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Explaining Luke/Fluke: Speculation

*** UPDATE: We know now that it was FAISON not Larry under the Mask Anna pulls off..if you substitute Faison for Larry in this, it still works.

I still say that is NOT the real Luke at the Q's house. I don't think it was Faison doing it the whole time, I think he just put the mask on this one day.  (Remember Helena "Faison you have a task at hand")
So, there it is.
Here's my speculation. I have NO details. I seriously stayed off spoilers and although I had an inclination at the beginning of all this, I really think things have ebbed and flowed as time went by. With Geary's long absence especially. Everyone had time to regroup and rethink.
I love mysteries -- and this is what I think will happen based on 450 years of my watching soaps. So if I'm wrong...sorry! 

That said, I still WANT HOPE AND NEED "FLUKE" to be Bill Eckert. Why? I can NOT tolerate another mask parade OR plastic surgery.  I'm so over that. You have NO idea how over it. Ergo, I choose to continue to believe this is Bill.  Why does he hate Sonny so much? No idea--other than maybe Sonny ruined X number of crime families that Bill worked for? I don't know. I DO know he'd have connections with the entire cartel, and especially Larry Ashton. The Quartermaine thing fits like a glove as does the Jerome thing. Maybe Bill thought Luke should have been the one to "die" and not him. Taking over Luke's life now would be sweet revenge. Also note that he really hasn't mentioned the taking down Sonny angle in awhile. 

Explaining what I think is happening now:

1. Fluke/Luke are in the bin, and we are kind of led to believe it's either Ashton or Faison in there because of the "mask" and the safety deposit box photo. Editing made it seem that way. BUT! It's neither of them, it's Bill Eckert. 

2. Helena comes in..threatens the real LUKE--we see her with the knife. Then commercial yada yada... and then Helena is walking out as Alexis is walking in with Julian (who I think is clueless at this point).  Helena just lets her go in there. Doesn't yell, doesn't pull out a knife. Just leaves. Like she WANTS HER TO GO IN! Alexis finds Luke, unties him and he makes her double think it's him by saying "Natasha".  I'm thinking Helena, after waking up, filled ol' Bill in on everything he needed to know to further his cause.  The "Cupcake" for Lulu--the grandson thing. Making him more "Luke Like". 
The switch happened before Alexis even got there-- Luke is somewhere else. 

3. Alexis says "Let's go to the cops"...panic on "Luke's face"..and in the end he showers and goes to the Q's.  Makes people think it's him. Outs Larry Ashton. Larry has "A car waiting" and runs. Everyone is like "he's the FAKE"!! It fits. The safety box, the mask on the flash drive, everything.

4.up...Larry is at Julian's. I can't think it's Faison in a mask as he's way way too short. Ashton has the hair too. Note when the mask is peeled off in the preview, there's no hair. Ok, so.. Anna finally 'discovers' the FAKE Luke (Ashton) which is all part of the plan. He goes away.  BILL is able to totally be LUKE with no strings as everyone will think the fake guy is out of the picture. 

The one loose end is Faison. I think he's in there as a red-herring and part of the "Let's take over Port Charles" contingent. 

Does this make ANY sense? It's all I can think of that's going to happen. Maybe the only person that can stop this is Laura. Wouldn't that be awesome? She comes in for sweeps takes one look at Fluke and Goes..OMG you are Bill Eckert!! I'd love that. Then, the real Luke and Laura would sail off into the sunset (because Geary is finally retiring). 

This is my story. Now, it could be totally wrong and that's the fun of it all. YOU have your own speculations I'm sure. Have at it! 


  1. Karen, I think I'm the only person who thought it really was Luke who was rescued by Alexis. I guess I was just hoping the kidnapped-Luke part of the story was done! But you make some really good points and I can totally see it playing out that way. Larry and the mask are red herrings. I still don't know why Bill Eckhert would hate Sonny, or Tracy for that matter. If it is Bill we'll have to see what his motivation was, and how he managed to survive when we saw him die ON SCREEN!

  2. I think it could possibly be Anthony Zacchara. Anthony hated Sonny and lusted after Tracy. Hence Johnny coming back into the picture.

  3. I felt that Alexis finding Luke was too easy!!After months and months,she just walks in and resues him!!Plus Julian said the guy in witness protection had the same face-- Bill Eckart,I feel it is him.But he "died" in Lukes arms!!Well does anyone stay dead on GH?

  4. Some good ideas, Karen.

    I think it's Eckert and that Larry was set up as the Fall Guy- Faison is in it w Helena for other reasons- namely Jason.

    Bill sees Sonny as Frank Smith's successor and he hates Smith who 'killed' him thinking him Luke, whom Bill always thought was an inferior version of himself, since everyone said Bill looked like Luke, not the other way around.

    Bill also killed Harlan Barrett and Harlan's last request to Bill was that he finish what he started. Maybe Bill felt he was a sucker to not grab the power, since it left him vulnerable to Mob types, so decided to beat the Mob at their own game- use the Jeromes to destroy the successor to Smith.

    He wd be a perf candidate for WPP so that Smith might not try to kill him again, and we know Julian sd Fluke said there was a guy in PC who looked like him.

    Larry is just set up as the idiot fall guy, like in Cartel 1.

    Julian will take Larry down, and he's the guy Anna pulls the mask off of, meaning Fluke is at the Q mansion and Luke is in Helena's clutches now.

