Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Snow Patrol

No I don't have any boots but I can't feel my feet anymore so it doesn't matter. 

One set got giant use this seemed they wanted people to walk out into the snow and just chit-chat about everything! 

Hey, happy Super Bowl Day. My sole purpose for watching are having some snacks.  So I think for breakfast I will grab some oatmeal. Being good. 

Several people were in the park in the SNOW this week...

Nell and Michael discussing their respective dead fathers......

Olivia and Alexis, discussing the AA program....

Bobbie and Felicia discussing putting one over on Nelle,,,

Carly and Olivia discussing Ned....

and...Valentin and Nina discussing his childhood

So I guess the park is just dandy in Feb to be standing or sitting around in heels discussing life. I can't figure out why they used this set ??   Oh well.. let's get on to the main events.

Ok, this week was all over the place, imo.  A ton of stories going on with some only being little snippets of anything that matters. I'll go through them one by one. 

Franco is saved by Sam...and he ends up in GH. He's battered and can only think of one thing: Elizabeth! 

In the meantime, Liz went to Seth's house to talk to him about inconsistency's in his story about Tom's murder. Come to find out, Seth killed him because he saw him attacking Alexis. 

Franco tries to strangle Seth but stops himself at the last minute. Elizabeth's love has changed him! He's free of his darker side (for now). Later, she invites him to stay at her house. They spend 2 days talking about their relationship. Making the love...etc. 

So... Lulu and Laura went to Anna's to talk about Valentin. Anna suggested that Lulu give him a chance to co-parent because when she knew him 'he was a nice guy' (Very weird dialog). Lulu goes to talk to him about it and suggests they all go to family counseling and he flips out. Tells her that joining custody is off the table--PERIOD. 

Jason, Sam and Sonny cook up a plan to get Julian to think Sonny and Jason are in a fight. They yelled at each other, all drama queens and Jules bought it. He thinks Jason has backed off looking for Morgan's killer. 

Sam is going to a 'safe house' and Sonny got some guy (ESPN man) to bring them some high-tech gear to use.  He and Curtis got in a little verbal scuffle. The point of this whole thing? idea. 

Over on the Nelle front, she gets all weird when Carly pulls out old photos and talks about her adoptive dad, Frank Benson. Seems like we are being lead to believe he's really Nell's father. No idea how the kidney thing fits in or why she's so pissy over it.  

Bobbie gets the bright idea to call Felicia and have her 'investigate' Nelle. So, Fe goes to the Metro and compliments Nelle on her handling of Maxie's wedding. Then, chats about life and gets into how much she 'hates' Bobbie yada yada. Nelle takes it all in and loves it that Felicia doesn't like Bobbie. Later, Felicia tells her that she's an interior design person and would do her apartment for free. I guess we have that to look forward to. 

Surprise! Olivia is Alexis' AA sponsor!!  Yep...she wormed her way in and Alexis has no idea who she really is. Olivia asked Alexis about her family and was pretty interested in Sam's condition. *sigh* with Sam due so soon, I can only hope they don't have another kidnapping story. 

In one of the more strange things that happened this week, Ned and Olivia suddenly show up, making out on the Q couch.  Dillon comes in. They are embarrassed. Ned thinks she and Leo should move in. Olivia talks to Carly in the park. Dillon talks to Ned in the house. Looks like Ned was going to ask Olivia to marry him but in typical GH fashion, they weren't on again. So...? whatever.  Look, I like these two but they are NEVER ON. SO, cut it out. Either put them on more or stop. 

This merry-go-round. Oy. Ok, let's see. Maddox tells Jordan he really needs her, loves her and shouldn't have been jelly of Curtis when they went to Baltimore together. Jordan feels the same way (or so she says). Curtis comes in to continue the dance-- blah blah..'we got a connection' ..banter banter.  

First, Anna gets an earful from Laura about saying Val is a 'nice guy'. Then Nina comes in and bitches about her obsession with "my husband". Anna says he's obsessed with HER. Nina sees an old photo of Val on the screen (when he was Ivan) and gets angry with Anna for not being nice to him when he was younger. Anna looks really hurt and upset, really upset.  When Nina leaves, Anna tries to get Val/Ivans file from the WSB but before she can, the file disappears before her eyes. This happened on Monday with no follow up so that's all I have right now. 

MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Sam and Liz saying they 'are even'. Now if only this would translate into Sam and Liz fans being civil to each other on Twitter. (ahaha, I know don't laugh yourselves silly). 

