Thursday, October 23, 2014


She looks SO, very healthy. Believable too since Alice's "health scare" ! Heart Patients often look lean. Monca crying over St. Jason dying "Two years ago today" think she would have brought flowers for AJ too--you know, since she was out there.

Todd visited Mama..I mean. FRANCO visited Mama.  Same old sheeze. He says he still WUBS Carly. Heather called Carly "Snarly" LOL 

Kelly's...same old sheeze. Lulu does tell Carly that Todd booked the Haunted Star for the wedding. 


Tracy asks Ned for his shares for Luke's release. HE says no (Lord Ashton mention). Then Tracy tries to play nice with Monica and Alice. 

I had to bail at 2:40. I'm falling asleep. Sorry. 


  1. aww you missed Carly and Jason. previews for next show... "Do I know you?"

    Can't wait to see that...

  2. Kelly's:

    Shaun and Sonny: Franco, Ferncliff, Heather Webber. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sonny woke me up when he started whining again about killing AJ! UGH! Shut up Sonny!!!! Zzzzzzzzzzz.

    Lulu and Carly: Oh so what that BobTodd wants to get married at the haunted Star?!?!?! UGH! Hmmm I love Carly's sweater. :)

    Olivia and Dante: Olivia is jealous of Ned and Monica! Ewwwww! Well Olivia! If you are interested in Ned, TELL HIM! :)

    Q crypt: Awww poor Monica! :( I just want to hug her! ALICE! I love how Alice brought up her heart condition and said she is exercising because of what Monica told her! :) Later Sonny shows up! What are you thinking about Sonny? Are you thinking about when you and Ava has sex at the crypt? Good memories huh? Oh oh he sees someone!!!! In the previews for tomorrow, it looks like Helena! :) Oh oh oh are Sonny and Helena gonna have sex in the crypt!?!!!?! :)

    Q mansion:

    Ned and Tracy: Tracy is so desperate!!! Ned brings up Michael and how ELQ is healing him after AJ died. Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: I'll buy him a puppy how's that?

    ROFL! That is so rude! :)

    Alice and Tracy: Awww Alice is going to help her Luke!!! YAY! :)

    Alexis and Julian: Alexis! Julian is telling the truth!!! Oh Julian is saying Ned's name right haha. Oh oh the men in black show up! Ned wants to kick Julian out! Awww Ned is jealous of Alexis and Julian and wants Julian all to himself! :)

    Alexis and Ned: Awww they are hugging! :) Oh oh Olivia sees. Rats! Don't let that stop you Olivia!!!

    Liz and Jake Doe: Jake Doe can stand YAY! He is still tall! I'm glad the Lady Ga Ga egg tanning system didn't shrink him! Liz is telling he isn't Jason! ROFL! Oh off to BobTodd's art class! Yes Liz show him how you can paint! I love when you do your art!!! Oh oh Carly shows up! Carly has a wonky looking face! Like she recognizes him! It's kismet I tell you!!!

    Jail visiting center: BobTodd visiting his mommy! He wuvs his Carly! No BobTodd don't change your mind about the Carly revenge!!! Whew that was close! Oh he is paying off a guy named Beach to sneak his mama out! He tells his mama don't ask questions just let the guy take you. Oh oh Shaun hits the beach man out!!! Shaun has Heather!!!! And she thinks it's the guy BobTodd told her about!!!!! WOAH! DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  3. AntJoan, Karen Walker is the character played by Megan Mullaley (sp??) on Will and Grace. She was a great character; outrageous, terribly, self-centered, rude, and hilarious. Catch the reruns on Oxygen, many different times, all week long.

  4. AntJoan

    Here is a good youtube clip for Will and Grace

    I always thought Shelley Morrison, who played Rosario the maid would be awesome to come on GH for an episode and be Dr O's mom. At least in flashback

  5. "Delcovedave says I always thought Shelley Morrison, who played Rosario the maid would be awesome to come on GH for an episode and be Dr O's mom."

