Now, just stab Nelle with a pair of sharp scissors and be done with it!! 

Melle: Yes, we are still dealing with this Kayak mess. What made it different this week was that Michael found out in quick order that she lied about the Broadway tickets and didn't tell him about being in a mental hospital. That sort of fall out usually takes at least 2 weeks! CL did a great job when she was spurned by Michael--you could see the crazy coming in her eyes. Oh I hope it's a FULL ON cray-- all "Snapped" like on Oxygen!! 


Felica, Mac, Anna and Finn at Jake's. So fun. Mac and Finn were hysterical. How many times do we get that sort of scene with couples? CarSon and Killy had a nice one at the Metro about the media company too. 

Jordan out foxes the ICE officer by telling him that the girl he was waiting for is undercover in the opioid investigation. She thought on her feet, was very authoritarian and Aunt Stella took note!! 


Good lord, get those editors on a leash!! Come on. Friday's to Monday's show-- missed huge chunks of stuff. Friday's intro was double preview from the day before. And for the love of god, PLEASE stop chopping the scenes into little bite sizes. Sonny and Jason were just getting into it and ...boom, it's something else. 

You still have way too many people. Not the smaller players, I did appreciate having a bunch of extras at the party and more workers at the hospital. I'm taking about the talent. GH has so much of it, it's being wasted because they are lost in the shuffle. 


I don't know....but there's someone in my dressing room!!! 

The "Launch of The New Media Company" came up so quick, it was dizzying. I was all ready for it to be Halloween week but nope!  Killy talk to Danny and Scout about their new venture and Danny's all excited. "Can I do a show about a dog"?? he asks.  I do admit that them buying a media company is a stretch but I don't care. It's a new direction, BM seems way happier and well, it just doesn't bother me. Monica has been around a bit more and she gave "her Jason" Alan's cuff links. Whoops. 

Over at the safe house, Our boys see each other for the very first time--and it was glorious!! Even though the previews made it seem that way, I really didn't hold out hope they'd come face to face this quickly. 
 "Sonny it's me"!!! GAH!! Now, you know I wanted Jason to stay dead-- and I was no huge fan of SBu towards the end but this is just going so well. It was a little electric  during these scenes. Jason was trying to process everything Sonny was telling him: Everyone thinks Miller IS Jason, Sam is married to him, he almost married Elizabeth, Carly was sure he was "the real Jason", Jake is alive and so is Robin!! Oh...and the whole kidney saga; Helena had Jake on the island and it was another kidney that Joss received. 

MB and SBu played the moments really well; like two old friends getting back together--with all the feels.  

LINE OF THE CENTURY: "You know I'd never leave you for a MEDIA COMPANY"!! 

At The Metro, Sam and Jason Miller unveil their new media name "Aurora". This comes from the town they were going to escape to awhile ago when they were thinking of leaving town. It also means "new day".  I thought Miller did a great job acting nervous giving his speech--made me think he was really anxious. As the party gets going, Griffin and Ava appear and notice that 2 of the wait staff are guards from Russia.  They go over and tell Dante who tries to get the situation under control but just makes things worse. 

One of the goons shoots and aims for Dante.  Dante dives away.  Elizabeth ends up getting hit--and bleeds on Nina. The guys subdue Dante who ends up on the floor with everyone else. 
Carly manages to text Sonny who shows up while the police are swarming the downstairs. He slips by and takes the elevator upstairs.  Jason Burton is going on the roof where he can get a bird's eye view from the skylight: 

Sonny gets in the face of the goon that has Carly and says "Let her go or die"!! Of course the guy realizes the Power of Sonny and lets her go.  Police rush in--yada yada. 

Just when you thought it was over, another guy comes in and drugs Sam with a huge hypoderimc needle  The only person to see it happen is Burton, who was watching from the skylight.  He decides to CRASH the party and breaks through the window slo-mo style. 

