Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Desperate Times

20141226 1037(9)

A week of fun, cheer and KrampusKlaus... then it was New Years! WOO HOO... love the time jumpin. GH does it so well. "This week just flew by" said Maxie .

I was in NYC Friday. WONDERFUL time seeing "Here Lies Love"--a concert type play that was just amazing. This blog will be really disjointed and probably make little sense as I'm trying to play catch up. Forgive me the minor bumps/mistakes I may have! honor of the season and it being magically 2015, let's have some champagne and chocolates. 

20141223 0705(22)

Over in The  Jail, it was the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies as Johnny and Sonny continued their ballet. (see what I did there? LOL) Johnny has Ric-- or so he thinks. Sonny is going to double cross him and get Ric back because of Shawn. (who actually couldn't do it on his own and had Jordan help).  Johnny isn't happy. NOT ONE BIT!!! Blah blah blah...and later when Franco shows up, all bets are off. Franco actually tries to get on Johnny's good side by saving him from Sonny's sharp toothbrush  until Johnny reminds him that he strapped a bomb to Lulu. Franco ends up in solitaire because Sonny planted the said shiv on him. Sonny also informs Franco that before he kills him he's going to "pass him around like the bitch that you are" and get him raped. NICE. I could have lived without that knowledge, thank you.   "Desperate Convicts"...

20141223 0709(24)

In the courtroom, Franco tied playing crazy but the judge said "first it was the tumor, then you were sane, now you can't be crazy again. Sorry. Bye!!  Nina freaked out because she was going without Franco. They screamed their goodbyes in matching denim shirts. "Desperate In Denim" 
20141224 0804(18)

Ric got sprung from the trunk..all bearded and Disheveled -- which is quite a dashing look for him! Guess what? Jordan and Shawn save him from Carrrrrrrlos and he's free to go tell Molly he's alive! ALIVE! This of course, happens just as Alexis is going to tell Molly he's "alive but missing". Joyful reunion all around! 

20141226 1030(23)

AND--guess what!? Liz is so happy he's alive too!! She's been "dreaming of this". Jake looks on all crabby at their happy reunion.  "Desperate in Amnesia"  --he was JUST about to make his move!  Ric spent Christmas morning bonding and I think they may have went to the Zoo off camera too. How special! Ric came back on Friday to tell Jake to basically get out. Ric knows something is up with him.  Now Jake is "Desperate NuFace" 

20141217 0650(11)

Maxie got bad news about Georgie until Nathan calls Mutter who blackmails Monica into telling her new boyfriend (Judge) to change his mind. It seems that a LOT happened off camera and we saw it in flashbacks. 
20141226 1022(2)

Apparently, Judge Wapner (I'm calling him that) and Monica are hot and heavy! Maxie flies to Portland, and Spin is happy to see her. We get to see Georgie (whom I think is Bradford's RL daughter) and her pigtails. Alas, Maxie can't return to Port Charles because of weather. "Desperate AirPassenger". Too bad too because Nate has a night planned! Lulu came and gave him champers and strawberries to woo Maxie with. He's just "Desperate"

20141224 0642(28)

Um, this happened. That baby is still unnamed except by Nina so I'm saying COCO is in big trouble with this pair. (Do you even care they kissed? Yeah, me neither.) I'm calling his "Desperate Do-Over".

20141226 0945(5)

Over at GH-- there was a CRAZY KramperKlauz thing--which was pretty scary. Those poor kiddos LOL. Dr. O did a great job with the spooky story until Santa showed up and saved the day. At least I got to see Josslyn!!! Did you notice that Aiden was "Sick". He's Norm's wife from Cheers, talked about, but never seen!! 

20141226 1043(12)

Also at the Christmas party, Sam and Patrick kissed under the mistletoe on the GH Titanic Balcony. They love to use that set location now, don't they!!? Who's happy with SamTrick? Who's happy with LiRic? Who's happy that Epiphany was on!? No Milo tho. We are "Desperate Shippers" 

20141226 0945(32)

There was a LOTTA "Desperate Facetiming" this week too.  That was basically the mode of Maxie and Nathan. 

20141226 0950(27)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: I know many of you won't agree, and some found it a bit--out of place but I loved this. Mostly because of wonderful LESIL and the faces of the kiddos. Kudos to the crew/writers for doing something different and daring on Christmas!! 

