Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday: Surgery: Chutes and Ladders

I FEEL PRETTY...OH SO PRETTY... No Toxic Virus in MEEE!! 

You know Chutes and Ladders? Well, this week was like that--you're climbing up, thinking you're almost there then...SLIDE!!    Things started out on a crawl then,  all of sudden...BOOM! Flatline! Wake up!  Die! Leave! Pass out! Get up! Crawl out! Flashback, Flashback, Flashback!

I'm going to have peanut butter toast because that's what I ate when I played games on Saturday mornings! 

Oh, Jason.
It's been exhausting looking for Sonny. 
Try talking to a toxic-brained comatose woman for a week! 
Sigh....we work so hard. 


Stone? Is it really you? 
Can't you tell by the amber light and the music? 
Well, yeah, but you got some barber up there where you are....
Oh I had a pedicure too! But that's not why I'm here
No. Sonny you are the most special, wonderful thing to happen to Port had the biggest crowd sizes at the fan events ever! 
I did, didn't I? 
Yes...yes you did. So, stop being a snowflake and get out there to where your airtime is waiting! I'll see you again when someone falls down a hole. MGHGA!** 

Nurse, look!  She's awake!
Yeah...I can see that...better than you talking to an empty bed for 2 days..

Look pal, I told the cops, I told the doc...I told that big amazon lady-woman and I'm telling you-- I don't know where.....where....(Bazzzzzzzzzzzz) 
Garvey! Don't DIE ON ME GARVEY! I need to know where he is!! 
(whispering) shhhhhh, the cover of SID said SOMEONE DIES-- so shut it! 

So, you're telling me that you and Nell figured out where Sonny is by using this bullet casing? 
You know it's a freshly fired bullet and he's down at the Black Duck stuck in the barrel pit? 
Do we need a prayer circle anymore? 

Carly, thank god...oh Wait!!! ... did we get our airtime this week? 
Oh, Sonny we sure did! I looked and looked for you AND got mean with Garvey !!
Yeah, I know...I was glorious, wasn't I? I got shot--FELL in a PIT, saw a ghost, got out of the pit...almost got killed by a wrecking ball..and here I am all safe and sound.
No...well, you still have to go to the hospital and get that bullet out...
Ah..I work so hard for this show!!

A kiss is just a kiss...
A sigh is still a sigh...
Unless you're next to a big ol' garbage bag
as time goes by....

But the perfection of my time here at Port Charles has been on point! Why must I leave? Why!? WHY!! 
(whispering) um...your other show is taping soon....
I mean, of course I'll go to France! You can come Grandmother and Kevin as well. We will be the family we've never been this summer! 

So... you're offering me a new face in exchange for revoking my testimony
That's about sums it up. 
Well, I have scruples you know.  
You do? 
Well, I do now. And besides, I could just get one of those rubber masks that float around here.
You could...but... the moisturizing you have to do is barbaric. 
Let me think about it, will ya? 

Carly, I hate to tell you this...but Sonny's in doesn't look....

OH My GOD Sonny!! You're fine! You're fine! 
Wubs note: I swear on this blog, that's EXACTLY how fast this happened... 

Becky Herbst's fans celebrated her 20 years on GH last week! Tons of gifts, donations to charity... go
to her Twitter @RebeccaHerbst and see all of them! 

And that's that.  Sonny's long nightmare is over.  The bullet casing was given to Josslyn by Oscar. He found it on the construction site.  Joss didn't know what it was-- and even tho Oscar had cleaned it they just made all sorts of connections and the next thing you knew, Carly was running down there saving him.  *sigh*
Spencer we knew NB would have to so ha can tape his other show. VERY good scenes at Kelly's.  Laura and Kevin will be off canvas as they go to France to get Spencer 'settled". 
Ava's wallowing but isn't being Ava all of a sudden. Old Ava would have knocked Spencer over to take Val up on that surgery!! I have a feeling she'll take it--then Maura can have a little break and come back all no-scars required. 
HayFin -- I tried to find photo of Jared with Hayden but failed. Back story is that Rachel hit a girl who can't walk now and he took the fall. She then told him she'd pay him some money. Well, that's long gone. So...instead of just telling Finn what happened, we have some angst about not telling him the truth and yada yada, soap 101. Still say it was wrong to let her go!! 
I guess Dr. David Bensch (Max OLTL, James DP) is back next week. Oh man, they have to stop this! Aunt Stella could have been brilliant too, but she got stuck crabbin' it up at every turn.
I also wish we had the kids on a bit more this summer. That's why they are supposed to be in our faces doing dumb stuff!  Oh well. 

CASTING ABOUT:  there's a call for a 25-30 year old African-American woman...which, um... Jordan? They could spice that girl up a bit by making her a true meddling Spencer. Also, you know I think she and Krissy are cute together. 

