Friday, February 23, 2018

Notes and News

TODAY MARKED 14K Episodes! 

So, my break is going very well- but I have sneaked on Twitter to see some things happening on the show. I am doing Sunday Surgery blind however, because it's too fun to just grab photos and try to imagine the dialog!! I did hear that Dante got a new partner. Harrison Chase. Or Ol' HARRY Chase.  I'll bitch about that later. Brad was on (sans Lucas natch)... um.. oh, the election was held (even tho I had no clue it was going to happen in 4.5 seconds) and Nedly won. People are still fighting about  JaSam and Dream.. ugh. WILL it never END?  

It's been a weird week. When you don't go on vacation you think you have all the time in the world until everyone starts visiting THE PUPPY-- and you have 900 errands to run and you're trying to do all the things you wanted to: 
and it's FRIDAY!  EESH, already?? 

Tillie is great and growing. Had her 2nd puppy class last week. She's the smallest of all the dogs and by that, I mean she's basically a rabbit next to massive hulks! Tillie holds her own though and LOVES playing with any doggie. 

OK! Hope you are well and not watching too much of the news because, let's face it, we could all just start drinking and never stop. 


  1. I was confused today by Dante telling Jason that the remote site where the calls were coming from was where Morgan died. What would Julian's car have been doing way out there? What was Drew doing out there?
    Don't really remember what else happened today. Karen, having time off this week was fortuitous, as nothing much happened on the show.

    1. Morgan stole Julians car from the floating rib and Drew went to the floating rib and found out about Morgan taking the car and went after him trying to get him to pull over.

  2. Awwwww. :) Teeny tiny Tillie against the big dogs. :) YAY she holds her own! :)

    2/22/18 episode.

    Ava's art gallery:

    Ava and Janey: Oh yes eat them chocolates.. If Janey gave Carly chocolates, they probably would be poisoned. ROFL!

    Ava and Mike: Oh dear!!!!!!!


    Carly and Nina: Yes! Quickly get a new rug!!! Oh oh Maxie is here!!!! Maxie you shouldn't be there so soon! :(

    Maxie and Nina: Great scene!!!! Throwing phones and going to lamaze class together. Awwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Lamaze class: Oh come on Maxie and you too Janey! This is not high school! Grow up!!! Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: And I see that you still can't find someone to love you.

    ROFL! Okay that line was funny. :)

    The hallway:

    Janey and Michael: Oh wow!!! Janey actually walked out of lamaze class??? ROFL! Janey what is the matter with you? How could you let Maxie get to you? Oh wait unless she is manipulating Michael and pretending she is all butt hurt and vulnerable. :)

    Mike's room:

    Mike, Sonny, and Griffy: :( Sad. Although I still am not sure where this is going. I still wonder if they are going to kill Mike off.

    Paint and Wall media office:

    Jasam and Auggy: Damn you Auggy! You interrupted Jasam's eye sex!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Alexis, Carly, and Brad: BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!!! :) Good to see you baby!!! Wait why is Carly there for this talk about the adoption? Where is Lucas? Oh in surgery? Well why don't they make it another time. Carly should not be there! I want Brucas with Alexis! Wait the mother doesn't want Brucas to know who she is?!?! HUH?!?!!?

  3. Carly is Brad's sister-in-law, I guess that he wanted her support/input as Lucas could not be there.

  4. TY, Anne Long. It was so long ago, and I forgot.

  5. I haven't finished watching yet, but, when Chase came into Ava's gallery and Griffin was there, they looked like they could be brothers. . . .

    Also, was so surprised to see Andre, he was just in jail, was Anna expecting him?

  6. Today's episode.

    "Karen says TODAY MARKED 14K Episodes!"

    Ohhhh! So THAT is what it meant! :) Thanks Karen! :)

    Ava's art gallery:

    "AntJoan said...when Chase came into Ava's gallery and Griffin was there, they looked like they could be brothers. . . ."

