Sunday, January 7, 2018

Sunday Surgery: Wubby Wishes and Wants

Ok, so this week brought me back to reality and hard. Oy, it was just boring and something was way "off".  It was almost as if someone stormed into the writer's room and yelled:" END THIS DRUG STORY NOW. GIVE IT 3 DAYS TOPS".  I was so sure it was going to be so much more and be tied into the Charles' Street story or The Jasons. But?? Unless they decided to bring it back, I think that's the finale. 

I'm going to run through the week quickly, then give my Wubs Wants and Wishes for 2018.  Hope you'll stay for that part!

Ok, there's this worm hole and (giggle) well, it's spectacular especially if you look sideways and
Jason, get him to shut up and tell us something..
Spinelli! Shut up and tell us something!!
Ok...sorry...ok, well, using my computers artificial intelligence mode, I got it to write the end of PK Sinclair's book and well...he has a son! 
You mean Nathan? That kid Dante works with?
Well...yea (giggle) here comes the best part... ummmm, he has another SON TOO!! And I think he has sandy blond hair and a beard and is really close by...
You got this all from your computer?? 
Well, I added that last part because they just hired a new guy and..well... bingo! 

Alrights!! I admits it...Faison is your father!! I didn't want him to take yous away. 
Faison? Is my Father? 
Yes...are you happy now? 
Well, no--not really. unless it gets me dual citizenship, then, I'm cool with that.

Oh, Maxie I'm so sorry, I didn't know he was my father...
Nathan, I don't care about that! Your MOM wants me to have my shower in this DIVE PUB! 

Huh... this is a rabbit's foot.  Hmmm, why would I, Franco get a rabbit's foot? Shouldn't it have been a monkey's paw?  

"Thanks for the Bacon, Ted"... 
Hey, aren't you that guy...from...ummm, 
I know, you do look familiar...
I know...(snaps fingers)  Dukes of Hazard!! 
Ned, he's the guy on Beverly Hills 90210 I saw it on You Tube..
Baywatch! That's it!! Baywatch!! 

Note: If you guessed "My Two Dads"...BJ and the Bear and Melrose you get a prize 

Wow, Mexico is so sunny, I need my shades on! 
Let's go have a margarita in Mexico.
Salsa dancing?  Only in Mexico! 
Sure, but first you need to say you'll run for mayor ok? Then it's  Mexico FIESTA time! 

Yeah, I hate you.
I hate you more... 
You disgust me..
My blood pressure is going up, back off. 
You have no friends but Ava. 
Oh, Snap, that hurt So badly--you need to brush up on your snark, Carly. 

But do you love me ?
I mean, really. 
No, really. 
(repeat 33 times) 

So... you betrayed me..I'll make you pay... 
No, I think it's you who's betrayed.... you're done. The Drug story went no where and you're going to be in a coma until they decide what to do with you, if anything. 

And then she blew powder in my face and I got started seeing dancing unicorns and...I blacked out! It was horrible!! Groovy, sure..but Horrible!! 

Let see, I'm in a PUB when I can't drink...owned by a guy that I am trying not to see..hmmm..


1. Charles Street is interesting. Why not have the Brownstone be near there? Molly, TJ's and Stella's landlord is a scum bag so Michael opens it with Bobbie living there to 'run' it. (She's still in Carly's other house, remember).  Those 3 move in along with Brad and Lucas who are trying to adopt a baby. Who better to help than social worker Stella? Why not get into the foster care system here in NY and how there's a shortage of sponsors??  Also..Kiki would move in (she and TJ can stay up late 'studying") with Felix. (FELIXXX!!!).  A ton of possibilities. 

2. Alexis moves into Connie's old house directly behind Sonny. That would give them a chance to meet once and awhile over the Koi pond and be Sexis for a bit. NLG and Mo have a nice easy chemistry. He needs to talk to someone rational every now and then when Carly's mouth just keeps yapping. 

3. Mistake to have Michael hate Nelle--or not like her. He should see the 'good' in her and be blinded to her Wiley ways--and drive Carly crazy. Having him be cold  and abandon her is just ????  We need to see Nello manipulating the hell out of Michael, getting herself into ELQ somehow and being a diva bitch.  They need to live at the Q mansion --Olivia would hate on Nelle too. It's just a win-win.

4. GET AVA AWAY from caring about her tiny-ass'd no show scar!! COME ON! Please. Here's a character that should be a Dorian-Erica-Tracy Q hybrid. Throw in Faith Roscoe and there you go. Having her argue with Kiki over some jealous stuff with Griffin is BENEATH HER. Yep. BEEE-NEEETH. 