    Watch for 'Luke' to soon reveal himself when alone, on a cell phone, with a call to Helena.

  5. katydid: Bill may have been the first person revived in the Cassadine formula/plan.

  6. I think the initial mask gave DUKE the idea and he is Fluke.

  7. I think it is Bill. Remember Helena told Luke she was disappointed that he hadn't figured out who Fluke was.

  8. so Cosmo, you agree with me?> GOOD points on Harlan's last request

    Gary, forgot that little tid bit from hells!!

  9. I agree with katydid53. It was too easy for Alexis to find Luke. However, given the length of time this has played out the writing team probably decided to expodite things.

    I will be stunned if Fluke is not Bill Eckhert. The signs keeping appearing. For instance Ned mention the cartel Larry, Bill, and Faison were apart of with Harlan back in the 90s.

  10. Karen, I'll add a new idea. Someone catches Fluke, tears his mask off and he is revealed to be Jake. Shocker. But is Jake really Fluke?

    Jake is not really Jason - I will call him fake Jake. Fake Jake was put in place by Helena/Starvos as a decoy.

    Remember way back when the Cassadines said they needed Jason for his skill set? Real Jason has been brainwashed to operate as Cassadines/Faison/Jerry's league of evil henchman. It is real Jason that is Fluke!

    Of course through plastic surgery both fake Jake and real Jason look alike (so both can be played by Billy Miller) and leading to the shocker of us thinking Fluke is Jake for a period.

    Having Jason targetting Sonny would be incredible. It would also answer the JaSam bs Liason wars as after Kevin Collins rehabiliates Jason he can be with Sam and Jake can stay with Liz.

    Of course I dont think this is the case - Fluke had sex with Tracey, saying that was actually Jason is totally unbeleivable and incest. Then again, they went there with Ned and Monica.

    It tells you just how far GH has gone to the campy ridiculous that I would even think of this.

    One thing I do want is for Duke to go bad. Good Duke is boring as hell. Perhaps Duke can have a fling with Helena!

  11. I believe ABC missed an incredible marketing opportunity with the various GH masks. Who would not want Anna, Duke, and now Luke masks as stocking stuffers!

  12. All very interesting theories here. I LOVE the idea of once again bringing Laura back to be the only one that knows this Luke is not Luke. A complex and sweeping story arc that returns our faith in the couple of all soap couples. Perhaps with lots of flashbacks to their old adventure days. My twist would be that Luke actually die in Laura's arms at the very end; beginning a new dawn for Laura as the Vikki Lord of Port Charles. Genie's got the acting chops to do it.

  13. only bad guys never die on GH. What about the heroes and heroines? Alan? Georgie?

    Evil never dies.

    as for Genie, does anyone else think she is blackballed from the show? They never, ever give her a decent storyline when she does appear and she could have returned several times in the past few years and hasnt. I'm betting someone on the show just doesnt want her around and she is not welcomed back.

  14. I will be so very unhappy if Fluke turns out to be Bill Eckart. He may have had mob ties but he wasn't like this cold hearted so and so. He was friends with Robert Scorpio he ended up shooting Harlen to protect him. He was a nasty dispositioned alcoholic but he was not a physco killer. I just don't think it fits.

  15. Karen, you recite an excellent analysis about why who we see is not the real Luke. The whole thing at Miscavage was so flat. No way would Helena walk away, granting real-Luke his freedom. It stunk all the way.

    Now, I did not see today's episode (Tuesday) due to a storm-related power outage (finally getting rain in thirsty California!) -- I caught the last minute plus previews for tomorrow & could pretty much figure out what happened today which is kinda sad. Anyway ... I agree with many items you've pointed out.

    I think the Bill Eckert theory is a great one, and masks be damned! So sick of them. But I've had this gut feeling from the beginning that Fluke has been Anthony Zacharra. No one has shown such misogynistic behavior toward women than AZ has. Recall the tasteless comment he made about Sam at Nic's faux engagement party? Making passes at Starr?? (I refuse to acknowledge "the K name") Eww. Just plain Eww. I don't recall Bill Eckert being that perverse. And when I heard that Brandon was returning for a short stint, the possibility of Fluke = AZ was reinforced.

    I do think that this was a "let's make it up as we go along" story line up to a point. When they started this ruse, I don't think that even Tony knew how long he would be out with his back surgery. Whomever it turns out to be, it HAS to be a zinger. Jerry Jacks would be such a bore, and no way is it Faison. AZ hated Sonny with a passion. I continue to hold out hope.

  16. Karen: I agree. I think Faison was toild to wear the mask to bring down Anna. I'll bet Helena or a still alive Victor will handpick a corrupt PC commish in her place.

  17. I don't know where to start ... Having trouble believing that the FLuke at the Q's is the same FLuke we've seen since Jan. Obviously, it's not RealLuke, but even with Helena's coaching, he seems a lot more 'human' now.

    I do agree that Faison only wore the mask for 1 day. Like many of you, I think Bill makes the most sense.

    OH how I would LOVE for Laura to return to help clear this all up, but sadly it does seem that GH doesn't want Genie back. I hope that's not true. I have felt for a long time now that Laura's presence is needed in Port Charles for a multitude of reasons.

    A 'Bring Genie Back to GH' campaign, anyone? ;-)



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