20141224 0755(25)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Sharpened Oral B toothbrush. It almost killed Johnny and got Franco sent to the Shoe. BIG part for such a small item! 

20141226 0957(4)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Is THIS face....just because I've really missed him. I think he ads a lot to the show and the chem between Maxie and Spin is wonderful. I could totally have her seeing Nate, him with Ellie but them being BFFs. 

Sorry I don't have more on Friday. I know Jordan is in hiding. Fluke is still trying to get Julian to kill someone. HA! That goes well, right?

Anyway-- have a great one. I will be blogging this week for the NEW YEAR! :) 


  1. One more week b4 the real stories resume. Holidays are always slow.

  2. Karen, since when do you love the time jumping? You're a time Nazi like me! LOL! Frankly, I find it infuriating and very insulting to the viewers.

    So with Ron's latest time assassination we're supposed to believe (and be invested) that Liz, Ric, and the kids have all been bonding over the week even though all of it happened off screen?

    Such. Lazy. Writing.

    My wish for GH in 2015 is for the writers to get their shit together and actually craft well thought out storylines that take us on a journey and make us invest in the characters or couples.....

    BAAHAHAHAAAA...who am I kidding? The GH writers are incapable of that. I'm such a silly girl with my wild and crazy dreams for GH to become my #1 favorite soap again.

    Hope everyone had a joyous holiday. Happy New Year GH friends :)

  3. I didn't mind the time jump so much, but what I didn't like was that we got seconds of Maxie and Georgie while minutes of other stories. Not only that but Maxie waited so long, a see her daughter and she's all ready to head back to PC to see Nathan for their 2nd (anniversary) date. She can see him anytime....oh well. I did enjoy those scenes however short. Also enjoyed Ric/Molly/Liz scenes. Could have done without that whole scaring the kids, doing something different thing.

  4. I don't like when a lot of the show happens off camera either. It feels like we are being short changed. Almost like they are telling us what we should think and feel, instead of airing it and allowing us to make up our own minds.
    Karen that is not Bradford's oldest daughter. He actually posted a picture of his two girls this week for Xmas. However little Georgie is a excellent cast as his daughter, as she does look like him.

    I hated the Krumpus Xmas. I thought it was in poor taste. I watched BB and Y&R's Xmas shows. and they were so much better. Y&R's was all about family and friends coming together, and BB was about helping in the community. GH's was a scary monster. Not appropriate in my opinion for this holiday. Heck GH would have trouble doing a family episode...they have decimated the families on GH. All you have to do is look at the other soaps and compare.
    As for Maxie and Nathan, that was ridiculous also. Maxie should have been planning to stay at least a full week, after not seeing her daughter for a year. Like someone pointed out, she always can see Nathan. Poor thought out plot points in this story line.

  5. I'm never, ever going to be happy about Sam/Patrick. Did anyone else think that maybe Kiki and Morgan went off to get married so they can take custody of the baby for now???

  6. Didn't Maxie spend a whole week with her daughter. I don't know why the show can't show how other people celebrate Christmas.

  7. The fast-forward on GH this week was a little jarring. We had a Halloween that lasted what felt like 2 weeks, now we skip ahead a whole week from Xmas Eve to New Year's Eve and are told about all the fun family things that occurred without actually seeing them. RC needs to SHOW us, not TELL us, in order to get us invested. The personal interactions are what develop the relationships and ties between characters. Sadly for me GH feels very shallow because they don't spend much time on developing relationships. Everything is instantaneous. Queen427 said it very well in that it feels like the show is telling us how to feel.

    I generally liked Spinelli and miss the character because I felt like he made Maxie more tolerable. They were enemies at first, then became friends and then became romantic. It took months to develop. With Nathan I feel Maxie seems selfish putting her own needs ahead of seeing her daughter. She barely knew Nathan and yet defied the judge to see him. One night handcuffed together and it's supposed to be a great romance. She's back on my insufferable list but then I can FF her and Nathan, a dull character I really can't get into.

    How come Ric hasn't gone to the police and told them he was kidnapped and held captive in a car trunk by Carrrrlos? Why is Carrrlos still walking around free? Also I predict that Franco's tumor has come back, which will enable the show to get him off the kidnapping charges etc., as he will again not be responsible for his actions. RC is so in love with his villains there is no way any of them will ever pay for their crimes. Don't mean to be so negative but last week was pretty bad so I hope the new year has better episodes!