5.  More TJ Molly. Kiki should be their friend too. She has no one but old people to hang with. Then, find a great actor to play her or get Dillon back to manage the Aurora company after they fire that August guy. (see what I did there?)

6. This "Do you love me, or not" with Drew and Sam is tedious.  Give him strength. Give him resolve to find out about his S.E.A.L. years.  Make him confident-- have Sam do her private dance with being torn, but having him grovel is just not doing it. Also: Carly needs to back off. She is seriously acting like a stalker right now who can't wait to watch JaSam have sex. (and I mean REALLY WATCH THEM). 

7. Have Spinelli move back to PC....bring Georgie. Even if he's only on once an awhile. It makes no sense that Maxie isn't seeing her daughter growing up. Plus, Jason needs a roomie. 

8.  If Faison is coming but, do it up and get Felicia and Anna involved. Rumors say that August guy is his other son. If so, I'm hoping he can step it up in the acting department because so far? Eeesssshh. Nathan can have to shoot August --kill him (see what I did there?) and Faison vows revenge against his unborn baby. 

9.  Finn and Anna are fun... not sure what their next story should be but he should keep living with her and gift her a Corgi Dog. (hey, these are my wishes) ..the could name it SILAS!! ahhaa. 

10.  For the last time, I am BEGGING YOU TO SORA CAMERON.  He has to be a bad boy after Josslyn's heart.  Oscar can be the clean-cut sad sack on the other end of things. It's perfect. Cam could explore his bio-Dad's roots and have a giant chip on his shoulder over the whole "JAKE IS EVERYTHING".   Franco can understand that--and help him with his dangerous tendencies.  Cam can be all James Dean like. VERY Soapy.  Maybe have him be starting fires in abandon buildings in Charles St. He gets caught.  Kevin can treat him. Oh I have a ton of ideas for 16 year old Cam. (you know he'll be all "I'm driving my motorcycle without a helmet!!") . Call me. 

That's it!! It's Detox January in my house. Every year, we give up all alcohol, many carbs and fun. Sobbing. Wub Hub will lose 15 pounds, I'll lose 2 lol. 

Have a good one. 


  1. Yay, I am first for the first SS for the New Year 2018!

  2. OK, I just had to get that published before someone else sneaked in, now I can comment :) I also am disappointed with the Cassie story arc. Karen had suggested early on that the drug story be tied into drug use in PC, lots of possibility there. Plus, Finn just started to work with Cassie, I thought it would last a while, not be over in 5 minutes. And, again, NO ONE explained, really, what happened when Anna found Finn and Cassie and then somehow left Cassie there to be dragged to Charles St. I know it had looked like Finn had put the needle into Cassie (which just would have been self defense--why was he feeling so bad about it?), but now I guess we don't know WHO did it . . . And, again, just leaving Anna and Val tied up so they could get free rather than just doing away with them . . . none of it makes sense . . .

    I guess they didn't know what to do with this story--first Cassie was a jewel fence, then suddenly it was a drug story. . . Also, Nina had made every effort to befriend Cassie, and suddenly was pulling her hair out? THAT made no sense either . ..

    1. Hey Karen you should give trophies to Ant eveytime she's first, it seems very important to her.

  3. Lol always entertaining which is more than i can say about something else right now. I would edit a few of your wishes but then they’re you wishes and hey everyone should be granted a few. As for the carbs, there are good and bad ones at times alcohol are the good ones.

  4. Ahhhh.....Surgery day. Love it. I'm having a coffee and forgetting it's freezing outside. I agree with most of your wishes, but as loveamystery said, " I would edit a few of your wishes but then they’re you wishes and hey everyone should be granted a few"

    I don't want Cam to be a full on psycho kid who needs to go to Franco but he definitely needs to be SORA'd and giving his neglectful mom a cause to worry and focus on someone else besides the golden child for a while.

    And I'm also so sick of Ava and her whining about that little scar. Having seen badly scarred kids at school who try so hard to just get on with their lives and have a positive attitude, I want to punch my fist through the tv every time she comes on with her little blemish and starts the woe is me crap. ( rant for today.)

    Thanks again. Love my Sunday morning coffee time with you. :D

    1. Di I totally agree about Ava, I mean geez, after what her face first looked like to this vast improvement she needs to stop acting like a child!
      Totally agree about Cam. It's absolutely ridiculous why they haven't aged him!

