Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Cramps

I liked this week--I think mainly because it was fairly light, the dialog was good and I know the Halloween crazy is coming. Ron does that best; the slow build to the cray-cray. 

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This will be a simple blog so why don't we have simple pancakes with NO powdered sugar  and OJ. 

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"Why I'm so sorry sir, we have NO other rooms!! Can you believe it? Seriously! And..get this...we don't know what "cot" means in this country so sorry! Sleep with Sam"!
Ah, the old "we gotta stay in the same ROOM routine! Patrick actually slept in the bed with Sam and Sam had the daydream about them doin' it. Heh. They were there with Tracy, trying to find Fluke, which I imagine will take just about as long as TG's back takes to mend. Tracy actually went into a cafe to get some pot cakes. Okay then!! 

PS. Love that old-timey bell boy outfit! 

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Of course, NuSt.JaseFace was a focus, along with Liz' hella sweater. Hey, he's going to be called JAKE! How ironic!!  What's going to happen with the fingerprints? Did Victor scrape those off? Did he switch them in the Data Base?  We know it's gonna take awhile to find out that that face is really Old-Face Jase. 

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Ah, a nice surprisingly fun scene with Monica and Silas! She's going on a date --one that resulted from an online encounter!! Who can it be? Why it's the JUDGE in the Maxie case!! Maxie and Nate just happen to be at the Metro and the Judge sits down with them and proceeds to chastise Maxie about being kidnapped. He also doesn't want her to see Nathan!! The Horrors! You mean two people may be kept apart in angst on a soap!!? 

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Before she could get out on her date with Ned--this happened. Whoops, Sam tells her that TRACY said that she knows that Fluke met with Julian in the stables. So he's a liar liar --pants on fire. 

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And...we had NINA running!! LOL..Silas caught her ass--big time. She was all "" She wriggled out of it by saying that she did it because she was afraid she was going to lose him. Old Silas' lightbulbs started flashing when he started to remember all the crap she pulled. Silas fires Rosie too. Nina fires her. Then, later Nina threatens her on the phone. Looks like Rosie has a "secret" that only Nina knows. Perhaps she's not a nurse? Perhaps her past includes mur-dah??! who knows! 

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The Deliciousness of Franco screwing with CarSon. Oh how I love thee!! EEEEEE!! We get a few WEEKS of him playing around before the axe falls on Halloween. Franco is sharing with Nina (fellow cray) and she even looked at his Google pages! Yep..he's a serial killer all right.  A not in JAIL serial killer but one of those with the brain-tumors. This is Roger at his best and I love it!! LOVE IT!! 

20141009 0635(2) bmp8798513984017329110

Britt showed up to breakfast like this.. Geesh!!! I don't get that dressed up for dinner out! Spencer was a brat and Nikolas certainly doesn't know parenting 101. Anyway, he asked Britt to move back in to Wyndemere with him.  Which we know she'll just have to move back out when the secret is exposed. 

Hey, Kiki and Michael got a nice vacation via Sonny--so we didn't have to deal with them.  Yeah--- !!!! BE GONE!!!

Speaking of Sonny, he wants to kill Franco (*sigh*) and talks to Shaun about it ad nauseum in the gym. GUH-- Didn't you two Bozos try that once before and totally F it up!? BUT...this time they are going to hire someone else to do it--and then pin it on  some poor bloke.  SO no one will suspect them. Nope. Nope. Nope. 

20141009 0630(33) bmp2862339937323707175

Carrrrrrlos was back to tell Sabrina that--ut oh, Ava could have actually been BLUFFING about the whole accident thing. Sabrina loses it and decides she has to get those MEDS back!!  When is the truth coming out so Carrrrrrrrlos can get sprung?

20141009 0712(1) bmp4102376146932397390 Morgan's house, someone was having a little problem of their own! OUCH!! Morgan! GET MY PILLS!! So, Morgan, not knowing the pills are bad, goes to the Metro and gets them from Jordan.  Rosie happens to be outside his door and runs in as well. I think she's NOT A NURSE ...she didn't know what to do for sheeze. 

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Lucy, Duke and Anna.  Why am I bothering with this? Because we found out that Lucy still lived in the lighthouse!!  Oh, Scott and Bobbie were on too. 

This happened. :) 

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SCENE/FACES of the WEEK: Eeeeeeeeeeeee!! OMG. Silas sees Nina...Nina sees Silas. Erm.. it was perfection in a glass!!  I love that she was tearing around the hospital like a banshee. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: When I saw this RESPLENDENT photo of Sonny's armpit on Franco's phone--in all it's "afterglow glory"--well, I had to give it up. PLUS, without this app, we'd not have Crazy Frank back! 

The week was light--and the Amsterdam trip is going on forever--but like I said up there, I liked it. Between Nina and Franco it was worth the watch.  I'm off Monday so I probably won't be around to tweet or blog.  
HEY...Halloween is on a FRIDAY. Yep. A Cliffhanger-Oweenie! 


  1. Yawner week. But Miller can act w his eyes alone. Good riddance to Zombie Burton!

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  3. Karen, good morning. I think Sam had a night dream, not a daydream, about Patrick.

    I think likely Cray Nina will end up living with Cray Franco when they both have to leave their respective domiciles.

    Does anyone have any idea when Fluke is coming back?

    I LOVE seeing Monica, Bobbie, Lucy, Scottie, et al., and they all were really funny, I thought. I'll take ALL the vets I can get!!

  4. "Karen says Rosie happens to be outside his door and runs in as well. I think she's NOT A NURSE ...she didn't know what to do for sheeze."

    Yeah Rosie's explanation on why she couldn't help was so lame!!!!! I bet you are right and she isn't a nurse!

  5. You could definitely be right about Rosalie not being a nurse. Maybe she was an orderly at her old hospital. I don't think that would be so terrible that she'd be worried about it getting out though since Nina didn't need a nurse and knew it. Maybe there's something else too.

    The most ludicrous part of the Sam/Patrick " we can't stay in the same room" scenario was when he walked out of the shower the next morning in just a towel! I know our writers need to see their shirtless guys, but seriously. I've shared rooms with friends before and we've never paraded around in towels. It's just not done.

    I hope Franco's tumor is back. I want to see him and Nina together and crazy.

    I also want Maxie to out the judge to Diane. I'd love to see her go a couple of rounds with him. lol

  6. Yes, I still think the judge cannot do what he did, I wonder if it's legal.

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  8. I just want Franco to blow Sonny and Carly sky high.


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