Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And TODD is at the DOOR!

Carly opens it and...TODD is there. That is total TODD face. I hope the Franco-Todd crazy melds together to form a nice nasty PIE for CarSon! OMG he totally kisses Carly HARD! He's playing with them. LOVE it. You know it won't all come out until the wedding but this is good. He wants Sonny to apologize --- heh. And Sonny is snotty about it and Franco pretends to call Michael to tell him. 

Nina is like..Erm.well, um.. I don't know! Silas is pissed. heh  She said she lied about walking because she didn't want to lose him. Silas thinks he understands WHY SHE DID IT? ! UGH

Patrick has the Vuitton NOT Samantha-- LOL.  He's gonna sleep on the flooor. 

The judge is sitting with Maxie and Nate-- and wondered if Maxie ever thought about her kid when she almost died in the hostage situation.
Nedly sits with Monica.

Julian is Jelly of Ned ..and he and Alexis do it on the FLOOR before she goes to meet Ned. Sam calls and says Tracy says that she saw Luke and Juilan together. Alexis gets mad and slaps Julian.

Liz and St.NuFace-- she tells him about Jake. Geesh for 32 hours of surgery and a head injury, NuJason is sure "with it"! People gonna call him JAKE. 

My brother interrupted my blogging! Missed the last 15 min. sorry-- :)


  1. if they want to know name of the new patient (jason) - why don't they run fingerprints. his hands aren't bandaged. the writing is just terrible.

  2. Karen - Silas does NOT believe Nina in the last scene he flashes back to when he was talking to Sam about something that she thought Nina did, but Silas defended Nina because she couldn't have done it she was in a wheelchair. Hmmmm maybe not so innocent now.

    That judge is an ass. And Maxie is right what he did was grounds to get a change in judge.

    Monica two days in a row. WOW. I'm sure we wont see her until Christmas now.

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  4. Michael's home: I thought BobTodd was gonna invited Sonny to the wedding! Damn too bad! :) BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: It's ringing. Ring ring ring. Oh hey Michael. Franco. Um did you know that Sonny killed your birth father in cold blood? No tot serious. No that's how, wait hold on. What?


    Amsterdam hotel: What!?!?! The people at the hotel don't know what a cot is!?!?! ROFL! And the other day the bellhop, looked like Levi. Patrick don't be stubborn! Sleeping on the floor come on! :)While Sam was laying on the floor on her tummy, her ta ta's almost came out to say HELLO! Patrick said goodbye Sammy awwww! :)Come on Patrick you can tell she wanted you to kiss her!

    Julian and Alexis: WOAH! HOT SEX AGAIN! :) Alexis has to take a shower hahahahaha! Ouch Alexis don't slap my hot wet sexy Julian! He is telling the truth! He wasn't talking to Luke at the stables!!!


    Nathan, Maxie, and the judge: Oh come on!!! What a ridiculous scene! The judge just can't tell her that she can't date Nathan! He can't tell her who she can date!!! Judge just shut up and continue with your date with Monica!!!

    Ned and Monica: Great scene! I thought they were gonna bring up their sex past hahahaha. Woah Gail and Audrey wanted Monica to date again! Awwww! :) Olivia thought Ned and Monica were on a date?! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Yes Olivia you put your foot in your mouth.

    Olivia and Ned: Yeah come on. Go on a movie date! :)

    The hospital:

    Jason's room: He thinks his name is Jake!! Liz talking to him about their son Jake! And she doesn't even know it's Jason! She is still drawn to John Doe!

    McSilas and Nina: I couldn't believe yesterday that she just ran out of the room! BUSTED! I still think she is busted, because I don't think he believes her! He remembers his conversation with Sam! Keep being suspicious McSilas! :)I want BobTodd and Nina together!

    "Karen says My brother interrupted my blogging! Missed the last 15 min. sorry-- :)"

    Oh no! Damn you Karen's brother! *shakes fist in the air* ROFL!

  5. OK, HOW MANY DAYS HAVE WE BEEN FORCED TO LOOK AT LIZ'S FUGLY SWEATER?? Every time I turn on GH, there it is!! Please, I surrender, no more of this torture--HOW MANY MORE DAYS MUST WE ENDURE?? Please, someone, put the fugly sweater out of its misery.

    Also, that judge was rude to leave Monica alone with no explanation until after. And to tell Maxie not to date Nathan?! Any lawyers on this board--somehow I don't think he'd be allowed to approach them like that.

    And, all along not letting Maxie even have visitation? I think this is not realistic at all . . .

    I thought that Monica's hair looked nice, and was so glad to see her, I hope they give her a hot romance, but not with that horrible judge. And, LET'S SEE GAIL AND AUDREY!!

  6. I'd rather see Carly's ugly eye necklace cam disappear before Liz's sweater. Even sonny said it's ugly. What woman would love a necklace that stares back at them. Ridiculous!

  7. Oh, Silas does NOT believe her, Karen, not a bit, but he is allowing her to think he does. ME has a good readable face. He is so uncomfortable when she hugs him and her walking explains a great deal and he can see she tried to get Sam out of her way and was constantly making him feel obligated and guilty. Now he will be watching her and maybe suggest she move out...I hope so.

    Interesting that they picked Elizabeth for Jason to fasten onto and recognise. I always liked him better with Liz than Sam. Especially years ago when she had her art studio and he took her on his motorcycle for rides.

    Metjet, I'm not sure about this, but not everyone has fingerprints on file. I'm pretty certain mine aren't. Now it's true, Jason's would be, but they don't know that.

    Let's see, the judgedidn't tell Maxie she couldn't see Nathan, but he definitely inferred a threat if she did. I'd say that was worse than lying.

    Love seeing Monica and also Ned. Two excellent lively vets with lots of story in them yet.

  8. Ah, thanks for the Silas info!! That flashback must have happened when I was not watching!!

    Maybe he'll go crazy too and get her good. Nope. What am I saying? SHE"S going to go cray!

  9. From Soaps She Knows:
    "Judge Walters is recast with William Allen Young and will be seen the week of October 6."

    So he's not the original actor who played the judge in Maxie's custody trial.


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