Everyone (including me) was all WHA? Is this happening on the same day that everything else just happened? Huh?  But wait there's more to go.  You see, everyone saw Jason Burton jump down. He knelt and pointed his gun at the man that was dragging Sam out. Monica is all @@!! Carly is double @@!! Dante gives a glance back to Sonny and then Jason runs out after his lady love.  
NOTE:  People were acting all 'Um..was that who I thought it was?? "Hmmm, who was that"?? Like they weren't sure it was Jason's old face in front of them. This may have worked if the lighting was in "party mode" but those suckers were on full force. You could see who it was a mile away. Dante questions Sonny afterwards, and Sonny is all: I dunnooooo.... Carly the same thing. Sonny finally takes Carly out to tell her the truth. (that will happen Monday). 

So, you think the show is over?? NOPE!! We have more to go!! Jason follows Sam and the baddie to the docks where Dr. Klein is waiting. Ah Ha! they say, we have the bait to draw out #6 now!! So, I'm thinking...." will take until Tuesday for Jason to get to the......" WTF! Jason jumps out of the shadows! Aims his gun and--- tells the one guy to leave. The guy does leave but then Stone Cold just shoots him anyway. LOL.  Then Klein and he argue and finally the Dr. says "ME or SHE" and tosses Sam into the river and runs!! PHEW!  

MIA: Both Molly and Alexis were there for the speech and Thursday's show but were gone for the whole hostage --Burton part. Weird. I mean?? Shouldn't Alexis have been there?? 

Parallel to all this is the Franco story was also unfolding. He went to Maddox about the fact that Andrew was still alive and Maddox panicked. Maddox is trying to convince Franco that Andrew is dead and even gives him a fake death certificate.  Franco's still suspicious however but stops talking to him when he sees Elizabeth was brought into GH after getting shot.  She's ok-- just a flesh wound. 

Monica is the one left telling Jason Miller that Sam was taken. She didn't mention the guy that dropped from the sky. Not yet anyway.  Monica hasn't gotten this much action since 2008. 

PROP OF THE WEEK:  The EXORCISM kit!! (ok it's not really  :giggle:)  But it's Griffin giving up his vocation. Bye Bye portable holy-water! 

Well, I hope that was all coherent. I tell you, it's a lot easier on me when I'm frustrated with the show and I can just write snark-scripts under the photos!!  Yes, there's still some weak spots on the show. Some stories like Nelle's past, Man Landers and Oscar's Dad  Quest could hit the road but all in all, I'm really happy.  

I need a drink after this!!  I hope you've been enjoying the show as much as I have. It just feels like old school GH and I actually wanted to get home to watch.  I was moved, surprised and all around entertained. Can't ask for more than that... 


  1. Yay, I am first, the shows were great, and so was your SS!! We are happy :)

  2. I STILL don't understand why the cops did not go after the bad guy and Sam. I swear that Dante kept saying, "We have to find Sam," as if they hadn't started to look yet.

  3. Aurora, NY. Home of Well's College. Given that Port Chuck is supposedly near Buffalo (you know, home of all great mobsters...sarcasm), moving to a small town in the Finger Lakes to get away makes sense.

  4. I agree Karen I was excited to get home and watch GH right and no ff. Can't remember last time I said that! Great SS, great GH!! I hope Chris can keep it up. 😊😊😊😊

  5. Thanks for a great SS. The writing definitely displayed how excited you were. lol I couldn't believe things were moving that quickly either. It was great.

    kd said... The guy does leave but then Stone Cold just shoots him anyway. LOL.

    *** lol The baddie rounded the corner and then reached for his gun. That's why Jason shot him. His Stone Cold senses are still working.

    kd said...Monica hasn't gotten this much action since 2008.

    I laughed out loud at this line. lol It's so true. I guess the new writers don't hate our old vets.YAAAHHH!

  6. Great SS and great week! It’s about time we saw such major improvement. Never thought I would be so excited to see Jason B and his interaction with all. I am really looking forward to seeing the continuation this week.

  7. I've been enthusiastic most of Oct as the show has built and built. Months ago when I heard SB was returning, I was disgusted. How are the poor writers supposed to deal with that? There is no way to make it credible. And I never cared for either Burton or big yawn. But then the story began and it has been fascinating how the writers have used that best of soap tools, anticipation.

    Using Franco's dreams, sending Ava to Russia for a face lift (a bit ridiculous)-- how interesting it all was, first the guide on the plane telling Ava she would forever be changed...then Ava persisting in talking to #6. I even began to like Ava abit. (Does her getting only 3/4 of a facelift mean she won't be entirely changed?)
    Anyway, I saw other fans doing their usual complaining, but I wanted to point and say--look at this. It is complex, it is devising a way to bring SB in that will keep us guessing, and it is great soap writing.

