Friday, January 5, 2018's in the DNA

Jason, Sonny, and Spin (Holy Trinity) are talking about PK Sinclair's damn book, the father son thing and yada yada. They figure out that Faison has a son and it's a key to all this. 

Nathan goes to Charles' Pub and confronts Dr. O by saying "I think those are my Dad's medical records but they aren't Victor Cassadines"  DNA tests are in. Lesil says: don't look at them. Then Sonny and crew come in and Sonny says something about "Faison's son" and Lesil says: "My GOD how did you know"?? SO, there it is!!  Maxie is upset. Lesil says she hid her pregnancy from Faison from him because she was afraid he'd take a son away. So she gave Nate to Donna Mills (her sister).  Nate's furious. She hopes he can forgive her someday. Maxie says it doesn't matter. 

Carly talks to SAM AGAIN about Jason vs Drew. She said She did the same thing to Jax with Sonny---yada yada.  OMG KILLY are so boring. "Do you love me"?? "Do you love ME"??? Tell me... yada yada. whine whine.  Just get his backstory or memories going. This is BORING. Sam wants to get married "tomorrow". 

Carly finds out that Nello is working at the Gallery. They snipe. Nelle says to Carly "you slept with your stepdad and a drunk" Carly is like: neener neener, I had JASON you have NO ONE BUT AVA.


  1. Sonny and Jason VS. Faison is a joke.. Faison is a world class DVX spy with a genius insanity like Hannibal Lectur and S and J are two bit meathead hoods operating out of Port Charles. Give me a break - Faison would mentally and emotionally destroy them both...easily.

  2. I heard that Nathan and Peter August are both supposed to be Faisons sons.

  3. I think Griffon is faison's son. Griffon saying Duke is his father makes him the traitor.

  4. i read a rumor that nathan and griffin were brothers. has anyone else?

  5. While looking at the show summary on my DVR for today, the line being that of "Nathan Jumps to Conclusions" Which the way everything in the bar played out today, ESPECIALLY how Liesl handled things, that she's still lying, but just taking advantage of Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli's ideas. EVERYTHING she said to Nathan and Maxie near the end completely contradicted how she said for so long, how badly she wanted to give Faison a son, but was never able to. (which is why she and Brit were so hostile to each other for so long). I do think she's still covering for/cares for Faison, but she didn't hide Nathan from him. To me today, it looked like she was just taking advantage of Nathan's misconception of the situation.


  6. I agree, K. I think if Nathan was Duke's son she'd definitely have reason to hide him. And that square jaw doesn't belong to Liesl or Faison. lol Peter must be Faison's son.

  7. They are as dumb as a bag of rocks, but I love the Sonny, Jason, Spinelli trio. Love how they looked at each other and said "Come on, we should go" and left the Pub while Nate and O'brecht were arguing... Seemed so real... I agree with the theory that Nate really isn't the son of either Victor or Faison. Seems like it would have to be someone we know, so I am thinking Duke too, as someone else in the group has already said.

  8. Ok lots of good theories out there,but what is Faison's fascination with Jason and Drew? It's not the memory mapping situation. I can't believe that. It's got to be something deeper. Sonny and Jason comparing Franco to Faison when Jason was speaking about Danny is beyond stupid.

  9. Hi Karen - Are Roger and Becky on vacation from GH? Or could this be the end of them on the show? Basically getting minimal time. Friz fans on Twitter are in panic mode.

    1. I seriously doubt it. They are wrapping up other stories and if I'm not mistaken they were on sometime this wk, can't be on every single day.

  10. I also thought that Sonny, Jason and Spin showing up all dressed in black and then making a quick exit was funny. I kinda thought "The Three Stooges," although there is nothing stoogey about any of them, it was just the way they were lined up, I think the 3 of them are adorable together. . .

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  12. Di said...

    I agree, K. I think if Nathan was Duke's son she'd definitely have reason to hide him. And that square jaw doesn't belong to Liesl or Faison. lol Peter must be Faison's son.

    ** That makes MUCH more sense. I still would love it if Nathan ended up being Grant Putnam's son. Now I could see Liesl scared of him. And with the WSB having a much stronger presence these days with the DVX coming up again and again. He would fit. Granted, his jaw does remind be a bit of Sean Donnely's. He did do some sketchy on occasion. With how good (AND respectful to history these days) the writing has been over the past few months, it's probably the best time (and chance) we've had to be able to do just something of this sort, since RC had to deal with stuff out of his control.


  13. Paint and Wall media:

    Carly and Sam:

    Sam: You have got to stop pushing me to be with Jason!!!!!!

    Sam's thoughts: Because I am skeeeered! I love Jason, but I love Drew too and I don't want to hurt Drew!!

    Carly: I can hear your thoughts you know Sam?

    Sam: No you can't!

    Paint and Wall:

    Wall: Whine whine whine whine.

    Paint: Wuv wuv wuv wuv wuv.

    Wall: Wuv wuv wuv wuv wuv.

    Sonny's office:

    Sason: Wow they are great PI's! :)

    Charlie's pub: Oh this is so stupid and makes no sense!!! Dr O. didn't want Nathan to know that Faison is his father?! And she didn't want Faison to know Nathan is his son?!!?! HUH?!?!?!! Dr. O is not scared of Faison! Faison always wanted a son!!! Take his son away from you?! HUH?!!?!?! Hate this storyline!

    Jerome gallery:

    Ava and Nelle: At first I thought Nelle was Kiwi.. :) Oh boy! Ava do you really think it's smart to tell old Nelle there about your insecurities?!?!! She could use that against you!

    Nelle and Carly: LOVE IT! :)

    The hospital:

    Kiwi and Griffy: Glad they are coming together to help Ava! :)

    Kiwi and Grava: RA RO! Ava is all jelly!!!!! Ava keeps saying that as soon as her scars are gone, she will be okay! Everything is going to be okay!!! Uh NOT!


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