Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Al Fresco

Wait, isn't this a Disney movie? 

Everyone SIT DOWN and cozy up. This is going to be one of those blogs where I just gush --then lose my sheeze all over the place!!  Sort of a buffet of everything you can think of. That's what we are eating--EVERYTHING. So get a turkey leg and some marshmallows --- here we go! 

Personal Note (added late Sat night): I just want to say that with all the horrific things going on, I am glad I can come here and lose myself for a bit in "our story". I'm grateful to all of you, and the fact that we are bonded in some weird bizarre way.  Just needed to send out some positive vibes today. 

I am so different from other viewers in so many ways. First of all, I'm not a 'do or die' shipper for anything. I'm not a "my character/couple right or wrong I'll always love them".  Things change, characters do stupid crap and time marches on. I've also probably watched way longer than most of you. That means I can smell a plot 9 miles away. Seen that--been there. (sometimes last year) So, when a 'stand alone' fun episode comes along I get a little giddy. 

That's what happened Wednesday. Then I read twitter and some fan boards and hoo-hee, I guess not everyone was enjoying it! I liked the Flea and Mac in the park. The fact that Nathan got pulled in and then Maxie. Curtis was doing the Stella sandwich run then happened on Hayden in the park talking to Jared. Valerie was out jogging, which strangely didn't bother me in the least. I liked she and Stella talking, especially in Kelly's when Auntie was trying to fix her up on a blind date (with Curtis!!) lol. Of course, no follow up on that date Friday which would have been the time to do it but hey. I was joyful. JOY--FULL.

Pair this with Tuesday's Q stuff, and it was a home run. Monica talking to Olivia like "OMG just wait until you've been in this family for awhile"!! Ned wanting to sabotage Michael (even Dillon had a little spark of personality there!)  Olivia firing cook.
Good times, good times. 

Do I care they didn't really 'move the story forward" ?? NOPE! Right now there ARE no stories I like to move forward!! So, the character interaction was well worth the watch. 


OMG! OMG!! I remember something...I remember....(flashback flashback flashback)

Oh my god, I shot you, didn't I??

Yeah, ya kinda did... (flashback) 


Um, the docs said something about Toxa-Mania or sumpin. In your brain. 

Hmmmm... Toxia-Mania in my brain. I need to talk to Jason about this... (to be continued)

Well, hello there. I haven't been on in weeks but I did watch you in the ER. You're one talented piece of as....*cough* assured young lady! You should try medical school!  Now, I have to go talk to that nice police woman about Jimmy Cagney and ask her out on a date. See you in September! 

GUESS WHAT!!? Giggle
Some doctor guy said I should like, GO TO MED SCHOOL! 
Really? Med school? You mean like, in the Mediterranean?? Club Med?
No SILLY... You know, just Med-i-SIN.  Like I'd totally be Dr. Kiki! 
Oh That doesn't sound weird or anything...nope. 

Welp. I' really sorry but..., we were here WAY before you were and if we want to have sex in the bushes we will!! We haven't done anything in YEARS so STEP OFF! 
Um, ya...what she said.  I even got to take my shirt off !

Thank God Jason, I haven't had enough flashbacks about shooting Sonny, I need to talk about it MORE! Please, let's talk about it!
What? What did you say? 
The medicine must be taking hold... I can't understand a word you say...zzzzzz

So... wait a minute. It's been months and months since I've had a story and you're telling me my old lover is back and your professor? 
Looks that way, yes...
The lover that I was in love with, then broke up with, then got back with then...
The story got dropped? 
Exactly. What. the. Hell. I don't even remember her name! Do you? 
Pasker? ParPor? Paypal? 

They're going to make us be all cute and hug every week, aren't they? 
Yes, those bastards!! 

Matchmaker Matchmaker, Make me a match!! Find me a find......

OMG So that's like a REAL BULLET??
Yeah, isn't that Awesome!!
NEAT-O !!! 
I mean, too cool.... um..hey, I was wondering..
Yeah (blush) 
Well, want to grab a malt later? 
Are we going Steady!!??
I gave you a bullet didn't I?? 

COME On, Alexis....come on... I'm negotiating my contract....don't....mess...this...UP!

Great, now I have to save your job?? I don't get paid enough....but whatever...


Becky Budding....great job with a lame story, especially since she knows she's leaving. 

Kelly Monaco....nice crying and no make up. She looked about 20 in those scenes. (I hate her lol)

John J York -- still looking H-O-T!  So is Kris Wagner (I hate her too!) 

So, whether you enjoyed the mid-week comedy or not, this summer is barreling to an end.  I really don't understand a LOT about what's happening and I'm not really that excited but I'm sticking in there!  I think the "Five Family" crap is coming back based on some things I've seen and all I can say is UGHHHHHH!! why!!!?  I think Sonny is already been on 300 days this year. (if you get my drift).  I guess we will have to be patient and see what fall brings, right? 

Off Topic: Any Clone Clubbers here?? The Finale (last one ever) of Orphan Black was MAGICAL last night. Joyful and perfect. I needed that happiness, especially right now. 

