Friday, July 10, 2020

HAPPY Birthday To Haley Pullos!

I always thought there could be so much more for Molly!! Here's hoping they sign the Davis
Girls to a contract!! Perfect ages and So many stories to tell! 


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  2. Awwww she is 22 now!!! Wow time flies! :) *Gets in my time machine and goes to July 25, 2016, oh shoot she knows website was wrong! They gave the wrong date. It's supposed to be July 26 2016!! *Gets back in my time machine to go to July 26th 2016*

    "Parker's hotel room: Another great scene between Krissy and Sonny!!!! Beautiful beautiful beautiful scene!! Made me cry! :(

    Central Perk: Love how worried Alexis is about Krissy! :)

    Paul and Alexis: Disbarred?!!?! Oh no!!!! Yes Alexis call Diane ASAP!!!

    Alexis's cupcakes: I don't want to be disbarred!!!!

    Parker and Alexis: Great scene!!! Alexis is right!!!!!

    Krissy and Alexis: Geez Krissy. Why do you have to always be so rude to your mother! Cut it out!

    Parker's hotel room part 2: Oh so Parker rather write a dear Jane letter, than talking to her face to face? Coward!!!

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Nina and Carly: Love Nina's witch outfit! :) Nina really loves red doesn't she? :) Can Nina and Carly be BFF's?!

    Carly: I don't understanding you Nina. Outside of us making the big make of dating Franco, we don't know each other very well.

    OH! Nina!!!! Tell Carly off about BobTodd!!! Why aren't you telling her off?! BAH!


  3. Joss and Carly: Awwww. :( Great scene! So realistic. Carly maybe you shouldn't do this behind Joss's back!!! It might backfire in your face.

    Joss: OH! On the phone with daddy!!!! Too bad we don't see him!!! I can't wait to see you Jax!!! :)

    Carly and Sonny: Sonny wins the line of the day.

    Sonny: I talked to Kristina. She came out to me.

    ROFL! The way he said it was funny. :)

    Cassadine Island:


    Paint and Wall: Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Oh Paint passes out.. List of reasons why she fainted.

    Zika virus?

    Faking it?



    Whenever she doesn't get any sex she passes out?

    Her cupcakes are too heavy for her?

    Oh boy! Wall turns into the incredible hulk and breaks his bondage!!!

    Paint: I've never fainted.

    DING DING DING PREGNANT! :) And I love how she kept making sure her cupcakes don't fall out! :)


    Lulu: Chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat.

    VC: Chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat.

    Dante: Chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat chit chat.

    Oh look! Jason the incredible hulk shows up and shoots up the bad guys! And VC hides behind his henchman!!!

    *Jason the incredible hulk gives Sam a gun and gives Dante a gun.*

    Sam's cupcakes: Hey! I want a gun! Give me a gun!!!!

    Wait a dang second!!!! VC runs away from the incredible hulk and hides?!!?! HUH?!!?!! VC is supposed to be a bad ass guy, who everyone is afraid of, including Helena, and VC runs away from the incredible hulk?!!?!?! And before that hides behind his henchman!!!! I don't buy it!! EPIC FAIL! :)BOOOO HISSSSSSSSS! Yes everyone leave the place now!!! Doc does not look good at all!!!

    The hospital:

    Julian's room: Julian you can rip up the divorce papers all you want.. Alexis will just get another one.

    Julian and his henchman:

    Henchman: I'm sorry boss.

    GAH! Stop calling him boss you Caaaaaaaaaarlos wannabe!!!! I want to smack him!!

    Paul and Julian: Hmmm two sexy men in one room. :)

    Nina, Julian, and Henchman: BAHAHAHAHA! Oops! Now your henchman has to get another vile of that drug for you Julian!!! Thanks Nina! :)

    The elevator: Julian, Paul, and cop! HA! Now you can't use that drug Julian so you are going to the courthouse!!! :) Let's see how you get out of this!"

    New comments: Maybe Sam passed out because she has the corona virus! Too many people in that room!! Social distance people!!!! My Doc got shot! :( Parker! UGH! I am so glad she isn't on GH anymore.

    My flashback: January 3, 2011 The bus crash!

    Carly: That is terrible. I don't lie to you Jason.


    Monday's episode: April 28, 2020. UGH! I am not using my time machine to go to April and May of 2020 again!! It was awful the first time around with all the flashbacks. I'm not going to watch it again. It says episode subject to change, but I doubt they will. Well, I have a blog with a lot of GH stuff on it. It's called the strange land of Port Chuckles. It's a nostalgia blog. I've had it since 2016, but haven't done anything with it since 2017. I will just bring all my GH stuff here and we can have fun. Unless you all want to talk about April and May 2020 ROFL!

  4. I like Molly! They need to have her on the air more. IMO she is like Robin and kind of growing up on the set. SO glad they have never recasted her. Just need to have her on the air more. I really do like the dynamic of Alexis and her "girls". They must all really like in other IRL because it shows on screen.

  5. The latest on when "GH" resumes production...

  6. GH did not handle this well at all. It could have been an opportunity to bring in new viewers but the way they jumped all around was crazy. Probably left many long time viewers in a tizzy.
    I won't watch those recent shows again. Bad enough the first time around.

