Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Don't read if you don't want Spoiler Biggie

SO, COULD you hear the accent the "NEW FAKE FLUKE" had going when he was talking to Juilan? It's Ashton and they are using him to do this. Fluke is just hanging out at the Qs, everyone thinking it's Luke. That IS SO NOT LUKE.
Tracy throws a glass 'Who are you, Corinthos" says NuFakeFluke..Fluke

At Julian's Anna and Dante rush in to arrest Julian only to see "Luke". They know it's not "Luke" so they are going to take him to the PCPD.

Britt's in TROUBLE!! Oy boy! Spencer thinks his dad knows about "the secret" and spills. Nik didn't know but suspected.

Silas tries to call Anna on Ava. She's not available. Ava begs Silas not to turn her in.

Nina tries to get Franco to fall for the baby of joy.  He says Sonny or Morgan could raise her. Nina says "Any Corinthos is a bad Corinthos" LOL.. Franco seems to be falling for that cute little Pumpkin!
Franco says he'll stay with the baby and Nina.

AND I WAS WRONG, that wasn't Ashton as fake Luke--it was FAISON!! wow..color me shocked. We won't see him until tomorrow but it was Faison. WHY did they do that with the height? LOL Come on.


  1. Ugh!!! I can't believe they showed us who Fluke was in the previews for tomorrow.

    I have two thoughts on this. Either the writers know that people were sick of this storyline so now that TG is back, they decided to end it quickly. Or, that was not the real Fluke that Anna arrested and he's still out there - presumably being the Luke at the Q's.

  2. Luke is still locked up at Miscavage and Puke is at the Quatermaine's. Will tracy be tricked again or will she figure it out this time?

    I think we all know Sonny won't be in jail for long. How will the writers spring him? Would they dare do another AJ isn't dead therefore, Sonny didn't kill him?

    I am so tired of this Puke story I could scream.

  3. Karen you should be writing the story. Thanks much for your scenarios and clarification. This was one of the few days I tuned in live and almost puked at the end. HATE the mask stories. Enough already!!! Ticks me off. Maybe more will come and they'll use your ideas otherwise they've screwed us over again with a lame mask.

  4. I'm hoping they realize that we're all sick to death of this Fluke storyline and now that TG is back they're just wrapping it up. After all, it has been going on forever.

    I'm hoping Rick will be back soon too and that will open up a few new plots and interactions.

    I wasn't surprised at the Faison reveal as they actually had a few 'mispronunciations' had these been evident before he would have been pegged as an imposter right away.

    1. I'm so sick of this sl and confused....can't believe it was Faison!! So where is Ashton?? He ran while "Luke" Fluke or Puke was with Tracy...ugh. so ready to call it quits because these sl's are being dragged out.

  5. if someone has this taped, does the mask have NO eyebrows and NO facial hair?

  6. Fast forwarded thru most of the Fluke and Franco and Nina stuff. (The baby IS adorable. Want to get her for my own as well.) The boredom with the Fluke story line has been explored to death. So let's address Nina. I hate the actress, hate the character. Go AWAY!!!
    On the other hand, Maura West as Ava is extremely good. Even when she is evil, she is interesting. She fascinates me. She is wonderful.
    BTW, one other thing gleaned by me in the spoiler preview is that Faison is blaming it all on Anna. Will folks stop loving him now that he is also blaming his troubles on others??? LOL

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  8. Ava's home: Hmmm I detect an accent from Fluke! Or should I say fake Fluke! Anna and Dante show up!!! Oh Anna brought up hot oil! She knows it's Faison!!!! Fake Fluke is Faison!!!!!

    Canada: Oh baby Zyrtec shrunk! :)Nina wants to be a family with BobTodd and Zyrtec awww! Does that mean they are gonna get married? :)

    NYC hotel: Ava's got old school eyeliner on! :) Love that! She will say anything to McSilas just so she could find her baby!! Which really I don't blame her. McSilas I wonder what is going to happen to Ava once she gets baby Zyrtec back? What are you going to do? Turn Ava in?

    Wyndemere: Spencer wins the line of the day!