Have a good Sunday.  


  1. Yay, I am glad I am first again, and able to tell you how much we all appreciate you. Yes, we all are bonded, I consider GH my "alternate reality," and I'm so happy to be able to share it with all of you!

    This was one of the best SSs EVER (of course, they all are great), you really articulated what I (and most likely others) are feeling. I LOVE anything with Mac and Felicia in it, this was a little "out there," but very funny, and nice tie-in to Man Landers.

  2. Great SS! I watched the OB finale, too. OMG-so wonderful and so sad to see it over but it was a great run. All that happiness brought tears to my eyes. GH, meh. Two really good days and the rest way too much Sonny . Karen, I love coming here every day, too, and I love your Twitter comments as well. More fun here than the actual show most of the time and thanks for taking your time to keep this going!

  3. Thanks for another great laugh. The pictures and comments were perfect.

  4. GH is a safe sanctuary with all this trouble and violence going on. Thanks, very well written!

  5. So Maxie either needs to be back full-time or go away - this popping in and out is getting tiresome.....HOW did Valerie take a shower and change clothes so fast?
    It is SO obvious the writers thought 'hurry up and get Hayden outta here' - the plot is ridiculous that she would succumb to blackmail - SHE used to be strong and would blackmail back ----- love Mac and Felicia - John York is SEXY!
    YES, Karen - the writing is in bits and pieces and we don't stick with anything anymore....MAX HOLDEN looks stupid with those glasses......

  6. Yes, does anyone know if KS is coming back full-time?

  7. I'm not buying Max Holden as a doctor either. Loved the Mac and Felicia scenes. O recorded Orphan Black, watching it sometime today

  8. John J York still got it, H-O-T is right. :) Hayden and Finn are killin me. Damn writers! At least no Amy, but it didn't matter because Man Landers was brought up...but it got Macs shirt off, so I'll forgive them.

  9. Thank YOU for providing this place to come and lose ourselves, even if only for a few minutes. The latest scenes between Hayden & Finn are some of the best scenes GH has aired recently. She should not have been let go. In a bit of disagreement, I actually liked Sam's scenes with Sonny. I could hear everything she said. So much of this is so totally predictable. Would be nice if they'd surprise us with something like...bringing Rebecca Budig back even before she is missed.

  10. Zazu, I could hear Kelly ...but when Billy was talking to her Friday, I swear It was just a string of words I didn't get LOL...
    Kelly DID DO an amazing job.

    On the Kirsten Storms front, yes, she's 'back'-she was never let go as she was on leave. So, she should be on as usual.

  11. I'll be 48 in Nov, if memory serves, I started watching when I was 40 yrs. I do know I was around for Luke and Laura but the disco stuff I am unsure of, so I might have been just a bit older than 8.

  12. AntJoan said...

    Yes, does anyone know if KS is coming back full-time?

    ** She is, yeah. To me, it looks like they're just slowly easing her back in, since she's been out for so long. I'm just VERY happy that she's doing better and could come back.


  13. Michelle Latta said...

    I'll be 48 in Nov, if memory serves, I started watching when I was 40 yrs. I do know I was around for Luke and Laura but the disco stuff I am unsure of, so I might have been just a bit older than 8.

    ** That's around when I did, too. While I'm not sure EXACTLY when. I am sure that it was sometime shortly after Luke came to PC, and just shortly before the rape. Though when people ask me how long I've been watching, I usually just say "since the Carter administration"


    1. LOL! I have a memory of sitting cross legged in front of those big box tv's (you know the ones) LOL! My mom hated soaps so I guess my Gram got me started.
      As a teen I watched y&r, DAYS, OLTL, GH of course, snippets of and, but not religiously but I knew some character names. Oh and of course PC. LOL!

    2. *snippets of AMC(Damn it auto correct)

  14. I really enjoyed the last couple of days. Much rather watch family oriented stories. I'll even take Man Landers over watching Sonny and Carly and more mob stuff. Wish Hayden would stay and continue being a sister to Liz.

  15. I started watching when Jenny killed Broch. When you all were doing there's a hole in the bucket last week. That was the best GH memory I will ever have! Loved it!

  16. Michelle Latta said...

    LOL! I have a memory of sitting cross legged in front of those big box tv's (you know the ones) LOL! My mom hated soaps so I guess my Gram got me started.
    As a teen I watched y&r, DAYS, OLTL, GH of course, snippets of and, but not religiously but I knew some character names. Oh and of course PC. LOL!

    ** Oh I remember those VERY well! It was my grandmother who got me hooked, also. Noone else in the family would watch. Her main 2 were Y&R and DAYS, I added GH and with quite a bit of AMC, OLTL and Ryan's Hope. (Of course PC was a given! But she died in the late 80s) We had one of the REAL early VCRs that my mom traded one of those old Kirby vacuums (that sounded like a jet engine when used, but it was a hell of a vacuum) I just wish I still had some of those tapes. But since they were so expensive back then, one would just rerecord over and over until it wasn't watchable.)




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