  7. Zazu. I agree. Couldn't have been done so well and attracted many new viewers if they showed episodes that were actually good and attracted us loyal viewers in the first place. I don't think they care about General Hospital though.

  8. I meant Could have been done so well

  9. I am NOT going to April 28, 2020! *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 22nd 1980.* ohhh so beautiful!!! :)


    Susan and Mitch: Susan is freezing him out! She doesn't like how Mitch is treating her, and really likes how Frank Smith is treating her! Like a lady! Yeah Susan! Don't let Mitch treat you poorly!!!

    Frank Smith, Tracy, and Mitch: Tracy is telling Frank about Mitch's new bill. More recreational facilities in the state. Susan shows up, and Tracy is trying to get Frank and Susan together hahaha! Gail and Lee show up. Oh Scotty is working for Frank Smith!

    The hospital:

    Jesse and Monica: Monica is tired. She had a sleepless night. There was an electrical storm. She wants to see baby AJ and then do rounds.


    Monica and Leslie: Monica is feeling guilty that she is keeping the secret from Alan that baby AJ is Rick's! Ah yes at this time they still think AJ's is Rick's! Leslie says Monica is living with a time bomb. And then there is Tracy! Tracy wants to find out!

    Monica and Steve: Steve is worried about Monica. Monica is lying saying it's the storm last night that is getting to her.

    Monica and Gail: Monica wants to resign. They had a nice conversation.

    Dan and Jesse: Awwww sad! :( Poor Dan! Geez he asks Jesse to marry him, she says no.. He asks Ruby to marry him, and she says no! Why did the writers do this to Dan?! :( Why couldn't Dan be married?!!?!?!

    Steve Hardy's office: Steve and Diana are interviewing finalists for the scholarship awards!

    Scotty and Laura's home: Someone is watching Laura. Luke shows up with a cassette recorder. On it is a tape of Laura wanting the number for the FBI, and when she gets it, she calls the FBI! But then hangs up when someone answers the phone!!! Luke got the cassette, from Frank Smith's office. She is scared and wants to know what they are going to do! He wants to protect her. She doesn't want to be home alone, so they are going to the Disco cus he has work to do. Frank Smith is going to show up at the disco too.

    The disco: Luke and Laura show up, and Luke puts on music, but it's Rise.. Oh Luke!!!! Get rid of that song!!!!! Laura is all upset about it! He calms her down. Frank Smith show up and Luke and Frank go to Luke's office.

    Luke's office: Frank is bringing up Laura and Luke wants to protect Laura.

    If you want to watch.

    Tomorrow's episode. April 29, 2020. I will not go there! I will go in my time machine to go to the fall of 1978!

  10. Yeah I'm not watching today's episode.. The only thing I watched was the first scene with Finchy and Chase!! Stupid scene, but I love seeing them together. :) Love that Finchy is confused of Chase's stupid plan!!! Thank you Finchy!!! Now enough of that.. *Hops into my time machine to go to Fall of 1978*

    Webber home:

    Laura and Rick: Debbie downer is at it again and Rick gets upset! No Rick don't apologize!!!! Being around a Debbie Downer takes it's toll on everyone!!! Someone is sending Laura a picture of her with the words once a killer, always a killer. Hmm who is doing it? Oh it's Bobbie! Of course!!!! :)

    Mr. Higgins and Rick: I love that Rick is sticking up for Laura!!!!!! :) And of course Laura is listening in.

    Scotty's home: Scotty is talking to Lee on the phone. Brian is visiting Scotty. Scotty is worried about Laura. Brian grabs the phone to dial Laura so that Scotty can talk to her. Come on Laura! Scotty misses you and wants to see you! Don't be silly!

    The park: Laura is looking at that paper that was sent to her. She is all upset.. Scotty is there for her. He wants to know what she ripped up. And of course it takes forever to tell him, but she does tell him. Awww he is so sweet to her and he is so right Laura!!! Listen to him!

    The hospital: Bobbie is thinking of Scotty and their conversation that they had. where she tells him she loves him. And he is sorry and he was confused and needed time to figure things out.. Scotty says to her he thinks he loves Laura and he thinks he always have! YIKES! Then she is thinking of her conversation that she had with Laura. Audrey shows up and introduces her niece Anne Logan to Bobbie.

    Rick, Monica, and Audrey: They are talking about that Jamison guy and Jeff, and that Steven Lars could still be alive! :)

    The Cafeteria: Bobbie is telling Anne Logan who everyone is haha. Bobbie wins the line of the day. She is talking about Alan Quartermaine!

    Bobbie: Anne! He is the richest man in the world!


    Lee and Gail: They talk about how Bobbie bounced back, and things that she envies in the younger crowd.

    The hallway: Monica and Rick talk about Leslie. She says that Leslie is on edge. Rick is upset and Monica is there for him.

    Bobbie and Laura: Laura is trying to avoid her but she can't hahaha. And then Bobbie runs to another nurse and pretends she is scared of Laura!! Hahaha! Oh Bobbie you are crazy! :)

    Peter's office: Peter and Mr. Higgins are talking about Laura.

