Thursday, July 30, 2020

Don't You....Forget About Me..

"I'll be alone, dancin' you know it baby"....


SO REMEMBER, I'll be back recapping starting MONDAY!! I think they had some footage saved for "reopening" and also shot newer scenes. Either way, excited to be back to OUR SHOW again. 

I just saw CA had a little earthquake that was actually around where they film. What more can go wrong? LOL....(don't answer that!!) 

I hope you are well. Have you been catching up on episodes? I think I might watch tomorrow to get "caught up"?? Although it was right when the custody thing was going to be decided, right? 



  1. "Don't You....Forget About Me.."

    I love that song! :) Dammit now it will be in my head and I will have to watch the video on youtube.. Thanks Karen! ROFL!

    "I think they had some footage saved for "reopening""

    Yeah they do. I don't know how many episodes they have though before they shut down. Oh and there is a video on twitter with Laura Wright and James Patrick Stuart talking about being back!

    No no no they are way too close together!!!! GAHHHHHHHHHH!

  2. I'm finally getting my wish and working morning shift after 14 yrs at this store, so now I'm trying to watch the tail end when I come home which LOL is harder because since I moved I live further. But I have been trying to watch on Hulu also...which..I'm not as good about lately. I think it's just because it's the old episodes. I'm really excited though that they are back. Hope they stay safe, with covid and now the earthquake. 🙄

    1. "Michelle L says, I'm finally getting my wish and working morning shift after 14 yrs at this store."

      YAY! Congrats!!!! :) What were you doing before? Night shift?

  3. In addition to Lindsay Hartley filling in for Kelly M. for a few weeks, Dominic Z is coming back as Dante!!

  4. "Dominic Z is coming back as Dante!!"

    Yeah I saw that on twitter! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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