Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The EYES Have IT!

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Why Yes, it is a lovely giant EYEBALL!

Well....the week was, a bit "weak" as they say! I know we have to have lulls but lordy, this was a long one. Another day player bit the dust though! Bodies are just piling up on the extras list over there. 

Of course, this week introduced us to THE EYEBALL NECKLACE...the great invention of Sir Spybot Franco. And Carly, natch put it around her neck like an idiot. I think Josslyn would even guess there's a camera in there. 

Let's have some EYE-Opening Bloody Marys and a MUFFIN like the one Maxie tore into at the Brownstone.

Liz sat shiva at St.JaseFace's bed on a daily basis. My hope for any kind of NON-Formulatic soapy goodness was DASHED. *sigh* She feels drawn to the mysterious stranger--Epiphany even says "He's had so much plastic surgery not even his loved ones would recognize him". SO, there you go. Then, Danny runs into the room to hold his hand. Sam walks in..she holds his hand and his heart races. BEEP BEEP... you know she'll help him with his memory-- and let's face it (face it, ahahha) it will be months before he's discovered to be THE Jason. That's when the clouds will part and angels descend.  *sigh* PS. who's paying for all his recovery anyway?
MONICA walks in!! Of course Monica walks in-- and Sam on the plane "I can't stop thinking about John Doe in the ICU"
Pffft. That made me LOL --  

Franco's trying to catch Carly and BOOM! Mission accomplished. Carly wears the ugliest bauble ever seen (and ALL DAY EVERYDAY).  Franco discusses it with Nina who tells him he's going to go 'really over the edge' if he keeps it up.    I do love an angry, scheming Roger Howarth so it should be good for a giggle. 

Fun Dialog from Sonny/Carly: 
"We've been married FOUR times!! and he mentions Limo Sex" LMAO 
"We are stronger together than we are apart"... 
"I spent the afternoon having sex in my son's apartment--and my fiance has no clue"
(Um...whoops, yes he does thanks to the necklace you still have on. Did it hit Sonny's nose during sex? I mean, geesh) 

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Tracy--OH Tracy. I have no words for this. The entire Fluke thing is so boring-- and she's so stupid I just can't anymore. Zulu, Sam...Dante, Anna, Patrick are on the "Luke" trail. Patrick and Sam are off to Amsterdam. Cute on the plane, yes.

Which brings me to: JaSam vs Liason. When there is a recast, all bets are off on soap couples. Sorry but it's the truth. You have NO IDEA how a new actor is going to chem with other people. Case in point: Laura Wright. I don't think I could have ever watched Sarah Brown's Carly with Jax, but Laura's was perfect.  ERGO, I don't know who Billy's Jason will mesh with. Super couples are made by the people who play them, NOT by the "characters" imo. 

What else happened? oh yeah, Super-aim Micahel kills Kobe after Kobe rushes in to murder him. Rosie was in the apartment and freaked out. She did a GREAT job looking frantic and panicked, imo.  Loved how Sonny's idiot people didn't get all the blood up when they carried him out in a TARP. (geesh) Kiki saw it--and Michael was like "yah, I plugged the guy". Shrug. Which gave she and Morgan even MORE to talk about. 

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Speaking of Morgan, he had a houseguest. Ava plopped down and decided to hide out. She gave out all the info on Sonny killing AJ-- which made Kiki's eyes pop right out. She wants to tell Michael, he wants her to keep it secret. So, not only is it a secret, it's a secret being KEPT by people that "love Michael". Double naughty.

Julian and Alexis had giant sex. Sonny, the PERV waited in the living room until it was over to confront them. Said Julian sent Kobe to kill Michael.  Alexis got all Cassadine and was pretty good at yelling while her robe and chestaloons keps popping out. Of Course, Julian was like: WHO ME? (insert Alfred E Newman face). Sonny won't believe them though! 

Maxie..Maxie. WHAT THE HELL WAS Maxie doing this week? COME ON!!!! That much time spent on deciding whether to go on a date with Nate? :hittinghead:  And..she decides to have a full on BFF discussion with..MOR-GAN. 
Morgan? Why? Who? Um.wha? I realize Lulu was busy but hell, Molly would have even made a better choice. WEIRD. WEIRDDddd WEIRD.  Then, she goes to Lulu and what? Says the SAME DAMN THING over again.  But, in the end, she shows up way late looking chic getting off the Metro elevator. awwww. 

Dante cooks the biggest spaghetti bowl ever!  Who's gonna eat that? Not Lulu! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  I had to go with this-- just because the kid was so cute. My fave part was when Liz bribed him with a sucker to let go. LOL. Fickle, fickle! 

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PROP of the WEEK:  EYEBALL EYEBALL-- good lord.  HELLO to the EYEBALL

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FACE OF THE WEEK: Rosalie had a million of the best faces before, during and after the shooting. 

There ya have it! St.JaseFace is waking up--that's how Friday left us. Brain Scrambled again. That guy should have the cognition of a toad by now. LOL

Hope it's nice where you are. Time to rake the leaves! 