  8. You know what are right. Maxie did spend a week out there if she went for Christmas Eve and is coming back NYE. See this is where a vanishing week time wise you don't see, gets you confused. Thanks for pointing that out, I did forget LOL. Still their freaking out over a day delay in her getting back was a bit over done. They have had one or two dates so far is all...

  9. Karen, my sarcasm radar was clearly malfunctioning this morning! Duh! Lol! Lol!

    Queenie427 - Great comments about how the writers want us to think and feel without showing us are completely on point as well as how other soaps show us their family holidays and GH does not. All plot points, no investment in the characters and the broader, long-term landscape. It's like the writers think they write for SNL; skit writing.

  10. Oh so the theme for Sunday Sugary, is, DESPERATE! ROFL!

  11. Yes, the time-hopping was a little unnerving. Seems like we went from Halloween to Christmas in two weeks's time with a token Thanksgiving episode thrown in. (We needed an excuse to hear the Q's break into their rendition of "We Gather Together.") Those set decorators must've been working a lot of overtime to change the festive decorations so quickly!

    Michelle Latta: I so agree with you about Maxie. I love her character. But really ... She has waited so long to be with her baby Georgie, and then her disappointment over the flight cancellation and subsequent determination to be with Nathan was reminiscent of the "old Maxie" -- the selfish Maxie. She should have seen the silver lining from the flight cancellation, i.e., it meant she would have more time to spend with Georgie. She and Nathan will have plenty of time to be together now that the crooked judge has relented. But how often can she spend time with Georgie? Also, I found it almost gratuitous how the writers explained away the judge's stubborn behavior when preventing Maxie's reunion with her daughter. It was oversimplified. They had an opportunity to write this as a "corrupt judge" story, but instead they tried to soften the judge with a sympathetic saga about his daughter. I do wonder what Mutta's favor for Nathan will cost him. Nothing ever comes without a price.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I am growing more and more frustrated with Liz. She bounces in and out of love like an NBA basketball. I feel so sorry for Jake. She has been leading him on, and then the poor guy had to see her sucking face with Ric. Perhaps a little more consideration toward Jake's feelings would've been in order. Yeah, I understand Ric came back from the dead and all, but still. Telling Epiphany about her cozy family time with Ric and the boys, while discounting Jake's absence was cold-hearted.

    Not sure yet how I feel about Jordan. Something isn't right with this storyline. I can't pinpoint what it is.

    I've been trying to figure out how Sonny will eventually get out of Pentonville. My guess is that he will help the Feds break up the mob activities going on from inside the Pen. Since Sonny's organization is the only one among the five families that doesn't run drugs, maybe they'll give him credit for that. Also, the proportion of guilt for AJ's murder may be shouldered more by Ava since she incited Sonny into pulling the trigger. Just thought.

  12. Carlos went to jail for A.J.'s murder. Don't forget Maxie and Nathan weren't on in November,so I don't see anything with what Maxie did.

  13. The episodes were one day late all week so maybe that was why it seemed rushed--they may have gone back and snipped out stuff to get episodes back on the right day. These are all shot so far ahead these days and it would be hard to make major changes in plots.

    I've been hoping nuJason is changed, that he wouldn't bond with Carly, that he wouldn't ever work for the mob again, that he...oh, well.

    Queen, it was actually Guza who decimated the families and I feel Ron has been trying to put them back together--such as the Qs. It isn't easy because Guza killed off most of them.

    I think it is time Alexis bought a new house. But maybe she feels she must get close to Molly again before she does that. Still, it's a bit awkward with so many living with Sam. And now Ric, too.

    I didn't understand why someone didn't put a stop to the Krumpus Xmas before all the kids ran off screaming. Awful.

    And we definitely needed to see that week of activities with Ric and Liz so we can either invest in them or in Jake. Of course I doubt they want us to settle on a pairing with Jake because he has to go back to Sam, I guess. (Boring).

    And I am more than ready for realLuke to overcome Fluke and save the day! I want Luke to have a good heroic day SOON!

    Or maybe Anna and Jordon will come thru...

  14. Liz and Ric feel very forced. Clearly they are going to have Ric be "bad" and Liz will be distraught and turn to Jake right when he realizes he's Jason and heading back to Sam!

  15. "Avalonn said...Clearly they are going to have Ric be "bad" "

    Huh? Clearly? Why do you say that? I don't see any scenes that he had that he would be bad.



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