    Book room: Bobbie harassing Laura again! :) Oh Laura grabs Bobbie and Bobbie pretending she is the victim hahahha! Bobbie is screaming!!! Oh Monica shows up hahahahaha! What a scene! :)

    Today's comments: I wish they were showing this on GH!!! :(

    Tomorrow's episode: April 30, 2020. UGH! I will not go there. I will go to April 3rd 1984.

  11. *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 3rd, 1984* WOW! Port Chuckles looks wonderful!!!! :)

    Bobbie's home: Brock and Bobbie are separated! He wants her back but she has to think about it. He needs her help and needs her to sign papers.

    Webber home: Rick, Ruby, and Mike scene. Mike really wants to see Blackie Parish who is in jail for the murder of Lou.. But he isn't allowed to see him. Poor Mike. :( Chris Robinson (Rick) sounds like he has a cold. Rose Kelly shows up and wants to forgive Blackie.. Bobbie shows up to talk to Ruby about Brock. Ruby is kinda like a sounding board.

    Police station:

    Robert's office: Robert, Jake, and Burt want Blackie free! Even Tiffany who shows up wants Blackie free! Jackie shows up and Robert isn't happy she is there. Robert wins the line of the day.

    Robert: Out the door as of right now, and take Jimmy Olson with you.


    Blackie's cell: Blackie didn't murder Lou! It was an accident! But Blackie is down on himself and wants to plead guilty. No Blackie no!!!!!! :(

    Blackie and the guard: Wow the guard is a HUGE fan of Blackie's hahahahhaha! Poor Blackie is all depressed. :(

    Blackie and Rick: :(

    Blackie and Frisco: :(

    Blackie and Tommy Hardy: :(


    Blackie, his fans, and Frisco: Blackie's fans are all over him, and Frisco sings the song sneak attack!

    Tiffany, Rick, and Jackie: Jackie is such a bitch!!! I am so glad Tiffany slapped her!

    Bobbie's home part 2: Well Bobbie signed the papers.. And she takes Brock back! Which is a big mistake!! She shouldn't take him back!

    New comments: I want to stay in Port Chuckles in 1984 forever!!!

    Tomorrow's episode: May 4, 2020. Yuck. Instead of that, I'm going back to the Fall of 1978. I had a lot of fun there.

  12. *Jumps into my time machine to go back to the fall of 1978*

    The hospital:

    Peter and Mr. Higgins: Talking about Laura and then Bobbie calls Peter so "upset"

    Bookroom: Oh this is just a crazy crazy fun odd ball scene hahahahaha!

    Laura, Bobbie, Monica: Bobbie is "freaked" out!!! Monica wins the line of the day.

    Monica: Bobbie you are being over dramatic about this.

    ROFL! And then Peter and Mr. Higgins shows up. Laura is trying to explain! And then later Leslie shows up, and Laura won't tell her anything!

    Gail's office:

    Gail and Scotty: He wants to marry Laura. He wants to get her parents blessing.

    Gail and Bobbie: Bobbie is all "upset" ROFL! Scotty wants to go see if Laura is okay! Bobbie is all offended hahahaha! Monica walks in and talks to Bobbie.

    Monica: I don't believe you.


    Nurses lounge: Oh WOW! Hahahahaha!

    Outside nurses lounge:

    Mr. Higgins and Bobbie: Yeah I don't think he really believes her either! Hahahahaha!

    Leslie's office: Yeah nobody wants her to help them because she was in jail for Laura. Oh there is one person who wants her help! Her friend Colleen.. They met in jail. Colleen has a back problem. Oh oh. Laura is missing! Leslie has to go find her.

    Hallway: Oh there Laura is! She was just out getting fresh air.. I love Laura's little speech to Bobbie hahahaha!

    New comments: I wish we still had the book room and the nurses lounge!!

    Throwback Thursday: When Alexis first arrived in Port Chuckles. September 28th 1996.

    Tomorrow's episode: May 5th 2020. *Sigh* Forget that. I'll be going to September 5th 1979.

  13. *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 5th 1979*

    "Heather and Jeff's home:

    Jeff is depressed. Joe is going to the movies with Anne and Jeremy and wants Jeff to go to. Anne and Jeremy show up and want Jeff to go but he doesn't feel like it. Jeff calls for Heather to see if she is okay.

    Q home:

    Amy and Laura's father died. They went to the memorial. Everyone went to hang out at the Q's. Alan is there. Poor Amy. :( They all went to have a tour of the Q home, except Luke and Laura. She wants to stay near the fireplace to stay warm. L&L have a nice conversation. :) Scotty comes back into the room after the tour, and oh look Luke and Scotty are nice to each other! ROFL! Luke wins the line of the day.

    Luke: We had a very heavy conversation about life, feminism, and the weather.


    Laura and Amy: Awwww great scene!

    Snyders diner: I wonder what happened to Snyder's diner.

    Bobbie and Jeff: They are talking about that Jamison guy. Jeff went to Arizona to talk to Jamison about PJ, but he died before he could tell Jeff about him.

