Monday, October 13, 2014

Surprise it's JERRY !!!

Columbus Day; I am off, baby! Went to Buffalo Sunday for some fun and dinner. Great overnight at The Mansion on Delaware. I needed that overnight!! Gus is happy I'm home though. LOL.

Franco found Carly's engagement RING!! Yes, a wubs, exclusive!! Isn't it lovely!?  And I do believe it's in shades of NuSt.JaseFace's iris'. 

Speaking of NuStFace, I personally have NO Idea who's he's going to chem test well with. ERGO, I can't "ship" anyone yet. Hell, he might have chemistry with Nina! I don't know!! New actors mean new beginning. I've always felt that way. 
Anyway, Jakes' bandages come off. He looks like..BILLY MILLER!! Liz is all glowy. We'll see what happens here. 

Jerry Jacks was at the cafe--NOT Fluke. WOOT!!! There were an awful lot of BLONDES in that cafe LMAO  Tracy thinks Jerry is the crime lord. Patrick thinks they are working together. Jerry shows Tracy how he texted pretending to be Fluke to her phone. He has Fluke's phone. He also says he has LUKE. And how badly do they want him back?
Question is: Is Jerry "Fluke"? Or does he know who "Fluke" really is and is just playing along? We know Luke is in Miscavage-- where Jerry has him (to get the antidote). 

Dr O and Donna Mills chatted in Maxie's apartment. (they need a mansion). Donna Mills has some secret about Nina that we don't know about. 
 (maybe her baby is alive??!!) 

Silas takes the PT guy and makes him sweat.  Silas wants to know how long she could walk-- and catches Nina Texting him!! WOOT! SO, the PT guy will tell the truth about it. Nina sends a bunch of emojis to Travis saying if you tell the truth I'll (Gun, bomb) you! Silas says he'll get Travis on insurance fraud if he doesn't come clean. So, Travis spills that she NEVER needed the wheelchair. AND She doesn't like  SILAS!! 

Maxie takes a chance to see Nathan at the gym.  She looks adorable.  She says she's going to get Diane on the case!!


  1. I really like Billy Miller as Jason. He has picked up a few of SB's mannerisms, but is a much more expressive actor. Maxie did look adorable-noticed she had an ace bandage on one foot. So glad Nina is finally outed. She is a vicious nutcase. Nice to see Jerry back. The plot thickens. Loved Madeline's line about GH being a doll hospital.

  2. Amsterdam Cafe: JERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey baby you look really good! :)As soon as I heard that accent I knew it was him! Jerry go see Alexis! I want to see their electricity again! Hotchacha! :) So let's see. Today there was Sam, Patrick, Tracy, Jerry, his goons, and the space cake. That damn space cake is just sitting on that table being ignored! Poor thing just wants some attention and love! I love how Jerry touches Sam haha. Jerry wins the line of the day.

    Jerry: Are you surprised to see me Tracy? Or is this vacant stare from the space cake?


    The hospital:

    Jake Doe's room: Blah blah blah Jason. Blah blah blah Lucky.

    Jake Doe: Lucky huh? Doesn't really seem like an appropriate name for somebody who couldn't hold on to you....

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :) OH It's time for the bandages to come off! HELLO BILLY MILLER!!!! :) I have seen him on AMC, and Y&R! He was great on both of those soaps.

    McSilas and Travis: Oh this cracked me up!!! Nina sent Travis so many icons! ROFL! Oh Karen find a picture of that!!! :) Travis is so dumb! As soon as Nina sent him that message about tell Silas three weeks, he should have put it back in his pocket! Yes McSilas. Nina is PISSSSSED HAHAHAHA!

    Nina: Oh oh. Crazy eyes is back!

    Gym: Oh oh! Time for you to leave Nathan and Maxie! That lady who knows the judge could see you! Stop talking!!!!!

    Police station: Poor Anna!!! She is so confused about Dr O being let go! ROFL!

    Dr O and Madaline: Madaline! Listen to your sister!!!! Nina is faking being in a wheelchair!!! I mean Dr O was right about Nathan and Britch meeting and they almost kissed!!! They could have had sex. Hmmmm Madaline, is Nina and McSilas's baby still alive? Hmmmmm.

    Sidnote: About space cakes. I found a website about them.