  5. Yes for the love of GH age Cameron. In reality that kid is supposed to be 13, they’d only have to age him 2 years to throw him in with Josscar

  6. That was a really good read. I Hope when Drew s memories come back, Franco and him become closer. Maybe Franco working for Aurora.

  7. After so many good weeks this one I fast forward a lot just like before I hope next week gets back on track I know everyday can't be jaw dropping but this week could have been better

  8. Your wants are perfect. Especially love the idea of an apartment building for many to live in. Such great potential in a scenario like that. You should submit it to TPTB. Agree about the drug story that went pfffft. Everything was moving along so nicely but now a bit of a lull. Hope it's temporary.

  9. Unless they are bringing the actor back to portray Faison, I find it anticlimatic for him to be Nathan’s father.

  10. Geez, did new writer CVE go on vacation when this week's shows were written? I think every story was awful. JaSam whining, a weird and terrible ending to the drug story, and the idiocy of sending newbie reporter Lulu to find and interview Faison were the highlights of the week. Yeesh! Let's hope this week gets better.

  11. Great column Karen!

    I don't know why, but for some reason while watching Ned and Michael's meeting at TMC, that didn't look or sound like Greg Evigan at all to me. Yet, now I look and it's obvious. My dad was a truck driver, so he LOVED B.J. and the Bear, back then.

    As far as things slowing down last week, I'm thinking more than likely it being due to the fact of the last 2 weeks being shortened because of the holidays, so maybe it was just a case of them trying to gradually "ease" viewers back in slower.


  12. Kathy M said...

    Unless they are bringing the actor back to portray Faison, I find it anticlimatic for him to be Nathan’s father

    ** Because he isn't Nathan's father. All that was on Friday, was Liesl taking advantage of the situation, and letting Nathan now think Faison is his father. Since many times in the past that she would have LOVED to give Faison a son, but she had Brit instead. Really, Nathan being that clueless about how things went down on Friday, shouldn't be that surprising at all. Even Maxie could tell something didn't make sense with what Liesl was saying at first. Nathan is pretty dense at times, after all, he's a detective for the PCPD!


  13. Michelle, hehehe about being first! You know, it started as a matter of pride that I am up so early on Sunday mornings (I work on Sunday), and then I couldn't stop! (Little touch of OCD.) I was first for 2018, so I will leave it at that and stop trying to be the first!

    I always thought that Faison was Nathan's father, I thought that everyone thought that.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. AntJoan said...

    Michelle, hehehe about being first! You know, it started as a matter of pride that I am up so early on Sunday mornings (I work on Sunday), and then I couldn't stop! (Little touch of OCD.) I was first for 2018, so I will leave it at that and stop trying to be the first!

    ** I generally end up going to sleep somewhere around between 6-8 AM, and wakes/gets up around 7:30 - 9:00 PM, due my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and muscular disorder I was born with. So since my internal clock is essentially the exact opposite of everyone else around here, and end up being the last one to post anything. :)

    I always thought that Faison was Nathan's father, I thought that everyone thought that.

    ** Nope. Liesl had always told him his father was Victor Cassadine, who went along with the ruse the only time he met Nathan, during the fall of Chricton-Clark. But, after that, Nathan took off to go find Maxie. Victor then asked Liesl why she told Nathan he was his father, after looking at what looked like results of a DNA test for Nathan and him, saying he was not his father. IIRC, she said something along the lines of her being terrified of whoever Nathan's father actually was. Then shot Victor in the chest and left him for dead in his office, as the building was starting to come down. So from that point on, everyone (except for her, and the audience) believed that Victor was Nathan's father. And until Maxie got pregnant, and they wanted his father's medical records, it was never even brought up. Had Liesl not been so jumpy about things when they asked her for his father's medical records, that more than likely wouldn't have made him so suspicious. And like I've said recently; Until she finally came to the realization a few years ago, that no matter how deeply she loved Faison, he would never have those same feelings for her, her biggest desire up until then was to give Faison a son. So if Nathan REALLY was his son, she wouldn't have hidden him away from him.


  16. K, When I said that "I thought that everyone thought that," I meant US, the audience, not the GH characters.

  17. Ahhhh, okay. That never even crossed my mind, with Liesl having been so clear and vocal to Brit about how badly she wanted to give Faison a son, when she told her that Nathan was her brother. So that nixed the idea that Nathan was his son, then and there. At some point after she shot Victor, I'm drawing a total blank as to exactly when, I think it was also just to herself, but whoever Nathan's father actually was, she was terrified of him, and wanted to be sure that Nathan never found out who he was.



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