Monday, December 29, 2014

NEW WSB info!

I was thinking Lucas hasn't been around in a long time--has he? Geesh. Someone on FB was talking about Maxie and wondering why she was in such a hurry to get home since she hasn't seen her kid in FOREVER. Which, if you think about it, makes no sense. 

SO, it's MONDAY--- I suppose I have to get my ass in gear and do some spoilers. I'm too tired now, and frankly, zzzzzzzz. Just get that Fluke crap OVER with. I so don't care who he is.  Plus, I'm hating the fact that he's totally telling Julian to KILL people and Julian doesn't do it. Um, you are so bad???? YOU DO IT! Obviously Ava and or Julian will FAIL every time so, step up! DID JULIAN kill her?????? of course not.  Another 30 min of my soap life waiting for people to talk while they have guns pointed at each other. 

Maxie is in PC and NATE is at SPIN'S. Oh geesh. They so WANT TO RING in the New Year together! IT's so tragic!!! HOW can they DO IT??????????? how??????????? He's coming back to PC. Whatever.
Frisco is the head of the WSB now, btw. YEP. Maxie dropped that nugget. And Frisco called off the investigation on Anna.  (about the Faison thing) 

Fluke is acting all weird again. HOW THE HELL can't anyone tell that's not LUKE is killing me. Duke is playing with this tea again today. He's been playing for that tea for 2 weeks. Anna is making him think she'd dating Sloane. But Sloane is only telling her the investigation was stopped by the head of the WSB, Frisco. 
Duke asks Lucy out for New Year's 

Sam wants to talk to Paddy about the kiss. zzzzzzzzzzzz. They want to go "one step at a time" and they kiss again. They are going out for New Year's. 

Jake is moving out. Liz says "Stay for NYEve"....

THE CLOCK CHANGED from 3pm to 9pm. LOL... time passages. 


  1. Sick of why hasn't Nathan shown up?? Good grief. My New Years resolution may be to stop watching GH. LOL!

  2. Jordan's room: Friday I said how is Julian going to get out of this? OOPS! I meant how is JORDAN going to get out of this. Well, today Julian talks to Jordan to death. Jordan confuses poor Julian and lies to him about working for Duke!!! Julian's head explodes and he walks out of the room!


    Lante with Fluke: Time for din din! Oh wait the din din was cut short! :(

    Anna,Duke and Lucy: Duke says they need each other! And as soon as he says that, Lucy says she needs him! ROFL!

    Duke and Lucy: Well good for you Lucy! Don't let Scotty treat you that way! Oh new years eve with Duke! Cool! :) Lucy saying Bobbie's name wrong! ROFL! Booby! ROFL!

    Anna and Sloan: Hello Mr. Yum yum!!! I insist that Anna and Sloan have a fling!!! Woah! Frisco is the head of the WSB?!!?!?! :0

    Nathan and Maxie's home: Oh so that is how Maxie got back to Port Chuckles so quickly. Thanks writers! When she said her father helped, I was thinking which one? :) I feel like I'm in high school! UGH! Come on Maxie quit your whining!! Oh and then after everything gets straightened out, THEN Maxie and Lulu talk about baby Georgie! UGH! I just can't with this!!!!

    Sam and Patrick: Awwww they are dating now! :)

    Liz's home: Liz why are you so shocked that Jake Doe wants to leave?!!?! And quit trying to stop him!

    Spinny and Nathan: More whining from Nathan. Oh so THAT is how Nathan got to Portland so quickly. Thanks writers. Awww look baby Georgie! :) Oh oh she is making that sound again. The little actress is still upset! :(

    The clock: The clock was sorassed!!!! ROFL!

    The Port Charles press online, wins the line of the day!

    Port Charles Press: Jerome Ric Rolled.

    Ric Rolled?!?! BAHAHAHHAHA! Let's all get ric rolled!


  3. "Michelle Latta said...Sick of why hasn't Nathan shown up?? Good grief."

    And Maxie is going to have a teenage temper tantrum!!!!

    Maxie: Nathan where are you?!!?! Where are you?!!?!? *stomps foot*

  4. I didn't mind Nathan and Maxie scenes today

  5. How many times can someone fly cross-country in one day? Well, I guess if they all get from upstate NY to Manhattan in about an hour, I guess they can fly cross-country in two. I guess that, in the alternate universe that is Port Charles, either time or space is warped in some way . . .

    Boobie, LOL, that's what we called her for years. Like the Children of the Corn, I guess the writers come to our boards for inspiration.

  6. Loved the "Boobie". She started getting called that after Jackie Z. got her implants. Luke was acting strangely, not that any of those dumbasses would notice. Brandon B. was on Major Crimes last night as a cop, LOL.

  7. So much in single post, which made this post bit confused. Can you please tell us a bit more about it? Looking forward to see response from you on this



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