    Yeah they could!!!!!! :)

    Grava: Awwww! She is in the wuv with Griffy. :) Now say it back Griffy. :)

    Previews for Monday:

    Ava: Are you breaking up with me?

    OH OH!

    The hospital:

    Doc's office:

    BobTodd and Doc: I am really annoyed with this storyline and I hate it!!! BobTodd STOP THE MADNESS! GAH! Although I did like BobTodd telling Doc about that memory of locking Drew in.


    Alexis and HamFinch:

    Alexis: And what happened last night, could never happen again.

    Which means it will! ROFL! Oh man I fell in love with Fexis!!! I love Fanna too, but she pushed him away!! And with RayFinn, I don't know when RayRay is coming back! I want HamFinchy to know his baby is alive!!!!

    Sonny and Doc Benchy: Poor Sonny. He is struggling. :(

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Maddox and Anna: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!?!?! Maddox is out of jail?! Last time we saw him he looked all drugged up. Anna you freed him?!!?!? Oh man again with her baby with Faison talk! UGH! The writers are trying to tell us that Anna lost her virginity to Faison?!!?!?! NO FREAKIN WAY! She lost her virginity to Robert dammit!!!!!

    Police station:

    Carly and Jason: Great scene until she started talking about Sam again. UGH! Carly SHUT UP!

    Angel's bluff:

    Carly, Jason, and Dante: Dante wins the line of the day.

    Dante: Didn't think this thing still existed.

    ROFL! I know right?!?!!?! :)

    The floating rib:

    Benchy and Kiwi: He tries to seduce her in 5..4...3...2....1...

  7. thanks for the recaps! :)

    Sunday Surgery will be funny I hope since I have no clue what I'm doing :)

    Is this new Harriason Chase good looking or bland.dull.. bland?

  8. Benchy must be Jewish, he said Kiwi had "shmutz" on her face, LOL!

    Why is Anna suddenly obsessing about her baby, she didn't seem to care about it for the last 40 years . . .

  9. "kdmask said...thanks for the recaps! :)"

    You're welcome! :)

    "Sunday Surgery will be funny I hope since I have no clue what I'm doing :)"


    "Is this new Harriason Chase good looking or bland.dull.. bland?"

    He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! He and Griffy look like they could be brothers!!!

    "AntJoan said... Benchy must be Jewish, he said Kiwi had "shmutz" on her face, LOL!"


  10. GH episode for February 15th.

    Kiwi's apartment:

    Kiwi and Spinny: This was hysterical!!! Great scene, especially when she kissed him hahahhhahaha! The actress's acting has gotten so much better! :) Loved the scene. Wait Kiwi has roommates now?!!?!

    Kiwi and Griffy: I thought they were gonna kiss, but glad they didn't. She already got her kissing fill with Spinny so she is fine. :)

    Grava: RA RO! Ava is angry!!!! And she was gonna tell you she is in the wuv with you Griffy!

    Jail's waiting area:

    Anna and Maddox: Whoa! Maddox is all drugged up! Why?! UGH Anna shut up about your rewrite!!

    Carson home:

    Carly and Diane: Yeah Carly don't let Janey get you all upset! Or she wins!!!!


    Anna, Finny, and Alexis: Can you say AWKWARD? You haven't seen nothing yet Anna.

    Diane and Anna:

    Diane wins the line of the day.

    Diane: When did THAT happen?

    ROFL! No Diane, Alexis and Finny are just friends!

  11. AntJoan said...

    Also, was so surprised to see Andre, he was just in jail, was Anna expecting him?

    ** Yeah, that caught me off guard also. Apparently Anna somehow got him released and the WSB to start funding the research for the process again, with him also in charge. He got released d the same day, they met at the MC. I'm thinking she probably left a note or letter with the warden to give him, when they release him, telling him to meet her there. At least that's the most sense I can make out of what was said.



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