    Jeff, Anne, Joe, and Jeremy: They show up and Jeremy told Jeff all about the movie they went to see! :) Joe takes Jeremy home and then Jeff will come back and he and Anne are going to have a date.

    Anne and Jeff: They have become good friends. They are talking about Jamison. The only thing Jamison told Jeff before he died was, that Heather knows where Steven Lars is!

    Laura and Scotty's home: Oh oh Scotty doesn't want Laura working tonight. He got the off from work and wanted to spend time with Laura. They are having an argument.

    The hospital:

    Alan, Tracy and Amy: Tracy wants to know what Alan did to Monica. And Amy shows up. Oh this is when Tracy and Amy meet! :)

    Monica's room:

    Monica and Rick: Rick wants to know what happened. According to her chart she isn't okay and had a rough day. She and Alan talked and she got upset. And she is getting all stressed out over another issue.

    Monica and Alan: He won't force her to live with him.. He wants her to forgive him. He says he loves her.

    Monica and Tracy: Tracy is the last person she should visit Monica! She would stress Monica out hahaha. Tracy is being nice! :0 And she is just BURSTING with questions! :)

    Nurses station: Bobbie practically skipped to the nurses station! Hahahahaha. She is all giddy because Jamison died and now he won't be blackmailing her anymore!

    Bobbie and Luke: Luke wants to tell her about Jamison but she tells him she knows and is very excited!!!

    Luke: That house, that Quartermaine house, I couldn't believe it. I want something like that for myself someday.

    Oh don't worry Luke. You will. You will LIVE at the Q house someday! Hahahahaha! And man he has got it bad for Laura! :)

    Heather and Jeff's home part 2: Jeff and Rick hugged!!! Awwwww! :) Jeff says that he doesn't think he is ever going to see his son again! :("

    New comments: We need to get Snyder's diner back!!! I like it. It's a nice place to eat. And Snyder is a great guy! :)

    Flashback Friday: Alan thinks baby AJ is Rick's!!!

    Monday's episode: May 6, 2020, but I will go in my time machine to go to April 5th 1979.

  14. *Jumps into my time machine to go to April 5th 1979*

    This is before Jeff tells Rick that Steve Hardy is his father

    The hospital:

    Gail's office: Gail and Scotty talking about Laura and then about Lee. He wishes that Lee wasn't against he and Laura getting married. He and Laura have the meeting with Laura's parents and he is going to ask for permission to get married in the spring! Laura wants out of the house so sure yeah let's get married hahahahaha! Not a good reason to get married! Scotty asked Gail after the Quarantine was lifted, what time did Monica leave. He knows when Rick left.. Gail did not want to answer and walked out of her office! Monica shows up and talks to Scotty who looks very uncomfortable. Monica asks him if something is wrong.

    Bobbie: She is on the phone with Luke. She is basically all GRR GRR GRR!

    Bobbie and Monica: Monica wants to see Laura. Then the phone rings, and it's Rick looking for his brother and then Monica wants to talk to him.

    Doctor's office: This was after the Lassa fever, and Steve Hardy is being checked out. Steve tries to call Audrey. She is still gone from finding out that Jeff is Steve's son.


    Monica and Gail: Monica wants to talk to Gail about Scotty. Monica thinks she is paranoid.. Gail had to tell her what Scotty asked about her.

    Jeff and Monica: Great scene. He apologized about how he has been acting. .

    Jeff and Anne: They are having a conversation. She wants to talk about Jeremy and he doesn't want to get involved.

    Nurses station:

    Bobbie and Luke: Luke shows up. Bobbie and her sarcasm. :) Scotty shows up and Luke and Scotty are all nicey nicey to each other! :) Scotty blows Bobbie off. Bobbie wins the line of the day!

    Bobbie: You see what I mean about the way he treats me?


    Luke: Well what do you expect Bobbie? After all that you put that guy through.

    She expects flowers and candy!!! :)

    Bobbie: Luke that's no reason to treat me like that.

    Oh Bobbie!!!! Hahahaha!

    Jeff and Heather's home: Oh oh another argument! He left the hospital to confront Heather about why she didn't tell him she was taking birth control pills! Yikes! And if she conceives another child she would be endangering her life! And of course she kept it a secret and didn't tell Jeff because she was afraid she would lose him. She has got to burn that shirt she is wearing! Yikes! Jeff wants her to promise that she won't keep anymore secrets from him.

    Heather: I promise.

    Another lie! Hahahahaha!

    Peter and Diana's home: It looks like Peter could be Diana's father than husband hahaha. Diana is yawning and Peter is concerned. They are going to work together and she is going to ask Heather if she could watch PJ! Heather agrees! Heather is there and she is on the phone with her mother and she is whining. :) Oh look Diana found PJ's little blue suit that was hidden waaaaaaaaaay in the back of the closet! And the look on Heather's face! Hahaha.

    Jesse's home: Jesse and Dan are back from their vacation! :)

    Hardy home:

    Jeremy and Anne: She is going to adopt him! :)

    Flashback: Doc tells Mac and Tony that he is in love with Lucy! Doc says that Lucy is evolving! HAHAHAHHA! April 1995.

