Monday, October 30, 2017

I Got You

Burton goes in to save Sam..She's stuck on seaweed!! He pulls her (this is all underwater cam)!!  He finally gets her out and does chest compressions. She spits up water. He says "Sam, Sam"..Sam opens her eyes and says "You're here"..  Jason "I got you"... they stare at each other. She passes back out. 

Sonny tells Carly it was Jason at the Metro.  She's all "but he took Elizabeth to GH"! He says NO-- not that Jason, our Jason. The Godfather to our kids, he's home. Carly won't believe it. He tells her when she sees him and talks to him, he'll know it's Jason. Sonny says he heard Jason say "Sonny'?? Carly says "You heard his voice" ?? and cries. BUT! When Sonny tells her he had his gun drawn, Carly says SEE it's NOT Jason! He'd never put a gun on you!!--and we have DNA!! and Spinelli's face when he saw Jason!! 
 Jason Miller barges in: "What the hell is going on, Sonny"??  SEE THE END OF THE BLOG for the END of the show...

Jordan is at the Metro trying to figure stuff out. Dante wants to see more footage because he's not sure that was Burton.  After she leaves, Miller comes in to watch the footage. Hard to see. 

Jordan goes to the hospital. Jordan questions her. Monica is like "it can't be.... I couldn't have seen what I saw"-- but won't say more. Maddox is listening. SO is Franco. Jordan leaves. Franco tries to get more out of Monica but she tells him to Buzz off. 

Monica goes to visit Liz. Tells her about Sam and that-- it looked like Jason that went after her! Franco overhears that...and then Monica says "But that can't be true unless there's two Jasons". 

Oscar and Joss are dressed up as Dragon Queen and Jon Snow--they are in Oscar's apt. I don't think that's his apartment, he's acting all cagey.  Joss wants to snoop for information about his Dad.  They find a letter in the Man Landers book addressed to his mother dated 2003. There's no signature. Of course there isn't! But he gave her a gift and they want to find it because it may have some clues. 

END OF THE SHOW: OMG...Jason Burton CRASHES THROUGH the back doors CARRYING SAM and Sonny, Miller and Carly are all there!! WOW..didn't expect them to all be there and NOT today!! eesh!! :clapping: I don't even care he didn't take her to GH first. LOL NOPE. Take her to Sonny's!! DRAMA!!

NOTE: HORRIBLE weather here and I have a migraine so forgive me if this is short and not really fun.


  1. This is about as exciting a tale as paint drying. I mean,already Andre is planning to book outta town.

  2. Karen, you wrote a great blog, it wasn't short!! We are having horrible weather here also, and I have a sinus migraine . . . You know what they say, misery loves miserable company! I hope that we both feel better soon . . .

  3. When Sam opened up her eyes, and said, "You came for me," it was fabulous. I could not believe the end, when Jason Burton burst thru Sonny's door, and everyone was there.
    I thought your blog was perfect today, Karen. Thanks.

  4. Loved it!!! Best episode ALL yr! The ending squeee! It'll be interesting to see how the ratings go up. 😊

  5. It's amazing. I haven't multi-tasked during GH in over a week.

  6. Oh Karen your blog was really fun and funny!!! :) You did a great job! Don't worry about it!!

    The hospital: So basically,

    Monica and Jordan:

    Monica: Uh it was, uh, I can't believe it!! It couldn't be!!!!

    Monica and BobTodd:

    BobTodd: So about the guy from the skylight,

    Monica: Oh not now horses ass!!

    Liz's room:

    Monica and Liz: IT WAS TWO JASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BobTodd's thoughts: Oh crap! 2 Jasons!!!! I have to talk to Maddox!!

    Maddox and BobTodd:

    BobTodd: I got to talk to you!!!

    Maddox: Not now horses ass!

    The pier:


    "Karen says Burton goes in to save Sam..She's stuck on seaweed!!"

    That's what I thought too at first, but then it looked more like a rope to me. Kelly Monoco looked like she was trying not to laugh when she was in the water. ROFL! Oh and Jason didn't even do mouth to mouth, and the water came out of Sam's mouth! BAHAHHAHA!

    Oscar's home:

    JossCar: Yeah Karen I was wondering about Oscar's home! I was thinking maybe he isn't homeless, or maybe he is lying about where he is living. :) I love Joss's wig! Looks cute on her. Oscar thought Joss was talking about sex HAHAHAHHAHA! Christmas presents.. Oh where are the Christmas presents. Oh wait it's not even Halloween yet! Maybe that's why you can't find the Christmas presents!!! Oh a letter!!! Yes Oscar you are special. :) Find that gift!!! Maybe the gift was a chocolate brownie that was laced with weed and your mother didn't eat it.. Yes go find that chocolate weed brownie and eat it you two! :)

    The floating rib:

    Grava: I love their scene!!!! :) I am so confused Karen, cus I thought you liked them!!! :) Ah well, anyway,

    Griffy: We don't have to put a label on what we are doing.

    Me: Oh yes you do!!! I want a label!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Griffy: I'm not seeing anyone else.

    WOOT WOOT! :)

    Griffy: If you agree to a second date.

    This was a first date! YAY! :)

    Carson's home:


    Sonny: Yes he was!

    Carly: NO NO NO NO NO NO!

    Drew: Sonny what the hell is going on here?!?!!! Where is Sam?!!?!

    I LOVE THAT JASON WALKS IN CARRYING SAM!!!! HAHAHHAHA! FANTASTIC! Another great scene!!!!! I love carly's shocked face again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Carly was the only one who looked shocked hahahaha!

  7. I'm glad someone is enjoying this because I am rolling my eyes at this storyline!

  8. Omgosh ladies right!!! I can't even believe how great the show has been! LOVING IT!! And your blog was fine as always Karen! I too was thinking he should have gone to the hospital with Sam but it was juicy either way! Can't wait til tomorrow! And Im so glad Michael is FINALLY starting to see Nelle for who she is! That was getting old real quick! Anyway,love this blog! Coming here kept me hanging in when the show was tanking. And, no pop ups tonight!! Have a blessed night!

  9. sonya said...
    BobTodd: So about the guy from the skylight,

    Monica: Oh not now horses ass!!

    BobTodd: I got to talk to you!!!

    Maddox: Not now horses ass!


  10. "Di says HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My sentiments exactly. HAHAHAHAHA"


    "Michelle Latta said... Poor Franco haha!"


  11. Fallout promo!

  12. Oscar and Joss seemed to be in Dante and Lulu's old place. After that water rescue of Sam, you know the writing is in the wall. Jason Burton and San will be together again.

  13. Cosmo..REALLY??? wow-- I am so much loving the show and I think it's moving at good speed.
    We usually agree lol.

  14. I think this is about as good as it's gonna get and I am enjoying it. Didn't have much patience to watch Joss and Oscar and Carly is just so damn loud. Franco was wandering around looking deranged as always. No one likes him or wants to talk to him except Liz. Monica is in for a big shock! By the way, Jason B and Jason M have totally different teeth - were they replaced with Jason M's facial reconstruction? Just wondering..

  15. I admit I'm enjoying it.. What a difference a new writer can if he could only bring back Fayden and lose Nelle and Amy......

  16. The only thing I don't buy is that the kids are allowed to watch "Gane of Thrones".


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