Saturday, February 3, 2018

Friday's GH

Maxies' dream. Sad--- when you wake up and realize it's REAL!! ughhhhh. Kirsten is doing so well. I liked she and Nina too. I'm glad Ryan wanted to leave on his own too and wasn't just let go.  Nina and she yell, cry..hug. ugh... 
Naxie flashbacks..gah

Loved the waitress at Kelly's!! OMG she was perfect! When Ava acted all high and mighty to her she just had the best faces!! Yes, I do think 

Nelle and Carly!! WHOOT!!!  Loved the fight--good old school stuff. The shove they gave each other at the end was priceless. 

Mike is gambling-- Sonny's gotta go get Mike!!  WoJo is going to be on!! 

Drew.. LORD. Angry boy...he's just always angry.  He's driving me a little nuts. They have to find that disco ball flash drive to get Drew's memory back. 

Nelle and Ava having an Anti-Carly talk. OMG I'm going to have and Anti-Carly talk. She's just a mouth. LOVE SAM! TAKE JASON WITH YOU! You were in a MENTAL HOSPITAL. Um, Carly YOU WERE IN THERE like 2x!! MORGAN was in one! Geesh!!

Are they trying Michael and Kiki again?? Hmmmmmmmm.. 


  1. Michael and Kiki again makes more sense than having her and Griffin since they've had him with her mother.

    I guess if Carly's son is in a mental hospital the world should be supportive and understanding of his illness, but if it's anyone else, who cares, they're just crazy.

  2. I would be ok with Michael and Kiki. I would rather have Dillon, but it is better than Griffin imo. Also, to me the memory mapping has gotten really tiresome. Just so stupid.

  3. I also thought they were chem testing Michael and Kiki for another go-round.

  4. I did a lot of ff yesterday. The only thing to hold my interest was Nina and Maxie. The dream...😢

  5. Di said...

    Michael and Kiki again makes more sense than having her and Griffin since they've had him with her mother.

    ** At least according to the latest issue of SiD, it looks like at the very least Kiki and Griffin will be getting "closer". (According to the very vague "Feb Previews" piece) I really don't see it either. Partially, because he really just doesn't fit in with anyone else. Maybe had they done more with him earlier on relationship wise, than what looked to me like they were trying to do a storyline along the lines of "The Thornbirds", and failed miserably at it. Matt Cohen is a decent enough actor, who I have no issue with. But he was just saddled with absolute crap material for so long, it hurt the character. For someone who was supposed to be such a close/good friend with Lucas, I can't even remember them even being in a scene together (Not counting the last few days) other than when Griffin very first came to GH, and that was pretty much just a quick greeting.


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  8. While reading through the latest issue of SID earlier today, near the front in the "news" section there's a piece that's about a page and a half in total with Anders Hove talking about his return and such. How much fun he's had and what not. Near the end, things get quite interesting. Nothing set in stone (of course). But, the way things are worded, I can't see any other way to read it than: This isn't the last we've seen of Faison. (And not just the way they've done with Helena (flashbacks and hallucinations).

    One little last tidbit from me: We DEFINITELY will be seeing more of Dr. Bensch. Apparently, the reason JDP just suddenly vanished was he had to back east to do a play he had committed to, before he had even been offered the GH role. But should be back on screen fairly soon. As I know there's been quite a bit of confusion about his current status. Now, if only someone could create a way to share news with the public!


  9. Naxie's home: GAH stupid dream!!!! :( The whole scene at the apartment is sad!!!!

    Maxie and Nina:

    Maxie: My husband is dead.

    Nina: He's gone.

    Meh. This is Port Chuckles!!! Nobody is really dead!!! You of all people should know that Maxie!! Oh and by the way, I have been meaning to say this, Maxie should get her baby checked. What she went through with Faison was very traumatic.

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Janelle: Hehehehehe fun!!! Love crazy Janelle. :)

    Ava and Janelle: Ava are you going to help Janelle get her revenge? :)

    Paint and Wall media:

    Paint and Wall, and Jason: While Wall is struggling, Jasam are having eye sex.


    Waitress and Ava: Great scene!!! :)

    Kiwi, Ava and Avery: Oh come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give Ava her daughter GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Hmmm they used the quiet twin. :) Oh ouch Ava was so rude to the waitress after the waitress was so nice to her!!!! Damn!

    Ava and Avery: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Kiwi and Michael: Are they going to get back together? I hope not. Not again with them.

    Carson home:

    Carly and Jason: Oh Carly give it a rest already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. "Kathy M said...I would be ok with Michael and Kiki. I would rather have Dillon, but it is better than Griffin imo."

    OH! Well if I have to have a choice between Michael and Griffy, then yes I want Kiwi with Michael.


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