    Tomorrow's GH is May 7, 2020, but I will go to February 1975.

  15. *Jumps into my time machine to go to February 1975*

    The hospital:

    Leslie and Diana Taylor: Leslie is talking about Phil's Murder and that Jessie is taking the blame because she knows someone else did it and doesn't want whoever did it to take the blame.

    Leslie and Dr. Baldwin: He is giving her a check. Last month's expenses for the free clinic. She is all excited. Cameron walks in and looks jealous. Leslie shows him the check.

    Leslie and Cameron: Now he is whining about what her friend did to him.

    Peter Taylor and Augusta: She was going to have an abortion and she groggily changed her mind.

    The medicine room:

    Leslie and Dr. Ross Jeanelle: Oh look it's Tony Dow! :) Dr Ross doesn't like surprises. He found out Jim Hobard was on the 7th floor the night Phil Brewer was murdered. He gave her the impression that he has the other paper weight and that it was exactly like the murder weapon. And he is telling her that they don't have it. Diana comes in and Leslie asks her if she saw the other paper weight in her office. Diana has this strange look on her face. Diana is so guilt ridden!

    Nurses station:

    Cameron and Leslie: He tells her that Dr. Baldwin investigated him. Looked like Leslie was trying not to laugh.

    Leslie and Diana: So much guilt from Diana!

    Augusta's home:

    Augusta and Jenny: Augusta is struggling and her sister shows up. Jenny Gives her cookies! :) Jenny looks a little like Leslie Charlson. They are talking about pregnancy and babies.

    Flashback: Jimmy Lee Holt's first scene! January 4th, 1983.

    Tomorrow's episode: May 11, 2020, but I will go to June 27th 1980.

  16. *Jumps in my time machine to go to June 27th 1980*

    Laura and Scotty's home: This is a great scene!!! Laura wrote a letter to Luke and Scotty sees it! He is furious!! I don't blame Scotty. Laura and her lies!!!! Scotty was always so oh golly gee, but after this, it completely changed him! Actually, I like the new change. It made him more interesting. :)

    Laura: It's not a love letter it's a goodbye letter.

    Oh Laura stop lying! You LOVE Luke!!!! :) Scotty wants to kill Luke!!! Awww the bromance is over. :( Laura tries to call Luke's place but he of course is not there!

    Luke's home: Scotty has turned into the incredible hulk and breaks the door! Man that door is so flimsy!!!!! Hahahahaha!

    Frank Smith's home:

    Frank, Susan, and Mitch: Frank wants to marry Susan and Susan and Mitch have eye sex. I think Frank and Susan look cute together.. :)

    Frank, Susan, and Jennifer: Jennifer shows up and is very happy and nervous! And also, she wants Susan to marry her father haha.

    Hardy home: Anne, Audrey and Steve are getting ready for the wedding! Jeff shows up.

    Jeff: I love you Anne.

    Anne: I love you too Jeff.

    Awwww! :) And oh look Audrey and Steve are gushing over Frank Smith hahaha.

    Lee and Gail's home: They are getting ready for the wedding. They are gushing over Frank Smith too!! They are also talking about Scotty and Laura being married a year. Laura calls and wants them to go to the boat and stop Scotty! But she won't tell him why!

    Marina: Claudia, Brian, Richard Simmons, Amy and Beverly are setting things up and are getting ready for Luke and Jennifer's wedding! :)

    Frank's boat: Everyone is so excited! :) Including Richard Simmons! ROFL! Luke is giving everyone a tour! Bobbie and Ruby show up. Ruby is making me laugh with all her excitement hahahaha!

    Jennifer: Oh daddy I love you!

    Frank: I love you too.

    Jennifer: I love you!

    Frank: I love you too darling.

    Jennifer: Can you give a message to Luke tell him I love him?

    ROFL! Hysterical exchange! :)

    Luke and Frank: Great scene! Blackmail time!

    Oh oh here comes Scotty!!! Pushes his father aside and his parents chase him! Scotty looks all over for Luke and then chases him! Fight ensues! Luke falls into the water and disappears.

    Frank's boat:

    Jennifer is freaking out and waiting for Luke to surface. Jeff wins the line of the day.

    Jeff: Scotty are you alright?

    ROFL! Luke is in the water and not coming up, but he asks if Scotty is alright!?!?! Scotty jumps in the water to try to save Luke, but Luke is nowhere to be found. Jennifer is a mess! Oh there is Luke he is hiding! Luke and Laura see each other and he needs her help! So they run out of there!

    Bobbie, Ruby and Joe: And of course Bobbie blames Laura for all this!

    The hospital:

    Alan, Leslie, and Diana: They find out that Luke went overboard and Scotty did it.

    Scotty and Laura's home: Scotty is looking for Laura and can't find her. He has to tell everyone the truth!!!