    OH! She would be perfect! :)

  6. Thanks, guys, for the Karen Walker reference. I did watch Will & Grace, and totally remember Megan M, but not the name of her character. And, when I saw the picture, she looked (to me) exactly like the woman who plays the evil queen on Once Upon a Time, so I got confused.

    Sonya: Ha, ha, two funny couples: Sonny & Helena, and Ned and Julian!! I guess Sonny should bang Helena in the crypt, as he's already done just about every other woman in PC!

  7. I thought Monica looked good today. They should dress her in turtle necks more often.

  8. Joan! I was going to cry if you didn't know Karen Walker lol

    But yea, I guess she does look like Regina on OUAT.

    I saw on Twitter I missed Carly and JAKE FACE...
    THis is going to go on forever. EVERYONE running into him...Sonny, Monica...Sam..yada yada

  9. Sonny sees Connies ghost in the crypt according to rumours I saw online. What is up with the crypt? Is it just unlocked and Sonny just wandered in? Again, Im not watching so just going by comments

  10. Better late than never...

    Liz: So, Jake, let me tell you the life story of my ex-lover Jason. He was a Q, got into an accident, lost his memory, then he wasn't a Q anymore. Sound familiar? How about a spin around the hospital in the Nina Chair? Come on, it'll be fun! Here's the art studio where Nina's BFF and fellow lunatic Franco finger paints and calls it therapy. Uh oh, looks like I actually have another patient. Whodathunkit? Catch ya later.

    Jake: So this Jason guy, does he remind you of me for some crazy reason? Oh, alright, I'll ride the Nina Chair but let me try to stand up first. Franco...I think I might sorta know this guy. Hey can you paint me something? Where have I seen this tall blonde chick before?

    Franco: Can't wait for our wedding tomorrow, Carly. Love you. NOT! Ok, maybe I still love her a little. Nah, she doesn't love me. She loves Sonny. Sit tight, Mom, someone will be by to spring you soon.

    Heather: Uh, hello Franco! Snarly Carly is a lying, cheating wench, remember? The wedding is supposed to be about REVENGE! What did Sonny do? Deets, PLEASE!!! So when am I getting outta here? Guess this black guy's here to spring me. Could do much worse...

    Sonny: We've gotta off Franco, Shawn. If we don't he's gonna marry Carly and we can't have that. I'll take care of Dante and make sure he checks on Heather by calling the dude Franco paid to spring her, right before Shawn knocks him out.

    Shawn: Gotta problem. Franco's still chummy with his Mom. He went back AGAIN today. Gonna have to get creative on this one.

    Alexis: Julian, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about whether you have ever associated with Jerry? Aw Ned, I miss being your friend with benefits and you being the guy I date when I don't want to date someone else.

    Ned: Hey, Julian, get lost! Sorry about all the fisticuffs, Alexis, but you're kinda worth it. No, mother, I will NOT give my shares of ELQ to Jerry Jacks. Screw Luke!

    Tracy: Ned, please, pretty please with a cherry on top, give me your ELQ shares. Luke will DIE if you don't. Michael Schmichael, it's a matter of life or death! Alice, please give me your shares even though I would only get you a new heart if you didn't blab to Michael about stealing ELQ right out from under him. It's for Mister Luke. Yay, Alice, you're awesome!

    Skinny Alice: Gee, Monica, I'm sorry about Jason still being "dead". If only I knew and you knew that he isn't. Oh, alright Tracy if it will make you shut up I'll give you my ELQ shares to save Mister Luke, but only to save Mister Luke because I still kinda hate your guts.

    Lulu: Where is my dad? Has Tracy rescued him from Jerry yet? Yeah, Dante, you'd better make sure Heather's still locked up at Ferncliff, seeing that she almost killed my cousin and all. Cousin Carly! So are you excited about your big day? The Haunted Star is all ready--OOPS! That was supposed to be a surprise. Franco bait and switched you.