I don't think co-writer Van Etten  starts to air until about October? Maybe November? No one seems to know. Maybe he'll do an interview with SID or something soon.  

My new idea is that I win the Power Ball and  produce the first ever Soap-Com.  Daytime soaps, living and dead mashed together in a giant Comic-Con type thing!  Panels with actors, writers and producers! Soap-Cos Play!  Net Series too. (because I want Winterthorne and Pretty there!)   Ah well.. someday. Someday. You'll have to come to Rochester's Convention Center though. 

Oh, Leslie got surprised by Michael #1 (Dylan Cash) and she had the biggest smile on her face! This is from the GHFCW : (@JustmeRach on twitter.)  Everyone seemed to have fun and tons of actors were there. I'll try to get more to share! 

ONE MORE: Look at this!! Debbie Morgan @debbiemorgan  tweeted this glam pic with her on screen hubby (AMC) Darnell Williams last night. 

**Make General Hospital Great Again  --copyright 2017 Wubs Productions


  1. Karen, thanks for the great SS!! "Make GH Great Again!" That MUST be our slogan, until, hopefully, it won't need to be the slogan anymore. (OK, I tried not to say it, but, yay, I am first again!")

  2. Love Sunday Surgery.
    Young Spenser stole the show. When he said, "Don't you love me anymore?" I wanted to scream at Laura, HUG THAT LITTLE BOY.
    Now three of the best characters are gone from the show. Phooey.
    I was just getting to the point where I could stand Hayden, and now she too will be gone. And with such a stupid story line. If you are in love with someone so deeply as she is supposed to love Finn, why not trust him to stand by you???
    Karen, do you really think they will replace Jordan? Hmm, my suggestion is instead of changing the actress, give the current actress some good writing to work off.

  3. I don't think Karen was suggesting they are recasting Jordan, were you? I didn't understand what you meant, but you said 25-30-year-old African-American woman, Jordan has to be close to 40, right? Of course, she is amazingly beautiful, and has one of the all-time bodacious figures, but she is TJ's mother . . .

  4. Maybe Karen meant Valerie? I wondered because she wrote about being a Spencer. And definitely Jordan is way beyond 25-30.
    Just a guess about Valerie.

  5. Great SS! I love peanut butter toast! I had it just this morning.
    There was a great photo that I believe Michael Fairman posted of Michael and Rebecca Budig at Super soap weekend (I think) and it was so sweet! I just woke up from a nap so I'm a little fuzzy.
    I loved having Stone back, however short. Besides that and Hay-Finn I'm not thrilled with anything else.

  6. Fantastic SS (like always!) again this week! They're definitely a vital part to keeping me sane when having to making it through each week of GH these days!

    ** While watching Tuesday's show, which featured Stone's "return", it was completely obvious that Jelly's intent to present the entire encounter as Stone's ghost come to help Sonny make the choice to still live. But when watching it, I saw something else going on in the scene that while it might not have been their intention when writing it, but I think actually fits what we saw on screen MUCH better

    ** Halfway through the show, when he told Stone that he wanted to go with him so he could be with Morgan now, the look Sonny had on his face and the way that he did, he came across to m as if he was a completely deranged lunatic, that had just let go of whatever little shred of sanity that he had been clinging to as tightly as he could, leaving reality behind. The entire encounter encounter having occurred in his mind alone. With the way that things have gone down for the past few days fits events a lot better than the whole "ghost" explanation.


  7. Great SS! Spencer was definitely the highlight of the week-great scenes with Laura and Kevin.. I couldn't even watch Sonny with Stone. K has a good point about Sonny looking deranged, and for him to want to be with Morgan, when he has a baby, Michael and Kristina is pretty deranged to me anyway. Loved watching Ava as always, and liked her scenes with Val. Both such great actors. Hope we get to see more Maxie this week!

  8. LSV422 said...

    Great SS! Spencer was definitely the highlight of the week-great scenes with Laura and Kevin.. I couldn't even watch Sonny with Stone. K has a good point about Sonny looking deranged, and for him to want to be with Morgan, when he has a baby, Michael and Kristina is pretty deranged to me anyway. Loved watching Ava as always, and liked her scenes with Val. Both such great actors. Hope we get to see more Maxie this week!

    ** That's about the best way I could think to describe the whole "encounter" really. It really looked like I was watching Sonny, having completely divorced himself from reality. The only he could handle the current situation was to have help from Stone. Everything happening having been building up starting with Morgan's death and leading up to being shot by Sam as a catalyst for the break from reality. Speaking of Sam, I was REALLY hoping that when she regained consciousness, her personality would continue to be how it's been for the last few months, minus the hallucinations, and actually start to forge a REAL bond with Ava. The scene where she got Ava to put her mask on made it VERY clear there could be some fanntastic story come out of it.



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