    Flashback: Foster and Annabelle! I remember Fostabelle!! :) They were so adorable and so in love!!! :)

    Tomorrow's episode: May 12, 2020, but where I am REALLY going, is July 18th 1980

  17. *Jumps into my time machine to go to July 18th 1980*

    Scotty and Laura's home: Scotty is calling out for Laura and she isn't answering. He calls Leslie. Zelda shows up to give Scotty breakfast.. Brian shows up and when he and Scotty are alone, he asks about Zelda. She was there last night and still there in the morning! Hahahaha!

    Kelly's: I think Rick is staying at Kelly's. It looks like Kelly's rooms. Leslie calls Rick and tells him that she is worried about Laura and that she didn't come home last night. Rick says he will come right over after breakfast.

    Webber home: Amy is writing in her diary. Leslie and Amy have breakfast. Rick shows up and they talk about Laura.. Worried about her and wondering where she is..

    Hardy home: Audrey and Steve are there, with Tommy and Jeremy. They are talking about Scotty. Anne walks in and someone is at the door! It's Jeff! He decided to take up on their offer for breakfast! :) Leslie calls and talks to Steve about Laura. Asking if he has seen her since last night. Steve hasn't and neither has anybody else at the house.

    Luke and Laura's adventure: Welcome one and all to L&L's adventure! :) They are at a hotel and he didn't get any sleep cus he slept in the bathroom hahahahaha. Laura slept in the bed and she refuses to be in the same bed as Luke! ROFL! She decides to get something for breakfast while Luke sleeps a couple of hours. Laura has the newspaper and knows about Scotty's arraignment but he is out on bail. Luke has to get back to the disco to his office to get money!

    Luke wins the lines of the day.

    Luke: I am not going to pay for your poverty! Oh great I had to have a honeymoon with Alice in Wonderland.


    Disco: Wow Richard Simmons is a bit harsh with the ladies. Luke is skulking around.

    Luke's office: Luke races to get the money! He tries to open up the safe, but a lieutenant from the police department shows up at the disco and wants to do a search of Luke's office, so Richard shows him where it is. Luke quickly runs out!

    Luke and Laura's adventure part 2: Luke shows up and Laura is no where to be found! He gets really upset!

    Courthouse: Scotty's arraignment has started!

    Throwback Thursday: Laura and Lucky rescue Foster - July 1994. It's hysterical!!

    Edward: It's the canine version of the balcony scene.

    Edward: Your dog's sex life is interfering with MY sex life.

    ROFL! Oh and another actress was playing Lila.

    Tomorrow's episode: May 13, 2020, but I will go to August 6th 1980.

  18. *Jumps into time machine to go to August 6th 1980*

    Rick's house: Monica, Alan, Rick, and baby AJ scene. I think they are at Rick's house. Alan wants Monica at the fundraiser. Monica does not want to go. Rick is holding baby AJ. Monica goes upstairs to put AJ to bed. Rick and Alan talk about baby AJ. Rick thinks AJ is his son, and Alan thinks he is his son.

    L&L adventure: They are being playful and fun! They are being watched though! The infamous dance at Wyndhams department store. Such a wonderful scene!!! I was 6 years old and I remember! They are making out heavily and she falls asleep hahahahaha. Poor sexually frustrated Luke. Poor poor Luke. :)

    Q home:

    Alan and Edward: They are talking about the fundraiser. They want Monica there. Alan wants Edward to encourage Monica to go. Edward tries to get Monica to come to the fundraiser, but she still won't go, so he says to her he will be right over! Hahahaha!

    The floating rib restaurant:

    The Hardy table: Awwww great to see them! :) Along with them is a doctor Tony Pereli from Forest Hills hospital. That is where they are thinking of transferring Heather.

    Howard and Leslie: They are having dinner together. Leslie is worried about Laura of course. The Hardy gang go see Leslie. Dr. Tony Pereli and Leslie can't stop looking at each other! :) Oh Jeff wants to talk to Howard alone, so Tony is talking to Leslie.

    Tony: You are a gorgeous woman.

    Oh my! :) Nice compliment. Tony wins the line of the day!

    Tony: Are you free to see other men, or are you having an affair with Howard Lansing?


    Leslie: You're a little blunt aren't you?

    Hahahahahaha! Yeah he is! :)

    Flashback Friday: Lois punches Katherine. January 1995. I love how Miguel and Lily were naming their children that they were going to have someday. So adorable!!! I remember!! To bad it didn't work out for them. :(

    Monday's episode: May 14, 2020, but I am going to August 11th 1980.

  19. *Jumps into my time machine and goes to August 11th 1980*

    The beginning of some scenes are a bit scrambled.

    Jeff's home: Jeff and Rick went grocery shopping. Oh look Jeff brown bagged it! Remember those?! :) They talk about Heather and Laura.

    Webber home:

    Leslie and Joe: Joe wants to know what is the matter with Mrs. Grant. Leslie says she is going on a date with Dr. Tony Perelli who is working with Heather. And Mrs Grant is nervous about meeting him. Joe has no leads on Laura.

    Leslie, Dr. Tony Perelli, and Mrs. Grant: I think it's a great scene. I like how he talks to Mrs. Grant. I like how worried she is of her daughter.

    Tony and Leslie: Man! :) He is charming! :) Too bad the writers didn't go anywhere with them! They could have been a really good couple!