    Dante: So, Mom, what's eatin' ya? Don't worry, I'll make sure Heather's still behind lock and key. Oh, you're pining after Ned? So go tell him you're hot for him already!

    Carly: Wedding's tomorrow and I'm pretending to be so excited but I'm really kinda dreading it because I'm only marrying Franco to keep him quiet about Sonny killing AJ. Hi cousin Lulu. What do you mean the Haunted Star is ready? I'm marrying Franco at the MetroCourt because I do everything at the MetroCourt these days. Everything except sleep with Sonny. That I do at my place and at Michael's apartment.

    Sonya, I think the legs in the preview tomorrow are those of Connie's Ghost.

  11. "AntJoan said...Sonya: Ha, ha, two funny couples: Sonny & Helena, and Ned and Julian!!"

    Hahahahaha! Love it! Two great couples! :) I will call Sonny and Helena, Honny! :)

    "I guess Sonny should bang Helena in the crypt, as he's already done just about every other woman in PC!"


  12. "RedSoxFaninVA said...Better late than never..."

    Hey there you are! I was wondering when you were coming! :)

    "Sonya, I think the legs in the preview tomorrow are those of Connie's Ghost."

    OH! Well, then he and Ghost Connie will have sex in the Crypt! I mean Ghost Connie and Sonny did get married once, and then he slept with Olivia, then Ghost Connie and Sonny divorced. So it all comes full circle!

  13. Where better to have sex with a ghost than in a crypt! LOL

  14. "RedSoxFaninVA said...Where better to have sex with a ghost than in a crypt! LOL"

    ROFL! Yeah it's appropriate! :)

  15. Hmmmm. I guess I will put my comments here. Karen where are you?! :)

    BobTodd's art class: Carly has this pull feeling when it comes to Jake Doe!! So much so, that she had to tell him so much about her messed up life! :) Carly even wins the line of the day!

    Carly: My name is gonna be uh, I don't know what my name is gonna be.

    ROFL! She doesn't know what her last name is gonna be when she marries BobTodd! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Carly, His name is Robert Frank! Your last name is gonna be Carly Frank! Or Carly Corinthos Jax Frank!

    Dr O's office: Oh there is Nina! She isn't stroking her hair anymore. I have noticed the actress does repeat things for her character. She did the same thing when she was on Y&R! Oh Madaline hates BobTodd! ROFL! BobTodd and Nina scene! Damn they have got a lot of chemistry! Kiss already! Awwww he invites Nina to his wedding! :) Too bad she cant go.

    Kelly's: Oh that is a cute summer shirt Rosalie is wearing! Aren't you cold!? Oh where oh where is Carmine Santiago? I mean Waldo, I mean Ava! Everyone wants to know where she is! She is so popular! No Michael you don't need to know where Ava is! Oh but Rosalie you should tell Madaline! Nina is scary!!!

    Brownstone: Oh poor Starki! Having to keep a secret. Get over it! You can't tell anybody the truth! Just shut up! It's BobTodd's truth to tell. :)

    Q Crypt: Oh look! It's ghost Connie! She looks like she is from the 1950's! All she needs is pearls! Awww no kissing or sex with Sonny? What a jip!

    Q home: WOAH! That blonde lady who walked in looks like Brenda's sister Julia! Glad they are showing Jerry!!!!! :) Jerry talking to Ned! ROFL! Jerry wants Ned too! ROFL! Well too bad! Ned is with Julian!!!!

    Sidnote: Panda where are you?!?!?! Stop lurking that's an order! ROFL! :)

  16. I guess I'll post mine here too:

    Nina: So, have you found AVA yet, Mommy? No? Then GET ON IT!!! Time's a wastin' Hi Franco, my fellow whackjob! So we're both cooking up some pretty wild schemes, aren't we now? You surprising Carly on her wedding day with a can of whoopass that may or may not include a live screening of a sex tape and me getting my mom to steal a slut's kid. Good times, bestie, good times! You know, mothers can be very useful if you threaten to impale them with antlers. You should try that sometime, Franco. Like, booyah! Who let the dogs out? Sorry, Franco. Can't come to the wedding. Got a baby to steal, but good luck with your blowing Carly's world apart. I'll be rooting for you. What's a matter, Mommy? Don't you like my new best friend? Are you jealous? So did you get Rosalie to tell you where Ava is? You DID? Sah-weet! Do tell, Mommy, DO TELL!!!

