Sunday, February 25, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Blind Trust

Ok, so I didn't watch the show this week--you think that will stop me posting? No way!! It's going to be a photo capture and my trying to guess the dialog!! See how well I do. Yes, I do know some things that happened but not many. 

It's the end of my break week and I got basically 1/2 of the things done I wanted to. I guess half is better than none, right?? 

CONGRATS to GH on their 14,000 show on Friday--wow. An achievement for sure.  I love Roger's pose up there! 

Patrick's home!!!...oh wait, sorry, wrong soap. (crying) 

Hey I know you... right? In some other life? 
Hmm... seems like we have met.... 
Want a Bloody Mary?
Make mine a virgin. .. and O+ 

Who's going to win? 
I'm so excited!! I haven't been this excited since my cousin Ange ran for school board in Bensonhurst! 
Michael, the BABY and I are SUPER DUPER excited, wanna feel my belly? Where your BABY is? Want to? 

Mom, we still hate Julian.
Yeah, just so you know, he's a scum.

A real, like...big old scum.
So... I'm going to give this place a 2 star YELP. 

I am can tell by my goatee... and I shall rule this town! 

Oh, rats...I lost...
That's ok... you still have your dignity...wait, I mean you still have your
Ok, knock it off. 

:Oh..crap...he won: 

Hey... well? 
Why we meeting out here? 

Hell if I know..
Why do I always get stuck by a dumpster!!? 

Ut...oh.. wait, did I drink again? so why are we here? 
Oh damn... Why me? Didn't this happen enough with Julian?  Why am I always surprised who I wake up with. 

So...what you're tellin' me is that my Dad is basically ... losing his mind.
No, we don't say that anymore...he needs "memory care"...

So..what you're telling me is, I have to remember my crummy childhood for Mike..
No, this isn't about you, Sonny.. it's about...
Yeah...everything is about me, Doc. Everything. 

Oh my god...I'm having a hot flash....I mean...flashback.....

Yep...there it is!! Wait... a min..I'm not THREE in this memory am I? If I am, I had some hipster hair...

Billy and Kelly were on WHHL on BRAVO as Andy's bartenders!! TOO FUN!! woot!! They also had a "Killy Live" show in NYC as well. 

OK! That's all I have!! I heard Faison had Huntington's disease. That's a nasty, horrific thing--probably one of the worst. Now Anna will have to find her kid, right?? I probably will watch the Kevin/Todd/Franco scenes because I love them.   Do I really care about this thing that happened when Andy and  Bobby were three. Maybe Drew is the psycho. The mayor's race was a bust, imo.  And--did that guy really RIG it? So it's a story about a rigged election --that was found out -- leading to another vote--that will be rigged.  COME ON. Seriously?  zzzzzzzz. I so wanted this story to be about the tenants and Stella with her social services; TJ and Molly and housing.  Ned rolling and tussling with ELQ yada yada. Not some idiot coming in to do exactly what was done to Felicia! 
This next week is more of a bitch because I'm going back to work, it's the end of the month, I have 2 late meetings and puppy class!! Soooooo, light a candle that I can watch the show. 


  1. Okay, I admit it. I am slow. It is sweeps month, and it totally got away from me. What sweeps? Sure. they speeded up some stories, but what was the big draw? Nathan's funeral was a big deal, but Faison getting killed was anticlimactic. The only big thing was Laura getting fired, and that was a BAD BAD thing, not something to boost the ratings.
    I loved your captions, Karen. So much better than the actual show.
    Give Tilly a pet on the head for me. She is still the cutest!!

  2. So Faison REALLY is dead?????????????
    I thought that stupid dance had already happened cause you know they talked about 2 months ago - and teenagers have short-term attention span.
    YES - the election was SUPPOSED to be about Stella and Molly and TJ and it became about that jerk.....and we WILL find out that he tried to kill Drewandy and Fracobobby saved him.
    YEAH - EPHIPHANY is back!
    and I think the rumors ARE true - the BABY is gonna be Hayden's they adopt!

  3. I go back to work today also, vacay is over, sob sob. I didn't watch GH all wk either. Is that Alexis and Finn in bed???? I missed Kelly and Billy on that show. Bummer.

  4. Hated the Mayor storyline! zzzzzzzzzzzz

    Hate the Nelle/Michael storyline........she has to go.

    I do like Ave and Griffin together for some reason.

    I love Franco....any way I can get him. I think he is getting a raw deal and he isn't as bad as he thinks he is.

    I think Drew knows more than he is letting on. Something isn't sitting right with me about him, but I love him anyways!

    I wish Hayden would come back. I love her and Finn together, but I kind of like him with Anna too. Its about time they give her a little action! lol

    Are Kelly and Billy dating in real life? I have heard rumors they are. If so they make a great couple on and off screen.

  5. Barbara said...

    So Faison REALLY is dead?????????????

    ** In an interview that came out a few days after he last aired, AH made the comment that next time he comes back, he wants to do AT LEAST a 6 mo to 1 year stint. And I can't see him as the type of actor/person who would say something like that, unless he knew that was an option "on the table" so to speak. So, it would appear he's still alive. (Or at the LEAST stuck in some Cassadine freezer.)


  6. Kevin had Faison's brain taken out. How can he come back? His is the one character that seemed to be really dead because his brain is in a jar. Plus, when Anna went in to see the body, he had the autopsy incisions on his chest. (Which is interesting since he was shot in the chest, and there was no sign of that.) He is not merely dead, he is most sincerely dead.

  7. Brad and Lucas are adopting.

    The only weird thing about Faison? When Anna saw him he should have had the top of his head off-- or partially off if they took his brain. I think they editing got it wrong and Kevin got the brain after she talked to him. (Faison's body)
    I think he is dead. I was floored Anders came back to GH at all!

    1. Oh yeh! Thanks Karen! They are rarely on/mentioned that I forgot. Haha!

  8. The top of his head would not necessarily be cut off. They can peel back the skin, open the skull, take the brain, replace the bone and put the skin back.

  9. kdmask said...

    The only weird thing about Faison? When Anna saw him he should have had the top of his head off-- or partially off if they took his brain. I think they editing got it wrong and Kevin got the brain after she talked to him. (Faison's body)
    I think he is dead. I was floored Anders came back to GH at all!

    ** He definitely wouldn't be the first person on GH to be "back from the dead" when we've seen a dead body. Just off hand, I can think of AJ, Helena (when Luke shot her on the Haunted Star) , Stavros, Julian. So it's not totally out of the realm of possibility. The interview with AH, that I mentioned, just the way he talked about stuff, it came across as if he knew he was going to be back in the future, but didn't know when is all.



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