PROP OF THE WEEK: Sam's belly literally grew overnight. She looks so uncomfortable! 

Well, there you go. Can't believe I made it through the whole week. By the time I get home from work with the 3-4 year olds my brain is a bit fried.  GH is such a flat note--I think the last high I had was during the Anna/Valentin scenes. But that was one in a string of ho-hum days. 


  1. The really sad part is that most of the people I could absolutely care less about. My favorite Elizabeth – I just can't wrap my head around her with Franco. And if they were going to do a really hot love scene... did it bother anybody else that Franco was half mangled – stitches, face cuts, broken ribs, internal bleeding – not to mention greasy long stringing hair and so overdue for a shave. I wanted to just put him in the shower and scrub him down first. And not in a sexy way. Here is Liz with her beautiful hair, milky white skin and this mangled mess. No offense to Roger whatsoever because he's a very good actor, but I just could not get into this love scene. Remember when Sonny and Jason used to be exciting? I'm not enjoying Olivia Jerome – having to Olivia's on the show is a problem too. Olivia Jerome looks old stuffed and who even remembers her and I've watched it since 1979? I personally would much rather had a good villain come back like Faith Roscoe! She was awesome and evil. The Olivia Jerome pretending to be Anna in her imagination and the whole Duke thing is just so old. I'm just not feeling any of the storylines right now. Sick of Nelle and don't care. I would much prefer the storyline of Emma, Spencer, Cameron, etc. at least the kids were fun! There's so much more I could say but really I will just stop.

  2. After watching the All My Children cast reunion on the Hallmark Channel this week I was reminded of what it's like to have characters you care about and love intertwined. I miss AMC more than ever! I don't want ABC to bring the characters to General Hospital I want them to bring the show back. I want General Hospital to go back to having characters that I loved! Seeing that cast made me remember what it was like to look forward to my soap, not to fast-forward through it.

  3. The park, Miley & Chloe, anyone else notice that they have the same nose ? So bro& sis. Sam's baby bump grew in the same show!!

    Good grief

  4. And weren't Elizabeth's kids in the house?

  5. I can't possibly say it better than AMC GH did. Watching the AMC Reunion made me realize how much I missed my daily visits to "Pine Valley" and the tight ensemble cast they had.

    Recently I reprogrammed the DVR to stop recording GH. It's become such a hot mess that it became a chore to watch it rather than a happy diversion. I'm not feeling it either.

  6. Oddly, I have enjoyed parts of the last week, but I understand where others are coming from.

    I think Olivia and Ned's problem is that Wally is currently on 2 soaps at the same time and it must be hard to get good continuity going. I think his story on Days is fairly prominent. The way his role on GH should be. But it must limit his time.

    I am excited about OLTL's Nora coming to GH--to play Nora Bucanan. I doubt this is a permanent gig, but Nora was one of my faves so it will be good to see her. Excellent actress, able to make you believe. But I'd say what GH really needs now is a couple of mature guys--for Anna particularly. And a lot less of Sonny. I am so ungodly tired of him. I've never been a fan of mobsters, but day after day of Sonny is just unbearble. And we need Jax back!!

    I like Curtis and Jason doing their detective stuff--Jason actually looks awake at times.

    There is a lot I don't find interesting, but lots that I do. And the actor playing Valetin is really good--that story is good.

  7. soaplover said...

    I think Olivia and Ned's problem is that Wally is currently on 2 soaps at the same time and it must be hard to get good continuity going. I think his story on Days is fairly prominent. The way his role on GH should be. But it must limit his time.

    ** Actually, that shouldn't cause any issue at all, for him. On both shows, he's got a status of "recurring". Meaning that because he isn't on contract with either show, he just shows up when he is told to, which is usually for just a little bit here, and there. There's also the fact that Days tapes 6 months in advance. So whatever is taped, we won't see onscreen for another 6 months. And as far as how prominently he's involved at Days, since he's recurring, the writers are not obligated to write for his character. And, ever since he was dropped down, he pretty much primarily just shows up to do lawyer stuff. His stuff on Days isn't affecting how often he's on GH, at all. That can be attributed entirely to the lack of writing for him on Jelly's part. He's said several times, he's very happy to be able to do both shows at the same time, and wants to do as much as possible. And his being dropped off contract at Days, is why he's able to do both. I LOVE Wally, and will take as much of him on both shows as possible. :) (His being from MT too, doesn't hurt a bit, either!) :)



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