Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Heart and Soul

There's really only one thing to talk about this week and that's Friday's show.  The rest of the episodes? Meh.  Nothing to write home about, that's for sure! 

So, let's get started, it's mostly going to be some nice photos of the funeral and my praising the acting.  By the way,  my eyes were swollen all night and I got a crying headache!! 

Surprise!! That's our Georgie... comforting Maxie. I'm so glad she was back! I know people wanted Wagner but ? this was great. 

"The End of the Watch Call" --Jordan's haunting words played over people getting ready for the funeral. All of the PCPD looked resplendent in their dress uniforms. 

Police procession... and during the funeral we had bagpipes (which always make me tear up) and a gun-salute 

I did NOT expect this!!  All laid out in the casket like that. Around my area 9 times out of 10 you have calling hours before the funeral in the evening and if a casket is open, you see it there.  Plus the fact that Ryan was back for this-- eesh. :sobbing:  

Nina's eulogy was amazing--and was the thing that started me crying. Her "little brother" speech--gah!! She talked about how he had coins in his pockets that he'd give to people that needed money. She then put coins in his hand to take to heaven (heavy sobbing). Michelle was perfection all day-- from her stoic, harrowed face at the beginning to this moment. 

Great Franco/Obrect moment. Loved how they remembered their friendship and he looked at her with genuine melt-your-heart concern.  

Goodbye, Maxie... 

Even watching Lulu's private pain was gut-wrenching. She wasn't able to see Maxie after Nathan died and has no idea what's coming. 

What's more soapy than an emotional, sad, touching time? When at the end, someone calls the other one out and says they basically killed their husband.  SOAP 101!!

ADDRESSING COMPLAINTS:  I saw a number of people not happy that this was given to Nathan, when vets are given the same.  First off--new writing team so-- don't be mad that we had a good send off for once. Secondly, Nathan is tied to many characters and was a policeman so that whole aspect could be used.  Finally-- (and this is the real world truth) Ryan left of his own accord,  on good terms and they wrote a great exit story for him. The cast obviously loved him too--he was given a goodbye party on set.  Many actors  tweeted their admiration for him that he must have been nothing but professional and well liked. Yes, that does make a difference. You could feel the genuine sadness and pulling together of the cast.  So...sue me if I enjoyed it!!  


Sonny's father, Mike is back in the picture. Ron Hale, the first Mike has retired from acting so that wasn't an option. Mr. Gail (from Barney Miller fame) is doing a fine job of filling his shoes. That's my opinion of course because there were plenty of people on twitter that thought differently. Anyway, Mike is now living with a lady that we've seen before. She bought Jason's watch at the bar way back when he was trying to get back to PC!  Sonny's back because money was missing from a 'drop' he was going to make for some mobular boss. Sonny thinks it's because he's gambling again. It's actually early onset dementia or alzheimer's . I really wanted this story for Monica --or even Bobbie.  Having Mike back after all these years--not really sure people are going to care as much. I think they'll do a great job with it though. 

Some stuff happened with the Charles' Street thing-- but unfortunately, I don't care much since Genie's gone.  Her absence for Lulu at the funeral was pretty glaring.  She was needed. 

Franco is painting some stairway to heaven --or a Pink Floyd album cover. His sessions with Kevin could be really entertaining because JL and RH are great actors. Time will tell if Kevin is the "Brains" behind--the "Brains". Get it?? 

MY FAVE MOMENTS:  Were the little ones...

So, all in all I really thought the show on Friday was a stand out and I'll remember it as one of my top faves. I hadn't cried like that since BJ's heart story and Georgie's death.  Even Wub Hub was surprised. He came home during the second half of the show and was like: What the heck? You're crying? During GH??  Oh, that's a good thing, right!!?  YEP! it's a good thing!! 

Photos thx to @The_WSB  @SoapJenn @fyeahGH 


  1. Karen, thanks so much for your great SS, ITA with all that you said. I will miss RP terribly, this will be a sad story for years to come. Also, I hope there is some progress in our getting Genie back, it is simply unacceptable that she is gone!

