Friday, October 20, 2017

Floppy Friday

Maxie knows about Sam and Miller getting the media company. Maxie brought a dress for Sam to wear to their launch party. She wants a favor though, for Sam to put her back on as associate editor.
The dress is pretty. Maxie says now that Sam is going to be in the limelight, she should retire her leather jacket.  Aw, she was just kidding. Maxie leaves.

Ned and Olivia..they had a two month honeymoon. He's at ELQ. Michael's on the phone. Ned says he has something to tell him.  He wants to cut back on Michael's "Green Initiatives" -- he wants to focus on other things. HA HA. (if you know these  2 and their politics you get this) 

The American Doctor from the clinic is back with the goons. They are looking for Jason Burton. They have "high tech equipment" looking for him. 

Sonny decides to let Jason Miller go with him to the bridge. Damn it!!  Jason Burton is going to step out and he sees Jason Miller and...ugh. More waiting time.  Yep, Burton turns around to leave and one of the clinic goons has a gun on him. *Sigh* Jason fights him. The gun goes off and....
Jason Miller and Sonny just stand there. They do! LOL
Oh it's one of Sonny's GUARDS! Then Jason Miller tells Sonny to go back in the car and let him "Do His Job" . UGH..anyway, Burton is gone by the time Miller gets there. 

Olivia decorated the Q mansion for Halloween and Monica isn't happy because she didn't ask. They get in a little tiff. 

Michael finds out his phone and Monica's have been tapped (it's the clinic guys).

Ava and Griffin.... talking about priesthood. Ava just wants to fool around "no promises'. They have a hot scene. Zex. Yada yada. 

END: Sam puts on her leather coat and it looks like she's going to get kidnapped by one of he goons to lure Jason out. BUT~~ ABC put on a preview for Monday and Sam is with Carly--SO she doesn't!! LOL idiots.

This was NOT the best Friday show--especially after the stellar week we had. Nope. 


  1. i guess jason miller is not leaving the mob. since he is doing his job. so tired of the mob.

    1. Ditto witch. I think 99.9% of us are tired of the mob.

  2. Paint and Wall's home:

    Sam and Maxie: Oh Maxie shut up. You were not joking about Sam getting rid of her black jacket!! Oh Maxie got a dress for her. I was wondering what kind of dress is this going to be? One that shows Sam's cha cha's? Oh wait it didn't!! WOW! Beautiful dress!!!

    Bad guy and Sam: Oh oh is Sam going to be abducted? Or is Sam going to fight fight fight and kick him in the family jewels. :)

    The footbridge:

    Jason: Oh Sonny my love is here!!! Oh wait who the hell is this guy?

    Me: Jason looks Jelly.

    Drew: Let me do my job.

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?!?!?! You don't do that type of job anymore!! Did you forget?!?!!?!! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

    ELQ offices:

    NedVia: I was wondering where the hell they have been! Ohhh on their honeymoon.. Awwww. :)

    Michael and Ned: Michael are you going to let Ned do his job? :)

    The hospital:

    Olivia and Monica: Monica wins the line of the day.

    Monica: My living room looks like the great pumpkin exploded in it.


    Monica: Clearly it's way past time we had a chat about boundaries.

    You already had that discussion!!!!

    Monica: You are a guest in my house.

    OUCH!!!!! Time for Ned and Olivia to move out!!! Why don't they just move into the gatehouse?!?!?! That place would be perfect for them!

    Amy and Nathan: Is Amy REALLY going to shut down Man Landers? Hmmmm.

    Monica and Michael: I was trying to figure out what is wrong with Monica's phone.

    Carson home:

    Michael and Sonny: OH BOY!!! Monica's phone has been bugged!!!! Very very interesting!!!

    Private room:

    Bad guys: Who is the client?!?!?!?! It's really funny that those two thugs were warned about Jason HAHAHAHAHAHHA!

    Ava's home:


  3. yesterday was a disappointment after Thursday, although Grava was a win

  4. Really? We haven't seen Ned and Olivia for 2 months? I could've sworn they were back and we had seen them already. I guess since I'm watching Days now and they feature Wally so much more that I could be wrong.

    American Doctor is such a bad actor but one of the goons (the one with the accent) is hawt AF!!! I'm having a hard time placing the accent. Either English, Irish of Scottish.

  5. Bobby Bear said...

    Really? We haven't seen Ned and Olivia for 2 months? I could've sworn they were back and we had seen them already. I guess since I'm watching Days now and they feature Wally so much more that I could be wrong.

    ** We did, but it was only one episode, about one month ago. It was the one when Olivia was putting an outdoor pizza oven, and essentially got read the riot act by Monica, so it never got put in. (If she was trying to do it indoors, I could see how Monica could have an issue with that. But it being outdoors, (And NOT in the kitchen, so Cook 2's "domain" isn't under "invasion" so to speak) one would think that wouldn't be an issue. But as we all know it's Monica's house that Alan gave her!! During this same episode, was when Michael asked Ned to come back to ELQ.

    Unfortunately, since neither Wally or Lisa is on contract, who knows when we'll see either one of them again. Because GH has such a huge cast, anyone that's just recurring can go for quite long stretches between when they show up on screen. While DAYS has a FAR smaller cast, those who are on recurring do get more screen time. (Except for Roman)



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