Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dr. O under Fire

Stephen Nichols tweeted: MY LONG LOST SON! (both on DAYS now) 

Mac is worried about Anna finding out about their naked tryst in the park. Anna comes in with Emma. The new baby is named Noah Robert Scorpio Drake. 

Curtis and Finn still trapped in HayRay's office. Curtis won't look for Hayden because it was her choice to leave. 

Dr. O gets a lecture from Franco.  Liz then lectures her too.  Then Finn comes and yells at her. 

Maxie  is talking to Spin about maybe moving to Seattle. They are wondering why Nate won't move.  She wants him to find Man Landers (sigh) he says he LOVES Man Landers! He grew his beard because Man said women like it. She wants him unmasked. 

Nathan is with AMY talking about MAN LANDERS.  Nothing to see here, move along. 

EDITING JUNK: Liz and Franco were literally talking to Dr. O, turned around and left. Finn came up and started talking. NEXT SCENE? Liz is changed, home and ready to zex up Franco. ugh. Liz wants him to move in. Funny-- I thought they already lived together?? 

NEWS come on about Barcelona. So damn sad. This world is just so damn sad.   Be kind to one another.  Love will win.  It has to. 


  1. They discussed it but don't think he was actually moved in. So all you missed is Curtis telling Finn he'd help him. Flea saw Amy and Nathan hug and.... I think that's it.

  2. And Maxie discovered that Ask Man Landers had over a million followers so now she wants to find out who he is and blackmail him into working with her magazine.

  3. Can we get an episode of Bobbie, Anna, and Flea on the town? Please!

  4. Di said...

    And Maxie discovered that Ask Man Landers had over a million followers so now she wants to find out who he is and blackmail him into working with her magazine.

    ** I really hate when soaps do this sort of thing when it comes to something technical/computer related (ESPECIALLY online stuff.) By no means am I really tech minded. But, for some reason whenever a storyline like this comes along, on ANY soa , the writers seem to have no clue at all exactly how something like this even works, so the longer it seems to go on, the more and more cringe inducing it becomes.

    ** It's kinda related, in a roundabout way...But I do have to wonder, just how much of the audience (in particular the younger ones) even knows where the title of `Ask Man Landers' comes from?


  5. Seattle park:

    Spinny and Maxie: SPIIIIIIIIIIIINYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Love the beard!!! You still with Ellie? When are you two getting married?!!?!! :)


    Nathan and Amy: Okay the beginning was cute when she pretended she had a gun and they hug, but then the rest, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Felicia and Nathan: So funny. :)

    The hospital:

    RayRay's office:

    Curtis and Finster: So sad!!!!! Glad Curtis tried to find RayRay! Wish he would keep trying!!! RayRay better come back!!!

    Dr. O, BobTodd, and Liz: Love how BobTodd handles Dr. O and love how Liz just wants to claw her eyes out hahahaha.

    Finster and Dr. O: Bite her Finster! Bite her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Mac and Anna's table: Awww baby Noah Robert Scorpio-Drake. :) Can't wait to meet him! Mac wins the line of the day!


    BAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA! Deja vu!!!! Flashed to when he was like that to Maxie and Robin hahahhahahaha. LOVE YOU MAC!!!! NEVER CHANGE! Damn I want him to have a baby of his own!

    Yeah what happened in Barcelona is very sad. People are so angry! So much hate. :(


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