    I wonder if Tony Geary has them ROFL!

  3. Karen, so you went to Buffalo, where I grew up :)!! I lived not far from Delaware, do you remember the cross street(s)? Was it near downtown? How far are you from Buffalo by car?

    Didn't see today's show yet, I just finished working, but wanted to ask you about Buffalo. Can't wait to see the show, it sounds really good.

  4. Good week so far!

    I wonder if Luke is at that clinic which blew up--was anything left of it? Did Anna say they couldn't recover Victor's body? That's why it is her word against Obrecht's.

    I thought Luke was at the same mental hospital as Heather, which is in PC, I think. Don't care really, as long as he is back on the show SOON. They can only drag this out so far....

    I do hope Fluke isn't wearing one of those ikky face masks. We know it could NOT fool Tracy.

    Nice to see Jerry again--that actor is so fine. Wish he could have been a good guy, but I doubt the show could have kept him for long, anyway.

    Glad they are keeping Liz with the 'patient'. She is lovely and needs a good story. She has seemed to be the tragedy princess, but I never quite saw why...

    I'm wondering if Nina's secret is that Madeline knew she was mentally ill when she injected her and that was to keep Nina from having a 'bad seed', or maybe doing something criminal--like killing Ava or Silas. Hmmm...

    I hope it is not that Nina's 20 year old 'baby' is going to show up--I'd hate that.

  5. The longer this Fluke story goes on the more I think he is Bill Eckert, back from the dead. I know that Bill wasn't really a bad guy back then, but his wife (Nancy) had been murdered and then Bill was "killed" by the mob, thinking he was Luke.

    After his "recovery" I can see a very bitter and changed Bill in a "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" story. His "revenge" against Luke would fit right in. As would his contempt for the Port Charles mob contempt for the rich and powerful people (the Quartermaines and Cassadines). The Eckerts were working class people who were practically destroyed by the powerful people of PC.

  6. Eckert's most likely.

    Soaplover. It's 1 day- hardly a week worth of quality. and Mills was atrocious, as usual. Could the woman ever act?

  7. I got tired of vets being pushed aside for cartoonish newbies so have not watched for a number of weeks. I do check this blog regularly though.
    I hear Sabrina is leaving. Im not really sure why she even came back. I also hear Silas is leaving!!! If Silas takes Kiki, Nina, Rosalee, Franco and a few others with him it would improve the show greatly imo.
    I read on this blog that Monica had a date with the judge. Ignoring what people said was the inappropriate behavior of the judge towards Maxie I am glad to see Monica in a potential storyline. I think it would be great to give her a love life. Perhaps move the judge into the Q Mansion. Imagine having a judge around with all of the unethical things that happen in that house.
    I also see Madeline is back. She is another newbie I'd like to see shipped away but if she is going to be around why not make her Monica's sister. Monica was adopted so could easily explain how they were raised separately. Have Madeline butt heads with Tracy, get involved with ELQ, fight to reinstall Monica as Chief of Staff at hospital.
    Im glad to hear Liz is getting a bit of screen time. I can not, however, tune back in before the cartoon that will be Carly and Franco's wedding. He just needs to go away. Ideally he and Sonny would have a shot out that proved fatal for both.
    Pair Carly with Ned.

  8. "friscogh said...Pair Carly with Ned."

    And then we could call them Narly! ROFL!

  9. Sonya that is the best squishy name ever.
    I just picture Carly in the Q Mansion butting heads with Monica, Tracy, Brooklyn, etc.. Plus I think Carly (and Jocelyn) need a calming force in their lives like Jax was.
    Factor in Michael actually being a Q, Carly's bff Jason, bobbie and Monica's friendship, etc. and I think a "Narly" coupling holds so much potential

  10. Did anyone else catch the nod to the "Vampire Diaries"?

    Tracy to Jerry: Are you a vampire?

    Jerry: I can see the appeal..

    Thought that was pretty cool.

    fyi...Sebastian Roche has had an on/off role as the father of the original vampires. He is currently on.

  11. I love ME and I hope Silas isn't going anywhere. I'd rather have McBain but ABC and PP ruined that

  12. "friscogh said... Sonya that is the best squishy name ever."

    Hahahha thanks! :)


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