    Spencer: If someone doesn't carve up that bird, it's going to come back to life, and gobble up on out of here. Where's my hat?

    ROFL! Oh oh! Britch tells the truth! Poor Spencer thinks his dad is upset because he found out the truth! He didn't Spencer!!

    Kelly's: Hey that guy taking pictures, looks like Michael Saucedo!! :) Oh Lucy is so excited seeing Duke!!!! :)All the hugs hahaha. See Duke? I told you Lucy can lick your wounds. :) Oh there goes Duke again gushing over his love of his life Sonny! Lucy aren't you cold?!!?! Oh Lucy you can tell him that he is in a dangerous job until you are blue in the face but he won't listen! He is blinded by love of Sonny to hear you!

    Q home: Oh now I am convinced that Faison is fake Fluke to get people off the scent of the REAL Fluke! And the REAL Fluke is at the Q's!!! And the REAL Fluke is Bill Echkart!!!! And the REAL Luke is been taken somewhere!!! Oh this is fun! ROFL! And exciting.

    "Karen says says NuFakeFluke..Fluke"

    ROFL! Say that 10 times fast. :)

  9. OMG...the funniest pic that I just saw was Anthony Zaccara with the lobster. What a hoot! And I must say, I did call the Faison/Fluke thing last week in our convo on Twitter! That's about the only thing I've ever gotten right. I must go off topic. How nicely is Ned aging? I don't mind staring at him a bit. :) See you tomorrow on Twitter! The GreenMonsta!

  10. I think I'm going to rename the baby Francine now that they're a happy family.

  11. Karen: I agree. I think Faison was told to wear the mask to bring down Anna. I'll bet Helena or a still alive Victor will handpick a corrupt PC commish in her place.

  12. Lisa, you did!

    I just didn't think they'd do that with Faison so short.

    Yes, no facial hair. LOL. DUH and Faison's hair would have had to have been styled just like Fluke's. then Flop out like his.

    IT's never ending. I'm THISCLOSE because I really can't deal

  13. I saw a picture of the empty mask on another site and it had white hair on the top and also facial hair, so I guess Faison just put it over his entire head.

    But he sure put mask on and got to Julian's fast when 2 minutes before, he was still at Wyndemere. When the details are so sloppy I wonder about these things instead of paying attention to the story, to me that is lazy writing, or maybe just poor continuity.

    I thought per the previews that Fluke was Faison, and like so many others here I am totally confused, especially if Faison is just FakeFluke and Fluke is still out there. "Luke" is sure acting like the real Luke at the Q's.

    Lisa D, yes Ned has aged GREAT! He is even better looking than before. I love Ned and want him to stay permanently, except please get rid of Olivia. She had no purpose at the Q's yesterday just standing around totally unnecessarily.

  14. "Karen says IT's never ending. I'm THISCLOSE because I really can't deal"

    It's going to be okay Karen! Just hang in there! And besides, we will get to see our Johnny Z soon! :)

  15. I can't get past the height difference and the Faison teeth. And why is he involved in all this? I had to catch up on two days so I fast forwarded all Nina and Franco. Hate the characters, actors and their own little happy family storyline. I totally abhor seeing newborns kept from their mothers and this is about the third time this storyline has come around. And the real Franco's mother is coming back, too. Kind of like Dr. O's passion for Faison, or whoever he is. That actress is a gem.

  16. Karen, I just want to say a big thank you for putting "Spoiler Biggie" in your blog title, and not something like "Faison in a F*ing Mask!!" I usually pop over here on my lunch break to see if the show looks exciting, but I was super appreciative not to have been spoiled that it was Faison. :) You rock!

  17. No problem about the Spoiler..the thing is it hasn't aired-- it's today. the PREVIEW people gave it out!!

  18. This serial is overly surreal. I'm sure Mr. Geary is being kept entertained but what about the audience? LOL Anyways hoping this moves to a quick conclusion. Hey at least we're getting more Anna because of this ish.

  19. I'm willing to bet that this would have played out differently if TonyG hadn't had to have back surgery. I'm sure that plus the recovery threw things off.



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