Thursday, December 18, 2014


That's what Duke's having!! :) 
He's talking to Shawn about the biz. Then he talks to Julian about the biz. Shawn and Carlos look on.

Jordan wants to tell TJ about her being undercover. BUT Anna wants her to stay in to help find Ric.

Johnny's garage; "Ric" is in the car trunk. We don't see him or hear him. SO there's that.

Nate wants Alexis to work with Nina-- She's like no way...she's been too nasty to her daughter.  She now says she will because she's a lot like her (Well, her family).
OK then.

Liz and Sam are BLABBERING FIGHTING over everything..whatever. Sam says "Jake is NO Jason" LOL
I so don't care about the Jason vs Sam/Liz history. DO NOT CARE. Nada.  Liz tells Sam to "back off" JakeFace

Nina and Franco..blabbering in the jail. Blabber.blabber.  Alexis comes in. Nina says she has to rep Franco too. LOL

Jake won't see Kevin 

Nate calls Spinelli 


  1. Today was even more boring for me than yesterday!
    If Nina and Franco are going to stick around, and get out of what they did, I may well be done. Alexis is crazy to represent that nut case. Public defender, anyone????
    Ric is in a vintage car trunk cause new car trunks have emergency lock releases. Don't look now, but that kind of seems like attention to DETAILS!!! If anyone finds out that this happened, heads will roll. HA!

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  3. Johnny's garage: WOAH! RIC IS IN THE TRUCK OF HIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on writers show Ric! Just a little bit! Please?!!?!?! So Ric is bound and gagged and passed out!?!?! A little after Julian and Caaaaaaaaaarlos leave, Ric is awake and trying to get out!!!!!!!

    Police station: Hmmm Anna got a haircut. I'm not sure about it. I'm on the fence. It's a bit short.

    Metrocourt meeting: Julian, Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos, Shaun and Duke! All of them at the table.. That is sexy as hell! :) Hey Shaun! Ric is NOT in Corinth!!!!

    Nathan and Alexis: Awwww Nathan wants to help his big sister! Oh he is playing the Cassadine card! Hahaha. Uh Nathan? YOU ARE NOT A CASSADINE!

    Jail: Awww BobTodd wants to have a life with Nina!:) Come on Nina listen to BobTodd! Oh and there is Alexis!! See? I'm sure you two will get out. :)

    Sam's home: Oh what is the point of this useless stupid scene?!!?! Liz there was no reason to go visit Sam! And Sam, don't be a hypocrite! What the hell did Liz do to her hair?! It's short in the back and long in the front!

    Jake Doe and Patrick: Poor Jake Doe! He is so confused, he doesn't know what to do! And he refuses to go see Kevin! AKA Doc!

    Karen says Nate calls Spinelli.

    Oh is that who he was on the phone with?!?! How does Nathan know Spinny's phone number?

    Sidenote: Forgot to mention Ava and Sabrina yesterday. Yesterday's scene with Ava and Sabrina, was fantastic! I loved it!:) I'm glad Ava admitted that this all started with her! :)

  4. I thought Nate called his Mother....after all who better than to threaten a judge.



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