    So many good things, from Anna and Finn pairing up in an amusing, character-driven coupling that just sparks (my two favorite GH actors!), to seeing Dr Andres turn, to Roger's subtle acting (love him), to seeing Mac and Felicia involved...well, it has been marvelous.

    So much to be happy about.

  8. Unless Nelle is gonna be a psycho and go away soon, she serves no purpose! I guess this is why Maxie will take over as Nina's assistant...
    SURELY the writes can tell: "Nelle - no one cares" ---- Felicia and Mac----"people care"...
    since GH is on a roll - NOW is the time to remember your AUDIENCE---we want
    Felicia/Mac/Monica/more Bobbie and Scotty
    bring back Lucy ---- get rid of Nelle and Kiki and Dillon...Amy.....
    I KNOW why Max and Milo weren't with Sonny as a bodyguard because they would know Patient 6 - but come on - at least EXPLAIN why new guy is there.
    MORE Diane -
    LOVE Andre being a bad guy - now that was a twist -
    just hoping GH doesn't blow this great thing they have going right now.....

  9. Great update! Your enthusiasm shines brightly here and totally reflected my feelings watching the show this week! SBu returning wasn't high on my list of desires, I like Billy so much. But it was an exciting week and I can see the dichotomy of the "Two Jasons," how that can play out, etc. And of course, Sam being uncomfortable in the dress and retreating to her leathers... how telling.

  10. Karen, great job on the SS! Can you imagine what is in store for Nov. sweeps? ;-)

  11. The first goon that took off turned back around and grabbed his gun. That's why Jason shot him. This was definitely a good week and I was very skeptical. They do need to stop hiring new actors and getting rid of others. Kristina is gone, Hayden is gone, Lucas and Brad are gone, and they're bringing new people on canvas. That's not acceptable to me.

  12. I used to live in Buffalo, NY, and I know PC is supposed to be nearby. You CANNOT "get a driver" and drive down to NYC for a show, it is at least a 6 1/2 hour drive, they act like they are in a suburb of NYC.

    I did NOT see that bad guy reach for the gun, so I was surprised that Jason shot him. Glad someone clarified that!

    As I said before, I hope that Nelle goes totally cray cray, the actress is good at that!

  13. But think of the wonderful pentagon of the two Jasons, Liz, Sam, Franco and then add a few more maybe Ava and Griffin. Could be fun!

  14. No comment on the Jasons storyline BUT I will give kudos to Finola and Michael Easton sharing screen time. I enjoyed the Anna and John McBain dynamic a few years ago and the two of them just have a good, engaging presence.

  15. I did NOT see that guy reach for this gun. This is probably because live tweeting and blogging takes it out of me--and it happened so fast. I thought it was a riot because I saw the guy run away and then Jason just shoot him. Kind of like that Indiana Jones scene! "ah, the hell with it...boom"!!

  16. I don't know how you do it. I'd need Speech Recognition on my computer to keep up with both.

  17. AntJoan said...

    I did NOT see that bad guy reach for the gun, so I was surprised that Jason shot him. Glad someone clarified that!

    ** I didn't either. To me it just looked like SB shot him, once he started to run away, also.\


    1. Yeh K the guy seemed to walk away as if to "give up" and thinking he was fooling JasonBurton he goes to shoot him and that is when JB shot him.

  18. I do have to say, so far things do look promising. Definitely better than what I thought things were probably going to end up being. I still don't think SB IS Jason. Still, EVERYTIME I read/see ANYTHING to do with the show (including future episode descriptions, etc...) There's definitely been a concentrated effort to list/call SB "Patient 6" and BM as "Jason" It's really only been viewers/fans that are doing otherwise. Generally when stuff is that deliberate and careful, it's for a particular reason, IMO.

    One way or another, it's a HUGE improvement over the last few years! :)


  19. Michelle Latta said...

    Yeah K the guy seemed to walk away as if to "give up" and thinking he was fooling JasonBurton he goes to shoot him and that is when JB shot him.

    ** I went back again today to watch the scene once more, and yeah it still came off like that, too.



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