Tuesday, December 16, 2014

STILL counting those VOTES!

Yep. Maxie tells Lulu that Mac and Fe are at city hall about a meeting on the "recount" --Um, Okay then! Diane didn't show up for court either.
Geesh, all them actors not available??????? Alexis is her lawyer sub. The lawyer that trashed her as a mom before. Oh, the judge knows she was seeing Nate!  How? HE was picking up MONICA for lunch and saw her in his room! So Mon and he are still dating. 

Dr. O tells Jake how wonderful HE IS WITH CHILDREN in the ward--she wants him to "fingerpaint" with them. Not that there's anything wrong with some amnesia guy WITH NO NAME running around the kids.

Nik and Spence are talking. Nik finds out Helena was at the docks and goes to call security. She walks right out of the wall! LOL OMG Nikolas sends Spencer away-- NO!! I Miss him already.
Nik and Helena hug..and she's not letting him call security.
Helena tells Nik to be the PRINCE or she's taking everything.. all of IT! 

Olivia says she likes Ned. And Ned wants to be friends. She doesn't want to see him at all if he wants to make a go with Alexis. Which, he does. 

Sam is trying to tell Dante Jake is the gunman. Whatever. Dante can't find his file. 


  1. I am so over the custody thing. Let her see the baby for crying out loud. People have done worse and still get to see their children - its played out too long and too far. No way the judge can make up silly rules as he goes along because he doesn't like the defendant.

  2. Does this judge think he is a detective? What an ass.

  3. Courthouse: What?!!? The recount is still in progress?! It's been two months! What is taking so damn long?! I love Maxie's dress. Maxie can't see her daughter for ANOTHER 6 months?!!? COME ON WRITERS! Enough is enough!!!

    Dr O and Jake Doe: Hmmmmm? Jake Doe is a therapy painter now?!! And with kids? Well okay then.

    Dr O and Nathan: Awwww! Great scene!

    Liz and Jake Doe: I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD! Oh. Not this time? Oh okay. Liz is so bothered by what Sam said to her, she can't eat the sandwich that Jake Doe gave her!

    Police station: Oh Sam! Just get proof instead of yammering on and on and on about Jake Doe! UGH!

    Ned and Olivia: At first I thought this was another daydream of Olivia's. Nope! She actually told him how she feels YAY! Oh Ned!!! Wake up! Alexis is using you to get over Julian! She isn't in love with you! You should be with Olivia! You are making a huge mistake!

    Wyndemere: Spencer is being rude again to his father! Where is Helena! She will straighten him out again! Oh there she is! In the tunnel hahaha. She looks great! Helena wins the line of the day today!

    Helena: Act like the prince that you were born to be. Or all of this, the island, the money, the mansion, everything you own, will simple disappear.

    And then she snaps her fingers!!!! Tasty tasty tasty!!!!! :)

  4. I love that Hells just walks through walls and appears out of seemingly nowhere. And Nina thinks Ava's baby is bionic!

  5. "RedSoxFaninVA said...I love that Hells just walks through walls and appears out of seemingly nowhere. And Nina thinks Ava's baby is bionic!"

    Hahahaha! Helena is the original bionic woman of Port Chuckles!!! :)

  6. Happy Hanukkah to those of us who light the first candle tonight!

  7. Happy Hanukkah from me, too. Haven't lit the candles in years, though. Loved the Helena/Nik interaction. She looked stunning as always. Loos like Nik had that hairpiece trimmed and his hair looked good. I think Sonny has the same one. Cartini once again deprives mom and baby of being together for nonsensical reasoning. I hope they never have children. Poor Maxie. Alexis couldn't even get an edge with her boobs hanging out. I like seeing Dr. O becoming humanized. She is much nicer to Nathan than she ever was to Britt.

  8. Oh Hanukkah! I adored the year that they showed Bernie lighting the menorah. I think that was the Jingle Jackal year.



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