    Hardy home: The case worker woman looks just like Audrey! Jeremy doesn't want to be adopted, which upsets Anne, so she calls Jeff, Joe, and Rick. And they all try to talk to him. I like how Anne is so upset her voice cracks.

    L&L Adventure:

    The store: Laura who is in a black wig, (which I think she looks cute in) and Luke come in and they have fake names. Luke is trying to get a job and Laura has a cup of coffee. That guy Hutch is after them and they have no clue.

    Barn: Laura can't stop thinking of the security guard from Wyndhams department store who died. Luke and Laura have a cute scene at the barn! Luke really really REALLY wants to make love! But she isn't ready and she does say I love you to Luke for the first time, which makes him so happy! He is willing to wait to make love. :) Oh look a cow! Hahahaha! Luke wins the line of the day.

    Luke: Laura this is not a barn. It's a manger with chickens.


    New comments: Brown bagging! How very ironic since we are back to brown bagging it again!! Hahahaha! :)

    Flashback: Anna finds Mac in her bed. 1991.

    Tomorrow's episode: May 18, 2020, but I will go to August 12 1980 instead.

  20. *Jumps into my lovely time machine and goes to August 12th 1980*

    This is the next morning.

    Hardy home: Do the Hardy's not have a kitchen? They have a table right near the stairs hahaha. Anne is worried about Jeremy. Jeff shows up and Anne told him that he hurt Joe's feelings. Jeff wants to talk to him, but Anne says he will talk to him.

    Rick's home: Monica is holding baby AJ awww! :) Alan and Edward show up. Alan wants to give her details about the fundraiser and needs her to sign a few checks. They talk about Luke and Laura. Alan calls them youngsters! Hahahahha. Laura is one but Luke isn't! :) Monica is all snarky and in a bad mood.

    L&L Adventure:

    The barn: They wake up! :) Laura says Luke is so sweet and understanding about last night.

    Laura: Thank you for being so patient.

    Luke: I'm not patient. Don't ever call me patient. I am not patient. I just love you, I am willing to wait until everything is perfect.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :) I love L&L. :) Oh oh they are caught by Mr. Whittaker! Luke wins the line of the day.

    Luke: Cows? I love cows. I majored in milking in college.

    ROFL! He says it so dead pan!! Hahahaha!

    The Whittakers home: This is where L&L meet Mrs. Whittaker. Great scene. The looks Laura is giving Luke hahaha. Luke is so funny here!

    The bedroom: I love how confident Luke is! He wants to marry her. :) I love the "wall of Jericho". :)

    The police station: Joe and Lt. Stoddard are talking about the shooting of the night watchman at Wyndhams. They get Luke and Laura's clothes!

    The hospital/The lobby:

    Diana and Bobbie: They are reading about the Wyndhams night watchman murder. Which is very ironic, since Diana was murdered.

    Anne, Jeff, Steve and Audrey: They all show up and say good morning to Diana and Bobbie.

    Joe and Anne: Uh Anne, you forgot to talk to Joe about Jeff!!

    Steve's office: Dan Rooney, Alan, Edward, and Audrey talk about the fundraiser. Later Monica shows up and they talk about the fundraiser.


    Joe and Bobbie: They talk about the murder at Wyndhams. Joe shows her Luke's clothes. Joe wants Bobbie to tell him all the info she knows. He is getting upset with her. Great scene.

    Flashback: 1990 promo. When Casey the Alien leaves.

    Tomorrow's episode: May 19, 2020, but I am going to September 11, 1980.

  21. *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 11, 1980.*

    Webber home: Leslie just came home and was about to unlock her door, when Frank Smith scared her. He came by to giver her a check for the Paddy Kelly hospital fund. He is concerned about how careless she is with her personal safety! He wants to come in and they have a nice chat. This chat includes Laura and her taste in men!

    The hospital:

    Paddy's room: Paddy got attacked in the waterfront. Paddy is Rose's husband, and Joe's father.


    Joe and Rose: They are arguing about Paddy talking to the cop about what happened at the waterfront. Rose wants Paddy to not be pressured but Joe disagrees. Great scene!!! Jeff shows up and agrees with Rose, but then Joe tells her that the person who tried to kill him the first time, might come back and try again! That changed Rose's mind and Jeff! So they talk to a cop that is there.

    L&L adventure:

    The barn: L&L heard a noise.. That noise is Luke's trap! He caught Hutch!!!! They don't know that Hutch is the man who is trying to kill them. Laura wants Hutch to know the truth about them, so Luke agrees. Laura takes of her wig, and Luke tells Hutch everything. Luke wins the lines of the day.

    Luke: What are you talking about? That isn't going to make it easier on me! How do you expect me to forget that? You're NOT sleeping next to our guest!


    Luke's disco:

    Mitch and Susan: Oh Mitch is whining again. Oh here comes Frank Smith wondering why Mitch is still in Port Chuckles and not in Albany.

    Flashback: The birth of Georgie Jones - March 1995.

    Tomorrow's episode: May 20, 2020, but I will go to September 15th, 1980.

