Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Winter Solstice

20141219 0532(22)
I was given what? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

There has to be down weeks in soaps and man o' man this was IT. So much narrative and so much NOTHING ELSE. Then the Prez interrupts Friday's show which was going to be the Ric in the trunk, baby DNA day.

So, why don't we eat some EGGS OVER EASY-- and get to it. 

20141216 0658(28)

After visiting Julian in jail, Alexis trots over to the new and glammed up Metro and has breakfast with Ned. Olivia has a fantasy of telling Ned how much she loves him but ends up telling Alexis she has easy eggs. Or something like that. Later, Olivia does tell Ned she wubs him but he just wants to be friends. So, I'm not really sure why there was a fake out, but there was. 

20141216 0718(32)

Sonny tried to take over the prison yard but doesn't get far. Johnny tells him he has Ric and if he doesn't give up his territory he'll kill him.  So, to make a VERY long story short, Sonny says "OK" but tells Shawn to find Ric. HA HAHAHHAAA. STOP laughing. I know I know...Shawn. FIND RIC? HOW? Anyway, a bunch of stuff happens, yada yada... and Duke says "ok we'll do it' (but secretly not doing it).

20141219 0524(14)

MEANWHILE...Carrrrrrrrlos goes to Julian's bail hearing and gives him the money to get out if he'll join the Gang Frat Mobular Mean Men. Julian says ok, and then they go to Johnny's old garage where Ric is in the trunk of a giant Lincoln.  And..we never saw Ric because the Prez interrupted on Friday. 

20141217 0749

Judge Walters is being a dick to Maxie who won't get to see Georgie for another six months. He caught her visiting Nate behind his back and well, that was it. Nate called "someone" (Spinelli) and he'll be up to visit soon. Oh, and we did find out he and Monica have been dating. Off camera of course.

20141217 0750(14)

WHAT do I remember? WHO am I? Did I really kidnap Sam?  Hmmmmm, what? Oh, I know, I'll take Elizabeth on a picnic up in the stairwell. Yep. 

20141217 0750(27)

THIS IS totally the new Liz ..Jake TITANIC BALCONY!! Drink in the greatness of it!!  SEE the vastness of the OCEAN! Feel the KING OF THE WORLD...!!!!!!!!!

20141217 0723(25)

Oh, lost myself for a minute there...sorry.

20141217 0734(22)

Oh, and actually Nik liked hugging Hells! She basically told him to grow a pair. Act like the Glorious Princely Man he is. Best part? SHE WALKED OUT OF THE WALL! Totally cool. Spencer's eyes got HUGE. 

20141218 0641(2)

And Kiki and Morgan took care of the baby cakes --and Carly helped. Sorry poor baby. I so wanted Josslyn to stop by and get really jealous and mad over the little bundle of joy.  The DNA tests are in and I can't say because it was on Friday's show and that's not on until Monday. (If you want to know, then go on You Tube, you can see Friday's show there).  

20141218 0653(31)

This was the best part. Bitter Michael told Kiki and Michael to GET OUT. OUT OUT! You two don't have a job. GO. Carly said they could freeload at her house, she doesn't care.

20141218 0654(13)

Yeah...this happened. I don't really know what it was about---but I think ...Sabrina told Paddy what she did to Ava. He was like, oh well. Then, I fell asleep.

20141218 0735(1)

Silas visited Ava in did Sabrina. Ava forgave her. She had a nice speech about the two of them ending up with no baby.  Oh, Franco and Nina visited each other too. Nina was given a sedative. (me too). Franco talked about how they were going to be okay in the end. 

20141219 0532(31)

Jordan and Anna met together. Jordan was all ready to tell TJ she's an undercover but Anna drags her back in to find Ric. So, that's where this is. 

20141219 0604(10)

Alexis is representing the entire town because, well, Diane is MIA. She's got Maxie's case  and Nate talked her into Nina. Nina's trying to talk her into repping Franco. Even that may be a stretch for ol' Alexis. Plus, no one loves Franco like Diane. Tumor Jar, anyone? 

20141217 0704(10)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  You know it's been a week when I pick Spencer being a brat as my fave scene. LOL 

20141219 0523

PROP OF THE WEEK:  Tea Case for Duke. Because you know, Scotts love their tea!! 

20141219 0605(34)
Add caption
FACE OF THE WEEK: LMAO.. this is when Liz and Sam were arguing about their ENTIRE history of well...Liz and Sam. 

20141219 0605(36)

and..runner up-- this was MY face of the week. Just......ugh.

Maybe it was because this week was my last before a wonderful 2 week holiday vacation but boy, it really seemed dull. Nothing really moved along -- Fluke wasn't even on. (dragging that sheeze out even more). I wish they'd hurry up on the Rosie story too. Well, there it is! Next week we get Friday's show Monday and because they are doing that, they'll have a regular show Christmas Eve Day instead of a rerun. Christmas Day will be preempted. 

I'm done Christmas shopping! YOU? 


  1. I think Morgan, Kiki, and the baby should stay at Sonny's. It should be empty...

  2. I'm not feeling the chemistry for Alex/Ned this time around. I'm hoping they can find some loophole for Ava, like maybe it was illegal for AJ to tape Ava? I can't wait for Sam to find out that this guy Jake that she doesn't like is Jason.

  3. That photo of Sam is priceless.

    I'm afraid the writers are going to resurrect the Jasam vs. Liason wars. That was so tiresome and it looks like we are headed in that direction.

    Becky Herbst has flawless skin!

  4. Becky Herbst looks so much younger than Kelly Monaco! Wow, what a difference.
    If the tape against Ava can't be used, it can't be used against Sonny either. And the legality of the video Franco made of Sonny and Carly should have been in question as evidence as neither of them gave consent. (What is the law in New York Sate? Since neither of them knew, can it be used?)
    One of the spoilers in my cable daily guide gave away who the father probably is. I won't say here, cause there's some who don't want to know til it airs. It is kind of a bummer to know.
    Christmas shopping not totally done, because I forgot something. But tomorrow, it will be finished. Hooray.
    Happy shortest day, all!

  5. Happy to see Becky getting a storyline a bit and hope things get interesting with her and Rick/Jake.
    Loving Maura West- even in prison and her character Ava. She may even be able to form some sort of chemistry with Michael Easton. At least get a rise out of him.
    Would love to see Morgan and Kiki move into Sonny's with the baby!

    I'm hoping Morgan is the daddy- Bobbi is a great grandma!

  6. RUMOUR ALERT - LL's pregnancy is written into the storyline. Olivia gets pregnant by Julian on New Years eve

  7. Yeah, I saw that rumor about she and Julian.
    Interesting. Ergo, she loves Ned who loves Alexis who loves Julian.

  8. PLEASE no more baby stories re LL's pregnancy! Just hide her behind giant purses and potted palms or film her from the neck up! I don't understand why the writers feel they have to write in every real-life pregnancy.

  9. Becky Herbst is ageless. I'm not feeling Ned and Alexis this time either. With all the hype about the popularity of Julexis of course they have to screw with it. FYI, Lisa LoC. was named best supporting actress of the year in TV Guide and Tony Geary best actor. They also named GH & B&B best shows, so the other two must be really bad.


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