Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ashes to Ashes

20141024 0738(10)
and this is just the half of it... 
What a week can do to me! Last week I was racing home to watch the show--this week? Not so much. Like --AT ALL. Friday I even decided to not watch so I could FF when I wanted. 

What is wrong with me?!! On FB, a lot of people loved this week. In my book, it was just dull.

Soooooo, it's double expresso and some coke to wake me up. NOT that kind of coke. That's illegal.
What kind of monster do you think I am?!--- Fluke?

For me, last week should have been this week, then have a little run down to the wedding. Does that make sense? Instead we have 2 weeks of 'prep" and fodder. Ho-Hum. 

20141020 1915(9)
Wait, I can either get killed or steal a baby..hmmmm..
 The crazy Nina thing went from her almost impaling her mother with decorative deer antlers to: HEY! Let's make a plan and steal Ava's baby! and Donna just saying: OKAY! Let's do it! 

20141023 0718(10)
Why, yes, I whipped this up myself just this morning. You are so special!
The Face. Jake The Face. I'm sorry, sticking him with Liz 24/7 is NOT INTERESTING-it might be to Liason fans, I guess--but geesh. Come on. Yah, I know Carly was in the mix too. We get he's cute with Liz and Carly. Ok, I'm just crabby. I admit it. Days of Liz and Jake just wore me down.
At least Dr. O got in there to throw some junk at him for not having any money. And a private room. And obviously, a private nurse. 

20141020 1946(23)'s a Vagina! 
Ava's fine now. -- A shot from Silas stopped her labor for the moment. I say that because no baby in PC is safe. Ever. 

After Sabrina told him about Carrrlos, Michael's trying to convince Anna that Ava killed AJ--which we know isn't true (so do Kiki and Morgan).
 This damn thing needs to be OVER-- I think the entire town knows anyway.  My only hope is that after exposing the CarSon sex tape, Franco blabs about Sonny and they haul him away in the paddy wagon to ATTICA for a long time. 

Olivia had a vision of Heather. Carly's trying to convince everyone that she loves Franco. Franco's trying to get his mama to help him with the revenge-wedding.  

20141020 2026(27)
Wait..NO Lie! it took me a year to toilet train him!! 
Lucas went to med school! Good stuff Monday with Mom and Brad--then..?? See, I'd probably follow that up the next day with some flashbacks, or something...anything.  Letting it hang out there? @@
Another thing I would have done? Josslyn came down in her corn outfit last week. Why not follow it up with her in her room cutting up her bridesmaid's dress and calling Jax on the phone to complain that she misses surfing and marmite? Instead, she's just. gone Again. 

20141022 0724(13)
Yah, Hi.. I'm your Mom...'member me? 
Shaun was on, skulking around Heather, he eventually got her. She was so happy to go. TJ and Jordan were on. Although-- why?  TJ's like some pop-up character. I'm also wondering what Molly did to get banished to the storage closet.

20141023 0709(34)
I think he wants a BLT 
Breakfast at Kelly's with Lante and Grandparents. Tracy comes in to relay the stuff about Fluke. Tracy was trying to get ELQ shares  to get Luke back. I can't deal with her at all anymore.Julian published a pic of Nedly and Monica saying they were "canoodling" :giggle:  Julian and Ned fought. :eyeroll: and Alexis questioned Julian about Jerry. 

20141024 0737(27)
Miss Monica...shall I get the snacks? 
The crypt: Monica and  Sonny and Cawnie--weird. Especially with her giant change of appearance. LOL.  She should have worn a giant wig that was obvious and said something like "Finally, my 80's hair back". 

I get we need filler and down time, but why do I feel like it's stretches of filler--then greatness --then filler with no point and holes all over the place?

So that's all I got. Sorry so short but there's really not a lot to say. 

20141023 0819(2)
SCENE OF THE WEEK: Finally, someone reads the riot act to moocher NuFace! Someone not dazzled by his baby-blues or great acting chops! You tell 'em Dr. O!! 

20141020 1951(19)
FACE OF THE WEEK:  Heather is in the house! 

20141023 0829(34)

PROP of the WEEK: Anna's Scone...properly said by her British voice! Is that clotted cream? 

Well, next week will at least be closer to the wedding. Friday will probably be just the start of it all... looks like FLUKE is due back for Nov. Sweeps. Do you care? I was thinking about the LAST Time Heather had Carly--can we hope that we don't have a repeat of that again?  How are you liking Billy as Jason 2.0?  Do you enjoy reading my mood-swing blogs!? LOL... 

**Published at 12:05am as I was watching the Penn State Game..only because I have friends that went. (I never watch college football).  I might sleep in.  


  1. Fitting title, esp given the impending return of Larry Ashton- supposedly the body left at the door by Jerry Jax.

  2. Karen, I ALWAYS love your SS! Dr. O was the highlight this week, I think--as she almost always is!!

    I missed the last part of Friday's show due to a news bulletin, so I don't know how it ended.

    GH is too much of a cray fest, we really need more love and humor and families, and fewer sociopaths.

  3. I'm in total agreement with everything you just stated. I'm getting frustrated on how the show runs hot and cold, with absolutely no consistency.. Smh

  4. Totally agree! Last week was so great. I think all the Carly Franco stuff made me pretty meh about this week. I just cannot suspend belief enough to believe Carly would ever be with someone who hurt her kid, which makes me super apathetic.