  22. Today's episode of GH is not on because of John Lewis Funeral. *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 15th, 1980.*

    Webber home: Leslie can't sleep. She is reading a letter that Rick wrote her. He is reading a letter that she wrote him. Amy can't sleep either. She wants to know what is going on with Laura. Leslie wins the line of the day.

    Leslie: Amy you don't have to whisper. We're both up.


    Jesse's home: Bobbie can't sleep either. Hey Bobbie and Leslie are wearing the same robe and same color! Haha. Jesse is awake too. Jesse brings up Roy Delucca's shooting that happened last year.

    L&L adventure:

    FairOaks: Hutch, L&L are in a van. Cops come and L&L hide. Hutch handles the cops. Hutch has a gun hiding on the van door.

    The woods: L&L are going to sleep in the woods. They talk about how they don't have anybody to turn to and that he wants her to go back home! She does not want to go home. She wants to stay until the end. Good choice. :) Luke starts talking about making love again, but that they will wait. :)

    Calhoon's diner: Burt with his milk is talking to Mr. Calhoon. Burt wants to talk about "Lucy" and "Loyd"! :) "Lucy" and "Loyd" worked at the diner for a little while. Burt went to call GH to talk to Joe but ended up talking to Rose.

    Coffee shop: L&L come in to have breakfast. Hutch shows up and Laura was about to go up and call for him! Luke stopped her. They have to pretend they don't know him. Hutch sees the cops that he just encountered before. Hutch walks up to L&L and pretends he wants to ask them a question. Hutch lays into Laura for almost blowing it. She apologizes for almost calling out to him. Hutch won't let up, so Luke sticks up for her! Awwww. :)

    The hospital:

    Nurses station: Amy wants to work and Diana is glad and she will put her to work.

    Bobbie and Leslie: Bobbie can't take it anymore. She wants Jennifer Smith's address. She wants to break into Frank''s house! Leslie doesn't want her to do that.

    Diana and Bobbie: Bobbie realized she isn't the only one with problems. Well that is a good lesson to learn isn't it? :)

    Joe and Bobbie: Joe is telling her that his father is getting worse. :( They talk about L&L and that she wants to break into Frank's house to get Jennifer's address. Joe isn't happy to hear that. She doesn't want her to do that.

    Paddy's room: Joe shows him mug shots He sees a picture of the guy who hurt him! That guy is dead and was found at Beechers Corners!


    Rose's table: She meets the chief of security. She is happy there is protection for her husband.

    Flashback: Luke and Scotty deliver a baby 2002. I remember this! Hysterical!!! Where did that gurney come from? ROFL!

    Tomorrow's episode: May 21, 2020, but I am going to September 24th 1980.

  23. *Jumps into my time machine to go to September 24th 1980.*

    At the end of the episode it goes black and white, and then it cuts off.

    The hospital:

    Paddy's room: Paddy is getting worse and worse. :(

    The nurses station:

    Jesse and Amy: Great conversation. They talked about Paddy and Laura.

    Jesse and Dan: Dan wins the line of the day.

    Dan: Oh Jesse. You try my patience.


    Waiting area:

    Susan and Jeff: They are talking about Paddy, and Susan tells him she is going to Forest Hills to see Heather! Jeff is surprised.

    Hardy home:

    Anne and Dr. Jim: They are talking about Jeff! Since her and Jeff can't get married for 5 years, she decides to move in with Jeff and have sex with him. Geez Jeff! You should have just have gone to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce from Heather! You don't need her in order to get one down there! The doctor tells Anne to tell Jeremy about this! WHAAAAAAAAAAT? That's nuts!

    Forest Hills sanitarium: Oh oh Heather is faking her catatonia! She can hear the nurses talking to her and Susan shows up.

    L&L adventure:

    Post office: L&L are there. Luke got the black book. Laura sees someone following Luke and tries to distract the guy by bumping into a woman with boxes. Didn't work. Laura is so scared. She calls "Sally's" bar and Hutch answers and tells him what happened. After they hang up, Hutch starts to play his guitar and sings. :) He is pretty good. :)

    "Sally's" bar: Laura walked all the way to the post office and talks to Hutch. She is so scared! Oh look "Sally" shows up! ROFL! Do you all remember "Sally"? Hahahahahaha! Hutch starts to sing again. "Sally" notices how nervous Laura is. Luke calls Laura at the airport. He put the black book in the locker. He wants to put something in the phone for Laura to get in case something happens to him. He tells her about the man that was following him. He had no idea. Later Luke shows up and Laura talks to him about what the guy looked like.

    Hutch's room: He talks to Frank on the phone. Hutch thinks Frank knows that he got soft with L&L! And Frank is right!

    House: I am not sure where this is, but Jennifer is living with her aunt. She is excited to see her daddy!

    Jennifer: I'm no longer in love with Luke Spencer.

    ROFL! You will always be in love with Luke. :) Frank wants her to talk with Leslie. Later Frank talks to "Sally" Frank wants "Sally" to kill Hutch, and L&L!

    Flashback Friday: Lucy gives birth to Serena. December 1993.

    Monday's episode: So! GH is back!!! :)

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