  2. HI Joan! Sorry I haven't been around in the comments...but my PUPPY lol. She's on my lap right now-- trying to chew on my computerZZZZZZZ

  3. Thank you! Got the recap. I will be watching once Genie returns. Hate she is again parked in France and now possibly the fool again if Kevin is behind the twin mess

  4. Loved the show, loved the surgery. Good job.

  5. Thank you!! I knew I recognized Mike's ladyfriend but didn't remember from where. I like her a lot, she kinda reminds me of Ruby.

    I couldn't believe at first they didn't just recast Nathan--he seemed totally recastable (the character--I LOVE RP the man but the character is so vanilla). But this was GOLD! He's a cop, gunned down and leaving behind a pregnant wife and family that adores him. Friday's episode was heartbreaking and very well done. I wish they'd have waited for the Maxie/Lulu fight but, other than that, it was spot on.

    1. The blonde girlfriend of Mikes reminded of Steve and Adriennes mom, Jo Johnson from DAYS. But she's younger, LOL! Again....sick fog haha!! Very good SS.

  6. Great SS! I’m tearing just looking at those photos. Having met RP he is such a nice guy. This was just a great opportunity for everyone to really shine and they went all out to do so. No one cried when Morgan “died” except Sonny and Carly. We never saw it and still don’t believe it or really care. I hope Faison isn’t really dead-he is a true gem of a villain. Don’t care about Franco’s issues and hoping Liz doesn’t marry this insecure, mentally unstable former psychopath. Alexis will never get a security clearance if she becomes mayor, LOL. MS and KS truly outstanding acting.

  7. All that can be said of Friday's show is THAT is your Emmy reel for next year. It was beautiful from tip to toe. Have cried over and over. Only weirdness Olivia not being there for Dante, the lame excuse for Frisco's absence... Better to say nothing. Lucas not being there for Maxie, and Valentin or even Anna couldn't get a day pass for Britt so someone could be on Obrecht's side. As far as vet vs newbie funeral gripe. It was so beautiful done didn't care after first second. IF ONLY more shows of GH could be that amazing.

    As for Mike's s/l doing a wait and see. The Jasoning and Henrik OVER IT. Franco, Andy & Jim (move it along) What's about to be for Lante Luxie Valentina is going to be glorious.

  8. Such a sad story and very much real life right now in this country with policemen being killed while on duty. Thank you GH and ABC for doing it right for a change. Now get Genie back to help Lulu and Kevin!

  9. I do think the funeral was very well done, including all the trimmings and little things that are usually overlooked. The only thing that would have made it better for me is if BJ was waiting with Georgie and Nathan at the end. I do think they are setting Lulu up to have an affair with Peter/Henrik while I think ultimately Dante will fall for a grieving Maxie. I think that Valentin was lying through his teeth about the baby being a girl just to keep her from looking too hard at Peter and I do think it was a nice touch to have him grieve for a brother he never truly got to know. I don't think we've seen the last of Faison, I think his nonscreen death was intentional so that he could possibly come back later. I'm looking forward to the Friz wedding to see if it actually happens, I have changed my tune in regards to them because it seems the Liason train is pretty much DOA. I don't think Franco is a child murderer,was probably creepy Jim Harvey all along.

  10. The episode was so well written, I could actually feel the emotion from everyone in the cast. But was I the only one who picked up on Valentin's smirk when he was talking to Peter/Henrik? I think he knows EXACTLY who Peter is, and is ultimately going to use it to his advantage when the time comes.

  11. LSV422 said...

    I hope Faison isn’t really dead-he is a true gem of a villain.

    ** The recent issue of SID, pretty much ruled that out. There was a little one page quasi-interview with AH. The relevant statement from him being that he'd love to stick around longer (even a 6 mos to a year stay.) Which says to me, if those are even possible then Faison is very much alivs


  12. Friday's episode was outstanding! The acting was superb, and you could certainly see every dollar that was spent. We got police officers' formal dress uniforms, a casket, a gravesite, extras, bagpipe music, and much more. Very impressive! Seeing Georgie again just broke me, as did Dante and Valerie folding the casket flag.

    A fabulous episode with no Sonny/Carly/Jason.

    OT: Vinessa Antoine (Jordan) was on NCIS this week.


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