  1. Poor Liz, in heat again- her blowhole must be dilated to the size of the Lincoln tunnel since, for all she knows, she's shiva-ing at a strange man's bed.

  2. I agree with you on nothing being set in stone when there is a recast with characters. Some actors gel and others don't. An analogy would be trying to fit a size 10 foot into a 8. You might get it on, but oh the pain. Personally I am liking Sam with Patrick at the moment. I would like to see them give that relationship a chance. Silas as another option for Sam falls flat for me, as does that character. Sorry, but ME can leave the show. He isn't really bringing anything to it. I am hoping that BM and BH have chem. I think they would look nice together physically.

    Carly's eye necklace is the funniest thing on the show this week. It was so ugly and obvious...I just can't believe how dumb these characters are.

    I think they need to find better angst if they want to draw out Maxie and Nathan, because currently this uncertainty on Maxie's part is a bit much. It is obvious he is a good guy after all he has done. So what if she chose wrong with Levi and he duped her. Life is short move on and learn from your mistakes. I have a feeling that Baby Georgie will be the next road block in this relationship...What else can they use?
    Not much else to say.

  3. "Karen says Maxie..Maxie. WHAT THE HELL WAS Maxie doing this week? COME ON!!!! That much time spent on deciding whether to go on a date with Nate? :hittinghead: And..she decides to have a full on BFF discussion with..MOR-GAN.

    I know!!!!! UGH! And then had the same conversation with Lulu! ENOUGH!

    "PS. Dante cooks the biggest spaghetti bowl ever! Who's gonna eat that? Not Lulu!"

    No it was Lulu who cooked the biggest spaghetti bowl ever!!!! Who's gonna eat that? I WILL! I want some!!! :) They are gonna have a lot of leftovers! :)

  4. Lulu cooked?! I missed that LOL-- I was FF through Friday's show.
    I can't believe HOW MANY commercials are on --wow

  5. So according to Nurse Naughty the police have no info on John's amazing how fingerprints weren't taking.

    Whose paying for all this plastic surgery, hospital stay and expert from plastics, brains, and trauma.?��

    Maxie having this conversation with Morgan is ridiculous. The last time they spent significant time together he was singing at her non-wedding. ��

    Once again Michael and Sonny have covered up a crime of self defense. Hope Carter has no friends waiting to see Michael again. And isn't he still on probation??

  6. In most jurisdictions, the victim of a crime, or their family, needs to consent to have fingerprints taken. Only if arrested for a crime do you have no choice.

  7. Cosmo...even to identify someone? How can they make medical decisions for him if they don't try to find out who he is?

    Just wondering. I thought they did everything they could to ID a patient if they didn't know.

    Maybe only if they are dead?

  8. Still not watching and just reading the blog. Didn't Franco already spy on Carly one time before (a camera in Joss's stuffed toy)? I know Cartini lack creativity and recycle storylines from OLTL but have they reached a new low and are now even recycling GH storylines? It is time for Cartini to go. They obviously ran out of ideas a year or more ago

  9. Actually Ron and Frank did mostly great work on OLTL and at GH they seem to be overwhelmed by too many actors with too many stories. I think they want to use the vets, but know no soap survives without newcomers and they have to use them, too.

    Speaking of actors who don't match--Sonny and Carly. This Carly is taller than the little hoodlum and has a much less flighty personality than the previous ones, so I think TPTB should have let this go and not even tried a 'new' story here. But Sonny has bedded about all of PC so what can they do but come back around and start the whole boring string of romances over again? Why can't Sonny just take a nice long vacation and get over his doggy heat problem.

    That necklace is the ugliest, phoniest prop since the Ice Princess diamond-on-a-stick. That used to make me laugh every time they showed it. They must have used superSUPER glue to adhere a 'diamond' to a stick like that--and the marble base screamed wooden thing painted with streaks. With Monty having the money to have something good constructed, it was a puzzle. Actually, the eye is slightly classier.

  10. RC is callled Re-Ron cuz he has ZERO originality.

    Karen wrote:

    Cosmo...even to identify someone? How can they make medical decisions for him if they don't try to find out who he is?

    Just wondering. I thought they did everything they could to ID a patient if they didn't know.


    Karen, it's part of the right to non-self-incrimination. Medically they can easily test for blood type and have the universal type, but say that Jason had never been convicted of a crime but his fingerprints were in the database as unknown fingerprints at crime scene X? Were he a random guy in a town he cd refuse to allow fingerprinting, and, w no criminal, nor legal reason to take his fingerprints, most states do not allow this.

  11. Have been watching a few episodes every now and then based on this blog. Heard a Ric Lansing reference this week! Does anyone know if he's coming back or what the story is? I thought he was working with Anna to track down Fluke or something. Shame he was only around for a few weeks.
    Love Love Julexis!

    Anxiously awaiting the new Jason.


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