    Madeline: Will you be patient, Nina? I'm working on the whole Project Find Ava thing. Who's this loser? Why hello, Rosalie. So are you going to tell me where Ava is or am I going to have to tell everyone your DIRTY LITTLE SECRET? That's more like it. I'm back, Nina. If you can get rid of that no-good Franco, I'll tell you where Ava is.

    Jake: Don't tell me you think you recognize me too. Well, don't leave me hanging. Who the hell am I? Jason again? What is it about this dude that has women so obsessed with him. So you're saying this Franco guy was only psycho because of his brain tumor so you're marrying him but your mobster ex Sonny doesn't approve. Yeah, this town gets more interesting by the day.

    Carly: You aren't...nah, he's dead. He's been dead for two years. So, I'm about to marry this guy Franco. He was once a serial killer, then he had his brain tumor removed. Now he's just a misunderstood ex serial killer who does art therapy at the hospital. You're not going to like, blab this to anyone, are you? You look like a trustworthy guy who somewhat resembles my dead bestie, so I'm good.

  17. Part II:

    Lulu: It says it's my dad. Answer it, Tracy! Ok, I'll answer. Hi Daddy. Ugh, it's Jerry! Jerry, you psycho, where's my dad? Tracy, it's for you.

    Tracy: Listen, Jerry, I've got my shares and Alice's. Do we have a deal. Who is this Russian chick you sent? Ok, I'll give my shares to Blonde Russian if you give me my hubby back. Ok, Jerry, where's Luke?

    Ned: Like hell you're getting ELQ, Jerry! You stay away from Brook Lynn or I'll find Heather Webber and get her to inject you with LSD and I'll have Sabrina Santiago give you some bad medicine. If you mess with my daughter, you'll be hallucinating that you are going into labor!

    Sonny: Well, if it isn't Ghost Connie gracing the Quartermaine crypt! Judging by your legs, I thought for a minute you were Helena Cassadine. Did you do something with your hair? You see, I killed AJ because I thought he killed you and I hated his guts anyway. Now, I want to kill Ava because she REALLY DID kill you. No, I'm not going to kill the baby. I'm gonna bump Ava off AFTER she gives birth. Just gotta find her first. Hey, Michael. Nothing, just catching up with some dearly departed ghosts.

    Brunette Ghost Connie: Hello, Sonny! Well, since we are in a crypt, whaddaya say we go at it for old time's sake. Ha ha! Just kidding! Look, I know you're feeling guilty about the AJ thing, but don't go killing your unborn child or grandchild because of it.

    Michael: So, Rosalie, seen Ava lately? No? Ok, catch you later, unless you want me to keep you company while this slightly intimidating blonde lady grills you.

    Rosalie: Hi Michael. About Ava, if you find her, what are you going to do? Nah, I can handle this woman. I worked for NINA for crying out loud! Hi Nina's mom. By any chance, are you as nutty as your daughter? Sorry I asked. Alright, alright, I'll tell you!

    Ava: Enjoy being nursemaid to me while I'm still alive, Kiki. Once this baby sees the light of day, I'm history. What do you mean Michael's after me to. He's been talking to that wacky nurse Sabrina who thinks I killed her kid? Ok, so I sorta kinda mentioned her name when threatening Carlos but what was I supposed to say?

    Kiki: Stop talking about your impending death! By the way, Michael's after you too. He thinks you killed AJ. Sabrina said Carrrrrrlos didn't do it so you're next on the list. Doorbell! Hide, Mom, hide!


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