  5. Sorry - meant week before last was so great. I need coffee.

  6. As a long time Liason fan I liked this week. Really liked it, but I can see if you are not a fan that it could be boring for you.

    As for Connie's hair, I guess there is no bleach in heaven.

  7. It seems even Oprah herself have taken note of Cartini ignoring the vets. Her next "Where are they know?" Is on GH's Finola Hughes (Anna), haha

  8. Great write-up, as usual.

    I agree with everything you said, particularly the lack of followup. Flashbacks about Lucas would have been nice and would have killed some time if that was the writer's intent. I'm getting really tired of them just dropping things like a disinterested 3 year old.

    I couldn't believe there was no followup to Joss too. I kept waiting to see her snarling in her dress.

    And I also can't believe Carly would just ignore the fact that her kids hate Franco. She's always all about her kids.

    I didn't mind some Liz and Nuface but having Liz, a working nurse, hang out in his room all day was ridiculous. And where were her poor kids when she took a day off to sit beside him when he was in the coma. Talk about priorities. (And I like Liason.)

    Hopefully we'll be back to some action this week and get something besides the "Let's steal a baby" and "Let's kill Franco" speeches.

  9. I thought this week was good with the exception of Connie and Sonny it was a waist of time. Brad I still find boring wish they would drop his character so Lucas could get a real story line going.. Loved Franco and Heather. The nujason is working out so far at first I thought they are having him talk to much but its fine till he remembers... Julexis wish they were seen more this more.. and Sam and Patrick hook up.. I know fans don't want that but I do I think they are cute together. Since they are bringing Neds father back I hope its to stay and not just to have another murder.

  10. I'm one fan who wants the return of Luke. I want someone to find that poor lost soul in the padded cell and realize that it's Luke. Geary is such a good actor that it is always a pleasure to watch him even if the story isn't much.

    I was so elated when Silas caught Nina running and busted her. I had suspected all along that Nina's big secret is that she is mentally sick and was before the coma. Liked that I was right. I dislike her so much I'm now wondering what they will do with the character. They seem to love the actress, but GH has enough villains! (Plus she is annoying.)

    I really hope they can do something good with Todd/franco. The actor is a joy, but the character is not. I don't want him wasted on crazy Nina.

    I seem to remember that Lucas was in medical school after he and Bobby moved to Seattle. He was a teen when they left. Frankly, the way he is written now, he seems a lay-about, smart mouth, time waster. I doubt he could get thru college, much less medical school. He's not really likable.

  11. I agree about Lucas. They even "forgot" he was a medical student. They seem to want to write all young people as lay a-bouts. Just look at Kiki and Morgan.(Yes, I know. Morgan scrapped walls for a few weeks and a building was miraculously transformed.)

    And even Michael has a job he's untrained for and could never do. Just a title to give him legitimacy. Kiki was supposed to be getting a job (through her father of course) at GH. What is she? The greeter?

    I want to see Luke back too. Love TG when he gets some good writing.

    Nina can try to kidnap the baby and get killed in the process. (And take her mama with her.)

    They can keep Rosalie though as she can act. Can she be AJ's love child?

  12. Well I loved seeing Alice, and I thought she looked fantastic! I wonder if she had some heart issues in real life which may have inspired her weight loss. Either way, you go girl --- you look great!

    Also, re Donna Mills, I get that she's acting calm because her "calm" is projected onto that wackadoo Nina & it seems to quell the crazy for a while. Hells Bells, it got her to put down the deer antlers. OK, get me a saucer of milk because this is catty: If Donna Mills has any more filler injected into those lips, she won't need a Halloween costume. She's halfway to looking like a duckbilled platypus,

  13. "Wait, I can either get killed or steal a baby..hmmmm..

    Why, yes, I whipped this up myself just this morning. You are so special!'s a Vagina!

    Wait..NO Lie! it took me a year to toilet train him!!

    Yah, Hi.. I'm your Mom...'member me?

    I think he wants a BLT"

    OH KAREN!!! ROFL! These are priceless! :)

    "How are you liking Billy as Jason 2.0?"

    Great! :)Glad to see him! Actually right now he is Jake Doe. :)

    "Do you enjoy reading my mood-swing blogs!? LOL..."

    ROFL! Let's call it the bi polar blog hahahaha.

  14. "Cosmoetica said...Fitting title, esp given the impending return of Larry Ashton- supposedly the body left at the door by Jerry Jax."

    Hmmmm. Maybe he isn't Luke or Fluke! Maybe he is Larry Ashton in that bag! :)

  15. thank you on the Vagina laugh--I LOVED that quote under Silas' photo. He looked so dorky! lol

  16. I am ready for the fall of Sonny and Carly and the fact Franko will do it is great too. I liked this week too.

  17. "kdmask said...thank you on the Vagina laugh--"

    Hahaha you're welcome! :)

    "I LOVED that quote under Silas' photo. He looked so dorky! lol"

    ROFL! He is thinking about vaginas! Hahahaha!

  18. I really like Billy, but he would have been a more believable Lucky recast. He has too much like and expression to be Jason. I don't think we even needed to have Jason return. I like him with Liz but the conversations are too blah. I would like to see the real Luke back - it has been too long. Too much over the top and overacting Nina. I would love to see Franco and Nina go off into the sunset together.

  19. Maybe Jason can come back as the old Jason Quatermaine? That would be soooo nice for Monica. . ..


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